Before we start this story allow me to make one thing clear. This is a school AU. Meaning that this story takes place in an alternate universe. What I transcribe in the following works you are about to witness have no effect on any of my other stories nor do they reflect my opinions of the characters within Brawl Stars. These are my own original interpretations of the brawlers so if you see a character acting strangely from what you would expect don't be surprised or offended. Please just embark on this journey with me through a strange idea I had in my head.

As a final note allow me to thank the wonderful Queenbookerly for assisting with the writing of the beginning of this story.

Without further ado, enjoy Rantō Academy.

Chapter 1: Back to School

"YARGH MATEY! Rise and Shine, there be booty to plunder. YARGH MATEY! Rise and Shine, there be-"

A girl groaned from her bed slapping the alarm, "Yeah, I know. Booty to plunder…" She lazily rolled to the floor looking up to the ceiling. The boards above her were bending under the weight of moving bodies. The light commotion above alongside the rays of light leaking in between the wood was irritating. She was in the middle of a splendid dream.

She could still feel the warm arms of her friends surrounding her. She wished she could see them again. Her daydreams continued till the sound of knocking on her cabin door caught her attention. "Donnupp, axalo ug axawaxako?" She sat up at the gibberish coming from her door.

"Yeah, I'm up Tick. What's wrong?" The girl got up from her floor, stumbling to her closet's door.

"Alo ug loaxadupp?"

"Ready for what?" she called back taking off her pink bunny pajamas. Her bunny hat still on.

"Id ug belgot haxat tedaxaupp dis?!"

The girl scoffed in surprise, she looked towards her nearby calendar, "Of course I know what today is… today's…" she looked closely at the calendar noticing that today's date had a bright red circle around it. The words 'move-in' written with sloppy red ink. The girl's mood shifted from drowsy to drastic.

Tick could hear behind the door the sounds of objects being haphazardly thrown around. "Donnupp?" The door swung open, a hand reaching out and grabbing him by his red scarf. He was yanked within, the bouncing bomb startled by the sudden change in scenery. He found himself in the frantic arms of the pink princess, her face filled with terror.

"I'M GONNA MISS MOVE IN DAY!" she screamed in his face. If he could frown, he would but his face had a sweet smile built to last. He noticed she still had her pink bunny hat on that she wore to sleep. Alongside that, she seemed to have noticed the date's importance mid changing with her casual clothes hastily thrown on her. Her blue and white striped shirt full of wrinkles that matched the torn holes she put her arms through.

She dropped Tick onto the floor and began to rush around the room. She started throwing random articles of clothing into a nearby chest, "Tick, start grabbing anything you can."

Tick looked around her messy room and sighed, "Donnupp?"

"I don't care what it is you pack just pack it. I can't afford to miss the train."


"I'll come back after I get settled in and grab the rest."


"What!?" she shouted back. Tick was pointing towards the door; he began to walk away motioning for her to follow. The pink girl followed along reluctantly, awkwardly putting her boots and gloves on. "Tick I don't have time to see whatever it is you found. If I miss this train I might not be allowed to attend."

"Wo gned."

"We?" Tick walked up a wooden staircase lifting a hatch above them. She shielded her eyes at the intense light, walking upwards blindly.


Her eyes started to adjust to the light. She looked across the deck of the ship in wonder. The crew was gathered around drinking merrily and singing as they celebrated her rise. She saw beside them three large chests with pink and white skulls on them. A group of men approached her with a small mug singing and telling her to enjoy her drink. She graciously took a large swig before approaching the chests.

Upon closer inspection, she saw that the chest was filled with a plethora of items. From sheets for a bed to artillery for her mortar, they had packed everything she would need. "The crew and I figured that you would be so excited for the big day you'd forget to pack all yer stuff. So, I made 'em work overtime whilst you slept to get everything prepared."

She turned to the high-pitched voice, a large barrel rolling up beside her. The barrel bounced up revealing his arms, legs, and large metal head with a single yellow eye and a large purple Captain's hat. She jumped up into his robotic arms nuzzling into his wooden frame. "Thank you, Darryl, you're the best!" The robot seemed visibly embarrassed by her childish display of affection but opted to let her enjoy the moment since he knew this would be the last time for a long time.

