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Warning: Prompto is being used for what an MT was made for when it comes to born vampires

Chapter 7

Noctis pulled Prompto along by the hand, being very careful not to hurt him, the blond following obediently, eyes and face as blank as they had been ever since Noctis woke up barely able to remember anything except he was Sire's and Prom was his. Prompto mostly did what he said because he was the 'Secondary User', only his Mate's orders override his. But…it didn't feel right to order Prompto around, to hear him use a number to refer to himself, he was Prompto.

He…he didn't remember much before Sire, but he knew Prompto had been different; had been lively and happy and Noctis loved him. He missed that Prompto, wanted him back, but Sire had explained what had happened to him, that his Prompto may never come back, not fully. He had to cling to the hope that something of his Prompto still survived inside the empty machine he'd become, that Sire had managed to save something. She just hadn't wanted to risk trying to merge the two until they were safely home and now they were.

This incredible place was home and he loved it already.

He heard his Mate laugh and then he just knew where to take Prompto, to a massive bedroom, curtains pulled back from balcony doors to reveal the night world outside, but he ignored it to guide Prompto down onto the bed where he lay utterly still even as Noctis pet his hair.

"Sire's going to make it better Prom," he murmured as he waited for her. She had to make sure Ignis and Gladio were settled into their own room too and then she'd come to them.

Finally, she appeared in the doorway and he smiled happily at her, he loved her so much. She walked over and cupped his cheek in her hand, Noctis immediately leaning into her touch. She leant in and his eyes fluttered shut as she kissed him, purring in reaction and not even trying to fight the urge to do so. He would never hide how good she made him feel.


Gladio looked around in awe, this was their room? It was bigger than the apartment they'd shared. He felt Iggy squeeze his hand, looked over to see his eyes wide in awe. They could live in a shack as far as he cared, so long as they were together, Sire close by. Ignis tugged him into the bathroom, lacking some of what he'd once considered essential, instead all there was, was a massive shower and a swimming pool masquerading as a bath. He saw Ignis eye the tub and grinned, going to start the water.


"Sire said she's busy tonight," he offered and Ignis nodded, lifting his hands to begin removing his clothing.

Gladio was quickly distracted by that, enjoying as each piece of perfect pale skin was revealed. Ignis had always been pale and slender but his body was different now, even better, stronger, powerful…beautiful. Ignis smirked at him, flashing fangs, and Gladio swallowed hard.

He began stripping as well and he could feel Ignis watching him as he did, eyes wandering over him. Did he look all that different? It was hard to tell since he couldn't exactly check in the mirror anymore and asking Ignis or Noctis just got puzzled looks, of the three of them he remembered the most of being human…because he hadn't struggled against Sire? He'd had no reason to when his reason for existing already belonged to her.

He turned the water off and got in, sighing as he felt truly warm for the first time since waking up a vampire weeks ago. He felt the water move and opened his eyes to find Ignis braced over him, hands gripping the side of the tub, knees braced beside Gladio's hips. Ignis' smirk was predatory and Gladio grinned, letting him do as he pleased.


Lunafreya took her time kissing her Mate, something she never tired of, hearing him purr in pleasure at the attention. The trip to Tenebrae had been stressful but she hadn't been comfortable keeping them in Insomnia any longer, not when there were still ongoing searches for them.

They'd been uncomfortable in clothing and then being around their natural food source during the journey. There had been no accidents though, her control of them too good for that. People had also kept their distance which had helped, recognising them for the new vampires they were. It was obvious due to how easily distracted they were, how much physical contact they sought from her and each other. Prompto had received less looks, no one paid attention to MT's after all and his blank expression and gaze gave away what he was immediately.

And that was why she eventually stopped kissing Noctis, tenderly stroking his cheek instead as he calmed. She had work to do tonight and it would not be easy, but she would give the boy back what she could of his humanity. She turned to Prompto and felt Noctis sit up, watching with wide eyes as she gently lifted the still blond in her arms, carefully reaching for his mind.


It…he…05953234…Prompto? Unit 05953234…Prompto Argentum… memories and programming clashed, and it wanted to scream! It wanted? Clawed fingers ran through hair, scratching lightly at skin, and its…his mind calmed.

"Prom? Can you hear me?" The voice was familiar…Secondary User…no…Noct...Noctis… A question, not an order to respond.

He wanted to answer, awareness of its body slowly coming to it, functional, lying on something soft, head resting on a cold body. Cold? Programming demanded it remain as it was until ordered but he struggled against it to answer Noctis. It felt like it took forever but he knew it was exactly one minute and fifty-three seconds before his eyes opened and he stared up into crimson.

