Heartless to Heartfelt

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Chapter Two

The pen dropped from her hand onto the table, rolling along the dark wooden top and onto the floor, making a popping sound as it landed on the marble tiles beneath her feet. Her hand shook unsteadily over her heart as she attempted to steady her breathing. The wolf who had been beside her started whining, placing it's head on her leg.

"Mommy," Hope whined, gripping onto the wolfs fur, listening to the sound of feet that came storming down the stairs.

"Hope, are you alright? What happened?"

Hope opened her eyes at the sound of his voice. "My heart, dad, my heart is shaking." She rubbed the area where her heart laid inside her chest. "Something is different. I feel different, dad."

"Elijah, what happened?"

Elijah glanced up at his sister, as he gathered Hope in his arms. "I'm not sure. It's alright, Hope. Everything is going to be alright." The wolf whined when Hope was taken away from her. "I've got it, Hayley, I've got it."


"Freya; what is going on?" He listened to Hope whimper in his arms.

Freya bit her bottom lip, looking down at Hope. "I don't know, we'll figure it out. Hope, sweetie, what is hurting?"

"My heart. Auntie Freya, my heart is on fire!" Hope buried her head in Elijah's jacket. "Make it stop!"

He was silent, the opposite reaction of what they expected but his head was spinning; his mind racing as he tried to reason with himself. This was reality, or was it an illusion, was his mind simply teasing him with what he could not have?
His eyes roamed over her being, beautiful just like he remembered. Her hands were rested on the shoulders of a little brunette, one he had never seen. "Caroline," He blinked, tearing his eyes away from her. There was one burning question on the tip of this tongue. "Where is she?"

Davina let the question linger in the air, partly out of surprise by what had happened, but also because she wasn't sure which was the appropriate way to answer the question. "I..." She blinked; watching him rise out of the casket, the realization settling into her bones. "All this time," She mumbled to herself, as if she couldn't make sense of it. Two little girls had saved him. Not her. Not like she promised. Her eyes followed him as he stepped over the edge of the casket. "Klaus," Davina jumped up and caught his arm when he stumbled, the worry creeping into her voice. "Are you alright? How do you feel? You should lie down."

"I've been lying in a casket. I need to stand." He straightened himself up slightly, wincing at the feeling in his back. It would take more then a few blood bags to restore his strength. He could feel Davina's hand lingering but made no attempt to brush her off, instead accepting her help. "How do I feel?" He repeated the question to himself. It seemed simple, and if it was related to his physical well being it was, but mentally and emotionally, well, he was spinning himself into a web internally.
The facts were all he could focus on right now.


He heard Marcel's voice and could see him standing with Josh, both of them looked shell shocked as if they couldn't believe what they were seeing. "I'm fine." It was true, he felt reasonably okay. He was well enough to be standing, not well enough to be running. Was this how his siblings felt each time they woke?
His eyes continued to flicker, landing back on Caroline, he had not expected to see her, or... "Katerina,"

She flinched, none else would have noticed because she had endured years of practicing her reactions. Yet he could see, he could tell because he had spent years hunting her. He could feel her nervousness.
The only time she willingly walked into a room where he was, was if she had a plan to eliminate him. Except she did seem like she wanted to eliminate him now.

"Her name is Katherine. Auntie Kat,"

Klaus's eyes diverted away from Katherine to the blonde standing in front of her. He took note of the way Katherine gripped the girls shoulders as if she was warning her. He never wanted that. There was never a reason for a child to fear him, after all he would never hurt them. A thousand years and countless cruel acts, though never on or toward a child. "I see." He acknowledged the girl when she glared at him.
Feisty. Not scared.

"They woke you." Marcel's voice interrupted. "All these years trying to find you and then wake you, and these twins, they..." He shook his head almost as if he didn't believe what they had accomplished.

"Mommy," Josie tugged on Caroline's arm, nervous since Klaus had now diverted his gaze to her.

Caroline could sense that her daughter needed her, picking her up to settle her on her hip. Josie was her shy one. Not eager to attract attention. "It's okay, sweetheart." She reassured.

Klaus felt as though the wind had been knocked out of him. Mommy. "How much time has past?" He questioned, struggling to keep his focus.

"Nine years."

Klaus listened to the words leave Marcel's lips. Nine years. That was 3285 days that he had missed with his child. Much longer then he had anticipated, yet no where near as long as his siblings had endured because of him.
His eyes found Caroline's and then the girls. "I have a lot to thank you for."

