Chapter 3 Under the Hood P2: The Chase is On and Old Memories

Red Hood's Penthouse (With the Sirens)

"No joke Red. You try to seduce Hood, but it backfired and he teased you big time. Oh, that's so good!" Harley laughed after listening to what her friend told her what happened last night.

Catwoman or Selina without her costume and wore some relaxing clothes for the morning smiled at her friend's bad luck. She had a feeling that she will be getting the same thing if and mostly tries to tease Red Hood in the same matter. Yeah, it will happen.

Poison Ivy or Pamela sighed, now regretting telling the story but was fine for now. The morning came and no sign of Red Hood but he left a note for the girls that said to enjoy the penthouse as their home for the time being and he was going to work to find Black Mask's connections. Seems good and the girls could use the time to talk more about the new guy that is very interesting to them.

The three of them had a feeling that something interesting was indeed coming and will be thanks to the new Red Hood.

With Red Hood

Red Hood felt chills, feeling that someone was talking to him and should be ready for three certain people to tease him more. He sighed and know that Talia might have his head if she finds out, but maybe it will be different and a good talk will happen. Yeah, a good talk and maybe not get shot but that's part may be unlucky. But anything can happen and move on.

Red Hood was looking for some of Black Mask's connections that could be small-time villains or other gangs that are with him. Either one works for the hood and has located a connected right now, the warehouse that houses all of Alice and Wonder Land playsets. Perfect place for a certain villain to hang out and will get old black's attention.

It's a start and showtime.

Red Hood kicked the door down, getting the dress up card guards to rush at him but were easily taken down with a few punches. He pulled out his P-22s and open some rounds into the guards coming at him, taking the bullets in the head or gut.

The hood vigilante reloaded his pistols before putting them away and walked upstairs to where the hat boss is at.

"What you got freak?" A guard asked as he walked to the vigilante but was punched in the throat and choke slammed into a table.

Two more tried to seak attack behind the hood but they were back punched in the face and slammed together to the head by the hood.

"Idiots," Red Hood commented as he keeps walking towards the office to see the Mad Hatter drinking his tea.

The Mad Hatter was shocked by this sudden hooded figure coming in but didn't mind as someone was coming in behind him.

"Now look what you have done, such a bad boy," Mad Hatter said, finishing his tea.

"You have no idea, Hattie," Red Hood said, pulling out his pistol and loaded in.

"I believe you overstay your welcome," A female voice said, getting the hood vigilante's attention to trun around and see the newcomer which almost made him skip a beat. (White Rabbit New 52)

"Well, rabbit, I would like to think my welcome is just started," Red Hood said before shooting the Mad Hatter in the shoulder and caused him to fall off his seat into the ground in pain.

White Rabbit jumped by the sound of the gun and saw the vigilante walking towards the hatter before shooting him again at the area that makes him a man. Now the second shoot made her flinched and was grateful for it to be honest. A tease of his own medicine for kidnapping little girls and hurt them because they look like Alice. It seems fair for both hood and rabbit to agree on.

"That felt good," Red Hood said before putting his gun away and kicked the hatter's lights out, not wanting to hear more of his screams of pain and move on.

He walked pass White Rabbit who was shocked that he didn't shoot or cuffed for the cops.

"What no cuffs?" White Rabbit asked, not that she mind but usually this is the part where she is cuffed and game of cat & mouse starts to her enjoyment. So she was missing her game to start.

"No because of two reasons. One your way to hot for jail and orange is not your color," Red Hood answered, getting the rabbit to smirk and blush a little at the comment.

"And the second?" She asked, walking and pushing her body up against the hood vigilante to which his hands grip lightly on her shoulders.

"You, White Rabbit can be a great help for my plans. I need some usual ears, everything that happens in Gotham and information on Black Mask's operation," The vigilante replied.

White Rabbit hummed for a second in thought and wonder what she'll get in return.

"Interesting but what's the reward for this little rabbit?" White Rabbit asked.

"A simple game for your heart to enjoy. I know you love to have Batman chase you around which is hard and play the cat & mouse game but in your case follow the white rabbit," Red Hood answered, having his hands gripping on the fine ass before him and got some moans from the white-haired woman.

"Oh~! You sure make a great offer, Minster Hood."

"Red Hood."

"Red Hood, interesting. Do you believe you can catch me? If Alice can't catch the White Rabbit and Batman had no luck? What makes you think you can catch me?"

"I have my ways, White Rabbit. Do we have a deal?"

White Rabbit smirked before kissing the side of the red helmet, leaving a pink kiss mark behind and part aways with a sway of her hips.

"Chase me if you can, Red Hood. Until next time," White Rabbit said before taking her leave and left the vigilante in his thoughts.

