'Harpy Lives Matter'

A one-shot that popped up in my head. Decided to write it.

This is technically a shit post in the reason behind it, but the story itself isn't exactly a meme.

Also, yay, 20th story.

Anyways, lets get on with it. Enjoy or suffer.

It had been a while since Joana had left to hunt. Her mate, Tomas, was growing concerned, as was their son, Miguel.

''Come on, Joana! Where are you?'', Tomas muttered to himself. Miguel was already anxious.

''When will mama be back?'', he asked with a scared voice. Tomas sighed, it pained him to say it,

''I… don't know. Something's wrong…'', he responded with worry. He had to find his beloved mate. He turned to Miguel,

''Miguel, you stay here, I'm going to search for her. If she comes back, tell her what I'm doing.'', Tomas said firmly. Miguel nodded.

He spread his wings and took off.

''Joana!'', he cried out, to no avail. He continued flying, crying out her name. He grew more and more concerned.

''Honey, where are you?!'', his voice was breaking slightly. His breathing was rapid, and a million thoughts rushed through his head. He searched frantically, until he peered down and his heart sank.

What appeared to be Joana – his beautiful Joana – was lying on a bush.

''Joana!'', he cried out in panic. He flew down, his eyes grew humid. He noticed more details, and confirmed it was her.

She was battered, feathers ripped out, scratched and worst of all, there was a wound in her neck. Tears filled his eyes when he realised what happened. He frantically dragged her out and cradled her tightly.

She was dead.

He wept onto her soft, grey feathers. There were bits of dirt and blood on them. But they were still the beautiful feathers Tomas knew and loved. And now the feathers they belonged to, the bird he loved, was dead.

''JOANA!'', he wailed, sobbing uncontrollably. After crying for a minute, he planted a kiss on her head, and took her in his talons. He had to give his beautiful mate a proper burial. The many animals of the forest stood in awe as the fearsome predator, the Harpy, was in such a vulnerable state.

Few realised they weren't emotionless, bloodthirsty monsters. They felt love, they felt happiness, they had feelings and were living creatures. As such, they felt grief like any other.

He returned to a open patch near the tree that their nest sat on. He laid his mate on the ground and flew up. Miguel was napping, and lit up when he saw his father.

''Papa!'', he cried out. But his expression soon dropped when he noticed the sad look of his father's face.

''You didn't find mama?'', Miguel asked in a sad voice. Tomas shook his head,

''I found her… just not in the state I wanted… Come on.'', Tomas replied. He carried Miguel down, and he was mortified to find his mother there. Tears filled his eyes as he walked over to his mother. He gave her a nudge, and another.

''Mama… wake up… please…'', he sobbed. He broke down and buried his face into her soft feathers and soaked them with tears. He started repeating 'mama' verbatim in a distraught tone.

Soon, Tomas dug a grave for his mate. He placed her inside, planting one last kiss. Same with Miguel.

Tomas shovelled the dirt in, making sure her eyes were shut. Soon, the grave was filled in. They gathered stones, which they lined around her grave.

Tomas placed a headstone and a single flower. The two stood by, mourning the loss of Joana. A mother, a mate.

That's right, I added consequences for the harpy murder in Real in Rio.

This is a PSA for the RSPCH. (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Harpies) #HarpyLivesMatter

Until next time, goodbye.