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Chapter 8

Luna lay on a blanket in the garden, her head pillowed on Noctis' lap, his fingers running through her hair. The full moon hung bright above them, lighting the garden and its night blooming flowers beautifully. It was nice, to just spend some peaceful time together. Ignis and Gladio were taking care of Prompto for the night and soon they would have a baby taking their time and attention. She looked up at Noctis and smiled at her Mate who smiled back happily, his expression one of love and peace.

He was so much happier without the majority of his human memories. He no longer had to act the part of disenfranchised Royalty who lived under a marriage contract when in love with his best friend. Now he got to love freely, to spend his nights learning what he liked, trying out hobbies. Turned out, he had a gift for playing the piano that he was enjoying the chance to work on. She liked listening to him play, improving every time he did.

"Sire?" he asked after a while.

"Yes Noctis?" she pressed into his hand and he kept stroking her hair, claws occasionally lightly scratching her scalp.

"Prompto's really having a baby?" he asked, looking confused.

She nodded and began explaining, she hadn't bothered to fully explain since he'd shown no interest in the mechanics before. The face he pulled at the idea of eggs was rather amusing though.

"A boy or girl?" he asked, and she took his free hand in hers.

"We won't know until it hatches," she answered. "Which do you want?"

"Whichever you want," he told her immediately.

"Well…I suppose it would be nice to not be the only woman around," she teased, and he laughed.


Ignis hummed softly as he cut up the vegetables for the stew. He didn't remember learning to cook but somehow he could. Despite being unable to eat what he made, he enjoyed the process and Prompto enjoyed the products. Sire always made sure the pantry was well stocked with fresh, healthy, foods too which was nice. No one else ever joined him in the kitchen, not liking the smell of the food, but it didn't bother him at all.


Gladio grinned as he raced through the garden, Noctis hot on his heels. He stopped and turned as fast as he could, seeing Noct's eyes go wide and then he was pinning the other to the ground, Noctis shifting, trying to throw him off. He glanced up to see Ignis smiling from where he was sitting on the grass, his head leaning against Sire's legs as she stroked his hair. They were vampires, they didn't need exercise to stay fit, but it was fun to chase each other and mock fight. He was bigger and stronger then Noctis, always had been and becoming vampires hadn't changed that, but Noctis was faster than him so he had to be sneaky and unpredictable to actually get a hold of him. He struggled for a bit before finally admitting defeat and Gladio let him up, heading over to their Mates.

Iggy smiled and lifted his head from her legs, reaching out a hand, and Gladio took it, sinking to his knees beside him even as Noctis sat on the bench beside Sire, leaning against her. They sat together for a while, until Gladio realised he was beginning to feel groggy.

"Time to sleep," Sire murmured, and they got up, heading inside.


Luna stroked Prompto's lower abdomen, feeling the firmness of the slightly rounded flesh. He shifted in his sleep, eyes moving behind closed lids, dreaming. She'd never seen any signs of him dreaming before and it was a good sign for his mental recovery. She smiled as Noctis joined them, hair still damp from the bath they had taken together.

He stretched out beside Prompto, nuzzling his throat, an arm going around his chest and Prompto shifted towards him. "Is he okay?" Noct asked and she nodded.

"Any day now," she told him and Noctis smiled, his hand joining hers and she showed him what she had felt.

Prompto began to stir, curling onto his side and into Noctis who ran his fingers through short blond hair. It would take time for his hair to grow out at a human pace. Blue eyes slowly opened, and he smiled for Noctis, facial expressions had become far easier for him although he still struggled with everything else.

She shifted to press against Prompto's back, feeling him tense slightly before his body relaxed again. She gently slipped a hand under his shirt, stroking warm skin, keeping him calm, stress in his condition wasn't good after all.


Gladio moaned in pleasure as Ignis' fangs scraped the sensitive skin of his neck, even as Gladio held on tightly. It felt so good! He loved Ignis more than anything...except Sire of course. He would happily spend eternity in bed with his Mate, giving his body to him. He had vague memories of things being very different before but that was one aspect of his human life that had faded, and it didn't matter. He'd loved Iggy then and he still loved him now.

"Please," he begged, and Ignis lifted his head, smiling at him, before kissing him hungrily. He shifted to give Ignis better access and groaned when he felt Ignis finally give him what he needed, pressing inside him.


Luna lay on the couch with Ignis, listening to his marvellous voice as he read from the book out loud. She played with long dark blond hair as she listened, but he remained focused on reading because she had told him to read to her.

