Nice reviews only please! Takes place right after season 2 and around episode 1 of season 3!

Richie Cunningham was tossing and turning in his bed having a nightmare about his older brother Chuck getting shot while in a war. So he jolted out of his slumber, breathing heavily. "Oh thank goodness it's just a dream." He mutters to himself quietly.

Then he heard his bedroom door open.

"Rich?" It was his best friend, who was mainly like his big brother, epically when Chuck went to war, Arthur Fonzarelli, known as "The Fonz".

"F-Fonzie?" Richie called out.

Fonzie shuts the door behind him, turning on the light and sat down across from Richie on his bed.

"Hey, you ok kid?" Fonzie asked him.

Richie just shook his head.

"N-no, it's nothing." Richie lied.

What was he talking about! This was Fonzie, the brother who he looks up too.

"Richard, if it was nothing, then why did I come up here to check on you and Shortcake when I got the brotherly instincts vibe?" He asked while smiling.

Shortcake was a nickname for Richie's little sister Joanie that Fonzie called her.

"Really?" Richie asked.

"Yes, beside Chuck told me to look after you and Joanie." Fonzie told him. "Which I've been doing."

Richie smiled to himself.

"And he did tell me that you might get nightmare after he left." He added. "Epically when you're feeling scared."

"I know it's embarrassing." Richie said.

"Cunningham, I get it." Fonzie said. "When my ma left, I started to have nightmares about my folks when I was a kid."

"Really?" Richie asked as he sat up.

"Yeah, but it's probably my fault." Fonzie explained.

"What do you mean its your fault?" Richie asks him.

"Well what else could they just walked out of my life." Fonzie said.

"But its not." Richie assured him.

"Just forget it Red," He started. "Wanna tell the Fonz what's the dream about?"

"Well...I had a dream that um...that s-shot right in front of me, you, Joanie, mom and dad." Richie explained.

Fonzie felt his heart break for him.

"Oh Cunningham, its not real." Fonzie told him.

"Well it felt real Fonzie." Richie says. "Dad was trying to wake him up, mom was crying her eyes out, I was trying to protect Joanie from seeing our dead bloody brother and you...beat the shooter up."

Fonzie smiled sadly to himself. The Cunningham was his Real family. He'd do ANYTHING for them.

"And I felt like I was gonna fail as a big brother." Richie added.

"Kid, you will not fail as a big brother!" Fonzie told him. "Joanie is very lucky to have a brother like you."

"Really?" Richie asked again.

Fonzie chuckled.

"Yes you dork." Fonzie said smiling.

"Thanks Fonzie, I'm really glad you're here." Richie tells him.

"Ayyy, anytime kid." Fonzie smiled. "You ok now?" He asked him.

"A little." Richie admits.

"Don't worried, I'll stay here to make sure you're safe." Fonzie said.

Richie smiled.

"Thanks Fonz." Richie said.

"Hey, what brothers are for." Fonzie tells him.

Fonzie walked over to the closest, grabbing a extra blanket and a pillow, and lay it out on the floor to sleep on. But when he looked over to see Richie falling asleep, so he walked over to his bed, lying down next to him, putting an protective arm around the smaller boy.

"I'll protect you little brother...and Joanie." Fonzie whispered, kissing his red hair.