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"Ain't No Rest For The Immortals."

Ever since they moved Olympus to the top of the Empire State Building, Artemis had taken a liking to standing by herself on the building's viewpoint, usually late at night when nobody else was there and her brother was too busy getting his beauty sleep to bother her.

She would stay there for hours, taking in the immense amount of life around her. Skyscrapers, towers, apartments, and houses of all kinds surrounded the building, all of them lit even at the early hours of the morning. Below her by the street, cars, vans and taxis sped past the big avenues carrying families, friends or lovers to the next activity in their daily schedule.

Indiscernible noise echoed from the city around her all the way to the solitary viewpoint, reminding her of all the mortals who continued their lives without a care in the world, ignorant to the presence of the gods in their city.

As she was privileged enough to see the world for what it was, Artemis had always felt secretly superior to the mortals. As goddess, for everything she'd had to sacrifice, knowledge had never been one of those things. She'd always known the world exactly for what it was. She was completely aware of the true dangers roaming around the planet. For every danger mortals faced, to Artemis they were nothing in comparison to the dangers she'd had to defeat time after time in order to protect not only the gods, but the mortals as well.

She was a warrior, a survivor, and a hunter, because it was her nature and because the circumstances had made her so. It was because the real world didn't frighten her that she loved her immortality so, truthfully, the idea of becoming a human - which could legitimately happen to her should Zeus wake up one day feeling exceptionally vengeful -, made her tremble with horror.

She wondered if that's what Zeus felt whenever he looked down onto the civilization. He wondered whether he also felt superior to the mortals, or if they had already become irrelevant to the King of the Gods.

She also liked how the continuous noise pouring onto that viewpoint from the city below her was a metaphor of her own life. Not that she liked examining her life with metaphors but the God of poetry was her twin brother, so bear with her.

Anyways, it never failed to amuse her, as her entire life had been like that. She'd always been cold, not out of a need of sheltering herself, but because it was part of her nature. Apollo was warm, cheerful and a drama queen, while she was cold, serious, and focused. It had always been like that and she was quite content with the personality and abilities she'd been handed by the Fates.

She also found that her cold and focused personality was specially useful when it came to the memory of her old friends and enemies. The only ones she never allowed herself to forget were her fallen hunters, regardless of how much time passed since their deaths. All the others, both enemies and acquaintances, so many of them had fallen that Artemis had soon enough forgotten their names or faces.

Sometimes she felt guilty, but the truth of the matter was that she was immortal. She was one of the goddesses of Olympus, daughter of the King of the Gods himself, and she would stick around in that world for a long time. If she was to survive with relative sanity, then she needed to look only forward.

So, yes, a metaphor. Just like the noise of New York didn't quite reach that viewpoint, her past losses or memories didn't manage to darken her soul or break her heart completely.

If only that had been the norm that night.

Because that night, she was still a survivor. She was still a hunter. She was still a warrior.

She had defeated Atlas and tricked him back into his own prison.

She had won but, once again, at the expense of someone else.

Yet, this time, Zoë had been the one to pay with her life. Zoë had sacrificed herself so Artemis could be spared.

Zoë, her best friend for more than two thousand years, was dead.

That night, a new constellation shone with pride by the starry dark sky.

The Huntress.

Zoë Nightshade would always be remembered by the entire civilization.

And Artemis would remember her as well, for her heart had been cracked irreversibly the moment Zoë Nightshade exhaled her last breath.

"This is the first time you've dared escaping a party organized by our father. I'm proud."

Artemis rolled her eyes, her voice coming out harsher than usual in order to counteract the throbbing grief expanding through her every nerve. "I've been Atlas' weak prisoner for longer than I would have cared for. I need a moment to recover my strength."

"A wolf is a wolf, even in a cage. Even dressed in silk," Apollo mused as he stood besides his twin sister, his eyes also on the city below him. "You and I both know you don't need a moment to toughen up. You need a moment to grief."

Artemis stiffened at that, her hands unconsciously cradling one another with a nervous twitch. She found herself wishing she was wearing an armour, as the chainmail and metal around her body had never failed to make her feel indestructible.

Still, that was a party, so she was wearing a silver, silk dress that reached her knees, her feet adorned with nothing but leather sandals. No weapons were on her. Even her hair fell carelessly down her back instead of being tied into the usual braid.

