Heartless to Heartfelt

Authors Note/Disclaimer: I do not own The Vampire Diaries or The Originals or Legacies. All credit goes to the writers and creators.


It's been a six month time jump. This has some flashbacks, and their will be more flashbacks to come.


Chapter Nine

Marcel hooked his arm around Lizzie's waist and lifted her off the balcony railing. "Are you crazy? What do you think you are doing?" Marcel placed her on the floor in front of him. "Why on earth did Klaus buy you that thing?" He looked down at the trampoline that was below them, the trampoline that she was playing to jump onto.

Lizzie crossed her arms. "He brought it for me cause I broke my bed jumping on it."

"Of course you did." Marcel rolled his eyes; Lizzie sure was energetic. "It isn't safe to go jumping off balconies."

"Is too."

"Is not."

"Is too."

"Is not."

"Marcel it is!"

Marcel breathed deeply; he was arguing with an eight year old...that was...well, he couldn't exactly say this was the first time him and Lizzie had argued. "It's not safe. Who even gave you this idea?"

"No one." Lizzie plopped herself down on the floor.

"And your angry about that?"

"Yes! Auntie Kat comes up with all the ideas and she isn't here!" Lizzie let her head fall into her hands. "If Aunt Kat was here then she would jump with me."

"Is she crazy?" Marcel sat down next to her.

"Yep! But she's my crazy...I miss her."

Marcel nodded slowly; wondering if this was her way of trying to get some attention. It had been a while since they had moved to New Orleans, and apart from that first night he had not seen Katherine again. It was only natural that she would miss her. "I bet." He lent back against the railing. "I could always do something crazy with you."

Lizzie frowned. "You don't do anything crazy, Marcel."

"Not true."




"I'm not arguing with you again."

Lizzie giggled. "Yes you are. Will you jump with me?"



Marcel couldn't help but chuckle at her long exaggerated whine at his name. "Klaus will kill me if I let you jump off a balcony onto a trampoline."

"Don't be silly." Lizzie giggled, shaking her head clearly not believing Marcel. "No one ever does anything crazy with me. Not Lizzie. Not momma. Not Auntie Bonnie." She uncrossed her legs and kicked her feet against the ground. "I want Auntie Kat."

Marcel was far from the person she wanted but perhaps he'd do, standing up he extended his hand. "Up." It was crazy to encourage her to do such a thing, but she needed it; it was written all over her face.

"Are we gonna..."

"Jump." Marcel filled in the gap. "I still don't think this is a good idea; but I guess I can be your stand in crazy person."

"Elizabeth; Marcellus." Klaus chuckled at his sons expression as they both turned to face him.

Marcel didn't know whether to stay standing or run for his life. "Klaus; we were just..."

"About to jump off a balcony, I can see that." He produced the purple helmet from behind his back, passing it to the girl. "Helmet."


"Your mother will skin me alive is you crack your head open."

Lizzie rolled her eyes, but strapped the helmet in place. "Happy?"


Marcel frowned, unsure of what he had just witnessed. "You're okay with her jumping...you're going to let her?"

Lizzie sighed; as if she was tired of this. "He wasn't gonna; but then he tested it and had Aunt Bonnie do some witchy mojo. It's like jumping on a cloud."

"Sorry, say what? Klaus tried this."

"That's what I said dumbee."

Klaus looked between his son and the firecracker. "Don't call your brother a dumbee." His eyes turned to Marcel. "Don't assume I am too old to do such childish things." He glanced down. "Give it a shot Marcellus; it's somewhat freeing." He tapped Lizzie on the helmet. "Safety first; firecracker, otherwise the trampoline will disappear."

"Yes Sir!" Lizzie saluted and Klaus laughed, shaking his head.

Marcel watched his father walk away; wondering if he should declare him mentally insane. "He's lost it." He mumbled. "Is this why he had the trampoline custom made?" He had to admit it was the largest trampoline he had ever seen, perhaps it was so she had nowhere else to land but inside.

"Yes Marcel, it even comes with a net." Lizzie smiled up at him cheekily. "Don't worry, I can get you a helmet too. You'll be safe Marcel, no need to worry."

Davina was curled up on the window seat in her room, her blue throw rug pulled all the way up to her chin. In the past week she had spent a lot of time in this position, staring out the window watching the people outside living their best lives. It only made the pit in her stomach grow; she had almost lost her own life when she had yet to even experience it.
There was nothing like a near death experience to put things into prospective. Her whole life was before her, and just like the people outside her window, she wanted to live it...to the fullest.

Sucking her bottom lip between her teeth she chewed on it lightly, her eyes drifting from the window briefly towards the two photos that were sitting on her dresser. They were only taken three weeks ago; but in this moment she felt like she would never get back to that moment, to the feeling of belonging to a family like that.
Slowly climbing off the bench seat she walked over to stare at them more closely. She hadn't even wanted to go to the fair, infact; she remembered say no over and over, but Caroline certainly didn't take no for an answer.