The owner of the eyes smiled, revealing sharp fangs, and part of him was panicking while the programming was insisting this was his Secondary User… Noct…a vampire? The hand was still moving through his hair and he struggled to move, to press into the comforting touch.

"Prom?" Noctis sounded worried.

He swallowed, throat working, trying to get his body to respond, to ignore the programming. It was so hard, but he could see the fear in unfamiliar crimson. Vampire or not, this was Noctis and he hated worrying him. "N…Noct," he gasped out.

Noctis made a noise, half laugh of relief and half sob but then he was leaning down closer, cold lips pressing to his briefly. "You're still in there," he whispered. "Sire did it, she saved you."

He didn't understand but it didn't matter, Noctis was there. He struggled to lift a trembling arm and Noctis caught his hand in his, lifting it to press to his cheek. His skin was icy cold, but it was okay, Prompto had always been overly warm. "Noct," he whispered. He tried to sit up, but he couldn't but then Noctis was gently pulling him up to rest against him. He managed to move enough to curl into him, cold arms wrapping around him protectively. "I…it…I can't…" he whimpered, frustrated and scared.

"Shh, it's okay, you're safe," Noctis soothed and Prompto felt himself relaxing, unable to stay scared.

He could feel it, in his mind, programming. He…he wasn't human…wasn't a Niff bastard like they'd thought…he was an MT. Nothing but a biological machine…but he felt real…he loved Noct...he did, it was real, he was real. Wasn't he?

"Love you," Noct whispered, pressing a kiss to his forehead.

"Real?" he asked and Noctis held on tighter.

"This is real," he promised but Prompto managed a small shake of his head.


Noctis moved, Prompto's head spinning at the speed, and then he was on his back, Noctis hovering over him face to face, crimson eyes locked on his. "You are real," he hissed. "You are Prompto Argentum, I don't care where you were born or why. You're my best friend and I love you." Noctis pressed his lips to his and Prompto found his parting to let him deepen it, it felt so good, but then Noctis pulled back.

"Sire didn't know, or she would have turned you immediately to keep this from happening," he explained gently, hand now resting against Prompto's cheek. "You…you just went blank and spoke like an MT, so she went into your head. The programming was overwriting the real you. She put a wall between it and you to save whatever was left but there was no way to know how much of you was left. There was nothing else she could do except follow the programming until we got here."

Follow the programming… "Secondary User Noctis Nox Fleuret," he stated easily, and then blinked, lips twitching in a small frown. That wasn't right, he was a Lucis Caelum. Sire…did he use his Sire's name now? Noct was a vampire…but he was still Noct? Still loved him despite how they'd both changed?


Noctis stared into no longer empty blue eyes, seeing the flickers of confusion and fear, hating that Prompto thought he wasn't real. He kept his hand gently resting against a warm cheek, knowing he had to be careful, that he could accidentally hurt him if he wasn't. Sire said he was sturdier than a human would be but that his body seemed a bit more human than a normal MT would be, she said it must be a process and he hadn't gone through the whole thing.

He leant in and kissed him again, feeling Prompto respond to a point. "Prom…are you scared of me? I'd never hurt you," he swore, seeing tears leak from blue eyes. "I've been so scared that you wouldn't remember me, that…that you'd be gone."

He felt Prompto jerk beneath him and then a trembling hand was pressed to his chest, over his silent heart. "Love?"

Noctis smiled, trying not to show too much of his fangs, not wanting him to be scared. "I love you," he promised, pressing his forehead to Prompto's. "I will always love you, no matter what." He began to purr, trying to comfort him, feeling blunt human fingernails digging into his skin, blue eyes widening slightly at the noise, and then the ghost of a smile.

"Noct," Prompto whispered, tugging and Noctis saw his lips part in asking.

Noctis grinned and kissed him, this time feeling him respond more though it felt slightly off, like he was fighting to do it. Oh…right, MT's were made to just let their bodies be used, they didn't respond like Prompto was obviously trying to. Prompto was fighting the programming, fighting his own biology, for him.


She had left them alone, knowing that her presence would confuse things more depending on how much Prompto remembered. Hearing that first gasping word was a relief for Noctis' sake.

If nothing of the boy had survived within, she would have done what she had to for her Mate's sake, so that he wouldn't stare at the boy with such sadness and longing. His memory was a mess already, the idea of further altering it had not been something she was looking forward to doing.