Darryl eventually pried her off him. He took out a blue skull cap with a white skull on the brim. He switched the pink bunny head for the blue cap, ruffling her hair before allowing her to run around and mingle with the other crewmates. He watched as she shook hands and shared drinks with all of them. She was always able to brighten up any room she was in. Tick crept up beside him, his gibberish sounding much sadder. "Now you know she has to leave every year; thought you'd be used to it." Darryl hid himself wiping an imaginary tear as he watched her run around and interact with the crew.

Darryl looked to the horizons and saw their destination drawing near. He walked up to the ship's wheel grabbing another foaming mug along his way. "Ahem." The entire ship turned to their captain. "All right ya filthy vermin. Quit ya hollering for a second and listen close. We're gonna dock pretty soon so let me get this off me chest before we arrive." Darryl focused on the pink-haired girl, her shiny gold belt buckle, and earrings shining in the morning sun. "To a girl that makes every day on this crusty old ship worth living. A girl that can make dying of tetanus an enriching experience. We are gonna miss your sinister smile and that awful cackle when you break a man's nose with the coins from our reserves. We will be awaiting your return."

Darryl raised his mug high above his head towards the pink bunny. All the men on the ship following along. "To Penny, our Pirate Princess."

"To Penny!"

"Come on ya salty sea dogs, be a shame if ya did all that packing just to miss my ride." Penny was rushing through Retropolis, a city with a beautiful neon theme and old school décor. Penny ran past a large diner with a logo shaped like a bull, a large man in black leather greeting people at the door with gruff handshakes or waving at passersby.

Penny looked back at her crew. Three large men carrying a chest each with her explosive escort Tick leading the pack. She laughed excitedly as she ran full sprint towards the train station. As they grew closer the number of people grew denser. She could see nearby children and teenagers all making their way towards a large building, a green neon train sign pulsing above.

"Ree-hee-hee," she laughed excitedly as they drew closer. She blasted through the giant wooden doors the hundreds of people rushing around as the sounds of the train's whistle flooding the halls. She rushed forward towards a nearby toll booth, a tired teenager lazily handing out tickets. Penny jumped the gate rushing forward into the station.

"Hey, you gotta have a ticket to board." The ticket master called as she rushed into the distance. Penny was too focused on the train to worry about breaking a few rules. She saw a few kids jumping onto the train, their parents giving them kisses goodbye. She paused for a second at the sights, the sounds of the train whistling snapping her back to reality. She ran into an open door trying to find a seat to blend into.

She plopped herself down in the back of the last car, sighing with relief at the successful entrance. She started to observe the other passengers, kids, and their parents placing their luggage above them and under their seats. "My luggage!" she called out throwing open the back door. Her eyes swept the crowd, falling on her three crewmen frantically searching the crowd. "Hey! Over here!" she screamed over the raucous bystanders. Her three crewmen ran to her, dropping the three chests off inside the train. As they made their way off the caboose the train began its departure slowly pulling away from the station.

Penny watched with a tear in her eye as her three crewmen broke into hysterical sobs. The other parents nearby joining them in their sobs. The children aboard the train waved goodbye as they pulled out of the station. Penny sat back in her seat far away from the front of the train.

"Tickets please?"

She shot up at the voice. Ahead of her was a train attendant going seat to seat asking for everyone's tickets. She started to worry about him seeing her, 'Well even if he sees me it's not like he can kick me off now.'

Her victorious thought was halted as the train screeched to a stop. She looked up and saw the attendant pulling on a lever on the side of the car. He proceeded to march towards a passenger, a small boy with grey hair, and pick him up by his shirttail. A door flew open as he approached tossing the boy outside onto the dirt path they were traveling on. "No ticket, no ride." He pushed the lever back up as the door slowly shut. Penny looked out the window as the child started to throw a tantrum in the dirt.

"Oh no…"

She frantically looked for a way out of this predicament. She opened her chests hoping to find some space for her to hide in but found it to be crammed to the top. "Dangit, Darryl, why are you so reliable." She started to panic as he got even closer, the idea of being left on the side of the road terrifying her. "Guh, why didn't I buy a ticket!"

"Whoupp Donnupp."

She looked down to see Tick's smiling head. "Oh, hi Tick," she deadpanned as she resumed mentally punishing herself. Then her mind began to process the image she saw, "TICK?!"


"What are you doing here?"

"Hon ug laxan enke zo slaxain Pum idniz kot pit staxanco te saxaupp keedfyo."

