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Alya pronounced: A-lee-ya

One: (Charlie)

Even though Charlie was a man of few words, his emotions were always written on his face. He had only been sixteen when he met Renee. He still remembered the day when Mr. Cockswell paired him with Renee for a group project. He took one look at her with wide eyes and almost did a double-take as he looked in to her beautiful hazel eyes. He knew right then and there that she was the one.

His best friends Billy Black and Harry Clearwater took an instant disliking to her. They told him that she would only end up breaking his heart.

At the time, he could not imagine a world without Renee. They went on a couple of dates and spend countless nights under the stars. She told him about all her plans after high school for she wanted to travel the world. It was mesmerizing and all too short.

A year after high-school ended, the two celebrated as many couples often do with spontaneous mid-morning bed session. Spontaneous as it was, two months later, Renee cancelled her university degree to ASU and settled for UWS and moved in with Charlie. Spontaneous as it was, Bella was henceforth born and at first, it was good. Despite not going to ASU, Renee was happy. Billy and Harry were also settling down with their own wives and the three amigos were closer than ever. As Renee grew rounder, she found herself looking outside once more. She was grown up in Arizona and longed for the sun. Yet no matter how much she starred, the sun barely appeared in the overcast of Forks. When she finally gave birth, her ecstatic levels increased once more and as Charlie stared into his baby's brown eyes. With pale skin and tufts of brown hair, he could already tell that Bella took after him more than after her mum. When Bella was born, unlike other newborns, she didn't cry. Instead, she stared up at her parents with wide eyes as if she couldn't imagine living without them. Similarly, Charlie realized that he couldn't imagine a world without Bella.

Unfortunately, Billy Black and Harry Clearwater were right.

About six years after Charlie had been gifted with his Bella, his marriage was practically in a tornado. He found himself over at Billy and Harry's more often than naught sipping on a beer as they ranted about how the love of his life was such a bitch.

Why couldn't he have what Billy and Sarah had or even Harry and Sue? Sure his friend's marriages weren't perfect, but he had a stable job, he was kind, he gave Renee everything he had to offer. What did his friends have that he didn't have?

As their sixth year anniversary was approaching, Charlie knew that he had to make an impromptu decision. Otherwise, he could lose his wife forever. After making sweet love to his wife, she fell asleep and then he quietly slipped from the bed to log onto his laptop. He searched up flights to Paris and decided they were much too expensive at this time of year and so he settles for second best. England.

To say that Renee was pleased was an underestimate. She was over the moon and even though little Bella was only four years old, seeing her parents happy made her extremely happy. With matching toothy grins, the family of three packed their suitcases and by next week, they were on a flight to England. It was supposed to be a short visit, they had booked a hotel in a nice little tourist sector where they could spend the evenings walking up and down the magical streets of England. With some of his saved up money, he bought his wife's new dresses and made sure to tell Bella all about the princess and princes that once lived here so long ago. As an avid reader, despite only being six years old, Bella adored storybooks like the Princess and the Pea, Sleeping Beauty and Hansel and Gretel. She hoped one day that a handsome boy would sweep her off her feet.

It was the third day of their stay when they walked by the orphanage. It was small and shady and there was nothing particularly special about the house but rather the small girl that sat outside of it.

"That poor dear," Renee gushed as she laid eyes on the girl with silver eyes and black curly hair. "Are you locked out?" She cried making the small girl jump.

She looked around as if unable to comprehend that there was a lady talking to her before she shook her head, "No." It was a quite unsure response that made Charlie's police instincts kick in. "What are you doing out here then?" He asked gruffly.

Bella pulled on his pant leg because she didn't understand why they were talking to such a strange girl.

"I am on time out," The little girl said softly, "because I did strange things that freaked out Stephan."

Charlie and Renee shared a worried glance. Who would kick a five year-old child out of the house?

"What type of weird thing?" Renee asked approaching the girl. The silver-eyed girl frowned, "I made a flower."

Well then. That was no way to treat a child. Renee shook her head in disbelief and turned toward Charlie with praying eyes. A man of few words, Charlie, despite being police, was a husband first. He knew how excited Renee got when she had Bella. Would care for another child to fix their marriage?

He knew that this could not be a rash decision so he responded with, "We can think about it."

Renee pouted making Charlie smile as he turned back toward the girl. "What's your name child?"

The girl blinked, "Alya, just Alya."

Renee smiled at the name, it was exotic and different. Something you never see in those dimwitted Forks. "We will see you later Alya, stay safe!"

Alya nodded and held her hand up waving. Bella frowned.

When they got back to the hotel, Bella declared that she needed to use the washroom and closed herself in the bathroom locking the door.

Renee couldn't wait to adopt the girl. She spent the entire night babbling about it to Charlie who only raised his eyes in confusion. Not that he would ever say it in front of Bella, but their marriage was not in the best place right now. Adding another child into the mix may only result in more terror and hurt if things eventually did end.

Seeing her expression though with big puppy dog eyes made Charlie give in easily. Eventually, he realized that Bella had disappeared. She used to do the same thing at the house, once little Jake even found her wedge underneath Billy's chevy truck! But it was getting late and it was almost her bedtime so, after examining the closet and underneath the bed, he made his way to the bathroom where he found that the door had been locked. Jiggling the door handle, he let out a grunt, "Bella? Are you in there honey?"

"Go away!" She cried from the inside.

"What did you do?" Renee demanded standing up as she heard Bella's sobs.

Charlie rolled his eyes, "our daughter has locked herself in the washroom. I did nothing."

This time she rolled her eyes huffing as she pushed Charlie out of the way, "Honey, can you come out. We would like to use the washroom."

"No!" Bella responded and a thump was heard indicating that she had stomped her foot.

Renee turned her head to glare at Charlie before letting out a sigh, "Bella," She rapped twice on the door, "Honey I really need to pee."

"Are you gonna leave me?" Bella responded in the quietest voice Charlie had ever heard.

His eyes widened, "What made you think that? Of course not!" He exclaimed loudly startling his wife.

"B-but I saw the girl. You guys kept smiling at her. You want her as a daughter, not me."

Charlie's heart broke at the words and he didn't think he could feel any worse until she continued, "You guys don't want me anymore. That's why you fight all the time!"

Warm tears streaked down Renee's face at the words. She and Charlie had been fighting more often as of late and while they tried to be quiet about it, Bella was observant.

This was all Charlie's fault. It made her hate him ever more.

"No, no sweetie. Of course not. We were thinking that perhaps you might like a little sister…"

Charlie's eyes bore holes into Renee's head but she didn't care at the moment what he thought. That little girl clearly needed someone and she was not going to let a little girl get abused because she drew a flower!

"A little sister?" Bella asked and Charlie could imagine her furrowing her eyebrows into a pucker that reminded him of himself. It was another trait that Renee hated about Bella, she took more after Charlie than she did herself.

"Yes darling, " Renee continued.

"Why can't I have a little bwother like Jakey? Leah has Sethy. I want a baby bwother too."

The plus was that Bella didn't seem to mind having a sibling; the bad news was that now she wanted a brother. There was no way Charlie was adopting two orphans.

"That girl looks like she could use an older sister though," Charlie pointed out making Renee's head snapped toward him. Her eyes widened and her lips twitched up in a grin. Charlie let out a sigh knowing that he had lost the war-making his wife squeal.
Just then, the door clicked and flew open revealing a small brown hair girl with unushered tears in her eyes. "I'm sworry," She looked down at her feet.

Renee muttered something before gently pushing Bella away. She ran into the bathroom, shut the door and the two Swans looked to each other as they listened to a little twinkle. It seemed that Renee really did need to use the washroom.

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