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Chapter 10

Noctis lay sprawled on the bed, whining and whimpering, nails shredding into the sheets, staring up into matching crimson eyes. Lips pressed to his even as a pale body moved inside of him. "P…Prom," he moaned.

Prompto purred in response, shifting to nuzzle at his throat, lapping at cold skin before sinking his fangs in. He removed them, licking at the wound, before kissing him again. "Love you," Prompto murmured as he kept moving.


Ignis smiled, shaking his head in amusement as Prompto and Noctis teamed up on Gladio, wrestling him to the ground. Hearing Prompto laugh freely would never cease to be wonderful, being turned had freed him of the programming, although it had not returned his lost memories. He was happy and healthy, one of them fully now.

The children were growing up and were with the Highwind family, a tradition. Young vampires would spend their teenage years with another family, learning. The house felt quiet without Ravus and Sylva but there would never be more children, Sire had Prompto checked when his change was over, he could no longer produce eggs or carry them. Maybe one day she would purchase a standard MT and there would be more children to fill the house with.

"Iggy help!" Gladio called, trying not to laugh as they tickled him.

Ignis mock sighed but got up and pounced, pulling Noctis away, leaving Gladio with only Prompto to deal with.


Luna smiled, listening to Noctis play the piano, Ignis' head in her lap, running her fingers through his hair, listening to his soft purrs. On the couch opposite, Prompto lay curled up in Gladio's lap, both dozing, sunrise was in less than an hour. Noct finished the song and turned from the piano, yawning behind his hand. "Time for bed," she told them all.

She had a surprise for them tomorrow night, a delivery was being made. Aranea had been right, after five years, it was well beyond time that they feed from the source. She had wanted to be sure though that they would not react badly though, wanting them to accept it without a second thought, to be eager.

Ignis sat up and stretched before standing, offering her a hand up. She smiled and allowed him to pull her to her feet.

"Cuddle pile?" she suggested and then chuckled as they all eagerly rushed off to her and Noctis' bedroom. Good thing the bed was massive to fit them all.

It was nice at times to sleep all together, comforting for them all. Prompto didn't have his own room, they didn't do well alone, he spent most of his time with them and the days he didn't, he slept in with Ignis and Gladio. He'd shown no desire for a mate of his own, utterly devoted to all of them, a left over of what he had been made to be maybe? At least once a week, they all slept in the same bed anyway.


Gladio sniffed the air, humans? Why had Sire brought humans to their home? Ignis murmured sleepily, nuzzling at his throat, and Gladio moaned softly, unable to help the reaction to his mate at his throat. He opened his eyes to find Sire gone from the bed, Prompto and Noctis wrapped around each other, Noct beginning to stir as the scent permeated the room. Iggy and Prom were beginning to stir as well, Ignis latching on to his throat in as he did. Prompto was making sleepy, hungry noises, even as Noct nuzzled at him.


She was unsurprised to find them all in various stages of waking up, able to smell the humans with her. Their minds were firmly under control, eyes blank, as they followed her obediently.

"Sire?" Noctis sat up, Prompto still mostly latched onto him, sleeping crimson eyes mostly shut even as he whined at being moved.

She reached out and tipped up a human head, stretching her neck out temptingly. "Dinner is served," she answered her mate.

They all stared at her in confusion, none of them had ever bitten someone, they didn't even really remember seeing it done. It was no surprise when Noctis crawled across the bed, body utterly bare except for the long black hair that draped over lucent skin. He rubbed his face against her hip, purring softly, and she buried her free hand in his hair, running her claws lightly against his scalp. She drew him up so that he was on his knees, guiding his mouth to the woman's throat.

"Bite down," she urged, and he obediently sank his fangs in, moaning as fresh, hot, human blood filled his mouth.

Noctis moved, pulling the woman closer, drinking eagerly until all that was left was a corpse. He let go, watching the body crumple to the ground, staring for a moment, before looking back up at her.

"Very good love," she praised and he smiled.


For a second, as he stared at the body, Noctis felt disgusted with himself, ashamed…and very sad. Then he looked up at his Sire, his mate, and it faded away, replaced by love and happiness at her praise.


Ignis clutched the warm body close, drinking greedily, it tasted better than anything other than Sire's blood. Feeding from the source was so much better than how they did most nights. Once a week, Sire brought them fresh humans to eat. There was never even as second of hesitation or doubt in Ignis as he fed, no pity for the humans they were killing, nothing. All of his ties to humanity were gone.


Prompto lay between Iggy and Gladio, purring, moaning, and whimpering, unable to think or focus on anything. He was limp, letting them move him as they wished, touch him, do anything they pleased. It always felt amazing to be the focus of two of his siblings or Sire and Noct.


Regis hesitated but then unlocked the door and walked inside. There had only been one change since they had disappeared, he had moved Prompto's things into Noctis' room, wishing he could have allowed years ago. The ancient line of Kings was finally at an end, as much as it sickened him to do so, he'd had his son declared dead, along with the others.

If Noctis still lived he would have found a way to contact him, to come home. Which meant he was dead…or worse. The thought of his son, of any of those boys, turned into something… it was his worst nightmare.

Clarus had turned back to hunting in his grief and guilt, that was his right but he should never have dragged Iris into it. The poor girl had loved her brother so much, blinded by grief she was following in her Father's footsteps. What would happen if they ever found Gladio in a form they could recognise? Would they kill him or spare him?

He picked up Noctis' stuffed animal as he often did, the scent of his son had long faded from it but it was still a slight comfort, a reminder of when his life had been happy.