"I apologize, brother. I didn't think you cared," Artemis finally quipped with disdain, her voice growing colder. "Nor did I think I had to ask for your permission."

Apollo looked up at the constellation of the Huntress with a sad smile. "I never had much of a relationship with Zoë. To her, I was her lady's brother and that was it. Still, she was your family and therefore, she was also mine. I never wanted her to die."

"She knew she would die all along," Artemis whispered after a long moment of silence in which she tried to gather her rushing thoughts in vain. "She figured out the prophecy immediately, and she carried the burden of her eventual death all by herself. She suffered in silence because I was the one trapped. Her death is on me, brother. I'm not worthy of being called her family after that."

"She would have died two thousand years ago if it wasn't for you, unless I'm mistaken," Apollo quipped calmly before smirking. "And I'm never mistaken, as you surely know."

"Neither erases the other, don't you think?" Artemis asked rhetorically. She crossed her arms before her chest as she sighed wearily. "I am tired of being directly responsible for the other's survival or doom. My actions seem to have infinite consequences and throughout the years, all of those consequences have seemed to pile up in the back of my mind. I've never focused on my past, but there's so much I can take before being forced to look back at everything I've done. With every death, every mistake, my past haunts me more and more. I don't know what will happen when it finally catches up with me and it frightens me."

"When that happens, you will face your past head on," Apollo assured her instantly. "Zoë meant everything to you. She was the sister you always hoped to have, and she's been your friend ever since Ancient Greece. Rome, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States, Zoë has gone through all of it with you. Even if you try to move on with your life instantly, like you have whenever any of your past friends have died, you still won't be able. Zoë was more than that. She deserves to be grieved."

"Apollo, aren't you tired of this?" Artemis drastically changed the subject. She finally turned to her brother as her voice heightened with rage. "Aren't you tired of our friends dying out of loyalty for us when we have done literally nothing for them? I'm exhausted of saying goodbye to those I love!"

"If you're going to explode, that's alright," Apollo commented evenly, his eyes quickly darting down the length of the viewpoint to make sure they were on their own. "But maybe we should head somewhere you can tear apart without hurting any innocents."

Artemis wasn't listening to him. She was too busy feeling the agitation growing inside of her. With panic, she recognized a bundle of feelings climbing up his throat, closing it as tears began to gather behind her eyes, and finally realized this was the first time in centuries that she had been unable to contain her emotions.

Finally, she began to walk up and down the viewpoint in an attempt to busy herself. "Did you know she never told anyone she'd been poisoned by that damn creature?"

Apollo frowned at that, his trepidation growing as he noticed how unstable her sister actually was. Usually, he was the one who melted down and Artemis was the one who comforted him so this exchange of roles unnerved him more than he was willing to admit. "Not even Phoebe?"

"Phoebe wasn't with them. She had to stay at Camp Half Blood," Artemis replied, her steps growing faster as her voice heightened into a frustrated scream. "She didn't even get to say goodbye to Phoebe! Phoebe had to stay with Chiron because she was injured by the kids of Hermes, those heathens!"

"I'm sure they didn't mean to-." Apollo began, quickly cutting himself off when Artemis turned to him with a glare.

"Phoebe, just like the others, is waiting for their leader to make it back unscathed! Tonight, they have surely noticed the new constellation and they have no idea it's there in honour of their sister because I had to come to Olympus to discuss the fate of the two demigods who risked their lives to save me!" Artemis's voice was heartbreakingly sad, her yelling hoarse as she finally allowed her pain to flow without any sort of obstruction. "And then, they will have to receive the news from Thalia Grace, who didn't even know Zoë that well! All because I have to stay here and plan a war that is not mine to fight!"

"Sister, be careful." Apollo warned the hunter with a hurried whisper. His eyes darted towards the sky, carefully studying the golden glimpse noticeable from behind the dark clouds above them. Thankfully, no one in Olympus seemed to have caught Artemis's outburst. "Zeus isn't drunk yet. He could hear you."

"When did we become this?" Artemis demanded, oblivious to her brother's warning. "When did we just stop caring about who died for us? We ask demigods to fight our wars while we stay in Olympus, basking in our own narcissist and detestable' lives. We don't offer mortals any sort of help, yet we deem ourselves as the greatest in the universe, and we whine about the lack of worship offered at us!"

