Heartless to Heartfelt

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Chapter Six

He lent against the door frame; eyes taking in the scene in front of him. Never in all his lifetime did he think he would come home to four women in his bed.
His love.
Her daughters.
His witch.
All curled up, the tv playing very quietly not loud enough to disturb them from their slumber.

He didn't deserve them in his life, any of them. They were innocent. Far to innocent to have him ruin their chances at happiness which he knew would eventually happen. Klaus knew he could never truly be happy, he had done many terrible things in his lifetime; he had taken happiness from others. It was only natural that his would eventually be taken from him.
He had to soak in these moments because he knew they wouldn't last forever.

"Hey, you're home."

Klaus focused on Caroline, as she inched out from under the covers, laying Josie's arm over Lizzie's body. He smiled at her briefly; it wasn't to long of a drive from Atlanta to New Orleans but it had taken a little longer then anticipated to get home since they bumped into someone who needed to be taken care of.
His enemies were every where. The more that died; the more likely that he could hold on to this happiness for a while longer.

"I'm home." He wrapped his arms around Caroline's body pulling her towards him, and hiding his face in her hair, inhaling her scent. "How did you go?"

Caroline grabbed his hand, pulling him out of the room and into the library across the hall. "Good. I found a school for the girls." Once the door was shut, she leaned up and placed her lips against his, feeling his arms holding her close.

Klaus felt his body relax as he kissed her, the calm radiating through his body. He held her close, and allowed his mind to be at ease. She was his. "They are going to school here," He breathed, resting his forehead against hers.

"Of course. This is where we live,"

Klaus couldn't help but tighten his grip on her. She had said they were staying. He had given her girls rooms. They admitted they loved each other and now she had enrolled them in school.
But yet he still could not erase that feeling from his mind and body. The thought that penetrated his head. For how long? How long would they stay?

"Klaus," Caroline called his name, trying to bring him to focus. "Nik," She saw him blink at that. "I love you. The girls and I are here to stay. You know that right?"

Klaus nodded slightly; but it did little to ease the fear within him. He knew Caroline could stay for a thousand years but the thought would always remain. "Stefan, Katerina, Bonnie," He rattled off the names of her friends, the ones she left to stay with him. The ones he worried she would eventually leave him for.

"Stefan and Katherine are taking off to Europe for a few months and I asked Bonnie to join us here."

"Bonnie wishes me dead."

Caroline rolled her eyes. "Don't sound offended. Lot's of witches wish you dead."

It was true. Klaus could never deny that statement. "That does little to reassure me, love." He slipped out of her embrace and headed to pour himself a drink. "I have enough on my plate to think of..."

"Bonnie doesn't wish you dead. She is the one that convinced me the twins were the key to bringing you back to consciousness." That shocked him, she could see it in the way his body tensed. It was the same way she reacted when Bonnie had brought it up with her. "I asked her to join us for Davina."

Klaus spun around. "What happened while I was gone? Is she..."

"Davina is fine." Caroline reassured him. "The obsession with magic has little to do with anything but you." She reached for the drink he offered to her. "How close are you to her?"

Klaus sat down on the couch, drawing in a deep breath. He had a complicated history with his witch. "Before Kol died, she despised me, and I wasn't exactly fond of her. His death changed things. Kol loved her; more then he had ever loved anyone in his lifetime. I owe it to him to protect and help her." He glanced down at the floor between his legs. He had known since the casket that he had failed her. "Sometimes when I wasn't pulled into my memories I could hear her. I still hear her crying; I can feel the tears on my skin burning me and when I look at her, I try so hard to push away the thoughts that remind me of everything I stole from her."

"Klaus," Caroline whispered his name, his body was tense, and she could feel his pain.

"I failed her. I failed him. Kol never would have wished his life on her. To become a vampire. An eternal life of this, in the middle of a Mikaelson feud. She deserves more." Kol never would have wanted this life for Davina; he would be furious if he was here to witness it.

Caroline crossed the floor to sit on the table in front of him, placing her glass beside her. "Did you ask her, Klaus? I know you might not believe it, but just because becoming a vampire was never her intention, it doesn't mean she regrets it. This obsession, it's not for some stake, it's for your family. It's for you; to keep you and all the people in this compound protected. She desperately wants to ensure that this never occurs again." Caroline placed her hands on his cheeks, tilting his head up so their eyes would meet. "It's actually rather simple. Davina's frightened, she is terrified to lose you again. To lose Marcel or Josh."

