Andy was bored as he swung in his chair at his desk, his uniform wrinkled and he knew with certainty that he would not be able to wear it again tomorrow. He would need to dump this in the laundry bag as soon as he leaves the showers to head home. Damn, he needed to check if the other uniform was still in his locker.

He stretched and yawned, looking over as someone took a call and looked confused for a moment, then looked directly as Andy and waved the phone mouthing 'Torchwood' at him. Andy sighed as he accepted the phone "What now Gwen?"


"Ianto mate?" Andy was surprised and he stood a little straighter as he heard the family low voice of a friend "Sorry there, thought it was Gwen on one of her…"

"Bad things are happening. I need you to get the hell out of the city and find somewhere to hide for a while" Ianto said sternly "I don't fully get what is happening but the main word being bandied about is Zombie … I don't know. All I know is that we are getting out of Dodge ourselves. This is bigger than us, just… just go."

Andy didn't like the tone of Ianto's voice and heard the Captain in the background talking to someone else. When he looked up he saw Swanson heading for the doors with a determined look. Right.

Andy swept down to the car park where he saw Swanson again, this time with some of her team heading for the large SWAT vehicle and for a moment he considered going after her but then he knew he was not on her team and if things got tight… well. He just didn't want to be expendable and he didn't know them well enough.

Not really.

Instead he clambered into a patrol car and took off, out into the late afternoon as the world seemed to keep turning. People with shopping in their arms, some on cell phones talking to someone else brainless and even a few dog walkers hurrying home before the heavens open up on them.

Andy thought briefly of London and his family there… well … what was left. Since most are dead or banged up or abroad. Or simply old. Nah. Gran was gone, the others were old pricks. The risk, the risk of whatever this was seems too bad and instead of thinking too hard he simply headed home on autopilot where he stood in the high rise apartment and looked around aimlessly. What the hell was he going to do?

Finishing a double shit like that was not his idea of a good night in. He considered and pulled out the phone, calling Ianto's private number he used for emergencies but the phone didn't work. Overloaded. Huh. Right. First things to go … communications. Right? If this is a spooky do. Ianto said one night on this very sofa while a bit sozzled "Ya know Pandy. If aliens invade they will knock out the phones and the TV. No way to communicate then!"

"Must be an invasion" Andy said to himself in the darkened space, too scared to turn his lights on in case it gave away his position to the aliens or whatever. Gotta be. He decided to test that theory by turning on the telly and boy… oh boy. What the fuck!

Andy sat with his mouth open and an open bottle of vodka, watching the world outside turn to custard. It was both awesome and terrifying in a way he could not describe. Nope. He could only watch.






He woke to silence.

The TV screen was snow. Flickering like it was trying to reconnect then failing.

The world seemed to have worn down its batteries and Andy woke with a start, a loud snore maybe? He stood and stretched groaning as his head told him he had drunk himself to sleep again. Damn it.

Andy padded to the loo and had a piss while looking at himself in the bathroom mirror, poking out his tongue to see if it was rotting off or that taste was something he might be able to get rid of. Gross. He shook and padded over to wash his hands when the voice in the TV finally broke through the haze.

Andy walked back out to stare at the TV with his moth open as he looked at the devastation. Cordons of soldiers with guns firing … and people… eating people? Holy shit. That was not a drunken dream. Shit. IT was not contained. Hadn't blown over like most spooky do things do around here.

Andy scratched his crotch and considered what the hell he was going to do.

First of all … Ianto was right. Get to of Dodge.

Then Andy wondered if the Torchwood Team had left, if not they would be a better team to get on board with than the one he had considered last night.


Surely they would not have left already.

He checked the time and saw it was well after ten I the morning. "Fuck!"

Andy rushed to get dressed and gather some things together.

Then he was heading to the Hub.