She listened to his one or two word questions, knowing the programming was working against him but maybe she could lessen it, give him orders to speak freely or something. He definitely remembered Noctis, hearing Noctis plead for him not to be afraid of him was hard, but she didn't think he was, there was no scent of that kind of fear coming from him.

If he could work past the programming then in a while she would have another Childe. Once she had an heir through him anyway.


"Prompto?" Gladio called, utterly relieved when the blond looked at him and there was recognition there. "Hey blondie," he whispered, kneeling beside the window seat he was sitting on. He gently touched the back of one hand, being carefully of his sharp nails, feeling Prompto staring at him.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," he whispered. It was his fault, his Dad's fault. He wouldn't go back, he loved Iggy and Sire, but because of them, Prompto had lost so much. He felt a hand in his hair and looked up to see Prompto smiling slightly.

"Not fault," Prompto said, swallowing hard, obviously struggling. His other arm came up, asking, and Gladio carefully drew him into his arms, moving to sit on the window seat and Prompto pressed against him.

"We're here for you Prom, we all love you," he murmured.


She stood in the shadows, looking at the blond as he sat in the diminishing sunlight. Made for them or not, MT's still needed a certain amount of natural sunlight to thrive, although less than a human. On the table beside him was food and drink, mostly gone now which was good. After two months, he was able to do more for himself than when he had first woken, though the food had been prepared and left for him by Ignis before he retired for the day and it had been Noctis to lead Prompto to the chair, had made himself give Prompto instructions on using the nearby bathroom when he needed it. Some things were easier than others apparently.

She had kept her distance from Prompto, to allow him to adjust, whispering to him as he slept, working to help him overcome the programming as much as possible. She let him spend nights with Noctis, her Mate trying to help him recover himself. The nights her other Childer took him and she spent with a very thankful Noctis. Tonight the three were together and she was going to begin helping Prompto get used to her place in his life. She could simply order him but if he was to one day be her Childe, she would prefer to let him become accustomed to her presence, to want her attention.

As the sun finished setting she entered the room, making sure to make enough noise for him to hear, seeing his head slowly turn towards her. She didn't miss the flicker of fear in his eyes, he understood how much power she had over his life. She smiled and perched on the side of the chair, reaching out to gently stroke fine blond hair, feeling him tremble under her touch. For his comfort, she appeared fully human for once, something the others wouldn't be able to manage for at least a few years.

"Good evening Prompto," she murmured in greeting. "You've done well today," she praised, making sure he knew she meant the fact he had managed to eat, drink, and take care of his hygiene.

"Remember…took me," he said, eyes wide with defiance and fear.

That was surprising, she had thought those memories would be among those he had lost. She knew he remembered nothing of the humans who had raised him, nothing of his life before Noctis, that the months leading up to her taking them were fragmented. Noctis said Prompto was different, beyond the programming, quiet in a way he'd never been before and other small things all three had picked up on.

"This was never the plan," she told him, still stroking his hair, feeling his body relaxing, leaning towards her. Despite how hard he fought it, he was programmed to obey her above all others, to belong to her.


He wanted to pull away, to scream and shout at her, but instead he could feel himself relaxing, leaning into her touch. His eyelids felt heavy, the world going hazy, his thoughts slowing. He felt a cold hand on his chin, tipping his head up, staring into crystal blue eyes that he knew were really crimson. He tried to speak, to do anything, but he couldn't.

Cold, soft, lips pressed to his and his automatically parted slightly to allow her to deepen the kiss if she wanted. A pleasant numbness spread through his mind and body, responding to the attention of a born vampire and one whose genes were encoded into him now. He obediently stood as she guided him to his feet, following docilely.


She saw the change as his instincts took over, blue eyes going glassy though not empty, body pliant as he slumped more towards her as she kissed him. She broke the kiss and pulled him to his feet, leading him by the hand back to her rooms. He was utterly placid, making no attempt to speak or pull away. She stripped off the loose pants and shirt he had been dressed in since he was human and therefore affected by temperature changes, then lay him down on the bed.

She kissed and caressed his body which immediately responded to the stimulation. He was pretty and she couldn't wait to see how he would look as one of them, but that would have to wait.

"Prompto," she whispered in his ear, wondering if he could hear her.

