While Wesley controlled the Enterprise Picard was impressed and Riker was surprised.

Geordi was back at the engineering and enjoyed working for Wesley.

Beverly was proud of him and wished he hadn't gotten expelled but was happy he was back as ensign Crusher. She and Picard knew he might still be able to become an officer one day.

Finally he was done and it was time for Data to take over as usual.

"Let's give Captain Crusher a round of applause for how well of a captain he was today." Picard said and everyone started clapping and smiling.

"Thank you sir." Wesley said smiling.

"You would make a fine captain someday."

Wesley smiled a little.

"Thank you. If I wasn't expelled I might have."

"Oh you never know."

"I don't think I ever will be. You need to be an ensign, junior lieutenant, lieutenant, lieutenant Commander, commander and then captain. And I'm staying an ensign."

"Like I said Mr. Crusher, you never know."

Wesley was a little confused but nodded.

"Alright, everyone back to work."

Then everyone went to where they were supposed to be.

Wesley was in bed smiling.

"It would be great to be captain one day." he said.

Then he shut off his lights and fell asleep still smiling.