His heart dropped; he had known there was something going on with Davina. The way she had been acting; he should have questioned it. I thought I was going to lose you. He remembered her words, he had tried to reassure her, but perhaps it had not been enough. "She lost Kol,"

"Yes; she lost Kol, her friends, her parents and Cami,"


Caroline startled, turning around to see Josh leaning against the wall. "Do you always sneak up on people?"Her tone was light hearted.

Josh shrugged. "I didn't want to interrupt. She doesn't open up easily,"

Caroline turned her gaze back towards the stairs where Davina had disappeared. It didn't take a genius to figure out that Davina was just a scared teenager. "She just needs someone to listen," She wasn't mistaken, it wasn't going to be easy. Davina might have let a few things slip but there was still a lot she kept guarded.

"Apart from Marcel and I; everyone she has trusted has either died or been daggered. You might not believe it; but what you just got from her was more then just a little." He walked across the yard. "She lost her parents when she was young; then she lost Kol and Cami, then Klaus was taken. She was wreck when she found out he was daggered, would you believe that if it wasn't for Cami; Klaus ever would have worked up the courage to approach her and bond with her. He watched her from a distance but it was Cami who pushed him forward."

"Cami?" Caroline turned her head, curiosity filling her eyes.

Josh paused for a moment, unsure if he should continue with the conversation but she nodded her encouragement. "Camille was a friend of ours. Davina and Klaus were both close with her. When Kol died, Cami was the one that told him to go to Davina. She had a way of pulling everyone together, always knowing what everyone needed." He sat down, staring across the courtyard with a fond expression. "Davina opened up to her, found a friend who would actually listen. I think losing Cami hit her as hard as losing Kol."

"And then she almost lost Klaus,"

"She did lose him; for nine years he was gone. There was a point where Davina honestly thought she had lost him forever, that nothing she tried would bring him back."

Caroline closed her eyes, that poor girl; all the pressure. "I see..." She couldn't help but bite her bottom lip, not sure she should ask. If Klaus wanted her to know then he would tell her when the time was right.

Josh tilted his head towards her. "I always thought Cami was little crazy but I thought anyone who took an interest in Klaus was a little wack but she saw something in him. I don't know if it was always professional, I mean, at the start it revolved around the complexities of his family but later...I guess it will always remain a mystery." He noticed Caroline's frown. "I do know that you don't need to worry, Caroline; I've caught a glimpse of the way Klaus looks at you."


Josh stood up. "I might not have always been Klaus Mikaelson's biggest fan but he deserves a shot at happiness. Cami brought him that before; you bring him that now."

Klaus's eyes searched her face. "How do you know about Camille?" He hadn't spoken that name in quiet some time. Camille's face flashed to the forefront of his mind and he felt the sorrow, the guilt. "I..."

"You loved her."


"Don't argue with me. I know you did; the way Josh spoke of her. You loved her, Davina loved her."

Did he love Camille? Klaus couldn't bring him to divulge into those feelings. Into the mess that had become. All he knew was, if he loved her then that was why he lost her because eventually everyone he loved left or died. "Sweetheart,"

Caroline shook her head, indicating that he did not need to explain. "Love is complicated, raw and beautiful. And you can love more then one person in a lifetime, Klaus; it's allowed."

He didn't have a response for that; not now. Camille. Love. Other people Caroline had been with. He couldn't have that conversation. All that emotion it would tear up, the likelihood that he would hear something he didn't like. "Caroline, nothing is..."

"Going to happen to you?" She allowed him to change the conversation, knowing that it would do not good to push Klaus into a conversation he wasn't ready to have. They had all the time in the world to discuss their pasts and their futures. "You cannot promise, Davina, that nothing with occur. You can try your best to prevent it, but never promise." With all the evil in the world, all the enemies and supernatural threats they had faced or may face, he could never make that promise. It could easily be broken. "I asked Bonnie to come to New Orleans to teach Davina about magic, things she cannot know from books. In return Davina is going to attend school like a regular kid."

Klaus's eyebrow shot up, Davina had agreed to do the very thing that she was against. "You got her to agree?"

"You just need to learn to compromise," Caroline teased him lightly.

Klaus knew he rarely compromised, he tended to demand that his wishes be listened to. "Perhaps you'll have to teach me."

"Good thing we have forever." She learned forward and placed her lips on his.

He kissed her back, setting his glass down beside her and then pulling her onto his lap. "You'll be mine?"