"So, you thought you should detach your head and follow me onboard?"


Penny couldn't help but stop and chuckle at her brave little bombs' wild antics. Her joy was snuffed out at the sounds of the approaching attendant. "Well, you don't have to worry about saying goodbye. I forgot to get a ticket, now I'm gonna get kicked off." She plopped down onto the seat with her head in her hands. She was heartbroken at the simple mistake.

Tick's head jumped up beside her, nudging her arm. "Ug voaxan zis tingot?" He opened his mouth a ticket popping out like it was a personal dispenser. Penny's eyes lit open at her paper salvation.

"How did you get this?!" pulling his face deep into her chest for an ecstatic hug. Tick explained in his usual gibberish how he saw her jump the gate and decided that, though a pirate loves to pillage and plunder, this was a special occasion. "Oh, I love you, ya precious little powderkeg." She mushed her face against Tick's severed head, if he could, a faint blush would be across his face.

"Ahem…" A voice interrupted their moment. Looking up, they saw the attendant with his hand out, "Tickets please?" Penny quickly pulled the ticket from Tick's mouth, gladly presenting it to the patient man. He happily checked the paper before handing it back to her, "And does your little friend have a ticket?"

Penny quickly turned to Tick, worried about her tiny friend's safety if he were thrown off the train. "Ummm… he's just a toy. See." She presented Tick's head. It didn't blink or speak, the only sound that came out was the soft ticks of his key. The attendant looked skeptical about the way she was interacting before seeing him. "Uhh, he even makes sounds watch." She turned his key slightly further, Tick said something at random to support her claim.

Seeming satisfied the attendant nodded his head before bidding Penny farewell, leaving out the door leading to the other cars. Penny looked to Tick with a disgruntled face, "That was a mean thing to say." She and Tick laughed together merrily.

"Well, that was, like, literally the scariest thing I have ever seen. And I'm undead." Penny and Tick looked up at the voice. Before them was a teenage zombie girl, her body and face loosely wrapped in bandages. Her hair a dark purple and flipped to her right. She had on a pink crop top with dark purple short shorts showing off her tiny midriff and strangely wide hips. Her skin was surprisingly smooth, with no blemishes to be seen or rotting flesh like a zombie would usually have.

Penny looked up with joy while Tick looked on in confusion. "EMZ!"

"TP!" she called back as they embraced in a hug, Tick smushed between the two.

Tick gurgled between them. "Oh, that's her nickname for me. It stands for, Pirate Princess Penny."

"And you must be Tick. I thought you would be, like, bigger?"

"Well, this is just his head. The rest of his body is still at home."

"He can detach his head?" Emz poked his white robotic teeth in amazement, "That's, like, so metal." Tick beamed with pride at the compliment. Emz took a seat on the extra-long chairs in the back of the car. "Well come on girl we don't have a lot of time; this is the last stop before we get there. Let's talk," Emz patted the seat beside her.

Penny and Emz caught up the lost time over the summer, "Ugh and don't even get me started with Mortis."

"Oh, come on he can't be that bad."

Emz scoffed at the statement, "I've heard of helicopter parenting, but he is ridiculous. Yesterday, I was texting Wendy about last year's talent show and I literally only said Tom's name. Instantly I get a message from him asking why some creepy guy won't stop asking who I am to him."

Penny cackled lightly, "Okay, that's pretty bad."

"Right! And to make matters worse he sent Frank to go intimidate Tom while I was hanging with some friends. I swear it's like I'm not allowed to have a social life." Emz waited for a response but saw Penny just rubbing Tick's head vacantly. "Hey girl, you good?"

Penny snapped out of her melancholy turning to Emz with a put-on smile. "Yeah sorry, just got lost in my thoughts. Umm… what else has been happening."

Emz turned to fully face Penny, "Hey we don't have to talk about me, we can, like, talk about you if ya need it."

Penny felt warm from the show of affection but pushed the idea aside, "No really I'm fine. Just pretend that didn't happen. Let's talk about the others. Have you talked to them recently?"

"Oh, now that you mention it. Like yesterday I called up Jessie and she said she just finished grabbing food with-"


Penny threw Tick into the air as she got attacked by a vicious glomp, Emz narrowly catching him in her lap. As she started to observe her attacker, she smiled sweetly at the ball of maroon fur in her lap. "Speak of the red devil, how are you, Nita?"