"Well you could say it. Where is your manners?"

"Lizzie!" Caroline exclaimed. "You mind your own manners. Mister Mikaelson has been through a lot."

Klaus's lips twitched, just slightly. "Aren't you a firecracker?...Thank-you." He saw the way she smiled in triumph once he thanked her.

"So you'll help save Uncle Stefan?"

Klaus took note that Katherine's eyes were now fixated on his. The question had clearly triggered something within her. "What..."

"He was bit by a wolf..." Caroline started, but Katherine was quick to interrupt.

"Not just any wolf. Your child's mother."


"He should have all the details. It wasn't some run of the mill werewolf, it was Hayley."

Caroline placed Josie in Katherine's arms and the older vampire had no choice but to grab hold of the girl. "Take the girls downstairs,"

"You cannot be..."

"Now." Caroline's voice left no room for argument.

"Mommy, be nice."

Caroline smiled at Josie. "Auntie Kat is taking you downstairs."

Katherine sighed. "You're lucky my nieces are fond of their mother." She grabbed Lizzie's hand and tugged the blond child along.

"That was unnecessary, love; Katerina is..."

"What do you mean Hayley?" Marcel inquired. "Why would she..."

"Are you certain?" Klaus asked, his head was spinning a little, mostly from the over flow of information, not being able to digest it properly, yet also from the people in the room that he hadn't expected to see.

"Very certain." Caroline confirmed, she suspected that the people in the room were people Klaus trusted otherwise she assumed they wouldn't be here. "About a month ago we stumbled across Elijah's scent. Normally I would have kept moving but we had heard you were missing, and Tyler had mentioned the werewolf that had been pregnant with your child. I admit to being curious, after all the child was part of you..."

Marcel scoffed. "Great, you're one of those. You see her as a circus attraction..." He frowned when Josh bumped him in the shoulder.

"No!" Caroline corrected him, but her eyes never left Klaus. "I wanted to make sure she was safe. There was not a single person who had heard from you, and while many theories floated about I knew you would never abandon your child."

Klaus rolled his shoulders. "You think too highly of me, sweetheart." His voice wasn't mocking, he was just stating what he thought was a fact.

"Family is everything to you, Klaus. You would never leave her, at least not willingly." Caroline knew within her bones, just by looking at him, that something was different.

"So what happened to Stefan?" Davina asked, that was what they were here for. The quicker they moved this conversation along, the quicker they would move on.

Caroline leaned back against the bookshelf. "This particular day, Stefan and I were scouting the woods by the house, just trying to catch a glimpse and I did. I saw her, so young and carefree. I was distracted for a moment and then Stefan was shouting, we were running and then she caught him. Bit him before I could make a move. I shouted his name, and it was as if she registered my words."

Klaus wasn't exactly sure which direction this story was heading. He knew he was the only cure for a wolf bite but a bite that happened a month ago...

"I swear I could see remorse in her eyes."

"Still going to kick her ass."

Caroline rolled her eyes as Katherine's voice came floating up the stairs. "Calm down, Kitty." She took a deep breath. "Bonnie placed him in a coma of sorts, the venom is still spreading just very slowly. We need..."

Klaus nodded, glancing at Josh. "A glass if you please, Joshua." He closed his eyes, grateful that Davina had her hand on his arm steadying him.


He opened his eyes, looking across at her again. That look in her eyes, he had seen that before. "What is it, Caroline?"

"Her name is Hope."

Klaus froze, the name that Caroline spoke, played over in his mind. It was fitting for a princess but it was not a name he had helped chose.
He had not wished to be a father, after all there was no reason for him to need nor want a child, yet as threats loomed over her before her birth, reality set in. This was his daughter, he had every intention of protecting her, even if it meant sacrificing himself to do so.
Yet people and circumstances got in the way, and she was taken from him before she could even take his first breath.


His eyes snapped to Josh who passed him a glass, and Klaus immediately bit into his wrist and allowed the blood to flow, once the glass was half full he held it out to Caroline. "I believe, Katerina, will want this."

Caroline nodded. "Thank-you, Klaus."

"How about we give the man a moment now. He just woke up from a nine year sleep. Let's give him a drink."

Klaus nodded his appreciation to Josh. Perhaps it would buy him enough time to get his thoughts straight because right now his mind was running in circles.

