Heartless to Heartfelt

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Summary: Daggered and buried deep within the ocean, Klaus has spent the last nine years in a torturous state. Haunted by memories of the past, and images of a child he never got to meet. Now awakened, but not the same. He is faced with a decision, can he forgive those who wronged him when a threat larger then they could anticipate appears? It will tear them apart if they do not unite.


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A thousand years ago their father forced their mother to do the unthinkable, to make them immortal. This actions was supposed to keep them safe, allow them to defend themselves. Neither their father nor their mother could have anticipated that this fate was indeed a curse, one that would trigger a prophecy that would lead them, a family of greatness, to fall.
One fell by friend.
One fell by foe.
And one fell by family.
For every move they had made throughout their lives had paved the way and with each relationship formed that person took on a role, while some were greater than others, none were insignificant.
And while they themselves would never admit it, they too had contributed to their own fates. They should have been a family united instead of a family divided.

To live again they rely on one person.


At ten years old she is left the hardest task of all. Reunite the original family.

But first she must face the person whom betrayed her. Her mother.

To understand how this came to be; how Hope found herself with her mother as the last standing Mikaelson; you need to start at the beginning. This is where two Mikaelson siblings made a choice that divided the family, making this ultimately possible.

Chapter One

"I can't do this. I've lost Kol and I feel like I am losing you. Why did you trust me with this?" Davina's hand tightened around his, squeezing. "I need you to tell me what to do because I don't know. I don't know how to fix this, Klaus."

He heard them. The words. It felt like someone was twisting the dagger around in his chest, the tip of it shredding his insides.
He wanted to squeeze her hand back, and remind her that she had the power. That she was one of the smartest witches he knew. That he knew she could figure this out, he had faith in her.

"Klaus. Please. I need a sign. Something. Anything. Please."

He felt the wet droplets on his hand, and he could picture her crying beside him. His heart ached. He had placed so much pressure upon her shoulders, and they never should have been forced to carry the weight. "I'm sorry. You can do this." He wanted to say, but the words wouldn't leave his mouth. Lips bound shut by the dagger.


Her cries faded along with the words, his brain clouded over again with the memory. The same memory that had been tormenting him since the morning it happened.

"Is this our only option?"

"Do you not agree with this decision, sister?"

"I thought as a family we would at least question our motives. This life however free it'll be, will one day come to an end when he wakes. I need to know that this is our only option because once we do this, once we close this lid our fates are sealed. When he awakens..."


"No Freya, you do not know him like I do. Nik is a fighter and one day he will be free and when that day comes we need to be prepared for the catastrophic war it'll cause."


"You know, Elijah; there will be no forgiveness. We end it now, and there will be consequences for our actions but if we go through with dropping him in the ocean, we'll be his enemies."

"Niklaus is who keeps us bound to New Orleans, by removing him from the equation we free ourselves. We will be able to have a start fresh, give Hayley's daughter a chance to grow up uninfluenced by the evil that is our brother."

"I must agree with Freya; Hayley's child must be our priority. I worry with Niklaus in her life she will always be in danger. Not just from his enemies but the version of him that is unhinged. This little girl is the hope for our family, a chance to do better and I have seen no evidence to suggest she is anything more then a pawn to him."

"He'll be our enemy, when he wakes he will hunt us down."

"Then we cast an even stronger spell to keep him sleeping. Where is Hayley?"

He had heard every word as though it had been spoken into his ear. They had chosen to rid the world of him, painting him as the enemy. Those years he was in the ocean, before his body had been rescued by Davina and Marcel, had been agony. He had suffocated and drowned repeatedly knowing all while that it was them who did this to him, yet now he did not blame them from hating him. Hatred had been all he had known from the moment of his birth. He'd asked a witch once to show him Mikael's memory of that moment, hoping it would give him the insight into the hatred his father held for him. All it had done was tell him there was no reason.

Kneeling beside her on the straw floor of the hut, he watched her cradle the child close to her chest much like she had done with the previous three yet he could see that a look of love did not cloud her features, just as it did not fill his heart.
Mikael had loved Freya, she was indeed a perfect child, a carefree spirit. Finn was a good son, Elijah the obedient.
This was different, Mikael could feel it. Love surrounded him at the sight of his newborn children but not for this one. His body was filled with the emotions of disappointment and anger. This was not the daughter he had been promised and for that he blamed her.

"You were certain this child would be a daughter. It was the only reason I allowed you to bare another."

"I am sorry, my love. I was convinced the nature of this child was female. Perhaps the gods are..."

Mikael stood from his crouch, using this weight to hurl the wooden bowl from the table across the room into the door of the hut. "Do not speak of the gods within these walls; if they existed then our dear Freya would not be dead. Instead of returning from a hunting expedition to hold my daughters ashes, I would have held her in my arms." He did not miss the way she lowered her head; ashamed because she knew that he blamed her for the death of their daughter. He had entrusted her with the care of their children and with that one had died.

"Please do not be angry, my love, we can try again to conceive a girl."