Nita threw up a big smile at her pink friend, "Super awesome now that you are here." She buried her face into Penny's chest getting her scent deep into her nostrils.

"You should have seen her. She wouldn't stop checking every car front to back looking for you."

Emz and Penny looked up as a red-head girl approached them. She had on a junker's attire, a dirty yellow jumper with a grungy brownish-yellow trim along her trousers and hat brim. Her goggles atop her cap reflecting the light pouring through the windows.

Penny huffed lightly, standing up with Nita still glued to her lap. She stared the slightly shorter girl in the eyes, "Jess."


They stared into each other's eyes intensely. The air grew oddly tense. Passengers in the vicinity stared in fear, the car had a scary heat about it. Like there was a storm brewing in the metal confines, they could sense it.

There was a brawl coming.

Penny and Jessie paid the bystanders no mind. All they saw was their opponent in front of them, all other objects blurred out of vision.

"*achoo* *sniff* Excuse me…"

Penny and Jessie broke into laughter at the sound of Nita wiping her nose on Penny's shirt. Jessie doubled over, crying tears of joy at the interaction. Penny would have followed suit had she not been carrying Nita like a koala cub. Penny offered a hand to her prone partner, Jessie taking it fondly.

"Well that was hilarious," Emz chimed in. Tick was gurgling nonsensically in her arms.

"Oh, right sorry, Tick I haven't introduced you yet." Penny placed Jessie upfront. "This is Jessie, the engineer girl I told you about."

Jessie leaned forward in surprise, "He's just a head, I thought he was a bomb lobbing robot, not a literal bomb."

"That's a short story that I don't want to repeat right now." She placed her arms around Nita, pulling her off and turning her to Tick. "And this little ball of fun is Nita."

"THE OVERBEARING!" she loudly added. She jumped out of Penny's arms snatching Tick out of Emz's hands. "Woah, he's like a real talking severed head." Nita began to throw him up in the air, cheering merrily as she played with him like a ball. Tick, however, gurgled in frustration and fear as she threw him higher and higher.

Penny, Jessie, and Emz watched the little show they were putting on. "Okay Nita, I think that's enough. Put him down."

"Kaayy." Nita followed directions and placed Tick on the floor.

"Claxazupp rittro venchol joaxalrupp vaxado vo fulch!"

"Oh, she didn't mean anything by it. She's just playing, right Nita?"

Nita sat down beside Tick and patted his head. Her sign of affection was short-lived as she began to roll him around the floor back and forth, eliciting more pained grumbles from Tick. Penny and Jessie took a seat beside Emz. They all just watched in warm silence as Nita played with Tick.

Penny stole glances at both of them, she missed this. Being with her friends, laughing, playing. She wouldn't trade her life on the sea for anything but living life on the land with them was a close second. She pulled them both in for a group hug. Nita, sensing missing out on the group hug, jumped in with Tick still in her arms. The feeling of warmth from her three land lovers and her one salty seadog was the best in the world.

"All right, all right. Let's cut the mushy crap and get to the juice. Have either of you made any moves yet?"

"Moves?" Jessie looked in confusion.

"Yeah ya know, have you like, talked to the boys?"

Jessie rolled her eyes at the question, "A mind like mine doesn't have time to chase after boys. Besides, you're the only one that could even be talking to any boys. How are things coming anyway?"

Emz flinched at the question, "I've been making my moves."

"Making moves? Last time I checked; you don't have a crush on Tom. You defiantly don't like Brock. And most importantly, you don't swing for the same team." Jessie leaned over Penny, "So when are you going to make a move on him?"

Emz leaned away from the approaching brainiac, "Uhhh… Penny what about you. Made any moves on your man?"

Penny looked to the tiny girl in her lap, "Hey Nita, where's your brother?"

She didn't look up from fiddling with Tick's key, "We were two cars up from here. He's probably still there with Poco."

"Interesting," she turned to Emz. "I don't know about you, but this pirate doesn't pass up free booty." Penny tapped Nita on the shoulder causing her to jump up from her lap. Penny walked away to the front of the car. She turned one final time, staring at Emz and saluting before making her exit.

As Penny strolled through the first car, she noticed how much louder it was. Children were running from seat to seat, conversating, and playing as they awaited their arrival. Penny could see some older teens on their phones gossiping to one another or whispering secrets into their friends' ears.