All three still had the long hair they had woken with and she had decided not to have it cut, enjoying being able to run her hands through it, to tug on it when she wished.

She looked up as the door opened, Noctis rushing inside, crimson eyes wide in worry. "Noctis?" she sat up.

"It's Prompto!" he answered.

Was it time? She got up and followed Noctis to where Prompto sat, curling around his stomach, expression flickering between pain and blankness. She pressed a hand to his abdomen, feeling the muscles contract and then release. "It's time," she told them both, gently running her fingers through bright blond hair and Prompto leant into her touch, beginning to pant.

"Shh Prompto, relax. Your body knows what to do, just let go and let it happen," she murmured, watching his eyes as they dulled, his mind submitting to instinct and programming at her encouragement. "Carry him Noctis," she told her Mate and he carefully lifted Prompto from the chair, Prompto limp in his arms.

She led the way underground, into a room that hadn't been used in over a century. Her siblings and her had been the last born in the hatchery and now she was the last left, but not after today. Noctis carefully settled Prompto where she indicated, sitting behind him to support him, whispering comforting words to him.


Ignis laughed as Gladio flopped theatrically on the bed beside him. "Have fun?" he teased.

Gladio mock glared at him before shifting around to rest against his side, head over his un-beating heart. Ignis lifted his hand to run through long dark hair, smiling when Gladio began to purr.

"That bad?" he asked and Gladio shook his head slightly. "It's okay, there's no rush. We have forever Darling, you'll find something you like eventually."

"You have cooking, Noct has music…" Gladio mumbled sleepily.

"And you'll find a hobby you like too. Besides, mine will only last so long as Prompto is mortal. Once he joins us, I'll need a new one too," he pointed out. He wasn't sure what else he might like to do but like he'd said, they had forever. "Who knows, maybe you'll be the best at handling Sire's baby once it hatches."

That got a sleepy smile from his Mate. Gladio had mentioned his sister, not that Ignis remembered her, although he assumed he had at least met the girl. He found he didn't really care about humans anymore, even ones he had once known. All that mattered was their family and he would kill to protect them.

He shifted slightly to get more comfortable and closed his eyes, feeling the need to sleep pulling at him. "Love you," he mumbled and Gladio made a sleepy noise in return, both falling asleep as the sun rose.


Prompto sat in the sunlight, staring out the window, soft music playing in the background. He felt strangely…empty and had ever since the egg had left him two weeks ago. It was like his body craved the feeling of it growing within him, the attention that had been lavished on him then, not that he lacked for it since.

There was a part of him that screamed for him to run, to find a way home and tell Regis what had happened. But he couldn't do it, he couldn't make himself leave the property. A safety precaution built in to make sure chattel didn't wander off?

He loved Noctis, loved his friends, and he wanted to say he hated Her but…he couldn't. He knew he had but now… he could feel the emotions shifting, turning from hate to love; a need to be near her, to please her, growing inside him. He wanted to be scared of that, but he couldn't be. She owned him and every day that became truer and truer. Soon he would want that more than anything.

He closed his eyes, letting his head tip back against the couch, soaking up the sunlight, the only time he had to himself since the others had to sleep. She could be awake, but she couldn't come to him in the light, she would have to order him to her side.

Sure enough, he felt her coming closer as night approached. "Come here Prompto," she called and sure enough, he stood without thought, walking towards where she stood in the shadows of the doorway.

She stroked his cheek and he leant into her touch, feeling instantly calmer and happier. A soft whimper left his throat as he tried to pull away. She looked human, she always looked human when she came to him, to make him accept her quicker? His lips parted, throat working, it was always harder to be a person around her. "P…pp…please," he forced out but even he didn't know if he was asking her to leave or keep him closer.

"Shh, it's alright Prompto," she ran her fingers through his hair, and he melted, leaning against her. He whined softly, lips parting, breath hitching, and she smiled at him, guiding his head down to kiss him. She kissed him and he felt the strange numbing haze settle over him, obediently following her back into the room, the sun having set.

He was distantly aware of the couch under his body, his head tipped back over the arm, exposing his throat. He moaned as he felt the cold weight of a body against his, whining as something sharp scrapped the skin of his throat. There was a stinging feeling for a second and then a gentle sucking and it felt really good.