"Only to burdened with another son, like this child, another unwanted mouth to feed?" He turned to face her; eyes blazing with a look she had not witnessed since he had learnt of Freya's death. "You'll never bare another child."

"Mikael, please, allow this to be a new beginning." Though there was no light in her eyes as she spoke the words, "Niklaus...

"Niklaus?" He looked displeased, glaring down at the babe. "A perfect name for an unwanted spawn. A bastard."

In the time he had been lost, hidden in slumber, hate consumed him, taken over his body and then disappeared leaving him to feel nothing other then despair. He had lost everything, not that he was sure he had it all to begin with.
Betrayed by the family that he loved; the family he fought to protect; the family that promised him always and forever, a vow that was no longer intact. He was certain that a part of him now understood how they had felt upon waking from his daggerings. What they would never know was that he had only ever daggered them in fear of their safety, never had it been for revenge.

Seven Months Later

"Josh," Marcel held the phone to his ear, slipping into Klaus's art studio and closing the door behind him. "What's happened?" Most would call him paranoid for assuming the worst but in their world, during this particular time, everything seemed to be on edge, slowly falling apart.

"It's surfaced."

They each had their own roles to play, Davina's sole focus was Klaus. Marcel ran the city, keeping the peace and working with both the witches and wolves to eliminate enemies that entered their home town. Josh tracked one very important project and eliminated any enemies that he came close to in his travels. "When?"

"About an hour ago, was only traceable for a few moments, now it is concealed again."

Marcel ran his hand over his head. "This can only mean one thing; whoever has it had finally decided to do something with it."

"I hate to say it, Marcel, but I wish Klaus was awake. Has Davina made any progress?"

"He'll wake." Marcel didn't answer Josh's question directly; there was no point in repeating the same news. "Where are you now?"

"Just got back. I'll swing by the compound in five."


Her eyes studied the face of the original hybrid. This was the man she had once despised yet the same man she had spent the last nine years searching for, only to be devastated when he didn't wake up once the dagger was removed. In-fact he had gotten feverish and ever so quietly moaned in pain until she made the choice to shove it back in his chest and he stopped. "I promised I would find you," She knelt down beside his casket, taking his hand in hers like she did almost everyday. "It's been seven months since I tried to remove the dagger, Klaus, and I still haven't found a way to wake you. What is my next move supposed to be? I wish you could tell me and for once I might listen."

"He would say you are over thinking it."

Davina glanced away from Klaus' body to find Marcel leaning in the door frame. "Were you eavesdropping?"

That was the least of their concerns. "Klaus would say; you are a powerful hybrid. You can feel the magic flowing through your veins. You're powerful,"

"I might be, but I am not strong enough for this. There must be a limit, Marcel." Davina stared into the casket. "I defied the law of nature, and retained my magic. You can be one or the other but never both. Maybe this is the price I have to pay, maybe they want him to stay down."

There was no creature more powerful then the original hybrid.
Even his daughter, born of three species. Witch, vampire and wolf. There was always a price to pay, a downfall. She could never be all three. She would always be limited.
It was the same for her. Yes she was a powerful witch, but when she used her magic, her vampire side weakened; and when she stopped, it took time for the vampire side to re-kick. She too was limited.

"Why did he trust me with this?" The promise she made Klaus was weighing on her heavily, and with each day that passed she was failing him.

"You're telling me that your family is attempting to dagger you?"

"They haven't attempted yet love, otherwise I would be indisposed."

Davina shook her head, not quiet believing what he was saying. "Your family wouldn't. They might think about it, who hasn't, but they would never do it."

Klaus smirked. "Thought about it have you, love?"

"Many times." She was honest with him, because he was honest with her. "I am not stupid enough to try though. You may be sadistic and cruel, and sometimes utterly infuriating but you are a force we need in this world. Especially with all the evils we face."

"To them, I am the evil." They took a seat on a bench. "They have a dagger, and if they do succeed then I need you to find me."


"Davina," He mimicked her tone, knowing exactly what she was about to say and he did not wish to argue with her. "If they execute their plan..."

"Hayley is heavily pregnant with your child. How can you willing let them do this?"

"I am not..."

"You don't seem angry and ready to fight the fate."

"I have betrayed the trust of my siblings a great many times. I have committed cruel acts against them and those they have come to love."

"You told me that it was mostly for them,"

"Yet I still hurt them." He gave her a smile. "I will not allow them to dagger me without a fight. I will fight to be here for my child."

"Surely Rebekah would never do this to you. Despite how you fight, she loves you."

"It is not about Rebekah."

"Then Freya and Elijah. Elijah has spent the better part of a thousand years by your side."

"And now he'll spend it by my daughters. He feels as though I will use her as a weapon to seek power."


"Never-mind." He gave her a small smile. "What matters is, that if I fail and they succeed, I need you to find my body and free me from my slumber."

Davina could feel it in her bones, he thought that they would succeed and he would not see his child be born.
His eyes might have been guarded, his features not giving away any emotion but she knew. He was scared. "I promise. I promise to find and wake you if they someone manage to dagger you."