Davina walked through the quarter with Josh by her side; they were heading back in the direction of the compound. Marcel had ordered them both out of the compound over an hour ago, wishing to give Klaus a few moments of peace.
It also gave her a moment to breathe, he was awake and safe which gave her a new sense of freedom but also filled her with an uncertainty.
She just couldn't shake the feeling of failure that swarmed within the back of her mind. In the end, after all that research, all those months spent trying everything she knew, and it hadn't even been her. She hadn't woken him.

"Davina, you alright?"

She startled slightly, turning to Josh. "Hmm. I..." She couldn't burden him with her thoughts, he'd try to tell her she was being silly, that she had done so much for Klaus. "Should we tell him the truth? It doesn't seem right to keep it from him." She knew that Josh would instantly know what she was talking about, it proved when he stopped in his tracks. The compound was in view, and they couldn't enter with this conversation between them, especially since Klaus could over hear.

"Marcel was clear, until we know more we keep it between us besides I haven't been able to locate it."

"He would want to know about this. You said it surfaced."

"For a few moments. Nothing that allowed it to be traced."

Josh knew that she was right, Klaus would want to know what he was facing, he would want to know what they had been battling with for the last nine years but Marcel didn't want him to be made aware of it yet. "Look, nothing dangerous has occurred because of it." He saw the unsure look in her eyes. "Marcel wants to give him time to adjust. It's been a long time and he doesn't need to be thinking about battle right now. We don't know his state of mind." There were many sides to Klaus, who knew which one they would be dealing with now or in a few hours, he could change. "Besides; he already has a lot going on, Davina, we don't want to over load him." He spoke of that woman Caroline, she had still been at the compound when they had left.

Davina turned to look at the upper level of the compound. This didn't sit right with her, keeping something of importance from him, knowing that when he found out he would surely be angry and they would endure his wrath, but her heart did tug slightly when she saw the shadow of him in the window of Hope's nursery, the one she had never spent a night in.
Perhaps a small amount of time to heal was appropriate. "And the other thing..."

"It didn't work, there is no need to upset him over something that never came to light." He wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "You should soak in this moment. We brought him home, his awake. Against all odds Klaus is back with us Davina. Take this as a win."

"If this is a win then why does it feel like the beginning of a war?" She leaned her head on his shoulder and they begun to walk.

"Enjoy the moment because if there is one thing we know about the Mikaelson family, it is that nothing ever stays peaceful for long. There is always something lurking in the shadows waiting for the right moment to strike them down." He rubbed her shoulder with his hand. "Don't worry about what we can't control, if what we do know surfaces again and we are faced with danger then we will handle it. We're more equipped now."

Since Caroline had mentioned her name, his everything thought had been of his little girl, of the knowledge that he had lost nine years. That the crib he was standing above would no longer serve a purpose. His daughter was no longer a baby but a child, a young girl full of wonder and life.
It was nine years, soon to be ten, missed because of a choice his family made. He had been outraged by their choice, but lying in that casket had given that anger time to transform into hurt then sorrow. He no longer felt the need to go on a murder spree, which was what he would have done nine years ago.
It was only now that he realized that he was achieving what Elijah and Rebekah always wished for, yet they were not here to witness his change.
And if there was ever a show of change, it was that he helped Katerina and Caroline instead of tearing his way out of New Orleans in search for Hope.

The creaking of the door drew his attention; and he took a sip from his glass, bourbon laced with human blood, an attempt to try and ease this hunger he felt.

Caroline leaned against the doorway observing the thousand year old hybrid from the other side of the room. "It's a lot to take in,"

Klaus hummed, turning around to look at her. "Marcel is downstairs waiting for me to lose my mind, to enact some type of revenge."

"Are you going to?" Caroline raised her eyebrow.

Klaus ran his fingertips along the rail of the crib. "I don't believe I am."

"You made this for her?" She walked across the room to place her hand on the side of the crib.

Klaus nodded. "Yes. They simply thought this was another one of my art studios, never set a foot inside. I wanted it to be a surprise." He didn't say it aloud, but it hurt to know that she never spent a night in the crib he carved for her.

"It's beautiful, Klaus."

"Yes it is. Where are your girls?"

"Sleeping in the living room. Using magic can take a toll on them."

Klaus tilted his head, they had used magic for him. To wake him up. "I..."