She saw a girl with purple hair choking out a black boy with a reverse headlock. "Hey Shelly, sup Brock," she nonchalantly called while she walked by.

"Hey Penny," they both responded in unison before Shelly resumed the aggressive attack. Penny walked through the next car door. As she walked through, she could see a taller girl standing at the back.


"Penny~" she put her phone away. The girl had on a purple leather jacket with a pink shirt underneath. Her hair flipped up in the front styled like a thug's pompadour. "Been a while little buddy," she picked Penny up in a crushingly tight hug. Penny struggled against her powerful grip until Bibi eventually let her go.

"Little buddy? You're only a few inches taller than me."

"Yeah but I'm older so," she patted Penny's head, "Little buddy." Bibi playfully smirked as she leaned against the wall. "So, what are you doing out of the rear car?"

"Looking for you, maybe trying to find something to eat."

"Psh, yeah right." Bibi turned to her, a doubting smirk on her face. "There are only two reasons you would leave your hidey-hole in the caboose. Either you're looking for your friends and I just saw Jessie chase Nita to the caboose. Since you can't be looking for them you must be looking for him."

Penny threw her hands in the air, "You got me. Have you seen him?"

Bibi blew a pink bubble, letting it pop on her lips. "Haven't seen him, but Poco is a few seats up on the left. He can't be far away."

Penny thanked her for the tip and went to find her musical mate. The sounds of a guitar tune getting louder as she approached. The people closer to its source were seen with bright smiles as they rocked lightly to the beat. To her left was a skeletal boy with a large black sombrero, music notes trimming the brim. He was smiling brightly as he causally continued his song, unaware of the effect it was having on the people around him.

"Oh Poco~" Poco looked up in surprise at the voice.

"Penny!" he placed the guitar down against the seat, jumping up to embrace Penny in a friendly hug. "Oh, how have you been. It has been only a few months, but it feels like years since you graced Brawltopia with your presence."

"Flattery will get you everywhere," she chuckled as they parted. Penny looked around at the people beside them, some that had fallen asleep had begun to wake up. Groaning at the music's disappearance. "Besides I've been doing the same thing as always. Lootin' and shootin'."

"I would expect nothing less from a gang as notorious as Darryl's Seadogs."

"What about you, I see you've gotten better," she looked around at the resting people that he had lulled to sleep.

"Yes well, there is always room for improvement."

"Improvement? If you get any better you could kill a man with your songs," Poco just smiled creepily at her comment. Penny started to let her eyes wander to the seat he was sitting in and nearby rows of chairs.

Poco laughed lightly, "Something tells me you didn't come here to find me."

"I don't wanna offend ya, but where is he?"

Poco looked back to his seat, "I haven't seen him at all today. Don't think he got on the train."

"Really? Cause Nita says she saw him with you," she retorted.

"Nita is a sweet child, but I wouldn't put it past her to misperceive me with some other skeleton."

"Really? Some other sombrero-wearing, guitar-playing, yellow skeleton?"

"It could happen," he shrugged.

Penny decided to allow Poco this small victory leaning closer and looking at the empty seat, "If you do see him tell him, 'He can't run all year'." She whispered the last line with a sultry tone. As she walked away Poco watched from his seat, she stopped to talk to Bibi in the back for a second, then disappeared into the car behind them.

"Is she gone?" a soft voice whispered beside Poco.

"Yeah, she just left." Poco watched as the air beside him began to shimmer, a small cloud of smoke appearing beside him. From the smoke appeared a brown-skinned boy. His green hoodie pulled over his head with only his mouth showing. Poco smiled at his stealthy friend, "Leon, you should just talk to her."

"No way, too embarrassing."

"Well tell her you don't like her back and she will leave you alone."

"It's not that I don't like her…" Leon started to fiddle with his thumbs. His fiddling was ruined when a metal bat tapped him on his head. He turned around to see Bibi looking down on him from behind.

"So, you like her?"

"…It's complicated." Poco and Bibi groaned at the dodgy response.

"Leon, Penny has been chasing you since the 6th grade. I've known her since she was in 4th and she had been working up the courage just to ask you for two years. Either you give her a no, or you two need to start dating. I'm tired of watching this dumb back and forth."

Poco snickered in his seat at Bibi's frustration, "She's right Leon. There no sense in avoiding a response."

