Chapter Thirty One

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Audrey sat on her bed, writing her latest entry into her diary. It was her last ditch attempt to feel normal, to have something to control in her life. She had even gotten into sketching, if just to see why Mal loved it so much. If Ben like artistic girls, maybe that could be a way in to talk to him. Tears slid down her face as she realized that she was truly alone in this fight.

Phillip had gone back to their castle, to help their mother look after their father while he recovered from his stomach bug. Her grandmother was somewhere, but Audrey honestly didn't care. If she wasn't in Audrey's room, trying to control every aspect of her life, Audrey was fine with it. Natalie had also disappeared but again, Audrey wasn't that chuffed about her handler disappearing on her.

However, Chad had also left. He had gone back to Charmington, after Lord Hades attempted to escape the Isle when Mal and the others were bringing the new batch of VKs over to Auradon. A small part of Audrey's mind couldn't help but wonder why Lord Hades had done that, after all he seemed pretty okay with everything in the last viewing. But a larger part of her mind was more preoccupied with what Chad had told her as he was leaving. He said that he would be back for Jane's birthday party at the Enchanted Lake. A party that Audrey had yet to receive an invitation.

I can't believe Jane! I mean, we used to be friends! Granted, not the closest of friends but friends nonetheless. Study together, eat lunch with and just generally spend time with each other type of friends. Though I guess now that she's dating Carlos and I'm single or at least in an on again off again thing with Chad, I'm lower in the pecking order than she is.

After all, future Queen's best friend as a boyfriend trumps King's former best friend as a boyfriend any day.

Not that Ben had ever let his friendship with Chad slip to the wayside the way Lonnie and Jane had with their friendship with Audrey, but after he became friends with Akiho and Emir when he was four…those two had become his best friends while she and Chad were only his 'friends'.

Sighing, she closed her diary and walked across the room to the mantle, picking up one of the photos that were on display. She normally loved looking at the photos she had of her and Ben throughout the years. Now though all they did was serve as a reminder to Audrey that her past with Ben was just that. In the past.

One of the photos had been taken when she and Ben were three years old. Ben and his family had been visiting for Phillip's first birthday and her grandmother had insisted on a small photo shoot. Ben would be standing while holding a crown and Audrey would be sitting on the throne beside him. Leah had wanted Audrey to be wearing the crown but in a rare show of toddler defiance, Audrey had said no. To this day, she couldn't remember why she'd said no but she had.

What she did remember was that the minute the photo was taken, Ben had handed the crown back to her mother and then ran off with Chad who had been visiting to find the biggest mud puddle they could find. She had been invited of course, because even as a three year old Ben had his manners, but she had declined.

Another photo was of her and Ben, Ben leaning against a tree while holding her in his arms. It was taken during their relationship—actually it had been one of the few Gazelle photos of Audrey that she had liked. They had been at a party for one of the guys on Ben's Tourney team, probably Brenden or Miguel. It was a rare moment when Ben and she could be a true couple rather than having to be 'on' all the time.

That all vanished, of course, the minute the VKs arrived and Ben saw Mal for the first time. It had been the collapse of their relationship.

Shaking her head since she didn't want to go down the rabbit hole those memories would lead to, Audrey smiled slightly as she looked at the framed photograph in her hands. It had been the last photo she had taken when her life had something resembling normalcy.

She would have no escape from her grandmother. She would not be the Queen as Leah spent her life grooming her to be.

She would never have her status amongst her schoolmates back. Not after slapping Phillip—she found that out the hard way after finding wet seaweed stuffed into her locker. Considering her locker was on the top row, Audrey could only assume it had been Melody, though it could have also been Jamie Hawkins or one of the other Atlantican kids.

She would never have Ben back.

If Grammy wants me to be Queen so badly, then I'll be the Queen, Audrey thought as she grabbed one of her fireplace tools. After all, clearly the world's not going to just give me my escape. I'll have to take it! Being a good princess and doing what I'm told has only led to more and more suffering on my part!

I should have never listened to Grammy and Natalie the day of the photoshoot. But it's too late for that now. Now, I can only focus on moving forward and get my life back from my grandmother's clutches! If Mal and Ben had picked up my clues instead of acting like they had no idea what was going on, maybe we wouldn't be here! If my so called friends had actually cared about me and checked in once in a while, maybe they could have alerted my mother since Grammy had my phone!

Of course, her grandmother still had her phone so Audrey was assuming that none of her friends had checked in. That being said…it was a fair assumption. Only Chad had even bothered to come by Beauty Castle to help her move back to Auradon Prep. Only Chad had sat with her at Graduation. Only Chad had stood by her as she watched Ben propose to Mal, had caught her when she fainted.