"I don't want to go." Davina grabbed the jug of juice from the fridge.

Caroline lent against the bench. "We are all going; it's family night. The girls are excited."

"You'll all have fun. I just don't want to go."

"And what will you do instead? Magic?"

Davina placed the juice on the counter top but did not look in Caroline's direction knowing that was exactly how she planned to spend her night, after all it was a weekend which meant no school. "I'm planning to..."

"Join us at the fair. That sounds like a wonderful idea, Davina."

"Caroline." Davina sighed; finally looking over at the blonde. "I don't want to go."

Caroline raised her eyebrow. "Be ready at five." She tapped the counter top before standing up. "And wear a smile."


Caroline breathed deeply, fixing Davina with her mom glare. "It's family night. Five pm, in the courtyard."

"Yes Ma'am."

She ran her hands along the frame of Marcel, Bonnie, Caroline, the twins, Klaus and herself...they were all smiling at Lizzie who was attempting to shove an entire handful of cotton candy plus more into her mouth. Her eyes drifted to the second frame, the photo of her and Klaus together, she had been complaining of the cold and he'd teased her relentlessly about her being a typical kid and not bringing a jacket before placing his around her shoulders, Bonnie had somehow managed to capture that moment.

Now worry filled her stomach, and her mind. The last six months had been the best six months of her life, six months of truly having the family she had always dreamed off.

"What are you doing, kid?"

Davina glanced up, giving Klaus a small smile. "Math."


"Terrible." Davina sighed, throwing her pen down onto the table. "I never should have agreed to go back to school."

Klaus chuckled. "Math isn't the end of the world, Davina. What's troubling you?"


Klaus walked further into the room and around the coffee table, to sit down on the sofa beside her. "Come on; show me what we have."

Davina glanced over at him, raising an eyebrow. "You know about algebra?"

Klaus chuckled. "Yes Davina; I assure you I do have a brain." He picked up the book in front of him.

Davina stared at him, unsure of how she should feel. Never. Not once. Had her biological mother or father sat down to help her with her homework, or anything in fact. This was a first. "I..." She blinked, unable to form the words.

Klaus looked up from the book; seeing her expression. "You okay?"

Davina cleared her throat. "Hmm; yeah...I just," She breathed deeply. "I've never had anyone to help me with homework before."

Klaus merely gave her a small smile; trying to ease Davina's obvious growing nervousness. "Well you have me now; and I happen to be pretty good at math." He nudged her shoulder gently; trying not to make a deal of her blinking back tears. "Come on, sweetheart; let me show you how to do this."

Reaching up she quickly swiped away the tear that was rolling down her cheek. Her heart dropping knowing she had lied to them, but most of all she had lied to him and now he couldn't even look at her.

It wasn't solely him though, she felt like in some way all the relationships had changed. Bonnie had summoned her the next morning; straight after the incident.

"If you ever do something so reckless and stupid again, these lessons will end. Understood?"

"Yes Ma'am."

Bonnie handed her the amulet. "God gave me all nieces, and lord do you like to test my patience." She tilted Davina's head up. "I'm glad you are okay, Davina; and it is my job to make sure you stay that way. So wear it all the time."

Davina nodded. "I will."

"Good girl. No more keeping things to yourself. I am all about privacy, but I'm your family, your mentor, you can always talk to me. Always."


"Because I will always help, in any way I can." She tilted her head towards the door indicating it was time for her to leave. "And no magic until your father agrees."

"But Bonnie,"

"None. Now, go on back to relaxing. You'll get to do magic again soon."

Then there was Marcel, he had been there when she got hit with the knife, gone by the time she woke. It had taken twenty four hours before they had bumped into each other.

Davina rounded the corner bumping straight into Marcel's chest. "Whoa," She stumbled backwards, Marcel catching her arm to steady her. "I'm good."

Marcel raised his eyebrow. "Hmm," He let go of her arm, taking a step around her.

"Marcel," Davina spun around to look at him; he was avoiding her. This was the first time she had seen him since she woke. "Hey...I'm sorry."

"Sorry? Davina, Bonnie says you were just holding on, that your vampire side was struggling to remain. You could have died; you should have told someone...you should have told Bonnie. She's your mentor, she's..."

"I should have told Bonnie. That's what your concerned with...the fact I didn't tell your girlfriend."

Marcel crossed his arms. "She's not my girlfriend."

Davina sighed, shaking her head. "I'm sorry. I apologize for not telling anyone. For almost dying but it's fine...Bonnie gave me this." She gently touched the amulet. "Nothing is going to happen, this keeps my sides in balance."

"The thing is Davina, if you had just spoken up Bonnie could have given that to you before." He moved forward grabbing her in a quick bone crushing hug, his hand on the back of her head. "I'm glad you are okay. I love you, D." He moved back, letting go of her. "But it doesn't change what you did."

