Soaping and Scrubbing (Like a Heiress)
A Minato Arisato to Mitsuru Kirijo TF/TG

Summary: Minato has a problem: the shower is broken. Fortunately, Mitsuru is willing to let him borrow her tub for the night. Unfortunately, taking up such an offer comes with its own caveats—especially when in relation to Mitsuru's own bath products…

(Since when could the Kirijo Group make magic soap, anyway!?)

Notes: This one-shot is set during the events of Persona 3, sometime after the Second Full Moon Operation. No spoilers for said game are featured.

Warnings: This fic contains Male-to-Female TF/TG, Nudity, Mature Descriptions, and possibly some Mild Out-of-Character Moments. Reader discretion is advised.

June 21, 2009 – Evening

Iwatodai Dormitory
Second Floor – Bathroom

Minato turned the shower valve.

Water refused to drop from the head.

He turned it again, a disgruntled look on his face.

The same result occurred, much to his chagrin.

He put a palm to his forehead and groaned loudly.

Great. Just great. I'm being defeated by a malfunctioning shower. Me, Minato Arisato, field leader of SEES and resident Wild Card.

Battling Shadows doesn't prepare you for this…

"Well, I guess I'm not showering today," he grumbled. "I hope nobody calls me out on the smell tomorrow…"

Since he wasn't going to get much done in the hygiene department today, the bluenette reluctantly went and exited the bathroom.

He had no idea what to do next, for once. He didn't have any major responsibilities to take care of (SEES's last Tartarus run had only been a couple nights ago), and neither did he have any Social Links to work on.

Maybe I should go hang out with Junpei or Yukari, he mused, outside his room's door. It's been a while since I've spent some time with them… would they be up for some joint studying?

So many questions, so little answers.

'Twas the curse of being a Fool.

Just then…

"Ah, Arisato. I see you are still out and about. Are you waiting to shower for the night?"

Minato looked up. At the end of the hallway was the heiress to the Kirijo Group and de facto head of SEES—Mitsuru Kirijo. She was an intimidating figure, with crimson hair as long as her rapier and eyes as red as a high-powered Agidyne. Her calm and collected state added to her lovely mystique—but at times, he could feel a real sense of burden and loneliness from her.

She was… captivating; truly worthy of being the number one most desired girl in all of Gekkoukan High School.

But he'd never admit that out loud.

Especially not in front of said girl's face.

He shook his head. "Mitsuru. I'd say yes, but… the shower isn't working at all. I'm not exactly sure what's up with it—something in the pipes, maybe?" He shrugged. "Either way, unless it gets resolved, I'm kind of stuck here."

"I… see. That's unfortunate." The Empress crossed her arms and closed her eyes. She took a moment to think, and then decided to relay an offer. "If it's any consolation, I'm willing to let you use my bathroom while yours is indisposed."

He blinked. "Huh? You'd… really do that for me?"

"Of course," she nodded. "You have been doing a fine job leading the team during our operations. It should go without saying that your hard work warrants at least a few special rewards—provided you don't go overboard with the privilege, of course."

Minato's brain soaked in this new bit of information, before his face broke out in a rare smile. "Thanks, Mitsuru. I was afraid I'd have to come to school smelling like a Shadow." And hoo boy, would that be bad for his Social Links. Lemme go fetch a spare set of clothes, and I'll be right with you."

"So long as you are swift about it. I don't fancy having Iori or Takeba catching wind of this."

Neither do I… I'd rather not give either a reason to be jealous of me now—even if I'm about to have the bathing of a lifetime!

Mitsuru's Room – Bathroom

Mitsuru's room was, unsurprisingly enough, rather regal for a person of her caliber.

Fancy couches, a widescreen TV, red carpets and curtains, exorbitant decorations—

Yep, the totally-not-an-emo thought, this is definitely Mitsuru's room.

Dang, I wish I had a screen like that—Feathermen marathons would be so much better with it.

(…good priorities, Minato.)

The red-haired beauty brought her fellow Student Council member over to the bathroom side of things, where a comfortable bathtub waited for him to use. "I trust that this more than meets your standards," she said, while he was still looking about the place in awe. "There's soap and shampoo on the counter, some bath salts if you so desire them, and towels to dry yourself off after you're done. Make yourself comfortable."

She started walking toward the exit, giving the Wild Card a significant Look. "That being said… should I return to my residence being a filthy mess, I won't hesitate to execute you where you stand. Are we clear?"

Minato had no idea what an execution was, but her tone of voice indicated that he very much did not want to find out. "Crystal!"


And with that, the bluenette was left alone. Standing in Mitsuru's personal quarters, a place most of his classmates would've killed to be in.

It was enough to make him rather nervous, actually.

Okay. Okay. He breathed in and out. I've been free reign to take a bath for as long as I want to. I just need to not break any of Mitsuru's stuff in the process.

