Chapter 1 Revive and Flashforward: Before the Hood

AN: Challage story that I took from Sith'ar where Naruto becomes Red Hood in Young Justice and now enjoy


Revive by Unione

Unknown Location

Within a temple that was heavily guarded by ninjas and men with guns, had in one of the rooms something going on. A young teen, being thirteen sat in a wheelchair and was recovery from a lot that happens. He had blonde hair with some white coming in and ocean blue eyes that were dull with no emotions for the moment. His arms were cover in bandages and wore white clothes for recovering. He was recovering from a lot that happened, which is a massive rush to both body and mind for him to piece together.

"Still no changes?" An elder voice spoke, being outside and the young teen heard, getting him to blink.

"No father. The Pit has recovered his body, but his mind seems to be in pieces," A female voice answered.

The elder hummed in thought and stare at the young teen for a second.

"I don't understand how he doesn't remember anything or gain a sense of his will back? You, father, have been brought back a good number of times from the Pit either dead or alive. So, why is it different for him?" The daughter asked.

"The most likely answer is that the young man has to recover them himself as I did myself at one point. The damage he gained was too much for any normal person to endure but the young student of the Detective was trained and needs to find his will to fight again," The elder spoke, having his voice fill with wisdom and look back at the boy, the one he promised to make amends for something he didn't plan to happen or come to the bat's family. He will fix that and maybe gain a better future heir to the League of Shadows.

"T...Ta...Taila...," The young teen said, having his voice broke somewhat and recovering as his memories were coming together when hearing a familiar voice to him.

The young woman or Talia soon came to the young teen's add from hearing her name call and could tell that something was working. His dull eyes were showing emotions as the memories were flashing and coming together. The young boy remembers everything and his arms were shaking in fear due to his last memory.

Seeing the panic, Taila held the young boy's hands, calming her down, and said, "Easy Naruto, it's over."

The boy or Naruto nodded his head, not talking as his voice needs to recover and started to calm down.

The elder smiles a little, seeing his daughter fixing the damage and would leave them alone for now. He will have Naruto train and rebuild himself after recovering of course.

Back to Naruto, he started to remember everything that happens to him. He remembers being found by a man he looks up to as a father figure, building up and dreaming of being heroin which he became the second to the father figure, the heroics, team working, and everything that leads to his death.

Naruto had panicked when remembering that damn clown. The clown that beat him to near death with a crowbar and kept going at it until he was bored. He tried to escape but it didn't matter as the building exploded and he had died. Now he was back, reborn, and revive as something new.

It was thanks to Talia that Naruto calms down and felt a great deal of calmness rushing to him. He felt at peace and relax when she was close to him, being total bliss and had no worries.

Naruto will find out what happens after he dies and what plans will be coming into motion. He will become something different, dark, and will be on the path of something different than a hero. The young boy will become something different and bring changes to everyone he knows to the ones he will meet.

The revive will become strong and rebuild back up to something, something new for Gotham. Something new to the Dark Knight, Young Justice, Justice League, and others to think about as the dead has come back to life. The revive indeed, very true.

Time Skip (Five Years Later, a Few Months before YJ S2 starts)

New York City, Naruto's Safehouse

It has been almost five years since the death and brought back to life for Naruto. Many things have happened to him and were a lot to take in. He had a hard time sleeping at night, having nightmares of the clown beating him over and over again. The trauma was hard to heal and bare for the young man. He had to force himself to sleep and work out hard to pass out. It stopped after some mental therapy to repair the damage that was done to him and kept training.

Naruto had grown over the years, no longer the weak little kid, and was a man now. He may be 18 but was different and more mature which was a shocking thing but that's what killing and brought back to life will do one person.

The young man had the body of a trained fighter and solider with some scars but not as much due to his small healing factor. If he had a better healing factor, he'll live from the bombing but it matter's not and moving on. He had blonde hair that has grown but cut it down and some white streaks coming in more. His ocean blue eyes showed a lot and mature meaning behind them.

Naruto was in New York City, taking a small mission which is spying and easy mission for the League of Shadows. He owns them a lot, being the reason why he took the mission without a second thought. He replaying his dit to Ra's and Talia for all they have done to him. His respects for them all at its highest over the years and carries that in his heart. He started to think back over a few things and sat down as it will be a long awhile.

At first, it was hard to take in and recovery was for Naruto. The blonde was shocked that he die and later be brought back to life as the League of Shadows never planed for his death or cause pain to the Dark Knight. So, here he is now and a new chapter open for him.

Naruto wanted answers about what happen and he got them thanks to Taila showing him during their trip to Gotham. The young man can still remember the anger and sadness he felt when finding out that Bruce had replaced him like he was some soldier to easily replace and deep hatred grow when finding out that the Joker was alive after the beat down.

Talia had to get Naruto snap out of it and not allow his revenge to be his downfall. She knows that he'll fight the Dark Knight and vow to kill the clown for everything he has done.