She reached for his mind, finding the pleasant haze of numbness that had overtaken him, wondering why such a feeling would be part of the programming. Unless more than just her genetics was needed to fertilise the eggs? She gently touched his mind beyond that, drawing it into a more aware state, letting him feel the pleasant haze and enjoy it, to be aware of how good she was making his body feel. She wanted him to enjoy and even look forward to the process, to feel a sense of satisfaction and joy that his body was doing what it had been made for, that he was carrying her future children within him, nurturing them in the warmth and safety of his living body.

She smiled at the soft moan he let out before she kissed him again.


The numbness slowly faded, leaving him floating in a delightful fog, unable to think. Sensation gradually trickled in, hands caressing his body, lips…he moaned and then lips were on his and he kissed back eagerly. His body responded eagerly to every touch, wanting more.


Luna lay beside the sleeping Prompto in the bed, his skin still flushed from the last few hours even though his breathing and heart rate had slowed. It wasn't actual sleep, but it wasn't stasis either, it was what was needed for everything he had absorbed from her to be passed on to the eggs he carried. In a month or two, one or two eggs would leave his body, and then another month and it would hatch.

She sensed her Mater outside of the door and smiled, the door opening immediately and then Noctis was there, half asleep already, and she held her hand out to him. He scrambled onto the bed, looking utterly graceful despite the uncoordinated movement. He curled up against her and then saw Prompto, becoming more alert. "Shh," she soothed, kissing his forehead. "Prompto is fine," she promised. "He just needs his rest to ensure the baby is safe," she explained, not wanting to try and explain vampire reproduction to her half asleep Mate with dawn almost there, and his memories of the human method gone. As far as he was concerned, sex was for fun, for bonding with loved ones, not anything else.

"Baby?" he mumbled, eyelids drooping as he struggled to remain awake, the sun rising outside of the safety of a home built centuries ago to keep their kind safe from its lethal light. Before anything more could be said his body went still in sleep and she smiled, brushing his hair back from his face before curling around him to sleep as well.


Prompto pressed a hand to his lower abdomen. He knew what MT's were used for, but it was still hard to put that together with the idea that he was…well, pregnant, was the only term he could really think of. He remembered snatches of that night; the MT instincts having taken full control of him. He remembered the sensation of cold hands on his body, being unable to think, pleasure…he shivered.

He knew he'd always wanted Noctis to be his first, his only, but she had been. She had been the one to begin his 'programming' and now when he was merging more into one with the MT parts of himself, she'd done it again. The thought of an egg or eggs growing inside him made him want to scream in terror and demand they take them out! But…a tiny part of him felt proud, wanted them safe and healthy…was that the programming? It had to be.

How had he lived his whole life unaware of that part of his own body? Probably because he didn't touch himself a lot, not that he remembered. He knew their rooms had been joined by a bathroom and he could be heard or walked in on and it'd hurt because he'd always known Noct was out of reach.

He wished, if it was anyone, it could be Noct's but only born vampires could have kids, it was what made him valuable to her. Was that his future? To be used over and over until his body couldn't produce anymore? None of the others would try to stop it, they were utterly under her thrall and the idea of her exerting that much power over him scared him when he already had so little control of himself. He could think much clearer than he could when he first woke up but talking and moving were still almost impossible without orders at times.

When it was over, he wouldn't be him anymore and he knew it. No, he'd be their Prompto just as Noctis and the others had become hers. He'd struggled so hard all his life to work out who he was, and she was taking it all away. She even thought she was being kind in doing so, 'letting' him be with Noctis. Noctis who was still the same in a lot of ways despite the lost memories and changes being a vampire had made.

Part of him just wanted it over and done with, to not live with the mental fight all the time to do anything. Why did it matter if he could do things for himself? He wouldn't want to do anything except what she wanted anyway once turned. Except he couldn't give her kids once turned, could he? Who knew, maybe he'd keep that ability and would spend eternity increasing the vampire race.

A gentle hand in his hair had him relaxing, thoughts calming, and turning his head shakily to press a kiss to the wrist, looking up to find Noctis looking down at him in concern. Noctis leant down to kiss him and Prompto managed to lift his arms, wrapping around Noct's neck, the vampire laughing but lifting him as if he weighed nothing, carrying him over to a couch to cuddle together. A tender hand stroked over his stomach even as he nuzzled at Prompto's throat, not to drink though, not in Prompto's condition, but it felt…nice. There was no obvious change to his body and there wouldn't be and yet they all kept touching his stomach as if they could feel what was in there and maybe with their greater senses they could.

He found himself drifting as Noctis began to purr and his last thought before sleep claimed him was that maybe…maybe being their Prompto would be okay.