The Following Morning

Lizzie sprung out of her chair, sprinting across the courtyard as fast as her legs would carry her. "Momma!" Her voice was loud and full of excitement as she neared what she wanted only to be caught by Marcel.

"I know, it's very exciting but you should never just rush towards a..."

"Wolf." Josie's eyes widened at the sight before her, her hands reaching out to grip Caroline's dress.

Klaus who was standing very still, tilted his head towards Caroline, his eyes meeting hers as he waited for any indication that this was not okay. To his surprise she merely smiled, giving him a brief nod.
His eyes turned back to Lizzie who was bouncing on her feet, excitement radiating in her features. He could not remember the last time he had seen this type of excitement in anyone.

He crept forward at a slow pace, working his way around her body and flicking her gently with his tail. It was like music, the laughter that exploded from her lips.

"This is awesome!" She cheered, reaching out to touch his fur. "Momma! Mr Mikaelson is a wolf."

Klaus flicked her again with his tail, the sound of those words Mr Mikaelson make him feel uneasy. That was his father, and he never wished to walk in Mikael's shoes. Those girls would need to call him Klaus; he'd have to tell them that.

"Momma; he is so pretty."

Marcel snorted, laughter bubbling out of his throat. "Pretty? That is just..." He grinned widely, unphased when Klaus turned to bare his teeth at him. "Oh easy there, pretty boy."

"Pretty boy?" Davina entered the courtyard, looking between Marcel who was laughing and Caroline who was grinning widely. "Klaus?" She looked at the wolf, her eyes shining with amazement, her first time seeing him in this form.

Klaus swiped his wet nose across Lizzie's cheek causing her to giggle with delight before he walked over to Davina, brushing the side of his body up against her hip.
Davina reached her right hand out to brush it against him.


Klaus nudged her, obviously pleased with her thoughts before he moved around towards Caroline, noticing that Josie stepped behind her mother.

"It's okay, Josie; Klaus won't hurt you." Caroline reassured, as if trying to prove the point she reached out to run her right hand across Klaus's fur. "You can trust him, sweetheart."

Klaus tipped his head down, lowering it until his eyes met Josie's, she was peaking around her mother. Her eyes were wide, not filled with terror but they certainly did hold caution, a nervousness that had her clearly on edge.
He never wished for Caroline's girls to feel nervous around him. If Caroline was choosing to be with him, to be a part of his family then these girls were his family. Family was never supposed to be scared of family.
He didn't move from his spot, not wishing to scare her anymore; instead just staring into her eyes as Caroline's hand ran through his fur sending a shiver through his body.

"Can I ride him?" Lizzie giggled. "I think I can. Marcel, can you put me up there?"

Klaus shook his head, moving his body slightly away from Marcel, as the music of laughter filled his ears.
Absolutely not, no one would be riding him. Not now. Not ever.

"He's not a horse."

Josie's voice brought his attention back to her, she was quiet but clearly watching him.

"I know, Josette." Lizzie reached out to grab his fur again. "He's a very big wolf; and it's so cool! Much cooler then a vampire, momma."

"Klaus is a vampire too." Caroline rolled her eyes at her daughter.

Klaus paid them little attention, his eyes still on Josie. There was something in her eyes, something he recognized because he too had felt it...

"You're not leaving, Rebekah."

His voice startled her, and she turned to find him standing in the doorway of her bedroom, arms crossed. Once it would have made her smile, the over protective nature, yet now it only served to anger her.
"I am free to leave whenever I please, Nik. I am no longer a child." She was beginning to think that he would never see her as an adult, one that was able to explore the world on her own.

He could see her stubborn nature rearing its head, her facial expression filled with defiance. "You're not leaving."

"Why is it you feel you must keep me by your side? I am able to defend myself, you taught me how." Her eyes softened slightly. "Father is distant, if I leave now then I can place even more distance between us."

"I cannot take that chance. Together we are stronger. Always and forever, that is what you promised."

Rebekah turned to look back at her suitcase. "That was before you became this monster. If I knew then what I know now, then it would be different." She went to zip the bag but felt Klaus's hand on hers, looking up she met his eyes.

"You can see me as a monster, and I will live up to that reputation if it keeps you safe. Unpack your things."

"You're a controlling bastard. You cannot make me stay."

He turned away from her, walking back towards the door. Not allowing her to see the brief flash of hurt that crossed his face, as the words she spoke hit him. "You are right. I am a bastard. However, I am the type of bastard that will always put your safety first."