"Isn't almost dying punishment enough, now I have to deal with being..." She closed her eyes. "I said I'm sorry." The tears slowly rolled down her cheeks.

Marcel breathed deeply. "We're okay, Davina." He told her before walking away.

But they weren't okay.

Caroline had been sweet but Davina wasn't oblivious to the fact that even Caroline was upset with her, she just hid good.

"Alright, do you have everything you need?"

Davina shifted uncomfortably as Caroline tucked the blankets in around her. "I'm fine. I don't need to lie..."

"Down? Oh yes you are; for the rest of today you are staying in this bed and resting." She brushed a piece of Davina's hair away from her face. "You are a lucky girl; you know that."

"I'm fine."

"Hmm, you're lucky Bonnie and Marcel were in the room."

Davina squirmed slightly. "I am okay." She looked away from Caroline. "Is he..."

"Klaus just needs a moment..."

Davina drew her knees up to her chest, leaning her chin on them. "I screwed up."

"Teenagers tend to do that." Caroline placed a hand on her leg. "It's going to be okay, sweetheart; Klaus isn't angry, he's just..."

"Upset with me. Everyone is. I didn't mean for this to happen."

Caroline gathered the girl in her arms as the tears fell. "I know, sweetheart. I know." She held her tightly. "Everyone is going to be okay." She forced herself to remember that; that this would one day be a distant memory.

It had been a week now, and it was still just Caroline, Bonnie and the twins talking to her and with each moment she felt Klaus and Marcel slipping further away.

"We go back."

Rebekah raised her eyebrow; looking across the room at her older brother, confusion clouding her features. Elijah had been against the return to New Orleans. "Why?"

"We have no choice. New Orleans is our home, we have an advantage if we fight a battle from our own territory. New Orleans is ours, we take it back."

"Are you forgetting about Marcel? He lives in our home, and he made his opinion quiet clear on our plan to rid of Klaus. He will not welcome us back." Rebekah told them, she felt like all she did recently was have family meetings regarding the person currently hunting them. All she wanted was a little peace from this constant conflict.

"This person is not going to give up. This is our fifth town in six months."

Elijah nodded, agreeing with Hayley. The space between the last town and this town was only two weeks. "Our best chance is to go home." Elijah set the idea firm in place. It was the truth that they had fled New Orleans to stay safe, to place distance between anything related to Klaus and themselves, but now they were being hunted and the person hunting them was closing in. New Orleans seemed to the perfect place to defend themselves.

"Marcel has to be removed; Hope cannot know him." Hayley stood up. "He never agreed with the plan, which means he is a risk to tell Hope the truth."

"Remove him?" Rebekah stood up, raising her eyebrow. "He is our family. Hope's family. Her brother." Klaus she reminded herself. Klaus was family and they had removed him.

"Marcel is an innocent in this." Freya's voice rang our quietly.

Elijah ignored her, his eyes focusing on Hayley. "It's not just Marcel, anything that links Klaus to the family must be disposed of. Hope doesn't know the truth and she never needs to."

"Elijah," Freya said his name quietly; they shouldn't dispose of everything. One day the truth would come out and Hope would want things that belonged to her biological father.

Elijah shook his head, indicating she shouldn't say anything further. "Tens years of this will not be destroyed within seconds; if she finds a trace of evidence her world will fall apart. We must protect this secret and her innocence." He couldn't bring himself to admit it; he was fearing that once the secrets they had started leaking, then his own secrets would too. He frightened the ones he was burying would eventually come out.

"Daddy." Elijah held up Hope above his head. "Say it Hope; say daddy." He encouraged her, listening to the little giggle that escaped her lips. "Daddy." He repeated.

He still remembered the excitement he felt a few weeks later, the pure joy that he felt in his heart.


Hayley sprung from her chair; eyes falling onto her little one who was staring up at Elijah, arms reaching into the air. "What did she say?"

"Dada." Hope chanted.

Hayley shook her head; leaning down to scoop her daughter up before Elijah could do so. This was not part of the plan, it had never been part of the plan. "No. She has a father; he might not be in her life but he is still her father. One day she'll know that."



"No Hope. Elijah." Hayley pointed at him. "Elijah." It wasn't that she didn't love Elijah and all he did for Hope, or that she disagreed with the path they had taken. It was all for the little girl, but regardless of it all...Klaus was still her father and when she was old enough, when she had a solid foundation she would know the truth. Secrets couldn't stay secrets forever.


Hope sat next to the vent in her room, listening to the voices of her Aunt's and parents floating up. Her heart dropped at that words that were being spoken downstairs. Brother? She had a brother! Marcel...
Her hands formed fists, she didn't know them...she didn't know anything.
Scooting across the floor on her backside, she reached into her bag and dug to the bottom pulling out her Aunt Bex's journal.

She flicked to the middle of the journal; and ran her eyes over the page.

None of it added up anymore. None of it made any sense.

