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Bombalurina woke slowly in the double bed that her and Rum Tum Tugger shared. Sunlight was already peeking through the gap in the curtains in their small apartment.

Yawning, the ginger woman sat up, blinking sleep out of her caramel colored eyes. Her dyed scarlet hair, styled in a fishtail braid for sleep, hung over her shoulder.

One look at the digital clock on the nightstand told her that she would be late for work if she didn't get ready in a mere twenty minutes.

"Tugger." Bombalurina said. Her car was in the shop for repairs, and she needed him to drive her.

Her boyfriend stayed asleep.

"Tugger." She repeated his name louder with no results.

Sighing, Bombalurina crawled across the bed and nudged his shoulder. "Get up. It's time for work." She whispered in his ear.

Tugger opened one sleepy brown eye, then shut it again. "Babe!" He whined.

Bombalurina rolled her eyes. The Rum Tum Tugger was such a baby when it came to getting up in the morning.

He rolled over, his uncovered back facing her. Bombalurina poked the small of his back hard, eliciting a moan. "Stop it, Bomba."

She tugged on his arm. "Come on," She said impatiently. "I'm going to be late for work."

Tugger grunted in response.

Bombalurina gave him a peck on the cheek, then on the forehead. "Come on, sweetheart. Please?" She said in the sweetest tone she's could muster through her exasperation.

Tugger rolled over to face her, his brown eyes filled with balefulness.

Bombalurina gave him a kiss on the lips, stroking his shaggy blonde hair away from his eyes. "Please?" She repeated, sticking out her lip in a pout.

Tugger closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

Bombalurina flicked his nose, causing him to wake up again. "Tugger..." she groaned.

Her phone buzzed from the nightstand. She picked it up to see a text from her sister, Demeter.

Demeter: Where r u? Ur shift starts in ten minutes!

Bombalurina worked at the nearby restaurant as a waitress, and had a part time job at a club as a singer. Her sister worked at the restaurant as well, and Bombalurina could only leave it to Demeter to keep her in check. Sighing, she texted back.

Bomba: Having a Tugger problem. I'll be there soon.

Bombalurina could almost see Deme's eye roll as she shoved her boyfriend, hard. Of all the times to be stubborn, you choose now! She thought furiously.

"Tugger, I'm going to be late and I need you to drive me." She hissed.

Tugger gave no response.

Bombalurina smirked, suddenly struck by an idea. Once she had climbed out of bed, she headed to the bathroom, tucking a grey tee shirt, a red denim jacket, and a pair of black skinny jeans under her arm.

"Fine. I'm going to take a shower, and I guess I'll have to take it alone." She said, watching Tugger from the corner of her eye as she undid her braid and turned on the water.

A creak of old bedsprings, and Tugger was out of bed. "Alright! I'm awake!"

Bombalurina giggled at his already almost-unmanageable hair sticking every which way, eyes still half lidded and sleepy.

Works every time.