Noctis wandered the garden, alone for the moment, running his fingers carefully over delicate leaves, marvelling at the lack of claws. Looking human was strange but should they ever leave the house he supposed it would be useful. They had fed from humans again and…every time it felt almost…wrong. But it couldn't be because Sire told them to. She wasn't just his Sire, she was his Mate, but sometimes… was there something wrong with him? His brothers didn't seem to have any trouble with feeding, just him, not that he'd said anything to them.

Ravus and Sylva would be home tomorrow to visit and he had missed them a lot. They had grown up so fast. Apparently, Ravus had developed a liking towards one of the Highwind girls, and there were whispers of a possible mating in the future. Would he come home then or would they remain with the Highwinds'?


Prompto sat on the floor in front of Ignis, eyes closed in bliss as sure fingers worked through his hair, tugging gently as he worked it into a braid. He purred softly, hearing Iggy chuckle, too content to care if Iggy found him cute or amusing. He eventually finished and Prompt leant back against his legs, turning to the side, rubbing his chin over Ignis' knees. Iggy guided him up and settled him on his lap, kissing him tenderly. "Love you," he whispered.

"Love you too Prom," Ignis smiled at him.

Had he loved him when he was human? He…he didn't know…didn't remember. It was hard to remember anything of being human…well, faulty MT. He knew he'd been with his brothers, he was sure he had, but it wasn't at all clear. Noct said they were from Insomnia in Lucis, he didn't remember that. He remembered living in the house, being their MT, carrying Ravus and Sylva.


Cor watched as Regis kneeled stiffly at Noctis' grave, placing flowers down on it. He'd already visited Prompto's neighbouring grave. Nearby were two more, just as empty. There'd been no bodies, no evidence, nothing. And if he could go back, there was so much he would do differently, he would have raised Prompto himself. He would have marched into Niflheim and wiped out the Tummelt family and freed Noctis to be happy with Prompto.

He didn't speak to Clarus anymore, if he had faced up to things sooner, they could have kept the boys safe, maybe even saved Ignis from whoever had taken them since he'd been used as bait for Noctis. Because of his denial, they had lost all of them…and Iris in a way. The poor girl had been drawn into her Father's past, becoming a hunter just like him, perpetuating the cycle of revenge….if she ever had children they were likely to be targeted by something she faced, just like the boys had been.

Regis stood and made his slow way back to the waiting car, leaning more heavily on his cane than he used to, but grief had a way of aging people.


Lunafreya ran her fingers through Noctis' hair, his head resting on her chest as they lay together in bed. He nuzzled at her breast briefly before settling, calming down, almost dozing. "Noctis?"

"Hmm?" he tipped his head, dark blue eyes meeting hers.

She wasn't sure which form she preferred him in but it was nice to have the choice. She kissed him and he purred in response. "I have business to attend to, do you think you four will be alright alone?"

"Business?" he asked in confusion.

"An old enemy, Clarus Amicitia and his daughter."


He knew that name, he did, it was….Gladio…Gladio's Dad. An old enemy? He struggled to remember…hunter, he'd been a hunter…was that why Sire had claimed them? Revenge? And daughter? Then he saw an image, a young girl, innocent and laughing…Iris.

"Are you going to kill them?" he asked, rolling over and lifting himself up on his elbows to look at her face. He felt curious, was Sire going to kill them? Did he…care? They were just humans.

She reached up and brushed his hair back from his face. "I always planned to kill him, I was going to spare the girl, but unfortunately she is following in his footsteps?"

"Footsteps?" he asked, and she kissed his nose.

"As a hunter. They kill our kind, he killed my family."

Clarus had killed his Sire's family…that….that was why she had chosen them? Not because she wanted them but to hurt Clarus…hurt….Dad…his Dad…

"Noct?" She called his name, and he blinked.

"Does that mean you have to go to Insomnia?" he asked, leaning down to nuzzle her throat affectionately, even as his thoughts and emotions spun wildly. He felt…torn. Whatever Sire did was right but…Iris…. Her hand was in his hair at the back of his head, holding him in place so he licked at the skin, nipping lightly.

"Yes, everything you'll need will be here and I'll be back before you know it," she promised.

Did that mean she thought it would be easy to kill them? He felt so confused, not comforted like normal as they rolled over and she grinned down at him. He moved as she wished, body able to respond without his needing to think, letting her take whatever she wished from him.

She wanted to kill Uncle Clarus and Iris…would she kill his Dad if he was there? Cor? His head hurt… she gave them humans to eat…people. He whined, arching his back, offering his throat even as he struggled mentally. Noctis shivered, feeling something tingling in his hand…he lifted it to see sparks of magic…he stared up into her face. She was so beautiful…he loved her…he put his hand on her chest, stroking the skin, and she looked down at him, surprised. Not his Dad, not Iris! They both screamed.


Ignis ran through the door to find Sire slumped over Noct, the smell of burning in the air. He stumbled slightly, shaking his head, before moving to gently move her off of him. He felt sick, there was a hole through her chest, the smell of burning vampire flesh. She was…she was…

He moved to Noct, terrified, but he was alright, his hand a little burnt maybe, but that was it. he looked over at a noise, to see Prompto crawling into the room, looking completely disorientated, Gladio stumbling after him. Ignis went to stand only to find himself tumbling back onto the bed, everything spinning around him until it all went black.


Prompto dragged himself onto the bed, whimpering, he felt so strange…he reached weakly for Noct unable to move further, body growing heavy….eyes closing.


Gladio saw Iggy collapse, Prompto dragging himself onto the bed before passing out. He stumbled towards them, worried. He felt strangely weak, vision greying out. His knees hit the bed and he collapsed down onto it, dragging himself to Iggy, his arm dropping limp over his waist as everything went black.


Short but the perfect place to end the chapter.