Dear Nik,

I miss you. God, I wish I didn't but I do. Things have changed. Elijah's changed.
I am beginning to think that all of this was for him. For his selfish desire to have what you could. I don't know how to feel when she calls him daddy. I don't know whether to punch him directly in the jaw or throw up.
God, Nik; this is a nightmare.

Hope closed the book, holding it close to her chest. "What is going on?" Her felt the tears rising in her eyes.
Whatever was happening, she held a little bit of hope in her heart knowing that she might be able to find out more when they reached New Orleans.

"Bon; want to get a drink tonight?"

Bonnie rolled her eyes, turning to face Marcel. "Is your attempt at another date?" She questioned, amusement dancing in her eyes.

Marcel blushed slightly. "No; just a drink...friends." He would never be able to wipe that disaster of a first date from his mind.

"Friends? I thought you wanted to be more."

Marcel chuckled, rubbing the back of his head. "You are sending me mixed signals Bonnie Bennett."

"What can I say Marcel, I am a complicated woman."

"So that drink?"

"Sure. Give me ten." She went to walk past him out glancing over her shoulder just slightly. "We'll grab dinner too."

Marcel raised his eyebrow, leaning against the doorway. "Really? You want to get dinner with me."

"That's what I said." Bonnie walked back towards him; leaning up lips to his ear. "Just don't spill your food in my hair again."

Marcel groaned. "It was an accident." He shook his head as he listened to Bonnie laughter she continued down the hall. "How about you don't start any bar fights tonight!" He called out.

Bonnie spun around, still walking backwards. "But it was so nice to see you defending me. I'm a damsel in distress." She placed her hand against her forehead, acting as if she was going to faint.

"Anything but." He shook his head; she was not someone who needed to be rescued. She was strong. "Hey; I mean it, I don't need no pool cue shoved in my shoulder."

Bonnie merely giggled, watching that smirk creep onto his lips. "You loved playing the hero, don't deny it..."

"I won't." He turned towards the stairs. "Hurry up; I've leaving in five."

"You've got to give a girl at least ten minutes, Marcellus."

"What happened?"

Marcel looked over his shoulder; his facial expression full of worry. "She was hit by the knife."

Bonnie moved around the sofa, her eyes on the teenager who was lying with her eyes closed. "It clipped her heart."

Klaus moved further into the room, straight to her side.. "She's a vampire, a knife shouldn't..."

"She's a hybrid, Klaus." Bonnie placed her hand on Davina's forehead. "And right now her vampire side is weakened, restrained. It's slight hold on her is the only reason she isn't dead." Bonnie didn't fully understand it but it seemed as if the two sides of her had a life of their own and were at war.

Klaus tried to bite down the panic that spread through his body. "Give her some blood." His voice left no room for debate, as he took a hold of her hand, a shiver running up his spine at the paleness of her skin, all her color seemed to have faded.

"We've tried." Marcel muttered; his eyes fixated on his sister. "Her body is rejecting it. The witch is rejecting it."

He slapped the paint on the canvas; he was attempting to distract himself with his favorite past time though it wasn't working. Nothing could take away the image of Davina lying lifeless and pale on the sofa. It had been a week and still it was all he could think about, the image embedded in the forefront of his mind. That painstaking fear he was unable to shake.
He had felt fear before but none of it compared to what he felt when he thought his daughter was going to die. It was the first time since waking that he had openly hated the idea of her being a hybrid.

"I've bound the witch side temporarily to allow her time to heal."

He heard Bonnie's words but his eyes were completely focused on Davina; her breathing was shallow, her hands clammy in his. He couldn't bring himself to object to Bonnie's decision, while he openly hated the thought of binding a side of his child as it had been done to him, he knew it was only temporary, just enough time to allow her to heal. "How could this have happened?" His mind was running around, his top thought...how could he not have seen this coming?

Bonnie allowed her eyes to drift to him briefly; though she couldn't stare. It unnerved her to see Klaus acting this vulnerable. The way he was clenching Davina's hand, and blinking back tears. "My only theory is that the witch has been feeding from the vampire side to strengthen the connection to the magic."

"She does magic frequently." He'd seen her do magic, why was this time different to any other? "She..." He paused; he'd seen her do magic but then she would disappear to her room. It hadn't seemed odd at the time but now. "She always retreats to her room."

Bonnie nodded slightly; she too had thought of that. "We pushed boundaries today, Klaus. We've been working for hours, and testing the limits perhaps we pushed to far or..."

Klaus raised his head when she stopped speaking, his eyes falling onto her. "Or what?"

"This is the first vampire/witch hybrid Klaus; there is much we do not know. Perhaps the two sides of her a battling. When she is using magic, it's possible she's draining her vampire side to the point of near non existence."

"And if you push further?" Marcel questioned quietly.

Bonnie sighed; rubbing her fingers through her hair. "I don't know. It's possible if she kept going she might wipe the vampire side out all together, but I don't know for sure. I wish I had more answers." She half expected him to snap at her; to demand that she fix this mess. It was what the old Klaus would have done.