…okay was she dating a prince or a golden retriever? Chad was loyal but never this loyal to a single girl. Even if they had been friends before dating. Just like she had been with Ben.

She stormed out of her bedroom, her feet seemingly having a mind of their own. Before she knew it, she was at the Museum of Cultural History, where the Queen's crown was kept when it wasn't in use. Audrey couldn't tell you how often she had come to the museum during her spare time, just staring at the crown and imagining what it would be like to wear it.

Well. She was about to find out.

Smirking a little to find that the door was unlocked, she crept up behind the security guard as he began to doze off.

We seriously need a new security guard if he's just going to fall asleep at the drop of a hat, she thought as she turned off the cameras to the museum. Honestly though, why do we even spend the money on one since the only crime that would arrive would be from the VKs? And Mal and the others would take responsibility for those brats.

She shook her head slightly—that was not the reason she was at the museum. Once Audrey was sure that the cameras were off, she made her way to where the Queen's crown was held. She stared at it, secure in its glass case. The sapphires gleaming against the gold base of the crown.

Blue and Gold were her colors. They would look better on her than they did Mal! Mal would probably get a new crown anyway, probably make it purple and blue or something like that—would they really miss this one?

It's Ben's mom's crown though, she thought as she made her way up the steps, almost hesitating in making a final decision in regarding what she should do in terms of the crown. If I do this, there's no turning back. I'll be a thief…a villain. Definitely the opposite of what Grammy wanted me to be.

But would that be such a bad thing? Leah's dreams had been Audrey's nightmares. That had been clear from the minute she had stepped foot into the castle, determined to turn Audrey into her mother as to elevate the family's status Leah claimed was now gone. Wasn't turnabout fair play?

Besides, Audrey thought, look at Grammy. She can't honestly say she'd be disappointed in me when she's done much, much worse. Those were kids on the Isle! They may be brats and they may not belong in Auradon but I wouldn't want them to starve like that! And she dared to complain when all Ben did was take away her title as Queen when he could have done a lot more. If Ben ever finds out what Grammy did to me, would he punish her? Or does it only matter if it's Mal and the VKs Grammy goes after?

As she smashed the glass container around the crown, her frustration toward her ex-boyfriend and her grandmother growing with every minute, Audrey smiled slightly as she grabbed it off the stand. She finally had the crown. The thing she had coveted for years was finally in her grasp.

But as she turned around and was prepared to leave, she felt drawn to stay. The curtain separating some of the devices that the villains had used from the crown had lifted, as if by its own free will. Maleficent's scepter, standing proudly in the middle of the room, had begun to glow and Audrey felt a voice in her head calling her name.

Again, her feet seemed to move on her own free will as Audrey walked toward the scepter.

If I'm going to be a villain, Audrey thought as she moved the basket of apples from their perch to place the crown down, I should be the villain instead of being satisfied by just stealing the crown. Do what Mal could never do as a villain. Ben likes bad girls after all. Mal…Uma in the future that would never happen.

I tried the damsel in distress angle. That didn't work. Maybe I need to go more…malicious in how I reach out to Ben. Mal can be a little princess all she wants, being Hades' daughter and all. It's time I showed her who the real Queen is!

There was a flash of light and suddenly, Audrey found herself in an outfit different than the one she had on when she entered the museum. Her hair was different too—instead of the pale blonde with pink and blue streaks, it was a dark pink with almost purple like tips. Her necklace had changed too, going from the bluebird that it was to a raven. Plus she now had a cape.

Lifting the scepter from its stand, Audrey couldn't help but smirk as she aimed it at the light above which promptly exploded.

"Didn't Mal donate her spell book to the museum?" Audrey muttered to herself, the crown now perched on her royal brow. "I'll need that if I'm going to be any good at using this scepter."

If I'm going to be any good at using my scepter, she thought with a smirk as she walked off, determined to find that spell book.

It certainly wasn't doing much good locked up in a museum. And really, people borrow books all the time from the library to help them learn things. What made this any different?

Was it the fact that it was magic based? There were so many heroes though who got where they were by using magic. Hell, Beast could claim to be against magic all he wanted due to the Enchantress turning him into a Beast but if she hadn't done that, he'd probably have never met Belle and they would have never had Ben.

She smirked as she began her search of the museum. Once she got that book, things in Auradon were going to get a lot more interesting.

She was going to rule. One way or another, she would rule.

More importantly, her life was going to be hers again. Oh would her grandmother be surprised to see her now.