At Sam Cat's house, Cat is putting her backpack on for school

Sam: Getting ready for school, Cat?

Cat: You know it.

Sam: Say hi for Jade for me.

Cat: Kay Kay.

Cat's phone dings

Sam: Who texted?

Cat: Tori.

Sam is wandering in her mind trying to remember who Tori was

Sam: The girl with the cheekbones?

Cat: Yep.

Sam: What did she say?

Cat: She has an announcement to make at school and she wants you to be there.

Sam: Why does she want me there?

Cat: Cause your my roommate and she liked watching you on iCarly.

Sam: Okay I'll go put some jeans on.

At Hollywood Arts High School, Cat and Sam walk into Sikowitz's class

Cat: Hi everyone.

Beck: Sup Cat.

Robbie: Hey Cat.

Jade: Hey Sam.

Sam: Sup Jade.

Cat: Did you guys get a text from Tori too?

Beck: Everyone did.

Sikowitz: She and André said they have something to share with us.

Tori and André walk into Sikowitz's class

André: Oh good they're all here.

Jade: What's this about?

Tori: Everyone you all know André and I have been dating for quite a while now.

Robbie: Yeah we know.

Cat: You're one of the most popular couples at school.

André: Tell them the news.

Sam: What news?

Tori: André and I are getting married.

Sikowitz: You're what?

Jade: They said they're getting married.

Beck: When's the wedding?

André: Saturday.

Cat: I knew they would get together.

Robbie: Everyone knew.

Sam: Uh not me.

Jade: You weren't Cat's roommate at the time.

Sikowitz: We're all proud of you guys getting married.

Tori: Aw thanks.

At the Vega house, Tori is getting prepared for the wedding

Trina: So you and André are finally getting married?

Tori: Yeah we are.

Trina: I'm so happy for you.

Tori: Who are you and what have you done with my sister? The Trina I know would never say anything like that.

Trina: It's still me Tori. I'm a huge Tandré shipper.

Tori: Tandré?

Sinjin: It's your guys shipping name.

Trina: All couples have one.

Sinjin: Cat and Robbie are Cabbie.

Trina: Jade and Beck are Bade.

Tori: So I guess Sam and Freddie are Seddie.

Trina: For a person who is a fan of iCarly, you sure did not know that their shipped name is Seddie.

Sinjin: Are we invited to the wedding too?

Tori: Sure. But don't be weird.

Sinjin: Got it.

Tori: And don't brag about being a want to be star.

Trina: I won't.

Tori: You promise?

Trina: I promise.

Tori: Good.

Tori's phone beeps

Tori: André wants me to go to Inside Out Burger with Cat and the others.

Sinjin: Have fun.

At Inside Out Burger, a waitress walks to their table and hands the gang burgers and fries

Blake: Here's your food.

Jade: So you invited your wanna be star of a sister to the wedding?

Tori: Relax I already told her not to brag about it.

Beck: So who did you guys get to sponsor the wedding?

André: Aw crud we forgot to ask someone to be the sponsor.

Sam: Relax, I can get you a sponsor.

Cat: How?

Sam: I can call my boyfriend Freddie over and he can be the sponsor.

Robbie: I love Freddie.

Rex: Don't be gay.

Sam gets out her PearPhone and dials a number

We now cut to Bushwell Plaza at apartment 8-D where Freddie walks up to his apartment. He takes out his phone and answers it

Freddie: Hey Sam. What's up.

Sam: Freddie I need to tell you something.

Freddie: What's going on?

Sam: You remember that Tori girl from the party?

Freddie: You mean that girl with the nice cheekbones who also looks like Shelby Marx?

Sam: That's the one.

Freddie: Well what about Tori.

Sam: She and her boyfriend André aregetting married.

Freddie: They are?

Freddie's mom steps out of the apartment

Marissa: Who are you talking to?

Freddie: Mom please. I'm on the phone with Sam.

Marissa: You better not be starring at Carly's door again.

Freddie: I'm not.

Marissa: Good. Because she is in Italy, and she will never love you.

Freddie groans at his mom as she steps back in

Sam: Freddie you still there?

Freddie: Yeah. Did you say Tori and her boyfriend are getting married?

Sam: Yeah but they forgot to get a sponsor. Can you come down to LA and sponsor it?

Freddie: Yeah. When's the wedding?

Sam: Saturday.

Freddie: I will be there.

Sam: Okay, bye.

Freddie: Bye.

The call ends as T-Bo steps out of the apartment

T-Bo: Hey your mom says she has an itch.

Freddie: I told her that's not my responsibility!

Freddie angrily walks in his door as we cut back to the others

Tori: Is Freddie coming?

Sam: Yep.

André: Are you sure he can sponsor it?

Sam: Yeah. He's a tech wiz. He will be a great wedding sponsor.

