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Author's note: This is dedicated to JemilyPLLGleek78-10, Emma G, OliviaZ01, Mandy Truado and Jake Robertius.

Are you Hanna?

29 year old Hanna Rivers walk in Rosewood tropical garden.

It's a wonderful day in the summer and Hanna wear a a nice white silk dress and her hair is down and floats in the light wind.

She look very beautiful.

"Awww! Such a cute day it is." says Hanna, walking slowly and being happy.

Hanna suddenly sees a man who sit on a park bench by the koi pond.

Hanna doesn't know who he is at first.

The man seem to be around the same age as Hanna's mom.

"Oh..." says Hanna when she remember who the man is.

It is none other than Ted Wilson, the former pastor of Rosewood church.

Back in the day, Ted dated Hanna's mom for a while and Hanna was forced to help out in church.

Certain nervous feelings wash over Hanna, who remember that she used to act like a sassy rude sexual brat type of girl in front of Ted.

"No fear. That was years ago." says Hanna, trying to be confident.

She walk over to Ted.

Ted look up and sees Hanna.

"Are you Hanna?" says Ted surprised.

"Yes, Mr Wilson." says Hanna, sounding nice and calm.

"It's been a long time since I saw you, Miss Marin." says Ted.

"These days I'm Mrs Rivers. Caleb and I got married." says Hanna.

"Congratulations to that. You seem to have matured a lot over the years. I remember you as the sassy teen-girl who talked like a little bitch in church." says Ted.

"At one point that was me, but not anymore. I'm a different woman now." says Hanna.

"That's good. Are you actually married...? I don't remember see ing a wedding between you and Mr Rivers." says Ted.

"We did not get married in Rosewwod church. The wedding took place at my grandma's mansion down in Arkansas." says Hanna.

"Okay, why?" says Ted.

"I still don't feel comfortable in the church. That fact hasn't changed." says Hanna.

"Nice that you can have a mature conversation with me, Hanna." says Ted.

"Well, what can I say? I'm not horny lil' teenage Hanna anymore." says Hanna.

"I understand." says Ted.

"Sorry for being such a disrespectful immature bitch when you and mom made me help out in church against my will on Saturdays." says Hanna.

"You're forgiven." says Ted.

"Awesome, but I still won't set foot in church, unless I very much have to do so." says Hanna.

"Nobody can force you to, since you are no longer a kid. And I'm retired these days." says Ted.

"Did you retire from your job at the church?" says Hanna.

"Yes, Hanna." says Ted.

"Okay. Do you still go to church?" says Hanna.

"Every Sunday. I am retired, but I still believe in God as much as I've done for as long as I can remember." says Ted.

"Such things may be for you, but I can never see myself relaxed in church. Even walking past the church, put me kinda on edge, despite the fact that my life's good and sweet and not the way it once was." says Hanna.

"Hanna, did your mother ever find another man?" says Ted.

"No, she remained single. Wanna give stuff with her a second go huh?" says Hanna.

"I honestly do not. I feel to old to date anyone." says Ted.

"I assume things didn't work out between you and that woman you had lunch with last time I saw you?" says Hanna.

"Sharona Kendrick? No, that didn't work out as well as I wished." says Ted.

"Why?" says Hanna.

"Eventually I discovered that she and I had too little in common." says Ted.

"Did she dislike church?" says Hanna.

"That's not it. She was a bit more intense than I'd prefer." says Ted.

"Okay." says Hanna.

"I'm glad you've matured and gotten married. Do you have a job?" says Ted.

"Yeah, I'm doing fashion design." says Hanna.

"So that's what you studied in college?" says Ted.

"Indeed. I majored in fashion design." says Hanna.

"What other classes did you take?" says Ted.

"Me prefer to not talk about that." says Hanna.

"Alright." says Ted.

"Honestly college was so scary for me, but I made it through alive, still being Hanna-Boo." says Hanna.

"Uh...Hanna-Boo?" says Ted confused.

"Yeah, that's my nickname." says Hanna.

"Is your mom okay?" says Ted.

"She's feeling kinda old and weak, but I guess she is fine." says Hanna.

"Good. I wish her the best." says Ted.

"Nice. I'll tell her that, man." says Hanna.

"Thank you, Mrs...Rivers, was it?" says Ted.

"You're welcome and yes, Rivers it is." says Hanna.

"Mr Rivers is lucky. You've grown up from the naughty teen you were to a good nice adult." says Ted.

"Pretty high praise. Thanks." says Hanna with a sweet smile.

"I'm glad you're mad at me for dating your mother anymore." says Ted.

"The reason I was mad was 'cause I wanted her to have a man that's more like her and also 'cause I had to go to church. I also thought you were a perv, but mom's told me that she only went to bed with you a single time." says Hanna.

"What your mother said is true. She and I did only have sex the one time." says Ted.

"Okay." says Hanna.

"Sit down a bit." says Ted.

"Thanks." says Hanna, taking a seat next to Ted.

"Are you and your husband going to have children?" says Ted.

"I'd like to have a little cutie Hanna Junior. That would be adorable." says Hanna.

"That sounds nice." says Ted.

"Yeah." says Hanna.

"It's very good to see how much you've matured, Hanna." says Ted.

"Aww. Thanks." says Hanna.

"You're welcome." says Ted.

"Does the church still has that golden chalice?" says Hanna.

"The Rosewood chalice? No. It's been sent to state storage where it's safer." says Ted.

"Okay. I was just curious." says Hanna.

"I understand. That chalice charmed you enough to not be angry in church." says Ted.

"Yeah 'cause it was so beautiful and awesome." says Hanna.

"Good." says Ted.

"Have a swet day." says Hanna and then leave.

The End.