Klaus rubbed a hand down his face, his eyes turning back to Davina. "What can you do?"

"I've bound the witch for now; then once she's back at full strength I think an amulet might do to help control the sides of her. I cannot guarantee it will work Klaus, and if it doesn't then we may need to consider the permanency of this binding." Bonnie placed her book down.

"She can't lose half of her being." Marcel spoke, binding her magic was a drastic step.

"I won't lose her." Klaus mumbled; running a hand through her dark hair. "I will not lose her."

Bonnie nodded slowly. "Let's try the amulet but to be safe I don't think she should do magic alone. Not until we figure out how to control this."

"I agree."

Klaus threw some more paint onto the canvas, his frustrations making it look like a jumbled mess. He was frustrated with the whole situation, but as the hours past, he had become to realize he was frustrated with Davina for never mentioning the side effects of magic until it was almost to late.
His child had intentionally hid it from him. She had hid an important piece of information and he was frustrated with that, angry even.

Klaus ran his fingers across her forehead, and down her cheek. The room empty apart from them. "You will not die." His words came out in a half choked sob. "You will not die on me. I've had to many people I love leave me behind Davina. I do not give you permission too."

Never in his life did he ever think for a moment that he would lose a child. Now Hope was gone...and he had a teenager lying on the sofa barely breathing. The walls around him felt as through they were caving in. His greatest mission in life was protecting those he loved and he was failing in every aspect.

"You need to wake up. I cannot lose you Davina. Wake up." He brought her hand up to his lips, pressing a kiss against her knuckles, his tears falling onto her skin. "God, kid; I need you."


He didn't startle at the sound of Caroline's voice, every night since the incident she would eventually come to find him.

Caroline shut the door gently behind her. "Klaus; you cannot keep this up. You need to talk to her." It had been a week since the incident, and he had yet to have a proper conversation with Davina. In fact, he had childishly been avoiding the teenager.

"Talk to her?" Klaus didn't think he could put into words what he was feeling. "I want to throttle her."

Caroline raised her eyebrow. "You don't mean that." She had seen the way he had hugged Davina with a tenderness but also a fierceness once she was awake.

Caroline breathed a sigh of relief as Davina polished off her third blood bag; thankful the teenager was now awake. Her eyes though had barely moved from Klaus; he was holding onto Davina's hand as if it was all that kept him grounded. It was his ridged back and facial expression that told her this was impacting him quiet hard although he was trying not to show it.

"What happened?" Davina spoke quietly, moving herself to sit up a little more.

As soon a she made a movement, Klaus took that as a sign that she had regained a small piece of her strength and he moved to gather her in his arms. "You almost died." He held her against him, as if he was trying to remind himself that she was alive, alive and breathing and in his arms. "You scared the bloody hell out of me." His voice was slightly muffled against her hair but he felt her grip his shirt in response. "God, kid. You almost died." He attempted to hide the tears that released from his eyes, they fell into her hair and if she felt them she didn't say.

"No I don't."

Caroline was pulled from her thoughts by Klaus voice, turning to look at him she noticed his face was still filled with pure concentration as he slapped some more paint on the canvas.

Klaus knew he would never lay a hand on his children as Mikael had him, he would never inflict broken bones and scars that lined their bodies.
Which meant he had to find healthy outlets to vent the frustrations he felt. His outlet was painting, it just wasn't helping. "I do...I don't..." He placed the brush down. "She almost died."

Caroline reached across, placing a hand on his to stop him from picking up another paint brush. "The important thing to remember Klaus is she didn't. Davina is right here, upstairs in her bedroom."

"I almost lost her." He blinked; his eyes focused on the canvas, not daring to turn to towards Caroline, knowing that if he did, she would see straight through him. "I should have known. A witch/vampire; there was bound to be some loop. I should have seen it."

"No." Caroline's voice was firm; she would not allow him to spiral down that rabbit hole. "This was not your fault, Nik; none of this was your doing."

"She's my child."

Caroline knew this was coming; the few words he had spoken about the incident over the week had been mumbled sayings along the lines of my fault but she didn't believe it was. "Davina is a teenager; she made a decision to keep the truth from everyone. You are not responsible for that."

"I'm responsible for her."

Caroline pulled him to her, wrapping her arms around his waist and feeling him immediately do the same. "You cannot be responsible for her decisions, honey; you just can't be." She felt his body beginning to relax at her touch, and she held him tighter. "But you have to speak with her; it's been a week. She's alright; she's healthy and breathing."

Klaus placed his chin on the top of her head; his eyes closed as he tried to steady his breathing. "I cannot talk to her. If I do, I may say something I cannot take back. I'm angry, Caroline."

"And you have a right to be but I don't think it's only anger you feel Nik, you're upset. Your teenager, our teenager; keep something for us, from you and it hurts. You expect honesty from those you call family, and you didn't get it from her." Caroline pulled back just slightly so she could look into his eyes. She could see the pain reflecting in them, and felt it too. Davina wasn't just his child, she was theirs. They had agreed on that during her mini breakdown.

