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Chapter 1

Insomnia…stank, at least to anyone with enhanced senses. The height of modern living and she hated it, she much preferred the lush greenery of her home. However, she wasn't there for a holiday, no she had very important work to do. She had been tracking the man for years and now she had found him. He had taken everything from her, so she was going to be repaying him, him and his son. She had been waiting over a decade to take her revenge on Clarus Amicitia and it felt good to know that soon her wait would be over.

The capitol of Lucis was not exactly a friendly place for one of her kind but it seemed Amicitia had settled down permanently. All it meant was that she needed to be careful and that was something she could do. One good thing was that the family's guard was likely down because of living somewhere so 'safe'. It would take her some time to find them, but that would ensure she had the time needed to ensure everything was ready. The first step would be to acquire appropriate lodgings.


Gladio chuckled as Noctis grabbed Prompto, pulling him away from the curb as the blond stumbled. Someone'd had a little too much to drink, good thing they were all heading home. Ignis shook his head in exasperation at the younger two and Gladio threw his arm over Ignis's shoulders, pulling him closer. "Let them have their fun Iggy, schools over for the year."

They all deserved the chance to let their hair down, his and Ignis' graduation ceremony was in two weeks and he knew Ignis was already looking at postgraduate courses. Noct and Prompto still had at least another year left to their degrees, though Noctis had to graduate next year or he'd have to transfer universities. He wasn't entirely sure what he wanted to do, but he knew a few things he didn't want to, like getting into his Dad's old line of work, the one he'd grown up with.

"Celebrating doesn't mean you have to get drunk," Ignis argued, pushing his glasses up, but the way he relaxed into him told Gladio that Ignis wasn't as sober as he was acting.

Gladio just smirked and kissed him, Ignis not protesting at all which just proved he'd relaxed for once. "I think that's the pot calling the kettle black or something," he pointed out, lowering his arm to Iggy's waist, his hand slipping into the back pocket of his boyfriend's jeans. Ignis looked amazing in the tight denim and he was always happy to get Ignis out of his normal slacks and into something more casual. "Okay Noct?" he called ahead.

"Yeah, we're good," he answered, holding Prompto close to make sure the blond didn't wander into the street. Prompto giggled, leaning in for a kiss of his own and Noctis smiled slightly but gave him one. "Come on Prom, let's get you home."

"Think we should hail a cab?" Gladio asked in concern, feeling Ignis sway a little.

Noctis glanced back, frowning, but then he nodded and moved, holding Prompto against a lamp pole and then raised his other hand. Thankfully a cab quickly pulled in and Noctis got Prompto into the back, getting in with him and then Gladio urged Ignis in with them, getting in the front after he shut the door. They dropped Noctis and Prompto off at Noctis' family home, waiting until they got inside before the cab drove off.

They pulled up at his apartment building and he paid the fare before getting out and then helping Ignis out. He then spent the elevator ride fending off wandering hands, not wanting to scandalise his neighbours, relieved when he got them into the apartment.

"Come on Iggy, time for bed," he pulled him along to the bedroom, stripping him before Ignis fell back on the bed with a tired smile. Gladio filled a glass with water and made sure Ignis drank it before letting him cuddle into the blankets. He made sure the apartment was secure, the protections in place due to years of training, before joining Iggy in bed, curling around him. Just because they lived in Insomnia and had for years didn't mean there was no danger.


Noctis woke up to the sound of Prompto throwing up in the connecting bathroom and winced in sympathy. He had gotten away with a mild headache, but he hadn't drunk as much as Prom or Iggy. He went to the bathroom and filled the glass on the side of the sink with water for Prompto to rinse with, refilling it so he could drink.

"Thanks," Prompto mumbled and Noctis ran his fingers through messy blond hair.

"Warned you," he pointed out and Prompto nodded before groaning.

"Kissed you?" he asked blearily and Noctis nodded.

"Yeah, you did," not that he minded at all, just that it had been in public where they could have been seen.