"They'll be fine. Just need to rest." Caroline placed a hand on his arm. "Do you need to talk?"

"Is Katerina gone?"

It wasn't what she wanted to speak about, she wanted to know how he was doing. Waking up after nine years, that was a big chunk of time to loose. Yet he was avoiding the conversation, and she wouldn't push him, not if he wasn't ready. "Yes; gone back to Stefan and Bonnie. No doubt they'll appear again."

"Not leaving to be with them?" He raised his eyebrow at her.

Caroline smiled. "I thought the girls and I could stay for a bit, but if..."

"I'd like that." He touched her cheek gently with his fingertips, hearing the door downstairs click. "I believe they've returned."

"It seems you have quiet the support system here."

"It seems I do."

"Well then, you can introduce me now that we aren't gawking at you."


He knew the moment that he and Caroline stepped into the dining room what they were all waiting for. They'd been on edge the moment he had awoken, he could sense it. They were waiting for his temper to arise, for him to demand they seek out his child, and family so that he could enact some form of revenge.
How he was portraying himself was clearly not someone they were used to. In fact, he had yet to ask them anything about Hope.

"Caroline; I would like to introduce you to; Marcel, my son. Davina, my little witch and Joshua, a friend." He reached for the wine in the middle of the table, not looking to see their reactions, instead filling himself a glass.

"Excuse me...son?" Caroline smacked him on the shoulder. "All those moments in Mystic Falls, you asked me to travel the world with you and somehow, somewhere along the way you forgot to mention you had a son?!"

"To be fair, I thought he was dead."

Caroline hit his shoulder again. "You are unbelievable."

"Actually, that's just Klaus." Marcel kicked his feet up onto the table, and leaned back in his chair. "It's wonderful to meet you, Caroline." He smiled at her.

Caroline returned his smile. "You as well."

Josh cleared his throat leaning over to whisper to Davina. "Did he just call me a friend?"

"I think so."

"Great, the fucking dagger has sent him loopy."

Klaus smirked, raising his head to look at Josh. "Take it as a compliment. It's all you get."

"I'll take it." Josh grinned.

Klaus rolled his eyes. "The three of you live here?"

"Davina and I do. Josh is staying at my old place. They didn't..."

"I never expected that they would stay here." The only natural conclusion was they would discard him in the ocean and run far away.

"They fled not long after, a few hours at most. Davina and I moved in here, she was devoted to searching for you. Being here made it easier. She sees you in a new light, Klaus, one I never thought..."

"Don't get sappy." Davina kicked Marcel under the table shutting him up before he could out her to Klaus.

Marcel looked across the table at the witch he'd adopted as his sister, and in her features he could see see that breakdown, they had only been searching for his body for a few months. He saw how drained she was, how exhausted and broken.

"D, you have got to rest. You are going to run yourself into the ground. We'll figure this out, it's just going to take time."

"I cannot. You don't understand, Marcel. I promised him. I told him I would find him and each day I fail. Each day..."

Marcel reached forward and placed a hand on her shoulder. "You're doing your best. You're not failing."

Davina shook her head, taking a step back from him. "He hated me, but Kol's death, it changed us. We found a mutual understanding. I cannot fail him, not after I made a promise, not after he trusted me." She looked up at him, determination in her eyes, though it was the tears that broke his heart. "He doesn't trust, Marcel, you know this. He doesn't trust people but he did trust me and I...I can't break it."

"Hey, you won't. Davina, you will find a way."

Davina felt his arms embrace her and she gripped his t-shirt in her hands. "I can't lose him. I can't, Marcel. I just found him." She placed her head on his chest. "I'm failing. I can't find him, and I can't stop Marcel. I need him. I won't stop til he's home."

"We won't stop, Davina."

"He's the only parent I have left, Marcel. Don't let me lose him." She cried.

"Davina was devoted to finding me. What exactly have you two been doing?" Klaus sat down, passing a glass of wine to Caroline who sat to his right.

"I run the city, keep everyone working together. Being based here allows me to deal with any of your enemies that have enough courage to come into the city." Marcel reached for his glass of bourbon.

Klaus looked over at Josh, he was sitting on his phone, now remaining rather silent. "And what do you do, Joshua?" He watched the vampire look up quickly, though there was no fear in his eyes where there once would have been.

Josh knew he couldn't tell Klaus the entire truth of what he did, so he went for a part of the truth. "Marcel provides me with names of people who are looking for Hope, and I eliminate them." To an extent that was the truth.