Noctis lay on their bed, utterly naked, long hair fanned out around him as he gasped and moaned in pleasure. He stared up into his Mate, his Sire's, eyes as she moved over him. It felt so good! He loved being with her, nothing ever felt better. No matter how much he loved the others, especially Prompto…she was his world. "I love you," he gasped, clutching the blanket and she leant down to kiss him hungrily.

"I love you too," she smiled at him.


Luna sat beside Noctis on the piano bench, playing a duet together from memory, Noctis smiling shyly at her. He was adorably bashful when it came to some things. Ignis and Gladio were listening from the couch, little Ravus in Gladio's lap, and Prompto drowsing on the other couch.

Vampire children grew up a lot quicker than their human counterparts, despite being barely three months old, he looked more like a 'toddler'. In another month, Prompto would be recovered enough to go through the process again and she was looking forward to it, he was young, he could provide several children before being changed.

They finished the song and Noctis ducked his head at the applause. She kissed his cheek and then they went to the couch where Prompto had been sitting alone, sitting with him, Prompto immediately curling into Noctis who kissed his cheek.

Ignis soon picked up a book, reading softly to Ravus but they all listened except for Prompto who slowly fell asleep. Quiet nights as a family were something she had sorely missed, and it was marvellous to have such a thing back again.


Luna sat in the chair her own Grandfather once had, dressed in a gown of almost glowing white, looking every bit the Matriarch of her family. That was the whole point, to impress and intimidate their visitors. Prompto knelt beside her chair like a good MT, the signs there for any who knew to read them, he was once again carrying her offspring. He was dressed in loose pants and a collar, his expression vacant as would be expected. He hadn't even hesitated in letting her coax him into that state, he'd lost all hesitation around her over the last few weeks. On the chair beside her sat Noctis, dressed in white as well. Gladio and Ignis stood at the bottom of the dais, their hair pulled back, ready to move to attack if necessary.

Ravus was safely in his bedroom, fast asleep. He was growing so fast, and Noctis had spent the early evening playing with him, wearing him out so that he would be easy to coax into sleeping.

As she had expected, word had been sent to Niflheim of Noctis' disappearance and now they had learnt of her Mate who bore the same name. She did wonder if word would spread as far as Insomnia and what would happen if it did. Would Clarus come to kill his own son? Would Regis beg for his son back? While it would be interesting to find out, for now she had to deal with the old Empire and the Tummelt family. There was a young man, about Noctis' age, maybe a little older and she was surprised the family had allowed young Loqi himself to come along, after all he was the sole heir. Did they really think they could do anything?

She caught Loqi studying Noctis, his eyes roaming hungrily over his body. Did that boy really think he had a claim on her Mate?


Noctis could feel eyes on him and it made him feel sick. He didn't know that human and he didn't like how…possessive he seemed to be towards him. He belonged to his Sire only. He wanted to shudder, but he remained still, not wanting to shame her by reacting. She had explained that when he was human, he was meant to marry the man staring at him, but he didn't remember him, he only remembered loving Prompto, being friends with Gladio and Ignis. Surely he would remember someone he was meant to marry?

He didn't listen to their words as they spoke, he didn't need to, Sire would speak for him. He kept his gaze just above their heads, on the far wall, keeping his expression blank so as to not give away his disgust.


Loqi stared at the beautiful young vampire on the chair, he knew it was Noctis Lucis Caelum, despite the name change. He was meant to be his! They had a contract and everything. The last of the old line of Kings was to be his trophy, his 'husband' to do with as he wished.

Now thanks to this…vampire…things had gone wrong. He didn't care that he was a bloodsucker now, he still wanted him. There was power behind the contract that would ensure Noctis' compliance and remove any risk to him from his change of species. His husband to be wouldn't look at him, staring just above them all. He just needed his new signature on the contract, and it would be unbreakable, so how would he manage that?


Ignis watched the man who couldn't take his eyes off Noctis, that had to be Loqi Tummelt. He vaguely remembered the contract, although not what it had said. Once Sire had announced they were coming, he had searched the library. For them to have bothered to come, the contract had to have been sealed with magic which was sickening. Who would sign such a thing? History books seemed to indicate it was a way to keep the peace, that every few generations a member of the old Royal line would be given in marriage to an Imperial family but that it hadn't been enforced in a long time, so why had they decided to enforce it this generation?

Sire had saved Noctis from that fate, just another thing to be thankful to her for. Why would they come for Noctis now that he was a vampire? Would they risk angering Sire and the rest of Tenebrae by trying to make a claim on him?