He wished things could be different but there was nothing they could do. The fact that his Dad allowed Prompto to live with them, in a bedroom that shared a bathroom with his, was amazing and a lot more than most would do in their circumstances. Noct knew he'd been given a lot more freedom than someone under contract usually was, but his Dad had wanted him to be as happy as possible. He loved Prom and Prompto loved him, but it could never be, and his Dad trusted them to never act on their feelings. They could touch, hold each other, even give an occasional kiss, but there could never be anything more and they had to be very, very discreet when they did.

In another year Noctis would be twenty one which meant he'd be leaving Insomnia for Gralea and a contracted marriage to one Loqi Tummelt. It wasn't fair, Prompto was technically a Niff too, but he was a bastard, even if his Father was Verstael Besithia. The man was the head of Niflheim's greatest industry, the production of genetically engineered humans or MT's as most called them. Noctis had never personally seen one but he'd read the brochures and information on them, the whole industry was just plain creepy. He knew there were some in the city, the company would sell to anyone who had the funds, but they were most popular outside of Lucis. They were a good way to keep humans safer from vampires and other species and everything said they were mindless, basically soulless even, so it wasn't like it mattered if they were used, right? Better an MT than a real person. But even that man's position wasn't good enough, especially with Prompto being unacknowledged.

How Prompto had ended up in Insomnia not even the blond knew, he'd been too young to remember. He'd been adopted and given citizenship though, not that his so-called parents deserved to be given a child. Then again, if they hadn't adopted him, then maybe they never would have met. He envied Gladio and Iggy, they were free to choose who they were with,, he just hoped they made it official before he left because he would probably never see any of them again. His marriage was meant to help keep the peace but that didn't mean that people travelled much between the nations. He would spend the rest of his life in Gralea and they would live in Insomnia, he just hoped they'd be able to call and keep in contact. He'd go crazy if he was cut off totally from everyone he knew.


Tracking them down took longer than she'd expected, and it had been a surprise to find the man now had a daughter as well. The girl was young and appeared utterly unaware of her Father's old occupation. Perhaps the girl would be left alone. Young Gladio lived in his own apartment and even if he was living a civilian life, he still kept up some old habits which meant she wouldn't be getting to him in the apartment. And he had a roommate…or more from the scents she'd picked up.

She spent weeks watching him, his lover, and the two younger men they spent time with. She'd recognised the darker haired one, Noctis Lucis Caelum. If Lucis was still a monarchy then he would be Crown Prince, pity for him that they had moved to a democracy almost two hundred years ago. Though it was well known he was bound in a contract to a young aristocrat from Niflheim. And yet seeing him with the blond boy…had he broken the rules? Or were they somehow managing to keep their hands off each other despite the rather obvious emotions there?

There was something familiar about the blond boy too, not the boy himself, but his build and appearance. He looked like…ah! A young Besithia. Well, that was very interesting. She'd never imagine such a man having children or grandchildren but there was no way the boy was an MT, they were good, but you could always pick up on the programming in the way they acted.

First, she would take his friends and loved from him and then she would take Gladio. That would allow both men to experience the anguish she had when they had taken her family. Once she was done they would return to Tenebrae where they could live in peace and quiet, away from anyone who might cause trouble if Noctis was recognised or someone assumed the blond was Besithia's family.

From what she'd managed to overhear, the younger two were on break from university, the older two had just graduated. That gave her a time limit, best to take them before they were regularly expected to be somewhere.

The question was, who to go after first? Access would be easy enough, the four of them tended to go out to clubs at least twice a week and they weren't glued to each other when out, there were bathroom breaks, one person going to order drinks, even the occasional dance with a stranger.

After seeing the protections around the apartment though, her choice was made. The loved would be first, after all, once the others vanished, Gladio could hide him behind the protections. The two younger ones lived in a very lovely and unprotected home so if necessary she could get to them there. Gladio would not hide as those he loved vanished, no, he would search, and she would use them to take him.


Gladio lounged in the booth they'd claimed, watching Noctis and Prompto out on the dance floor, dancing with strangers. He hated that the two couldn't dance with each other whenever the pleased, couldn't kiss and touch like a couple…because they weren't one and would never be.