So after calming down and thinking with a better mind, Naruto had started training and become a part-time member of the League of Shadows. He took training very hard and hold great promise.

Naruto would admit it wasn't easy to learn from disarming to arming but almost like the same thing and the change from both had helped. He kept disarming in case he fights some he won't kill but arming was meant for killing the scum that lives in this world. He no longer sees black and white but shades of gray and won't be naive anymore like he was back then.

To be honest, Naruto can no longer see himself as the same person and made peace with that.

The blonde sighed before getting up off the sofa and find his coffee which was by the table and drink up. A knock by his door got his full attention and was on guard. He slowly walks towards the door, picking up a P-22 with a slicer and at its point at the door. He pokes his eye at the eyehole and lowered his guard once he saw who it was at his door.

The young man sighed and open the door for the person he knows very well. Someone close and helped him over the five years being Talia al Ghul herself.

Talia had brown hair that reaches to her midback and green jaded eyes. She had a mature figure for her age and was a beautiful assassin in the making. She wore a white shirt, black leggings, a black skirt, and black boots.

"Talia," Naruto greeted, allowing the assassin to walk in and closed the door before putting his pistol on safety.

"Naruto," Talia greeted back with her smile not leaving her face, being very happy on meeting the blonde again.

"I take it that Ra's wants a report back on the target?" Naruto guested.

"No, my father is quite fine with the report, having our men watching the target from the shadows and make sure the message is given in person," Talia answered.

"I see, good to hear. So, why are you here Talia?" The blonde asked, wondering why she was here.

Talia took a set on the sofa, knowing will be a long talk and offer the blonde to have a set next to her which he took without a second thought.

"I have come here to meet you for reasons of my own. The first, you plan of going back to Gotham and start your plan in motion," Talia started.

Naruto sighed, clenching his hand into a fist but calms down when he felt a hand covering his.

"Yeah, I have been training for the day that I come back and take down a few things. I'm ready for the fight of my life and face my past," Naruto said.

Talia frowned a little before a sigh escapes her lips and said, "I understand and the goal you work so hard for. However, what happens if you fail, Naruto?"

Naruto thought about it and wasn't sure yet, but doesn't plan on failing and will fight for it. Anything can happen which is true, but the blonde has a few things covered and backup plans for his mission to take place.

"It's hard to say now, Talia, anything can happen. So, I'm not sure at the moment," Naruto said, honestly.

"I see. The second reason I come here is to hand you a few things. You will find a gift box of the equipment on your table in the morning," Talia said, moving on and know that the blonde was ready, but can't help herself and be concerned for Naruto.

"Noted and thanks for the toys," Naruto said, knowing that he won't be able to thank the assassin in the morning. He doesn't know why but feels it as it has happened before and was fine with it.

"You welcome. The final reason why I'm here...well first I want to ask you something," Talia said as she moves close to the blonde, getting him to be a little on edge and felt some heat rising in his cheeks.

"S-sure," Naruto said, being a little uneasy and calms down to answer what questuion.

"Who do you see before you?" Talia asked, being the main questuion on her mind and a test to make sure she found who was looking for. She failed two times in finding someone to love and prays to not happen a third time. A part of her was ready to fail but the other part of her will prove her wrong.

Naruto stays quiet, knowing the question is and thought careful as Talia had told him the times she failed in finding someone to love her for who she is. Someone to love her as Talia, not Talia al Ghul. Her love life wasn't great with a certain Dark Knight and later a former member of shadow. One trun her down and the other used her name to get something. Both have broken her heart and the blonde wasn't going to.

"Talia is Talia. I see a strong beautiful woman that keeps on surprising me. The very same woman that I'm very grateful for helping and staying by my side as I build-up to the man I am today," Naruto said.

Talia smiled being grateful for the answer and knows what she was doing was right after all. And for this...

Instead of words, Naruto thought, Talia launched forward and capture his lips into a kiss full of emotions. She hungry kiss with passion and love as she wrapped her arms around the neck of the young man before her. She then moved a little, not breaking away and saddled the hips with her lower area rubbing a bridge poking from this heated moment.

Naruto soon started to relax, kissing back with the same passion and had his arms wrap around the waist. Talia moaned gratefully as the kiss got more heated and pair fought with their tongues. The pair would keep on going but stopped for the need of air and had a trail of saliva parting from their lips. Their foreheads touched each other and took some calm breaths to gain the air they needed.

"This could be dangerous for both of us," Naruto said, knowing some bad outcome might come out of this and wanted to be sure first.

"I'm willing to take the risk. How about you?" Talia asked, willing to be with the one that captures and repair her heart.

"Well, and that case," Naruto said before capturing the lips for another kiss which was returned greatly and pair had their passionate kiss again.

The pair soon broke the kiss and relax in the safehouse, not going to deeper and have the moment change into something. It's too soon and the blonde wants it to be special for them. He had many plans to plan out but for now, he was going to enjoy the peace and quiet that is here with him and the woman that captured his heart.


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