The girls are outside eating lunch

Zoey: So what do you girls want to do tonight?

Nicole: Binge watch Drake & Josh?

Quinn: I love that show.

Lola: Me too. Drake is so hot.

Zoey: Binge watch Drake & Josh it is. Good idea Nicole.

Nicole: Thanks.

The boys are looking at the girls

Michael: What do you think they're doing?

James: They're probably talking about us behind our backs.

Dustin: Girls.

Michael: So Dustin how do you like high school?

Dustin: Well it's been a month, so it's going well.

Dean is pushing out a cart but lost control

Dean: Runaway cart!

Everyone runs away but Dustin

Michael: Dustin?!

Dustin: What?

Dustin notices the cart and starts to scream. Stacey sees this and goes to push him out of the way

Stacey: Look out!

Stacey pushes him out of the way just in time

Dustin: Stacey, you just saved my life.

Zoey: Are you okay?

Lola: What happened?

Stacey: The cart was going to hit Dustin so I pushed him out of the way.

Quinn: Stacey, you're a hero.

Dean: Okay everyone. Back to class.

They all leave except for Dustin who looks at Stacey

Dustin (whispers): I love you, Stacey.

James: Dustin.

Dustin: Coming.

In the boys dorm, Michael, and James are playing a video game

James: I'm going to beat you.

Michael: That'll be the day.

Michael wins

James: Dang it.

Michael: Dustin what are doing?

Dustin: Making a love letter.

James: Aw is Dustin Brooks in love?

Dustin: Maybe.

James: Tell us.

Dustin: Her name starts with an S. She used to have a lisp, and makes stuff out of cotton swabs.

Chase: You're in love with Stacey?

Dustin: Yeah. She saved my life. I could be in the hospital if it wasn't for her.

James: You're too young for her.

Dustin: No I'm not. I'm going to mail this for her.

Dustin walks out

Michael: We have to tell Zoey.

Chase: No kidding.

In the girls dorm, they are watching Drake & Josh when a knocking sound is heard

Zoey: Wonder who that is.

Lola goes to open the door

Lola: Hey guys.

James: We have something to tell you.

Quinn: What is it?

Michael: Dustin is in love.

Nicole: He is?

Zoey: What's wrong with that?

Chase: The girl he's in love with is Stacey Dillsen.

Zoey: What?

Michael: You heard him.

Lola: Why is he in love with her?

James: Maybe it's because Stacey saved his life.

Stacey walks in

Stacey: Hey guys.

Zoey (shocked): Oh uh hey Stacey.

Stacey: I just got a letter. Someone has a crush on me.

Nicole: It's Dustin.

James: Nicole?

Stacey: You're little brother is in love with me?

Zoey: I guess so.

Stacey: Why? All I did was saved his life. Oh now I see why.

Chase: What are you going to do?

Stacey: I don't know. I don't want to upset him.

Lola: Just go with it. If he really likes you, let him down easy.

Stacey: Thanks Lola.

Stacey walks out

Michael: She sounds so different without her lisp.

Zoey: She sounds normal now.

Dustin is eating pizza at a restaurant when Stacey arrives

Dustin: She came.

Stacey: Dustin, you look well.

Dustin: Thanks. You look great as well.

Stacey: So you're the one that wrote that letter?

Dustin: Uh huh. I love you Stacey Dillsen.

Dustin kisses Stacey on the lips

Stacey: Dustin?

Dustin: Sorry. I want to be with you. I want to marry you.

Stacey: Uh I have to go to the bathroom.

Stacey runs out the restaurant

Dustin: I love it when she plays hard to get.

Back at PCA, Zoey and the girls are still watching Drake & Josh when there's a loud knock at the door

Zoey: I'm coming.

Zoey opens the door and it's Stacey

Stacey: Zoey.

Zoey: Hey Stacey, what's up.

Nicole: How'd it go over there?

Stacey: It went too well. He really likes me. He even kissed me.

Quinn: I'm sure it's normal.

Stacey: He wants me to marry him.

Lola: What?

Zoey: He's only 15.

Stacey: Exactly. I know we aren't close, but I need your help. I'm not into him that way.

Zoey: Alright Stacey. We'll help.

Stacey: What can we do?

Nicole: Well you saved his life.

Stacey: Yeah.

Quinn: So we just need to get him to save your life.

Stacey: Go on.

Lola: We do the same thing that happened earlier. We use a runaway cart. Dustin sees it. He pushes you out of the way, and it should end the romantic feelings he has for you.

Stacey: Great. When do we do this?

Zoey: Tomorrow at lunch.

The next day

Lola: Okay it's all set.

Quinn: Good.

Dustin: Stacey we need to talk.

Stacey: What's this about?

Dustin: Listen, I'm glad you saved me, but I don't think we can be boyfriend and girlfriend. I realized that we're 3 years apart and it's illegal. So can we just be friends?

Stacey: Uh sure.

Dustin: Thanks.

Dustin leaves

Stacey: Oh dear. Zoey call it off.

Zoey: It's too late.

Everyone runs away from the cart except Stacey

Stacey: Aw geez.

Mark sees that the cart is going to hit Stacey and runs after her

Mark: Stacey look out!

Mark pushes Stacey out of the way saving her

Stacey: Mark you just saved my life.

Mark: Yeah, I did.

Michael: So I guess Stacey is going to fall in love with Mark?

James: Who knows.

Mark: Stacey can I tell you something?

Stacey: Sure?

Mark: I kind of have a little crush on you.

Stacey: You do?

Mark: Yeah but I know you don't want to date a loser like me.

Stacey: Of course I do.

Mark: So you want to be my girlfriend?

Stacey: Do you want to be my boyfriend?

Mark: Sure.

Stacey: Then I guess we're official.

Mark and Stacey kiss

Nicole: I guess Stacey's over it.

Lola: Good to know.

Zoey: So Dustin are you okay with Stacey moving on?

Dustin: Yeah. It did felt weird dating someone older than me.

James: Are you going to get another girlfriend?

Dustin: I don't know. We'll just have to wait and see.

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