Red Hood smiled as reached in his jacket for a white cloth and cleaned his helmet from the kiss. He was grateful, yes, but this helmet needs to be clean and not have lipsticks. He whistles at his luck and could tell that he will have interesting events coming to him.

This keeps on getting better by the second.

Time Skip

Red Hood hummed in thought as he looks through a sniper scope to see the shipment going south thanks to Batman and Nightwing. He watched the events play out on the rooftop with a sniper just in case but if things go as he planned, he won't need it.

Mix's feelings and emotions were spinning inside the young man when seeing the Dark Knight and his first student in the action after five years. It caused Naruto to remember the old days, the days where he was a hero and had that one thing he didn't have...a family.

Red Hood sighed before shaking his head, getting those memories off for now and focus on his mission. He had his sniper wipe clean of anything and won't be traced back to him as have the gun set in the auto turret mode, aiming at the one sport for an opening and keep the Dark Knight busy to later gets his attention.

The hooded vigilante exited the area by his motorcycle and used his phone in his helmet to call his ally for a job.

"It's time, have Batman follow you to the Ace Chemicals and I will handle the rest," Red Hood informed.

"The rest of what? Catching me or giving his rabbit a treat?" White Rabbit teased.

Red Hood chucked at that and said, "I might finish the game of bat and rabbit but mission first then you get your treat, my sexy little white rabbit."

White Rabbit giggled on the other end and said, "Ohhh I can't wait, Mister Hood, and good luck!"

With that, the phone call ended and Red Hood was here at the Ace Chemicals. Now he waits for the Dark Knight but first need to set up some traps and have his mission get started more even more.

It didn't take too long as the sound of a crash through a glass window could be heard, meaning the rabbit has got the bat here for the first show to take place.

Batman and Nightwing had finished up at the dorks of the thugs but had to take cover from a sniper which trun out to be an auto-turret gun. Nightwing had disabled it with some hacking and disarmed the gun while talking with him to see if he can find anything.

Batman had seen White Rabbit leaving the scene and follow her to the Ace Chemicals which made no sense to the Dark Knight on why the rabbit theme villainess would come here. It made no sense but it brought some old and bad memories for him as he saw a familiar sport on where the birth of Joker happened.

The sounds of a gun being clicked got the Dark Knight's attention and look up to see this new vigilante that has been attacking Black Mask's operation, the new Red Hood.

"Hard to forget that night huh? Either way Batman, this was the sight of your first great failure. If you have saved the original and prevent the Joker from being born, then all those lives can be saved. Again greatest failure, but not your last, right?" Red Hood asked.

Batman narrowed his eyes at the hooded vigilante.

"Ah, memories that always spin in motion. Good old memories but they hurt and burn," Red Hood said before aiming his gun at the chemical part that gas leaking and started the fire.

Flames shot upwards, having the explosion happening and while destroy the whole building apart. During the whole chaos, Red Hood escaped easily and Batman had too but couldn't follow the new hood and would need to dig around for information on this new Red Hood as he seems familiar and odd to him.

With Red Hood, we see him on his ride and ready to take off but stopped as he felt someone behind and wrapping him, getting his attention. He saw White Rabbit hugging her with her arms wrap around his waist and rubbed herself onto him.

"Not that I don't mind, and I don't but why are you hugging me?" Red Hood asked.

"Well, I want to give my favorite red a hug and maybe ask for a ride to my place?" White Rabbit asked.

"Interesting question. Hmm, where's your place?" Red Hood asked, having his mindset and has time for a few drop-offs before getting big plans in place as he knows that Black Mask won't be happy of him smashing his job off the streets.

"Already asking me for my place? And we haven't had our first date."

"I will keep that in mind and might treat to a great chase game before that dinner date if you up to it."

"I already said yes to join you as your eyes and ears. So, I'm not backing out now, not before our chase game, and see if you can catch me."

"Deal, hold on."

Time Skip

After dropping White Rabbit off, Red Hood decided to wander around in his safe house aka penthouse, and clean his equipment for the next part of the mission tonight. He knows that Black Mask will have a piss fit and would order a shipment to come in which he would stop it. He doesn't need to control the weapons or anything, no the true goal is to get them out of the crime lord's dirty hands and to piss him off.

Looking around and made sure he was alone, Red Hood reached up and took his helmet off for the time being. He wore a black diamond mask with white eye holes and placed the red helmet down on the table as he cleans his gear up for the next parts of his plans to take place.

Unknown to him, he was being watched and had seen him took his mask off but only saw the back of the head and blonde hair but not the face much to their disappointment and were close. They will see who is under the mask and his attentions. Only one way to find out and would be interesting for sure.


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