"Come on Care; it's dinner. When was the last time we got dinner and saw a movie, just two of us?"

Caroline reached up to massage the back of her own neck. "It's been a hot minute." She admitted. "But I can't just leave the girls here Bon,"

Bonnie scoffed, flopping down on the chair. "They'll be fine. They have Klaus."

"Who isn't a babysitter Bonnie."

"He's your partner." Bonnie reminded her. "Come on, Care; he's capable of watching the girls for a few hours."

Caroline bit her bottom lip, sinking down onto the sofa. She trusted Klaus with her entire being and she knew the girls would be safe with him that wasn't what bothered her. It was acknowledging the fact that they had only recently gotten back together; and yes she understood they were moving fast and Klaus did include her girls in everything. They casually threw around comments about their future and their children.
It was easy, natural even.
But that didn't stop a part of her from having this niggling feeling. Klaus was the first serious relationship she had since she got pregnant. He knew they were a package deal but she didn't want to force him to...

"Caroline," Bonnie pulled her best-friend out of her thoughts. "What is going on? You have that look in your eye."

"He's not their father."

Bonnie raised her eyebrow. "Did he say he was?"

Caroline shook her head. "No; he hasn't said that. He calls them his girls, he dotes on them Bonnie but..."

"Their not his." Bonnie finished for her, seeing the distant look in Caroline's eyes.

"What if it's to much pressure? The girls are a handful, Bonnie; you know that. What if..."

"Caroline." Bonnie stood up and walked across to her best-friend taking the seat beside her. "Caroline; what has gotten into you? You don't believe any of that. Klaus loves you and he loves the girls." Bonnie took the blondes hands in hers. "And don't you tell him I said this, but he is wonderful with them. He really is, Care. He already treats them as his."

"I just...isn't it natural for me to wonder why? I'm a package deal."

"So is he. In fact he's got more kids then you; all different ages, all with their own dramas and pasts. Has he given you a reason to doubt..."


"Then why now?"

Caroline closed her eyes. "Because he's it for me Bonnie; not including my girls, Klaus is all I have ever wanted." It had been hitting her hard, especially since he'd seemly won Josie's heart. "He sees me as no else does; and some people might not understand why I fell for him but I see the good Bonnie, and there is so much good in him. I think I know what is at risk, and how much it would hurt if he wasn't in my life. I am terrified of losing him, Bon; I'm petrified."

"You would never lose me, Caroline."

Caroline and Bonnie's heads shot up at the sound of his voice. "Klaus,"

Klaus gave her small smile, before looking at Bonnie. "Do you mind?"

Bonnie wriggled her nose and stood up, giving the blonde a kiss on the top of her head. "I love you."

"I love you too, Bonnie." Caroline whispered as her best-friend left and Klaus took her place on the sofa. "I..."

He placed his hands on her cheeks, turning her head in his direction. "You will never lose me, Caroline; never. You could forty kids and I'd still love them all, treat them all like mine and never let you go." He pulled her into his embrace. "You're it for me too sweetheart; you are the one I'll call my wife."

Caroline stiffened in his arms at the words. "Nik," But he was still talking.

"They might not be mine biologically; but what matters is that I choose for them to be mine. It's not a chore to look after them; it's a gift to know them and to be a part of their life."


"I love you, Caroline. I love Lizzie and Josie. I don't know what I did to make you doubt..."

Caroline crushed her lips to his to stop him from talking; and she felt him kiss her back just briefly before she pulled away. "I love you, I was just..."


"Mmm," She leaned her head against his chest. "You have have Marcel, Davina and Hope...my girls..."

"Are important to me, Caroline." He interrupted her. "Did I think this would be how my life would turn out? For me to be a father? I never thought for a minute that I would have any children, now I have five. Four daughters and one son." He pulled back so he could look her in the eyes. "It might not always be easy, sweetheart; there will be challenges but you are my forever. I don't want there to be your girls, my children...I want them to be ours, all of them."

"Ours?" Caroline spoke the word softly; letting it roll off her lips.

Klaus nodded. "Yes, Caroline, ours. Our children. Our daughters. Our son." He wasn't sure how that last one would work but it they'd find a way. "Ours Caroline."

Davina was her child too, so she was upset as well, perhaps even a little angry but she was better at concealing and dealing with it then he was, not that she blamed him that. "You need to talk to her, explain how you are feeling, ask how she is feeling."

Klaus breathed deeply. "Hmm," He reached up and brushed his fingertips across Caroline's cheek. "I love you."

"I love you." She leaned up, placing her arms around his neck and kissing him softly on the lips. "She's alive, Nik."

Klaus nodded slowly; he knew what Caroline was saying. She's alive. Talk to her. He knew he had to, the words just needed to come out of his mouth. "I will."

Next Day

"Let's just think about it. It'll go right here."


