Summary: Haven't things always seemed a bit too convenient in Naruto? People arriving at just the right moment, accidentally saying the right things within earshot of the others, and have you ever seen someone actually be seriously injured by a thrown projectile? None of this here! Of course, such things rarely work out for the better.

Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction.

Naruto lay down in the clearing, panting. He had done it! He had learned a technique from the scroll! He would finally become a ninja!

Suddenly, Mizuki appeared in front of him. "Hello Naruto-kun. Did you manage to learn a technique?"

Naruto beamed. "Of course I did!"

Mizuki's face seemed to pale a bit, but it was probably just his imagination. "Which one?"

"The shadow clone technique!" cried Naruto exuberantly.

"Can you show it to me?" asked Mizuki.

Naruto pressed his hands together and cried "Shadow Clone Technique!"

Several dozen solid copies of himself appeared in the clearing.

Mizuki looked at the clones, and considered how well he would fare against Naruto while he was capable of such a technique, before finally coming up with a plan.

"Congratulations, Naruto! You passed!"

Naruto beamed at Mizuki, and cheered.

"Naruto," said Mizuki.

"Yes?" asked Naruto.

Mizuki smiled. "You're one of my best students. Very few people have actually managed to steal the forbidden scroll. Here, take my forehead protector. I received it from my father, and I'm giving it to you, so that, maybe, once you've become the hokage, and married and had children, you can give my forehead protector to them as I did to you."

Naruto was, at this point, crying tears of joy.

Mizuki picked up the forbidden scroll from Naruto's unresisting hands.

"I'll return this to the building, so future students can take the test. I'll also get you registered as a ninja while I'm at it. Wait here for me, okay?"

Naruto nodded, while clutching his new forehead protector in his hands.

Mizuki smiled, and ran off with the forbidden scroll.

A couple of hours later, Iruka stumbled across Naruto, who was sleeping while hugging a forehead protector, of all things. The forbidden scroll was nowhere in sight.

Hiruzen looked into the crystal ball, and sighed. What a mess. Dealing with Naruto would have to wait, though, he would have to send some ANBU after Mizuki first.

Author's note: Right, so I never really liked anything about the forbidden scroll episode. How Iruka finds Naruto so quickly. (How does Iruka find Naruto anyway, without prior knowledge of the meeting place? How does he reach Naruto before Mizuki does? Absurd.) How Naruto just happens to overhear Iruka proclaiming him to be a good person. And why does Mizuki tell Naruto about the Kyuubi anyway? It might be the kind of psychological attack you would use against a strong opponent, but Naruto is just an academy student. Anyway, it would've been much easier for Mizuki to skewer Iruka, then walk around Iruka and kill Naruto. That whole scene seems badly done to me.

I was considering writing a scene where, instead of the above happening, things would proceed according to cannon, except for Naruto not hearing Iruka's monologue, and thus ran away from the scene, before being found and brought back to the Hokage a couple of hours later. I decided against it, mainly because I didn't want Mizuki's monologue to have a place in this story. Anyway, I had Mizuki be more cautious here, because one should have a reasonable level of caution when betraying one's village. He also manipulates Naruto quite well, as Naruto is rather starved for affection in cannon, and it probably wouldn't be that difficult to do so. Anyways, if you catch any inconsistencies here, notify me in the comments. Thanks!

On a mostly unrelated note, how exactly should I write this story? I was planning on making a regular story, with some "inaccuracies" corrected, but maybe a series of one-shots would be more effective here? Help me out here! Anyways, thanks for reading this, please offer some feedback, and I'm sorry for the long author's note, its probably more wordy than the actual chapter at this point.