Cat: Oh I wonder if he'll do his iCarly catchphrase.

Beck: About that, why doesn't he say one?

Sam: We have no idea.

Tori: Maybe because after he says two, the show starts and he doesn't want viewers to hear him say the one.

Robbie: That makes sense.

Dice walks in

Dice: Hey I'm so sorry I was late. My baseball practice ran too long.

Cat: No worries.

Dice: What did I miss?

Jade: Tori and André are getting married?

Dice: Shut up.

Beck: Never tell Jade to shut up.

André: It's true.

Tori: We are getting married.

Dice: Well when's the wedding?

Sam: Saturday. Freddie is coming to be the sponsor.

Dice: Why's Freddie the sponsor?

Jade: They forgot to get one.

Dice: Well it's nice that an iCarly star is sponsoring your wedding.

Robbie: Freddie's hot.

Tori: Robbie.

Cat: Stop being gay for Freddie.

Rex: He's not into you.

Robbie: How would you know? You weren't there.

Rex: I've seen your posts on TheSlap.

Dice: How is that puppet talking without you moving your lips?

Robbie: He doesn't like to be called a puppet.

Beck: Aren't you getting too old to be carrying around Rex?

André: Yeah dude. You're 18.

Tori: You really need to stop carrying Rex everywhere.

Robbie: He'll get mad if I don't take him with me.

Rex: I get mad either way.

Sam: Drama.

The next day at Sam & Cat's place

Cat: The wedding is in a few days.

Sam: I know Cat.

Cat: This is so exciting.

Dice: Are they the first couple in your group to get married?

Cat: Yeah.

The doorbell rings

Cat: Ding dong.

Sam: It's open.

Freddie walks in

Freddie: Hey I'm here.

Sam: Hey Fredbaby.

Cat: Hi Freddie.

Freddie: Hey Cat.

Sam: So do you know how to be a wedding sponsor?

Freddie: Yeah. I know all about it.

Sam: Good.

Dice: So what was it like filming the iCarly webshow?

Freddie: It was fun. We had to stop the show a couple times due to Carly and Sam fighting but they made up.

Cat: You guys had a fight?

Sam: You and I had a fight before.

Dice: That was because of Gwen and Ruby.

Freddie: Who's Gwen and Ruby?

Sam: They're two con artists. They tricked Dice out of his $500.

Cat: And me out of my pink bike.

Dice: Then they tried to sabotage Sam & Cat's friendship by spraying Sam's bike pink and stealing Cat's bibble and hiding some under Sam's bed.

Freddie: That's horrible.

Cat: If you ever do meet them, don't fall for their tricks.

Dice: They might trick you into breaking up with Sam.

Sam: If they do, I'll rip their heads off!

Freddie: You do that.

Dice: Hey where did that Tori girl say the wedding will be at?

Cat: She wants to have it in the gym at school.

Sam: Why does she want to have it there?

Cat: Well it is our main location so she feels it's best to have it there.

Freddie: What school do you guys go to?

Cat: Hollywood Arts High School.

Dice: I go to the middle school.

Sam: Your school has a middle school?

Cat: Did you thought it was just a high school?

Sam: Well I never saw a middle school.

Dice: That's because it's in a different location.

Sam: Oh.

Freddie: Okay well I'm going to go buy a tux at Mall-Mart.

Cat: Have fun.

Freddie walks out

Sam: Hey Dice how come you're not training Goomer?

Dice: He's out of town right now.

Cat: Where's he at?

Dice: I don't know. I don't always follow his life.

Sam: You don't need to get sassy.

Dice: I'm not!

We now to the Vega house

Trina: Tori should I wear this dress to the wedding?

Trina shows the dress she wore in the Victorious episode Prome Wrecker

Tori: I don't care.

Holly: I can't believe our little girl is getting married tomorrow.

David: We are so proud of you.

Tori: Thanks mom and dad.

Trina: I can't believe André is going to become my brother in law.

Tori: Well he can't believe you're going to be his sister in law.

Trina: Oh whatever.

André walks in

André: Tori I got the rings.

Tori: Perfect.

Trina: So André we're going to become in laws now huh.

André: Yeah, I guess so.

Trina: Is there anything you want me to do to consider me as an in law?

André: Stop claiming you can sing.

Trina: Well what else am I supposed to do?

Tori: You're good at karate so use that as your talent.

Trina: Fine.

Tori: You hipped for tomorrow, baby?

André: As hipped as I'll ever be.

Trina: Where's the wedding at again?

André: We're hosting it in the gym at school.

Trina: Why does everything have to be at the school?

Tori: Why not. We hosted the prome there.

André: And all the plays and movies we filmed so we pretty much host everything there.

Trina: Well who's sponsoring the wedding?

Tori: Freddie Benson. Sam's boyfriend.

Trina: The hot boy from iCarly.

