Chapter 2 Under the Hood P1: It Begins

Gotham City

In Gotham City, the city of crime, but has less crime now due to a certain clown behind bars and crime has dropped down to a good level. Of course, crime comes back as this is Gotham after all and there's no rest for both sides of the law these days.

Within the city has a bar open late at this time of the hour and was only open for certain rouges of the Dark Knight. Not many of them but three and some gang members that have been targeted by Black Mask the rising Father of Crime in Gotham or the Kingpin of Crime if you want to get more information.

The bar's doors open, getting a few attentions and some not as a new figure walks in. He wore a black overcoat that was snipped up, a hat that hides his face in the shadows, black pants, brown combat boots with some silver pads on them, and brown combat gloves with silver pads on them. he had three bags by his side, maybe for business and meeting with someone which was true for him. He gives an unfamiliar and similar feeling but everyone pushes it aside and went by their business.

The young man walked to counter for the bar owner to come by while cleaning some mugs.

"Can I get you anything sure?" The owner asked, keeping his cool.

"Yes, you can," The black overcoat man said before handing some gold coins on the counter which the owner took.

"What it's for?"

"Information. I'm looking for three people, hot chicks that like to come here in this bar at this time of night and avoid some bat flying around."

The bar owner's eyes widen for a second before relaxing and understand what the stranger was asking. He jabbed his thumb to the private area that was rent for the night and was in a room with a guard on standby to make sure no one goes in.

"They are over them. Knock first and tell my boy that I let you in. I hope you know what you are doing," The bar owner said.

"I do and here's a tip for your troubles," The stranger said, putting five more coins on the counter for the owner to take before making his way to the private room.

"Your boss said I can go in."

The guard looked at his boss who nodded his head and nodded back before letting the stranger walk past him. He opens the door, slipping in and lock the door behind him just in case. Better safe than sorry.

"We said a quiet time and no business hours tonight," A female voice said, being familiar to the strange during his old days.

"Really? That's a shame as I hate for this hard earn profit and the bonus will go to waste. That's a shame. Maybe the dogs will like?" The stranger offered, trying to bait them and listen to what he has to say.

He couldn't hear what was going as the group were whispering to each other and could tell that he was getting them in.

"On second thought, how about some face to face meeting, stranger?" A second voice asked.

"That's better."

The stranger walked to the table, taking a set and saw the three villainesses he was looking for, the Gotham Sirens themselves, being Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy.

"Now down to business," The stranger said before taking his coat off, showing a brown biker jacket with grey armor muscle shirt underneath and took his hat for a red helmet to be seen.

"Talk about a biker club at its highest," Harley commented at the looks the stranger had.

The red hooded man chuckled at the commented and said, "Thanks, beauty. Made it myself."

Harley blushed a little at the commented, having the other two sirens to raise an eyebrow.

"I hope you not planing to seducing us. It will be a bad game and business for you, Mr. Hood," Poison Ivy said with eyes narrowed a little.

"Oh relax, Red. I'm just speaking the truth and its the damn truth. I'm having a meeting with three hottest women in Gotham. So I can't help myself in commenting at you girls," The hood said honesting before putting the three bags on the table for his business.

Now the three felt some heat rising but push that aside for now and grateful for his honesty.

"Hmm, the bags minster?" Catwoman asked, getting to business and wonder the stranger's name.

"Red Hood, kitty," The stranger or Red Hood said with a wink towards the cat which she smirked.

"Red Hood? Was that a name for gangs back in the old days of Gotham or that South African guy that dropped dead?" Harley asked with her head tilted to the side in questuion.

"Different hood cutey with a big deal and good reward for some loveable ladies to enjoy," Red Hood answered before opening one bag and showed the goods.

Now the Sirens were hooked into more and were enjoying this talk with the new Red Hood before them.

"Now I can just hand the good for you girls to enjoy to your heart's enjoyment, but business first. I need eyes and ears in Gotham, connections with names, quick escapes all around Gotham, and cell numbers to keep in connect. In return, I'm willing to work with you three and own a big one favor for you lovable ladies to call in, but has to be reasonable," Red Hood informed.

The Sirens thought deeply on this good deal and three thought to themselves. On one hand, it sounds like a good deal and the reward is good enough. Be his eyes and ears for the new Red Hood who will own them a favor which they can call in at any time and has to be reasonable. The deal is too good to pass away.

"So do we have a deal?" Red Hood asked.

The three shared a look before looking back at the hood.

"I believe we do," Catwoman answered for them.

Red Hood smirked underneath his helmet and could tell that this was the start of a good partnership.

This is going to be very interesting as big things are coming to Gotham.

Time Skip


Red Hood smirked as the Sirens have given him good information on Black Mask and his former gang bosses that use to work with him. The gangs were getting nothing but scarps of meat and needed to make a living off of something. No luck and this works for the hood perfectly as he gets his plan in motion.

He then sends a text to the crime bosses and has them meet up in a warehouse for his meeting. He knows that they'll listen to him, but has a plan for that and was in motion.



After being done on listening to their none sense and spoke, "Sit down, Freddy. It's my meeting."

"It's him."


"We didn't do anything!"

"Well, we know that's a lie," Red Hood said, stepping out of the shadows and got the whole group on guard.

"Who the hell are you!?"

"Smoke him!"

They were slow as Red Hood started to open fire at with hailstorm of bullets, missing his targets, and wanted them alive for his meeting. The crime bosses were taking cover and some covered their ears until the first clip was done which was reload, just in case.

"I said sit down!" Red Hood ordered.

"You wanna die? There are easier ways to kill yourself," One of the crime bosses said.

"Yeah, like yelling at the guy who's holding the AK-47," The hood remarked and made a good point as he rested his rifle up for now.