Rebekah stared the book blankly, her mind rolling the memory on repeat. It had only been a week later that Mikael had found them. Nik might have made her stay, yet he kept her safe that night despite how cruel she had been to him.
She wished now that she had never been a part of the crazy plan to rid him from their lives.
If he was here with her then he would be protecting them; there was no one she had ever felt safer around. He might have had no feeling or emotions but he was ruthless when it came to protecting her.

"Where will we go?"

The silence in the room was broken, and she found her voice. "No where will be safe, Elijah."

"After the last threat I decided to use a map to track Niklaus's enemies. They were gathered in Atlanta. We need to leave." Freya told them as she entered the study, the newest information settling over everyone.

"The question still remains, where will we go?"

"We'll decide later. First we must leave the area, if we continue to stay here, we put Hope at risk." Hayley's eyes flickered over the map, searching for a new place.

"This person whoever they are, they are hunting us. We cannot possibly out run them forever." Rebekah felt as if she was only one thinking with her brain. There was no where they could run to that this person wouldn't find them. The only reasonable thing to do was to find out who this person was. They couldn't strike back and remain safe until they knew the enemy.

Elijah looked down at his little sister, he could see the fear in her eyes. The one emotion he had come to recognize after all the years of running from Mikael. "We will survive this Rebekah. We will remain united and take down anyone who wishes to harm this family."

"We can't..."

"We might not be able to out run them forever, but we can buy ourselves time."

"You can protect them, Hope."

Hope's fingers shook against the paper, focused on the spell, the book had blown open onto the page at it's own accord. The voice surrounding her different. This one a male.

"There is a threat coming. You have to protect your family."

Hope tried to block her ears to drown out the voice that was surrounding her. She hated this. The voices made her feel as if she was going insane.

"This is the best decision you can make, Hope."

She had never seen this spell done but it had to be possible.
The voice was making it hard to concentrate, it wanted her to do it on her own, but she wasn't allowed to practice any magic, only a little bit with Auntie Freya every once in a while. Hope knew she was out of her depth but the voice kept prodding.
Would this spell protect her family from what the threat they were facing? Hope knew they were trying to protect her but she had ears, and Aunt Bex was terrified. Her Auntie loved her, spoiled her. Hope didn't want anyone to hurt her.

"I will guide you through it. They will be safer, little one. You're powerful, the blood will seal it with firmness."

"Okay." Hope breathed, reaching out to brush her fingers along the page under the words cloaking spell. "I'll do it."

"You are making the right choice, little one"

Once he was dressed appropriately he made to the dining room; back to business. Shifting into the wolf had been a moment of impulse. All the drama, and uncertainty around his family, it all ceased when he became the wolf. Freedom running through his veins.
Yet it hadn't even been why. He'd merely shifted to show Lizzie...and Josie because that was what he promised before he left.

"You made quiet the entrance." Caroline noted.

"He loves a bit of dramatic flare."

Klaus smirked at Marcel's comment. "Always."

Klaus walked around the table, leaning down to place a kiss on the top of Davina's dark hair. "Little witch," He greeted her, as she tilted her head in his direction, obviously a little stunned by his affection.
He didn't say anything else, knowing full well they needed to talk but this was not the place to do that.

He grabbed a glass and turned around out of the twins view as he poured some blood into the glass, before making his way over to plop into the seat beside Caroline.

"That was so cool, Mr Mik..."

"Klaus...or Nik; Mr Mikaelson makes me sound old."

"You are." Marcel smirked, grabbing a handful of strawberries of the center of the table.

Klaus glanced in his direction. "Might I remind you, I am your father."

Marcel shrugged. "I know. It doesn't change the facts."

Caroline laughed a little. "It's just facts, Klaus. Your a thousand years old."

Lizzie huffed, patience wearing thin with the adults. "Did you know who I was when you were a wolf?"

"Yes, of course." He leaned forward in little. "And you firecracker, will never be riding on my back."

Lizzie pouted. "But you could carry me."

"I know, but I won't."

"Hmm," She looked over at her mom. "I take it back. You're cooler, momma."

Caroline mocked insulted. "I am second best to you, Elizabeth; aren't I?"

Klaus let his eyes wonder over to the little lady sitting beside Caroline, still very quiet, as she ate her food. His mind kept flashing back, reminding him of what he had seen in her eyes. He couldn't shake that feeling inside of him, the feeling that told him something had occurred.

Davina watched the moment between them; she hated to break it up but there was no choice. "Sorry to disrupt the conversation, but the bullets seem to be the least of our worries;"

Klaus raised his eyebrow, his focus now on the witch. "Why?"