Bonnie gestured to the space, to the space behind and in front of her. "You can keep your seating area, plenty of space for that. Just think there could even be a water slide, from the balcony straight into the pool. The kids would love that."

Klaus raised his eyebrow, a slight chuckle escaping his lips. "No."

Bonnie plopped down on the sofa. "Come on, Klaus. It's an investment."

"For you or me?"

"All of us."

Klaus shook his head; glancing around the courtyard. "No. I'm not putting a pool in the courtyard."

"A spa." Bonnie tried to compromise; it was a good idea.


Bonnie flung her head back. "Klaus."

"Bonnie." He mimicked her voice; he was interrupted before he could say anything else. "What can I do for you, my littlest lady?" Klaus asked as Josie climbed onto his lap, passing him the book in her hands. He took it from her, eyes flickering across the title. "Matilda. This will be an interesting one for us to read."

Josie smiled up at him. "Can we start tonight?"

Klaus nodded. "Of course."

"JoJo, tell Klaus how cool it would be if we had a pool..."

Klaus rolled his eyes. "Bennett."

Josie's eyes lit up. "A pool! I love swimming."

Klaus groaned, leaning his head back. "You play dirty, Miss Bennett."

"Not my fault you can't deny Josie anything."

"Josette, sweetheart; take your backpack upstairs with your sister then Aunt Bonnie is making snacks."

"I am?" Bonnie glanced at Care only to see the blondes look. "Oh, I am. Yes, come on girlies." She ushered the two young girls out of the room.

Davina's gaze followed after them. "Uh, I should get a snack too."

Caroline grabbed her hand before she could walk away. "Not so fast young lady. Sit down." She pointed to the sofa, casting a look at Klaus who was expertly trying to avoid her gaze. "You two are going to talk."



Caroline crossed her arms. "Talk, or so help me; you'll both be on my bad side." She turned around and stalked away up the stairs towards kitchen leaving them to talk their issues out.


Marcel bolted forward catching Lizzie as she jumped off the counter launching herself at him. "I swear, Elizabeth Forbes; you are going to give me a heart attack."

Lizzie giggled. "Vampire's don't have heart attacks."

"Auntie's do."

Lizzie turned around and smiled cheekily at Bonnie. "Sorry."

Bonnie shook her head. "JoJo, you need to control your sister."

Josie grinned. "I can tie her to a chair, Auntie Bonnie."

"You couldn't catch me." Lizzie poked her tongue out as Marcel settled her on the ground. "Auntie Bonnie,"

"Yes?" Bonnie fumbled with her phone as the ringtone sprung into the air. "One second, Lizzie." She didn't bother to look at caller id, the ringtone of a bomb exploding was for one person only. "What a delightful surprise,"

"You know you miss me,"

"Debatable. Our hurricane gives me enough heart attacks without you involved." She passed the girls a cookie each.

"Oh, what did she do? Gimmie details!"

"Gosh, you are a child. What do you need?" Bonnie wouldn't admit it out loud especially to Katherine but she did miss her; Katherine was the life of the party although crazy, she meant well.

Katherine let out a whine. "Fine; keep me in the dark." There was a pause as Katherine drew in a deep breath knowing the conversation was about to be. "I wish I came baring good news, but I have bad and very bad."

Bonnie breathed deeply. "Give me the bad."

"We finally found the book but it comes with missing pages."

"No." Bonnie's face crumbled, spinning away to conceal it from the girls. "Katherine,"

"There is more; and Caroline isn't going to like it."

Bonnie closed her eyes, bracing herself on the counter. "Say it;"

"According to the librarian the last person to seek the book," Katherine paused, because she truly didn't want to say the words but she knew she had to. "Was him."

"No." Bonnie turned to Marcel. "I have to take this outside." She didn't bother to say anything else, heading straight out the door. "What do you mean? He's dead. We killed him Katherine, we burned the body."

"He's dead, Bonnie. This was before, the lady distinctly remembers a little brunette girl, cute as a button."



"Kat," Bonnie's voice shook, her hands gripping the railing before her.

"You know why he took the pages right?"

Bonnie had a feeling of dread right in the pit of her stomach, the way Katherine's words were said, the tone. "Don't say it."

"Killing him wasn't enough, Bonnie. I should have tortured that bastard for years. I should have made him beg for death." Katherine's voice was hard, the words pouring from her mouth filled with venom. "He was trying to ensure we would have no way to stop it; trying to ensure that Josie would be the more powerful twin."

Bonnie squeezed her eyes shut. "Katherine," She hissed, having not wanted to hear the words. "I..."

"We didn't burn everything, some of his belongings are still at the boarding house. Elena insisted remember?"

"I'll meet you there."

"No. Stay with the girls, with Caroline. You have to tell her Bonnie. If we can't find those pages, we have nothing. And we don't know..."