"Listen to me you drug peddling scumbags, I will running the drug trade from now on. You eight of the most prosperous street dealers in Gotham, I'm offering you morons a deal. You go about your business as usual but kick 40% to me. That's a much sweeter deal than the scraps Black Mask you huh?"

The crime bosses listen and didn't speak as the hood wasn't done yet.

"In return, you will have total protection from both Black Mask and Batman."

That's good, but there's something else.

"But you stay away from kids in schoolyards. No dealing with children, got it? If you do, you're dead," Red Hood warned, having his right grabbing a bag, just in case and make a strong point across the morons before him.

"Okay, crazy man this is all very generous. But why the hell we should listen to you?" One of eight asked, bring up a good questuion and got his answer.

Red Hood picks up the black duffel bag and throws it on the table before the eight to take a look at it. One of them open it and soon regret it because the bag had the heads of their top best lieutenants in the filed. Some throw up their dinner from seeing that and the rest back away from the bag.

"Damn," A crime boss commented.

"Those are the heads of all your lieutenants. That took me two hours. You all want to see I can get done in a whole evening?" Red Hood asked before aiming his Ak-47 forward.

"Make no mistake. I'm not asking to kick in with me...I'm telling you."

With that said, Red Hood open fire, having the second clip empty onto the table that was close on being ripped apart and disappeared before anyone noticed that he was evening there.

He doesn't need to stick around for the answer as he knows they will kick in with him. A better deal with the promise and if they don't, they're dead. Good understanding and 40% should work for them.

Small Time Skip

Red Hood then went to his motorcycle and drove to a nearby safe house for part of the afternoon but wanted to make a stop and check-in with someone. As the hood drives towards the place, he checked behind him a couple of times to make sure he wasn't followed which he wasn't and no one was around. Good, very good.

After driving and covering his tracks, Red Hood parked a good space away from where he was going and entered the building through an elevator for the top floor that the Sirens waiting for him.

Red Hood hummed, noticing that the elevator had no bad music, but he needs some quiet to himself, and beep was heard. The door opens and allows the hood to enter the top floor where he saw one of the Sirens relaxing on the bed.

"Hey Red," Red Hood greeted, seeing the nature goddess relaxing and trun her attention towards the young man.

Poison Ivy was alone as the rest of the Siren when doing their own thing and some alone time is nice once and awhile. She flipped over on her stomach to get a better view.

"I take that your meeting was great," She guested.

"In a way yes it was. Now I plan on taking down a few connections of Black Mask and get his attention by taking over his operations. That will make him piss," Red Hood said, taking his jacket off for the time being and sat on the sofa.

He'll start his plan once the eight crime boss gets the message out which will take a day or two for the rest to fall in line. he might as well get a few works in and make sure to stay under the Bat's watch for the time being. It was too early to make big moves against the Dark Knight and some jobs are needed. Slow and steady wins the race.

As Red Hood was in his thoughts, Poison Ivy was eyeing him with great interests and had a hidden plan in mind to see if this was the real deal. She wanted to check and make sure this new guy wasn't going to betray her and Sirens, mostly Harley. She had her ways and had a plan in motion to test it.

Poison Ivy got up off the bed, getting Red Hood's attention to look at her and was out of his thoughts. She started to move towards him with a sway of her hips, getting the young man's heart to beat and heat to rise. He didn't notice that some spores were coming off, but only felt different and his mind becoming heavily little.

Once Poison Ivy had made her way to the young man, she started to saddle him and had her arms wrapped around his neck. She had a sexual smirk on her face before having her spores being released and get some answers from the hood.

"Must be hard to work all night with this on," Poison Ivy said, taking her right hand and used her pointer finger to trance the chest muscle, getting the young man to moan a little and felt heat rising upon his face underneath his helmet & mask.

"S-some times, but not always. I get used to it," Red Hood said, doing his best to keep his cool and calm down but wasn't easy with a beautiful goddess before him.

"Use to it huh? Use to using others and stabbing in the back?" Poison Ivy asked as she lowers down to the side and had her breast be push up against on the chest, having some truth spores coming out in the air and have the young man take them in for some answers.

Red Hood noticed the air was becoming different which his helmet warned him and activated the built-in air filter for clean air. He smirked, a clever girl indeed, and will be honest with her questuion.

"Stab someone. Scumbags, rapists, and someone that pisses me off, yes a good stab in the back helps calm me down. But to stab a beautiful goddess, never in a million years, I would do that," Red Hood answered, having his hand be placed on the hips and caused her to be surprised at this reply.

A part of her was glad but the other was suprise of his honesty again. She blushed and tried to move, wanting to move on, but something happens.

Red Hood had his hands grabbed the butt of the red before him, getting her to moan and yelped in surprise as he stands up. He picks her up and moves them to the bed with him on top of her.

Poison Ivy was surprised by this sudden action, having her face being dark and felt the heat burning in her. Maybe she shouldn't use seduces moves, but another part of her was great and maybe could see his face.

Red Hood smirked as he lowers down and whispered into the red's ear, "You should be more careful next time. I happen to be honest around girls that are hot and drop-dead gorgeous. Just ask next time and my helmet has a built-in air filter. So, no spores or poisons are going in, my dear loving Gaia."

Poison Ivy's eyes widen as the blush calms down once Red Hood gets up and dust himself off. He grabbed his coat and head to another room for the night.

"Have a nice night," Red Hood said with a wink, leaving the redhead to herself and thoughts.

"You too Red Hood," Poison Ivy said with a smirk forming upon her face, having a feeling that she and the other Sirens are going to have some fun with this new hoodie as he won't hurt them. He also honest with them and the teasing game will come back and forth for them.

Oh, this just keeps on getting better and better.