"With the help of your boyfriend."

Josh nudged Davina with his foot. "Yes, with the help of Aiden. I tend to deal with threats that are further away. Marcel eliminates anyone in the nearby radius to New Orleans."

"Why come here? She clearly isn't here."

"We feed false information from time to time. It sends more people this way, and we can maintain it better."

"What is the plan, are you going to reconnect with Hope and your siblings?" Davina asked the question that they had all been dying to know the answer to.

"Is Hayley with Elijah?" He knew even before he was daggered that Elijah and Hayley had a connection, they wished to be a couple and with him out of their lives it only seemed fitting for them to now act upon that.

Davina shifted in her seat. "I saw them leaving the compound, that day; they kissed outside the doors. So I can only..."

"It would seem likely then." Klaus spoke to himself.

The four vampires at the table braced themselves, awaiting his reaction. He knew they were waiting to see if he would explode at the knowledge of his daughters mother, and his brother together. Yet his expression never changed.

"No." He mumbled a few moments later. "We'll keep them safe, but we will not tell them I have surfaced. They buried me for a reason, my bond with them is not what it once was." He stood up and walked out of the dining room.

Tracking enemies, making sure his daughter and family stayed safe was his main priority. Their betrayal had wounded him deeply but he would not allow that to mess with his mind. He had always tried to protect them and he would always continue to do so, from this day until his last. He would make sure his family never came to harm at the hand of others.

He slipped into his art studio, suddenly feeling a hand on his arm. "Ca..."

"You are just going to give up? You are going to walk away from her."

He frowned. "Caroline,"

"She's your daughter."

"It's not that simple. I'm damaged, Caroline." He reached behind her and slammed the door shut, sealing them into a private space. "That dagger it changed things...I've seen things."


"What will I tell her, Caroline? How will I explain where I have been?" He placed his hands on the desk, staring at the papers spread across them, drawings he'd done before he was daggered. "How can I destroy every image of the family she has? Rip it apart and upset her entire world. She doesn't deserve it."

"You are her father,"

"If I walk into her life, I will destroy it. She'll end up despising them; or not believing me and despising me." He swiped the pictures of the desk in a wave of anger but it was half-hearted. he just did not have the energy. "They took her from me." He fell back in the desk chair. The tears trailing down his cheeks. Emotions he had been trying to hold in. "They took her."

Caroline walked across the floor, and grabbed his face in her hands. "You are her father. God, Klaus; you didn't deserve this." She watched him close his eyes and her heart broke for him. "You're her father." She whispered to him again.


Hayley stood in the bedroom bare feet and naked, her eyes glaring straight into Elijah's, a fierce anger spreading through her body. "Where is she? Where is my daughter?"

"How are you...you're..."

"In my body?" Hayley finished his sentence. "I don't know. I don't know how! A year Elijah," Hayley snapped, shoving his hand away from her body as he tried to touch her. "A year! A years of watching you and Freya be the parents. A years of watching you make all the decisions."


She shoved his chest, hard enough for him to stumble back. "A year, Elijah; since you cursed me to this hell!" She shoved him again.

"Hayley, please understand..."

"Understand?! You cursed me because I didn't agree because I wanted to give her more then this."


Tears rushed down her face due to the anger she was feeling. Anger toward him, toward Freya. "I want her to have a life! To not stay cooped up in this house with nowhere to go. To be not be home schooled. It's not a life, Elijah!" She turned around and grabbed a t-shirt and sweats from the draw, pulling them on. "This life was meant to be better, it was supposed to be normal but she can't even leave this house without someone by her side."

"Hayley, please; this house is safe. If we moved, it others found out..."

"You're a coward, Elijah."

"I was trying to keep her safe."

Hayley stared at him with a fierceness like no other. "She's my child to keep safe. Not yours. She has never been yours! I decide what is best for her. Not you, not Freya!" She saw the hurt creep into his eyes, but she was to angry to let it affect her.

The door opened and both Freya and Rebekah stumbled in, gasping with shock at her appearance. "Hayley?"

"When we put Klaus down, it was with the intention we would live a free life. Where is the freedom, Elijah?" Hayley asked the burning question.

Elijah sighed, his eyes closed. "There cannot be freedom while someone continues to hunt us."

"Whose fault is that?" Rebekah snapped.

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