"Now I'm starting to think you're drunk," Apollo quipped with increased concern. "I can't remember the last time you were drunk."

"I'm not drunk, you idiot," Artemis scoffed impatiently. "I'm enraged! Percy and Thalia helped me defeat Atlas and yet, our family was only interested in discussing whether it was more practical to kill them or to let them live! When did we become that, Apollo? When did the mortals become nothing to us but a practicality? When did we begin to demand everything of them, while we offer them absolutely nothing!?"

"Okay sister, you're doing an amazing job at melting down," Apollo spoke with a small smile as he reached for his sister. He placed his manicured hands on Artemis's shoulders and shrunk in order to be at eye level with her. "Really, I will see what can I do in order to get you nominated for an Emmy but what you're saying right now is really dangerous so I need you to listen to me without exploding again. Can you do that?"

Artemis struggled to get free from his hold but when Apollo only dug his nails onto her shoulders and widened his eyes pleadingly, she knew there was no avoiding him. Finally, with a sigh, she nodded slowly.

"Now, I'm comfortable enough with our bond to know that, when it comes to some aspects of your life, I will never be able to understand you like your hunters do," Apollo declared, his voice completely serious once he realized he finally had Artemis' unreserved attention. "Artemis, Zoë made you who you are. You care about mortals this much because Zoë made you care. She wanted to make a change in the world, she wanted to help those unable to help themselves, and she didn't stop until she had your support. She was everything you admire. She was loyal, strong, badass, and proud. You have known her for half your life. You need to grieve her if you want to heal from her death. Am I being understood?"

With wide eyes, Artemis nodded, tears rolling down her cheeks everytime she blinked. Then, she spoke. "I don't know how to face my feelings. I don't know how to grieve her without breaking apart."

"Well, maybe you need to break apart." Apollo shrugged with a small grin. "I know I would. If you had died instead...I don't want to imagine how broken I would have been."

At that, Artemis snorted out a laugh. "Now you're just being ridiculous."

"Sister, if you aren't here to diminish my perfectly sized' ego on a daily basis, I'm going to get too cocky and probably dead within a week," the younger twin added with a cheeky smile, laughing when Artemis rolled her eyes. Then, sobering up, he continued kindly. "Now, sister, you know you can count with me. Tell me what can I do, and I'll do it."

"Help me make sure nobody forgets Zoë," the older twin replied. The final two tears fell from her silver eyes before she wiped them off exasperatedly. Then, she settled her eyes on Apollo with her usual determination. "No matter what happens next, I want every incoming generation to know Zoë Nightshade was here, and that she helped them more times than they can count."

Apollo smiled at her request. It was a typical request of her sister's, while it was also one that allowed him to be completely creative.

All in all, it was a win-win situation.

"I have a few ideas in mind but I'll pitch them all to you tomorrow when we aren't so emotional," Apollo proposed as he slowly led Artemis back towards the elevator that would take them to Olympus. "Also, you need to gather all the strength you can for tomorrow's war council. Zeus and Ares want you to inform them what role will your hunters have during the war against Kronos."

"Oh no," Artemis shook her head stubbornly. "They're fired from the war."

Apollo frowned at her as if she'd grown a third head. "I don't think that's how it works."

"Well, I don't care how does it work," Artemis retaliated. "They have another thing coming if they think I'll let my hunters die for us again."

Apollo sighed tiredly, knowing there was no way he would be able to dissuade his sister. Not that night, at least.

And, since there was no changing her mind for the moment, he knew he had only one option left.

So, as Apollo carelessly punched the button that would take the elevator to Olympus, Apollo looked at his sister with defeat. "I suppose I can make your hunters sick with some mild illness. Stomach flu, maybe? Or you could just tell Zeus they have period' pains. You know how he is, he'll probably never request your hunters for anything again."

"See, brother," Artemis replied with a small, honest smile. "You and I are opposites most of the time, but we always have each other's backs. No matter what."

"The best siblings are like that," Apollo quipped with a smirk. "Even if you are a bitter, old lady and I'm a natural superstar."

"...why do you always have to ruin it?"