I have always had a very good memory. Remembering my childhood is probably a worse curse than anything. My names Harold 'Harry' Potter-Black and this is my life.

In Surry there is never anything new just the same activities and people day after day but that all changed at midnight on the 1st November. On the 31st October a terrible tragedy happened two of the most respected people in the wizarding world died.

Lord James and Lady Lillian 'lily' Potter were the youngest masters in there chosen field, James in Transfiguration and Lily in Charms. James Potter was a prankster and a fully trained Auror. Lily was a new mother and an unspeakable. They had a young son call Harold Potter but known as Harry. During this terrible time having Harry was the highlight of there life, but it was also known fact that Harry was a bright child and a very powerful young wizard. Even Harry's godfather Sirius Black loved him so much got permission to blood adopt him.

Even though Lily was witch she had a sister that is a squib. A squib is a child that was born of magical parents but has no magical powers. Lily's sister name is called Petunia and she was always jealous that she never inherited magical powers. Petunia later got married to Vernon Dursley and had a son called Dudley.

This is where the story continues.

The night of the 1st November Professor Dumbledore was standing outside 4 Private Drive waiting for the newest resident to arrive.