"I just… don't feel comfortable with a relationship… right now."

"Hey, short round." Leon looked up at Bibi, "Nobody ever is."

"Weurd ug twe firgo laxats chep zlewick vo axafuk."

"What's he saying?" Nita threw Tick into Emz's arms.

"I dunno," Emz turned Tick around in her hands. Inspecting him for any details she might have missed.

"Maybe he wants us to throw him higher?" Nita walked further back down the aisle. Emz reached high above her head, heaving Tick toward her.

Nita leaped into the air catching Tick like a football, cackling sinisterly as she rolled him around in her hands. "I wonder what the key is for?" She watched as the key started to tick faster, "Ooo if we throw him hard enough will the key go super-fast?"

"Dunno, wanna try?"

"No, both of you don't know what that key does," Jessie chimed in. She walked up to Nita reaching out for her to pass his head, "For all you know, it could cause some deadly explosion."

Nita pulled away running to the front of the car with Tick's head. "Emz! Catch!" She reached far back to launch his dome, Tick blaring out his garble louder than before. Just before she could launch him a hand reached out snatching him out of her grip.

Nita looked up to see Penny slowly shaking her head at her, "I leave for 5 minutes and you three start playing catch with his skull?"

Nita and Emz threw up awkward smiles while Jessie tried to plead her position as the voice of reason. Penny patted Tick's head to calm him down, whispering something inaudible to the others. "So, how'd your little trip go?" Jessie spoke up.

"Well he's still trying to hide, won't work though, I know where he sleeps."

"You know what dorm he's staying in?"

"Nita, what dorm is your brother staying in?"

"Rockalla Hall"

"Isn't that, like, the same building we're staying in?"

"Bo thought it would be best if we tried to stay in the same building this year. Leon's gonna be upstairs on the fourth floor."

Penny threw a sinister look towards Jessie, "Means that he's got nowhere to run but down. Down into my waiting, loving arms." Jessie and Emz just shook their heads at her devious statements.

"Leon told me that he was happy he could room with Poco."

The two technical girls snapped in Emz's direction, a Cheshire grin stained on their lips. Emz twirled her hair vacantly as she looked out the window. Penny sat down in front of Emz blocking her view. Emz switched to staring straight ahead whistling roughly. Her vision was blocked by Tick's bright smile. She looked down to see Nita snickering as she held his head up.

"Ugh! Like, who's side are you on?"

"Emz you can't just wait forever. I've learned a lot from living on the ship; how to move a drunk man without waking him up, how to move that man into another person's bed, how to shave his belly with a rusty razor."

"Are you quoting, 'What do you do with a drunken sailor?'"

Jessie stared at Penny as she tried to recover from the claim. "The point is, men can do a lot of stupid stuff. Except for work up the courage to tell a girl how they really feel. They can flirt all day but when it's time to be honest, they fold like a sail in the wind."

"Don't you mean like paper?"

"I know what I said," Penny turned back to Emz. "So, stop waiting for Poco to make the first move."

"But what if he, like, doesn't like me?"

"Emz, do you got barnacle for brains?"

"Well she is a zombie…" they all looked at Jessie with dull eyes.

"Anyway, you like him, right?"


"And you're tired of waiting for him to make a move?"


"And you would be heartbroken if another girl got to him first?"

Emz took out an aerosol can, spraying a toxic pink cloud above her. Jessie, Penny, and Nita all dropped low to avoid getting caught in the spray. The other passengers were unlucky as several started to have deadly coughing fits. Penny watched as a few passengers ran away to the next car. "I'd kill her."

Nita popped up quickly opening a window so the train could air out. Penny and Jessie sat back down, Nita taking a seat in Penny's lap. "Then go out there and take what's yours!"

Emz stood up prepared to walk away. She paused turning back to Penny, "But what about you. Leon's never returned your feelings."

Nita perked up at the comment, "Leon has never said he doesn't like it when she teases him. And whenever we say her name at dinner he always blushes." Penny shot a snooty stare her way.

Emz huffed in frustration. She turned back to the entrance and marched forward down the aisle. Her friends cheering her on in the back seat. Just as she reached out for the door they watched as she slowly collapsed, groans could be heard from down the aisle. "This is gonna be a long year," Penny deadpanned.

Nita looked back with a smile, "But it will be fun."

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