The whole contract was just wrong and so unfair. It would destroy Noctis' life, take him from everything he knew and loved. There hadn't been war between them in almost three hundred years, why did they suddenly need this to keep the peace? It stank, he'd been to Niflheim as a kid, though not Gralea itself. The country was not nice to live in, especially for humans, too barren and cold, especially for someone whose family had only ever lived in Lucis.

They would just have to enjoy their last year with him, even if he would be absolutely buried under his class load to ensure he graduated before leaving. They would all miss him, but it would break Prompto's heart when he left and married a stranger, they'd have to watch out even more for the blond when the time came. Would Regis kick the kid out without Noct there or would he allow Prompto to continue living with him? Not like there was any other family left to occupy the large house.

He turned his head as lips pressed to his briefly. "Stop thinking so hard," Iggy murmured. "It's summer holidays, we're meant to be relaxing."

He laughed softly. "I remember a time when it'd be me telling you that." Ignis had definitely relaxed and mellowed since they'd first met. He was much less likely to have an ulcer before he hit thirty now.

"I wasn't that bad," he denied and Gladio kissed him.

"You're right…you were worse," he teased, wrapping his arm around him. Ignis mock glared at him before pressing closer, someone was being very affectionate which was a little odd when in such a public place. "If someone dosed your drink you'll never live it down," he warned.

"No one does that anymore," he argued, a hand slipping under Gladio's shirt. "Not important enough." At least there was no bitterness in his tone now, not like there used to be.

It wasn't fair that his Uncle's fall from grace had destroyed Ignis' future, leaving him scrambling to work out what to do. It was why he'd originally moved in with Gladio, he'd needed somewhere cheap to live and they'd been friends then. He would always be happy that he'd offered the room to Iggy because he doubted they would have begun dating if he hadn't. He held him closer when Iggy curled leant into him even more, turning his head to kiss along Gladio's throat.


She smirked as she watched them, it seemed it was working, the young man was becoming rather more amorous than normal. A little vampire blood slipped into his drink had been just the trick, it was worth a lot on the black market because it was a very potent aphrodisiac that would gradually kick in. Another five to ten minutes and then she would need to separate them. Then again, with how much they'd both drunk, one of them would likely need the restroom soon.


Ignis wanted to argue when Gladio moved away from him.

"Be right back," he promised, sounding far away, which was weird, and then he was gone.

Ignis sprawled in the booth, he felt hot, uncomfortable. Was something wrong with him? He lazily turned his head, looking towards the mass of movement, trying to see the others but everything was hazy.

"This seat taken?" a voice purred in his ear and he moaned. A cold hand caressed his face, urging him to turn his head, and then lips were pressed to his own and he gasped.

It felt so good and his lips parted for her, letting her deepen the kiss. She pulled back and he whimpered, feeling even hotter now. It was hard to think, to try and focus, anything.


Green eyes were glassy, pupils dilated, his skin flushed, radiating heat…he was well and truly under the influence of not just alcohol but the blood. He leant towards her, seeking more contact, and she indulged him, a hand running through styled hair as she kissed him again.

She pulled back and he swayed towards her. "Come with me," she whispered, and he nodded. She stood and he struggled out of the booth after her, stumbling. Seeing Gladio emerge from the back hall she wrapped an arm around him, taking all of his weight without looking like it, despite being considerably shorter than him. She got him outside, ignoring the looks, and then she lifted him up once out of sight, quickly vanishing.


Gladio frowned when he saw the booth was empty, looking around but he couldn't see Ignis anywhere. He spotted Noct and shoved through the dancers till he reached him. "Seen Ignis?" he asked and Noctis looked away from his current dance partner with a frown.

"Wasn't he with you?" he yelled back over the music.

"Had to use the facilities and now he's gone."

"I'll get Prom!" Noctis turned, slipping around couples and groups easily until he found the blond and the three of them searched the club only to come up empty.

"I'll ask Libertus, you guys check with Nyx," Prompto moved to the front door to speak with Libertus, the bouncer, while they made their way to where Nyx was serving drinks. He hadn't noticed anything but Prompto was soon waving them down, so they went to the door.