"I should be able to break a cloaking spell; it takes work but with my focus no longer on you, I thought with some effort I'd be able to do it."

"D, you've been trying to break the cloaking spell on the stake for..."

"Not the stake, Marcel." Davina looked directly at Klaus. "I've been attempting to break the cloaking spell on your family. I thought if we knew where they were then at least we would have some information."

Marcel nodded slowly. "Makes sense. The address Caroline gave us had been deserted."

"Probably after Hayley bit Stefan. They would have known we were close."

"I believe that Freya may have cast the spell with blood magic, which means only blood can break it." There was a reason blood magic was one of the strongest sources of magic.

"You'll need Klaus's blood?" Marcel was suspicious, that seemed almost to simple.

"No. I can't break the spell since I am not of Mikaelson blood. If it is indeed Freya's spell then the only other witch able to break it would be Hope."

Klaus rubbed his hand over his face, this was not expected. "We can't locate Hope if we cannot break the spell. All vampires that can be trusted need to be on the look for any lead that might track to their whereabouts."

"I'll take care of it." Marcel grabbed his phone off the table and stood up. "I might go back to Atlanta, do a little more digging. There is bound to be someone who saw something."

Klaus nodded. "Be careful."

Marcel walked out of the room, his mind clouded with those two simple words. The last time he had heard those words leave Klaus's mouth before he was a boy. It felt good to hear them. To know that his father was showing he cared, it was a rarity that he had not seen since he was a boy. This change in Klaus was continuing to shine through, and Marcel was trying hard not to get his hopes up that it would stay, but the more Klaus acted like a father, the harder it was.

"Perhaps I could use a locator spell on the bullets. If they are no longer part of the auction, I am assuming they will not longer be cloaked with the intensity that they were."

"No harm in trying, little witch. If we can locate the bullets that we are one step closer to securing my families freedom and daughters safety."

Caroline focused her eyes on him, watching carefully. "You okay?" It was a pointless question, one she shouldn't have asked because she knew the truth. He wasn't okay.

He would not rest until it was as he said, he'd do whatever it took to keep them all safe. "I will be," He took a sip from his glass.

"Auntie Bonnie!"

Klaus managed to stop the blood shooting back out of his mouth, swallowing hard and hitting his chest as he coughed. To say he was stunned was an understatement. That was the first time he had ever heard Josie yell.

"Josette," Bonnie grabbed the little girl in a suffocating hug. "How's my girl?"

"I missed you." Josie mumbled, pressing her face into her Auntie's jacket.

"I missed you too,"

Caroline stood up, walking towards her friend, she had not expected her to arrive so suddenly. She had only placed the call to her last night. "Bon; you're here already?"

Bonnie wrapped Caroline in a hug, holding her tightly. This was the longest they been parted in five years. "I missed you too, Care." She teased lightly.

Caroline held Bonnie tightly. "I missed you too, Bonnie." They let go of each other as Lizzie edged her way in between them.

"Auntie Bonnie."

"My little mischief maker; caused any trouble lately?"

Lizzie shook her head. "Nope. But guess what?! I saw Klaus he was a wolf."

Klaus stood up at the sound of his name, he had been watching the exchange quietly, his eyes focused on Bonnie. She did not look a day over twenty five but he immediately knew she wasn't a vampire, whatever had slowed or stopped her aging was something else. "Bonnie."

Bonnie raised her head, her eyes meeting Klaus's for the first time since Mystic Falls. Her hatred for him had been intense; everything she had done to him had been to protect Elena because Elena was her best-friend...until she wasn't anymore.
Bonnie knew that as people grew relationships changed, she just never expected Elena to fall so completely and utterly in love with Damon that everything and everyone else would cease to exist.
Caroline had kids, had her entire world turned upside down but never forgot who her friends were. She might have hated Klaus for Elena, but she would push it all aside and he'd be her new best-friend if it meant Caroline was happy. There was nothing in this world the blonde deserved more then happiness. "Never thought I'd say it's nice to see you, Klaus."

Klaus gave a slight nod, acknowledgement. "Welcome." He could see from the way Josie and Lizzie both looked at Bonnie that they adored her, and Caroline clearly loved her which meant she would be welcome for as long as she liked to stay.

Bonnie glanced at Caroline and back to Klaus. "I wish I could say I was here because you called Care; but I was already on my way...you'll never guess who I saw."

Caroline raised her eyebrow. "Who?"


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