No pressure.

Slowly, Minato stripped himself down. First went his headphones and MP3 player, and then his school uniform: his jacket, his bowtie, his shirt, his pants—all of it came off and were subsequently placed off to the side.

As he did, he turned on the faucet to the bathtub, setting the temperature to be warm, but not too warm ('tis be embarrassing to burn himself here). Once it was full—and he had applied the bath salts appropriately—he carefully stepped into the container of water.

"Ahhhhhhhhh…" he sighed, pure bliss soaking into his skin. "I didn't expect this to feel as good as it does, but man… and to think, Mitsuru gets to do this every day."

Minato wasn't normally one for bathing: a quick shower was usually enough to clean him up, after which he was satisfied with his hygiene. In fact, he usually didn't make much time for himself in general—juggling Social Links, being an model student, and leading a team of Shadow-hunting teenagers could do that to you.

"Has it really been two months since this all started…?" he wondered to himself. "It seems like only yesterday that I was coming back here. And I've barely even friends with all of my teammates, too."

Junpei, Yukari, Fuuka, Akihiko, and Mitsuru. Of the five other members of SEES, he was the most comfortable with Junpei and Yukari, what with the three of them sharing a homeroom together. Fuuka, he was still getting to know; Akihiko, he had more of a male solidarity with—and Mitsuru was… very aloof.

A part of him wanted to be closer to her, but he had no idea how. Sure, he saw her at Student Council meetings and the like, but aside from that, they were essentially just acquaintances.

"Hopefully, I'll be able to warm her down eventually," he muttered. "For now, I should focus on enjoying what I have."

What's that saying again…? 'Live every day like it's your last'?

I'm not planning on dying anytime soon, but—I think it fits here.

Unbeknownst to him, as he continued to contemplate the surrealness of his life, something began to happen. His skin tone became significantly lighter, and all of his body hair practically disintegrated on the spot. Not only that, but the sensitivity of his skin was turned up a couple notches.

Ordinarily, this might've been cause for alarm… however, something about the water helped to disguise the occurrences. As far as he could tell, the bath had simply become a little more pleasurable for his pores.

Mmm… that feels even better!

y'know, I should really start cleaning my hair at some point; it's not gonna take care of itself…

He reached for the shampoo and started rubbing it atop his head. As he did, his short hair extended dramatically in length. It grew past his shoulders in record time, only stopping to tie itself into a ponytail (it was kind of hard to wash hair when it was that long)—and even more damningly, its solemn blue was soon replaced with a brilliant shade of red.

He made sure to give his face a once-over as well, which naturally resulted in his features feminizing fast. His eyes became sharper, wider, now bearing the same crimson hue that decorated his beautiful mane. His nose and overall head both shrunk down, his lips softened and plumpened up, his lashes grew elongated—

And yet, he remained oblivious to the whole affair.

Humming Burn My Dread with a voice now edging toward seductive than masculine, Minato moved on to lathering the rest of his body with a bar of soap. With every scrub he did, more and more radical changes took place: his height had since dropped two inches from 5'7", and his muscle mass had begun the process of reallocating itself.

His semi-athletic frame was turned into a curvaceous figure, complete with widened hips and a less-defined stomach. His arms and legs both slimmed down, and his hands and feet similarly became light and dainty (and even came with free fingernails!). The opposite, meanwhile, happened to his butt; it inflated like a balloon, and could now best be described as 'pretty and prettily packed'.

Something feels a little different, he mused. Did the soap get heavier, or is that just me?

Idly, he went and put some extra attention on his chest and crotch areas—and that's when the real magic happened. Slowly, but surely, two mounds of flesh sprouted into being on his chest. They swelled to an impressive size, looking just as soft as her ass was corpulent – and they carried quite a bit of weight to them, too.

And accompanying them was a change equally as important: as his reproductive systems rearranged themselves from inside of him, his crotch was being whittled down into nothing. Eventually, it was sucked back into his body… and a vagina promptly opened up in its place.

The deed was done. Minato Arisato, as he used to be, had been quite literally scrubbed away—leaving behind an exact duplicate of Mitsuru Kirijo where he used to be.

She, by some miracle, hadn't noticed her transformation yet. She went on soaping her newly slimmed limbs until she was interrupted by the door opening.

"…well, this isn't what I had expected."

Minato jolted upon hearing Mitsuru's voice. She whirled her head to face the oddly-embarrassed heiress, a vibrant blush on her cheeks and dot-sized pupils in her eyes. "M-Mitsuru! You're—You're back!? G-Give me some warning, I—I'm not done in the slightest!"

It was then the realization hit.

A few small things hit her senses first. Her different center of balance, red hair falling over her right eye, the breeze coldly drifting past her skin… then, she looked down, and her extra weight—and her missing weight—came into focus.