André: What ever iCarly Freddie is there?

Trina: Hey don't be a grunch.

Tori: He's not. We all know that's Jade's personality.

Jade appears out of nowhere

Jade: I'm right here.

They jump in fear

André: How did you get in?

Jade: Through the back.

Tori: Stop breaking into my house.

Jade: Hmm, no. I don't think I will.

Trina: Well what are you even doing here?

Jade: What I can't wish Tori and André luck on their wedding.

Trina: You didn't even like Tori until 2012.

Jade: Well things change Vega #2.

Trina: Grunch.

Jade: What?

Trina: Nothing.

At the school gym, Beck, Robbie, Sinjin, and Sikowitz are decorating the place for the wedding

Robbie: So after tomorrow, Tori and André will be Mr. and Mrs. Vega.

Sam: Actually they'll be Mr. and Mrs. Harris.

Sikowitz: I always knew they would be the first to get married.

Sinjin: Everyone knew.

Beck: Even Jade.

Sam, Cat, Dice, and Freddie walk in

Freddie: Whoa this place is cool.

Cat: I know right.

Dice: So this is where I'll be in a couple years.

Sikowitz: Hey guys. Uh who's the dude?

Sam: My boyfriend Freddie.

Beck: It's cool, Sikowitz.

Robbie: He's the sponsor.

Sikowitz: Oh.

Sinjin: Can you give us a hand hanging these balloons?

Freddie: Yeah sure.

Cat: Thanks for letting me bring them with.

Sikowitz: Well technically you didn't ask.

Cat: Oh.

Sikowitz: But they can still be here since you're close with them.

Sam: Where's Jade?

Beck: She went to Tori's.

Dice: Why?

Sinjin: To give them support.

Beck: She just texted me. She's on her way with Trina.

Sam: I thought they hated each other?

Robbie: She probably forced Trina to come with.

Sikowitz: That's Jade for you.

Jade and Trina walk in

Jade: I'm back.

Trina: She dragged me here by my will.

Robbie: See.

Sinjin: Tori and André aren't here are they?

Jade: Do you see them?

Sinjin: No.

Trina: Then they aren't here.

Sam: This place is looking nice.

Robbie: We got to make it all nice for tomorrow.

Freddie: Okay I got the balloons all hung up.

Sikowitz: You think they're going to like it?

Jade: It's Tori.

Trina: What doesn't she like.

Cat: Shouldn't we hang a big sign that says "Make it Shine"?

Dice: Why?

Beck: That's the song she sang to get into the school.

Sam: So that's why there's a Make it Shine locker.

Robbie: I can go get some wallpaper and decorate it saying Make it Shine. I need someone to come with.

Sam: Freddie, Dice go with Robbie.

Freddie: Why?

Jade: Because she said so.

Dice: Fine we'll go.

Sinjin: How do you put up with her?

Beck: I just do.

It's the night of the wedding

Cat: Oh tonight's the big night.

Sikowitz: Places people.

Robbie: We got time.

Beck: He wants us to be ready for when they arrive.

Sam: Where are they?

Trina: They stopped to get food at Bots.

Sinjin: What's Bots?

Dice: The restaurant near the beach where the waiters are robots.

Beck: We were there not too long ago.

Robbie: Yeah.

Sinjin: Get off my case.

Jade's phone dings

Jade: They just texted.

Freddie: Are they on their way?

Jade: Yeah. They'll be here in 5 minutes.

Sam: Everyone take your seats!

Tori and André walk in as everyone cheers

André: Wow you went all out.

Tori: And you made a Make it Shine banner.

Robbie: We know how much you like it here.

Cat: Plus that was the song you sung to get in.

André: You made it to look exactly like her locker.

Freddie: Okay I'll go walk you to the stage.

Jade: Play the music already!

Beck and Sinjin start playing the wedding march

Sikowitz: They look so cute.

Dice: I barely knew them and I'm so proud of them.

Robbie: We're all proud of them.

Trina: Even I am.

Freddie: People we are gathered here today to gather the marriage between Tori Vega and André Harris. Tori do you take André to be your husband?

Tori: I do.

Freddie: And André do you take Tori to be your wife?

André: I do.

Freddie: Then I know pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.

Tori and André kiss as everyone cheers

Jade: Congrats Vega.

Sinjin: We're proud of you.

Cat: We'd knew you end up together.

Tori: Thanks Cat.

Sikowitz: So Tori are you going to change your name to Harris?

Tori: I might.

Sam: Tori have you noticed that you look like Shelby Marx?

Freddie: You look exactly like her.

Tori: I know, I get that a lot.

Trina: Some people thought they're related.

Jade: But they're not.

Beck: Take good care of her.

André: I will.

Tori: I love you baby.

André: I love you too, sweetheart.

They kiss again as the story ends