"I was on break but Sonitus saw someone who matches Ignis' description. He was with a blond woman, looked pretty out of it," Libertus explained, shooting a look at the other bouncer. Gladio didn't recognise him which meant the man wouldn't know them, wouldn't have known something was wrong for Ignis to be leaving with someone other than them.

"They went that way, about five minutes ago" Sonitus pointed down the main street and the three of them took off.

She'd probably had a car or backup waiting but if they were really lucky the woman was having trouble with Ignis and would still be in sight somewhere. Ignis' phone was off, probably disabled to keep them from tracking him. Was this a random thing or had he been targeted? They didn't bother calling the police, they wouldn't do anything unless he remained out of contact for at least forty-eight hours since he was an adult and had seemingly left of his own accord. He should have paid more attention to Iggy's odd behaviour! Someone had drugged him, they should have left immediately and because they hadn't, because Gladio had left him alone…he was gone.


She got him into the bedroom, hot hands touching her wherever he could reach as noises of need and distress left his throat. She dropped him down onto the bed and he sighed in relief at the coolness of the sheets against his face. She pulled his shoes off, kicked her own away, and then got on the bed, straddling him and he moaned, eyes rolling back, panting for air. "Tell me your name," she leant down to whisper in his ear.

"I…Ig...ni…s, he slurred, trying to move under her.

"Ignis," she smiled and then kissed him, enjoying his eager response. She broke it to let him breath and then began kissing down his throat even as he arched it for her, nipping lightly at the skin, soon…

"Ppp….pl…ease…" he begged, and she smirked, but she slipped her hands under his shirt, making him gasp at the feeling of her cold hands on his overheated skin.

She pushed it up and he wriggled out of it, reaching for her clothes, his movements uncoordinated. Soon they were naked, she had to do most of the work but Ignis was definitely enthusiastic. "Have you ever been with a woman Ignis?" she asked, curious.

"No," he gasped as she shifted position.

She began kissing and nipping his throat, hearing his blood rushing beneath tender skin. "Good," she whispered, setting a fast rhythm as he writhed under her, gasping and moaning.

As she sank her fangs into the vein he screamed in a mixture of pleasure and pain, weakly clutching at her shoulders before his body relaxed, eyes dull and open to slits. She kept a careful watch on his life signs as she drank and pulled back before he passed out, lapping at the wound to seal it. He was limp as she moved off him, sitting up against the bedhead, drawing him into her arms. She bit into her wrist and pressed it to his lips. "Drink Ignis," she encouraged, letting the blood drip into his mouth. Eventually, he swallowed and then he began eagerly suckling at the wound.

She smiled as he drank but then eventually removed her wrist and he whined in distress, making her chuckle. "Such a greedy Childe," she teased him. He blinked dazedly at her and she gently lay him back on the bed. "Sleep now, you'll feel better when you wake up," she promised, running her fingers through his hair until he fell asleep.

Some may prefer the quick method of turning someone and that was fine for the average person. But for a Childe? No, for that she preferred the longer process. In three days she would do this again and then in another three days she would finish it. Each time he would begin displaying more vampiric features until he was one of them.

By now young Gladio would be frantic for his lover, he'd been missing for hours now after all. Tomorrow night or the next she would use Ignis to grab one of the other boys. It was obvious they knew nothing and Ignis would still be human enough to fool them. She would take whichever boy was easiest to grab though her preference would be Noctis. She wasn't worried about his contract, by the time anyone realised what had happened, he would be Noctis Nox Fleuret, her Childe, maybe even Mate, and there would be nothing anyone could do. No one in Niflheim would dare confront them over her taking the boy and it wasn't like they'd want him once he was a vampire. Taking on four Fledglings at once may be a lot for most, but she could easily handle them all. She was even going to be kind to Gladio, kinder than he deserved, and allow him to remain with Ignis once turned.

Clarus Amicitia would live for his daughter's sake, for now at least. The pain of losing his son would have to be enough revenge for now. She looked at Ignis' sleeping form and smirked, revenge could be very sweet.