"Thank-you, little witch." His words were sincere and although he wouldn't admit it aloud it was nice to have someone on his side.

"I could always..." Davina extended the silent offer to use magic but he shook his head.

"I cannot ask that of you, and I cannot bring myself to want it. I told them I was changing, if I ask you to use magic on them then I am no different to who they expect me to be." He reached across and grabbed her hand, squeezing gently. "I'll be okay."

"You better be."

"Marcel, I don't think I can fix this. I've looked everywhere, in every book and resource I could find."

"Then you're looking in the wrong place. It isn't a book you need."

Both Davina and Marcel's heads whipped around, to see a brunette with a cocky smile leaning against the door frame. "Who are you?" The latter asked, defensively, as both he and Davina took a stance in front of the casket.

"The woman who is going to solve all your problems."

"It isn't you who will be doing the solving."

Davina raised her eyebrow at the blonde who walked into the room, sending a glare towards the brunette female. "Who are you?" If they wanted Klaus, then they would have a fight on their hands.

"Someone from Klaus's past."

The blonde laughed slightly. "Oh please. Stop trying to act mysterious. She is Katherine. I'm Caroline." She tilted her head in their direction. "And you are?"


"Davina." Davina eyed them, they were clearly vampires, but what did they want. "Why are you here?"

"To help, of course." Katherine gestured towards the casket. "It's taking you quiet a while to wake him; and we thought we could lend a hand."

"Why would you..."

"How do you expect..."

"We need some help; and Klaus being daggered in a casket isn't exactly helping." Katherine sighed, walking across the floor. "Have you tried just..."

"Don't!" Davina exclaimed, pushing Katherine's hand away before she could grab the dagger and pull it out. "You think I wouldn't have thought of that?!"

"Katherine, must you irritate them." Caroline sighed. "Look, we need Klaus's help, he is currently daggered, which isn't a good predicament since we need him awake. So my daughters can help."

Marcel frowned. "Your daughters?"

"Yes." Caroline popped her head outside the room. "Come here, girls." She grabbed their hands as they entered the room, keeping them beside her.

"Children?" Davina asked, the disbelief setting in her tone.

"Don't insult them. They are power little ones." Katherine snapped.

"Calm down, Kitty Kat." Caroline rolled her eyes. "They may be children; but they are the only two who are going to be able to help you." She knelt down in front of her daughters. "Remember what we talked about?"

Lizzie, who was the most forward of the two nodded. "A magical object was put inside Klaus and nobody can take it out..."

"We can." Josie mumbled quietly.

Caroline nodded. "That's right, you can."

"We have to take the magic from Klaus and the..."

"Dagger." Katherine supplied.

Lizzie bobbed her head in acknowledgement. "The dagger and and hold it, when the dagger is out of his body, we put the magic back into it and you will lock it in a box, mommy."

Caroline squeezed their hands gently. "That's right; and if it gets to much, you tell me, okay?"

"Hang on." Marcel interrupted. "How do we know this isn't just some ploy to get close to the Klaus and..."

"Klaus loves me." Caroline told him, confidence filling her voice. "He has since the moment he laid eyes on me, and I might not have admitted it then but I am rather fond of him to." She gave them both a stern stare. "So, I suggest you move out of the way, and allow us to right a wrong."

"Mommy, can we use her?"

Caroline watched Josie point at Davina. "What do..."

"She has magic." Josie told her. "It won't hurt." She promised the witch.

"What do you..."

Lizzie skipped forward. "Take my hand." Lizzie told Davina. "It's okay. We won't hurt you." Lizzie promised.

Davina looked at Marcel, who was frowning. "Uh..."

Caroline inched forward. "They'll channel your power along side theirs. No need for you to do anything." Her daughters were siphoners, while they were witches they didn't actively have powers, they had to be able to access magic either from an object or another magically being. They wore magical bracelets on their wrists made by Bonnie which allowed them to draw on the elements to use their magic if they absolutely needed.

Marcel nodded. "We should try." He didn't like trusting people he didn't know, but he could almost swear he had heard Klaus mention Caroline before. A fleeting moment.

Davina bit her bottom lip, but slipped her hand into the little girls, watching as the blonde wrapped her other hand around the dagger while the brunette placed her hand on Klaus cheek.



The small of the red substance was intoxicating, overwhelming him as he tried to sooth the hunger that was consuming his body.
He waited until he had drained every last drop of blood from the bag before he opened his eyes, squinting as he adjusted to the brightness. "Where..." His voice sounded scratchy and he attempted to clear his throat.

"Here. You'll need these."

He looked down at the bags of blood that landed in his lap; instinct took over with his hands moving at their own pace. He ripped the plastic with his teeth and the blood seeped out of the bag moving past his lips down his throat. A low moan escaped his mouth with pleasure as he squeezed the bag dry, inhaling the smell and allowing his senses to take over.


He didn't know how long it had been since he had tasted it the divine substance but when he finally finished the last one, he tossed it aside.

"Where is she?...Caroline?"

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