It was a good thing that Mitsuru's walls were soundproofed, because Minato's shriek of horror could've otherwise been heard from all the way atop Tartarus.

"Wh-Wh-What is this!?" she screamed, instinctively moving to clasp her bosom as tightly as she could.

"I was afraid of something like this happening…" the Empress muttered, one hand on her shaking forehead. She went over to her closet, picked up a change of clothes, and dropped it by the bathtub. "Here. Get dressed, Arisato. I'll… give you an explanation once you're done."

"You—You better!" the former bluenette said as she scrambled to dry herself. "Oh god, why does everything feel so weird now…!?"

Mitsuru's explanation was… not what Minato expected.

"Cognition-changing products!? Is—Is that even possible!?"

"It would appear so."

The two were seated opposite of each other on the couches. The real-deal heiress was visibly stifling a headache, while her duplicate was simply utterly baffled.

"I knew the Kirijo Group had a penchant for the supernatural, but this is beyond my wildest dreams…!" the Wild Card expressed. "What the heck's the point of this stuff—and why soap and shampoo, of all things!?"

At least the Evokers and all the Dark Hour-related technology had a purpose! And some actual utility, too!

The Wild Card was really cursing her luck at this point. Between Tartarus, the Arcana Shadows, Social Links, and everything else, she was beginning to wonder if she was genuinely cursed.

(Given her history with the Moonlight Bridge… that probably wasn't as farfetched as she'd like it to be.)

"That, I have… less answers for. I believe someone in the Kirijo Group was experimenting with changing reality—" again, went unstated "—and implanted it in everyday merchandise as a means to disguise their efforts. Likely due to my status, I received some prototypes as a gift… but since I hadn't detected any side-effects from my using them, I had elected to set them aside and forget about them."

Minato groaned. "That's helpful to know… Please tell me this is at least reversible!"

Mitsuru flitted her eyes away, a bit of guilt welling up inside her heart. "Given time, I am certain that an remedy can be reverse-engineered. Until then, I believe you'll have to endure life as my twin sister. Thanks to the… interesting magic at play, part of this problem has already been alleviated—reality should have been altered so that that was always the case."

Minato pulled out her Student ID card. To her surprise, Mitsuru's face was indeed staring back at her, plus a new name: Shiori Kirijo.

"Shiori Kirijo, huh…?" She stared at the card for several moments, before leaning back against the couch and sighing.

"Well, I suppose there are worse fates that could've happened. I could've been erased from existence, or something!" She laughed, partly out of bitterness, partly out of hysteria. What the hell could she say to this? What could anyone say?

A brief beat passed between the two.

The technically older student felt quite out of her depth. Comforting her colleagues was not something she was experienced in—not to mention, she didn't have much of a relationship with the Wild Card, if at all.

Still… she couldn't just leave her to despair.

That wouldn't be right.

She got up and clasped both of Minato's—Shiori's—shoulders. "Arisato. I know this is not an ideal scenario for you, and that it is partially my fault that it occurred in the first place. I won't lie and say that things will be perfectly alright… but I can promise you, I will do my best to make this up to you. You have my word."

Shiori blinked, and then gave off a small smile. "That's… pretty reassuring, actually. If there was any of us I had to transform into, I'm glad it was you."

She sat up, briefly stretching her limbs into the air. "So, what do we do now? I mean, it's getting late, and we've still got school tomorrow…"

"It is likely that you will have plenty of work to do," Mitsuru mused aloud, "given my own status as an honors student, member of the fencing club, and Student Council President. While you won't share all of my responsibilities, you should prepare to deal with a heavier workload nevertheless."

Shiori nervously laughed. "Ha ha ha ha! That… sounds like fun."

"You'll get used to it in due time." The heiress closed her eyes and hummed. "Perhaps this will turn out to be a real blessing, in the end. I've always wondered what it was like to have a sister…"

"You're not missing much, lemme tell you that."

This would've been a cap, but then it got lengthy, so here's this concept as a short one-shot instead.

There are some pictures on Danbooru that just get me inspired instantly—and this one of Mitsuru (posts/124682) was one of them. From there, all I needed to do was contrive a good reason for why Minato would end up as Mitsuru in that position, which wasn't that hard… especially since I've had this idea on the backburner for a while now.

I threw in the Reality Changing aspects as to not leave Minato high and dry trying to explain his situation. I dunno how the Kirijo Group can make such literally life-altering products—but hey, if they can semi-accidentally spawn the Dark Hour, they can totally do this too.

Also, please excuse the liberties I've taken with the Iwatodai Dorm's bathroom arrangements. I don't exactly remember how the place is mapped out, so I'm simply improvising. Hopefully, it's not too egregious of a design decision (god knows the wiki doesn't help on that front).

Well, that's all for now – see you around!