"What he did to her while he had her." Bonnie finished, her eyes drifting back through the window, falling onto Josie. The little girl grinning at Marcel with a milk mustache making him laugh. "We should have tortured him, brought him to the brink of death over and over."

"I'm sorry." Davina broke the silence, her hands twisting around the strap of her backpack. "I didn't want to be a distraction."

Klaus raised his eyebrow. "A distraction from what?"

"From your family. From Hope." Davina mumbled. "They're important to you. I didn't want to get in the way of what you were doing." The last thing she wanted to be was a distraction that stopped him from dealing with his current issues, she didn't want to be the person that got in between him and his kid.

It stung; he honestly didn't think it would but it stung to know that she thought she wasn't as important to him as them. He thought he had proved to her in these months since he had been back, that they were family. "Your well being is not a distraction, Davina." If anything her well being was one of his top priorities.

She found that hard to believe; her parents could not have cared less about her well being. She had lived her life with them without them ever interfering, they hadn't cared about anything until it involved her bothering them, and causing problems in their lives. "I didn't want to take your attention from her."

He turned just slightly so that he was looking at her. "From Hope?"


"You are not less important then Hope." He didn't understand what it would take for her to realize that she was just as important to him as Hope was. He was certain that other people would disagree since Hope was his blood, but he knew less of Hope then he did of Davina and now he knew the truth, blood did not define love. "I love you, Davina. I was terrified I was going to lose you. I still am terrified to lose you."

"I'm sorry." Davina's bottom lip quivered.

He placed his finger under her chin and tilted her head so their eyes met. "You're my daughter, Davina; blood does not define my love for you. You are not a distraction, do you understand that?"


Klaus sighed. "Davina; if at any point there is something wrong, I need you to talk to me. To trust me. I thought we had trust."

"We do." Davina's bottom lip trembled.

"Do we?"

"I'm sorry, Klaus."

He nodded slowly, his eyes flickering to the amulet hanging around her neck. "Is it working?"

"I feel great, normal."

"Good." He let his eyes drop to his lap. "You know you are my kid, right Davina? Mine and Caroline's kid. We love you."

Davina couldn't stop the tears that rolled down her cheeks. "I'm so sorry, Klaus; for lying and for almost dying."

Klaus moved at a quick speed and gathered her in his arms. "I apologize for not being able to protect you from this."

"It's not your fault."

"It's my job to look after you, Davina; I should be able to protect you from it. When I saw you lying there; I would have given anything to trade places with you, to change your fate. I thought you were going to die." He held her even tighter in his arms. "I thought I was going to lose my child."

"I didn't die." Her voice was muffled against his chest. "I didn't...and I only kept it from you because..."

"I know why you did it, Davina; but it doesn't make it any easier." He pulled back from her just a little.

Davina nodded slightly. "Magic is a huge part of who I am, Klaus; and I won't deny that I was scared you would make me give it up."

"I'd never do that." His words were spoken with sincerity because he meant them. He might have wished that she would never do magic again if it meant the risk to her life would be eliminated. However, he knew that it was also unfair to demand that her existence be without magic. Bonnie had given her the amulet, she trusted in it and he trusted in Bonnie, he knew that Davina would remain safe. "I heard Bonnie has some stipulation to you beginning your lessons again."

Davina pouted. "I can't practice any magic until you say..." She bit her bottom lip. "I want to practice again Klaus; magic is a part of who I am. I need that part of myself...I need..."

"You can go back to your lessons," He saw the immediate excitement in her eyes. "In a fortnight."


"A fortnight Davina; no magic, no lessons, no research."

Davina blinked back the tears that clouded her eyes. "It's not fair."

"What isn't fair is you keeping something this important from me, and from our family." He brushed a small piece of hair out of her eyes. "It is my duty as your father to make sure you never do it again. Two weeks without magic."

"But I..."

"Don't argue." He interrupted her. "If you ever keep something of importance from me, life threatening, you may find yourself bottom up over my lap. Understood?"

Davina gulped, eyes wide. "Uh, I...Yes Sir."

Klaus didn't think he would ever do that to her, to any of his children but he wanted a point to be made, and by the look on her face it had been. "I love you kid." He gave her another hug, holding her tightly and placing a kiss on her head. "I love you, and I can't bear the thought of losing you. You're my daughter, your well being is important to me. I have never felt fear like I felt when I saw you. I cannot go through that again."

"You won't Klaus, I promise...I will never do anything like this again. Ever." She felt the tears roll down her eyes; all the tears she had been trying to hold in, her hands grasped his jacket, holding it tightly in her fists, clinging. "I'm sorry, so sorry."

He felt the tears roll down his cheeks too. "I know. I know, kid; I'm sorry too." He was apologizing for not paying close enough attention, but he would from this moment forward.

Caroline glanced up looking into the mirror and seeing Klaus's who was entering their bathroom. "I'm dying with anticipation to know how your talk went." She had chosen to wait til they were getting ready for bed to broach the conversation, knowing it wasn't exactly dinner talk.

Klaus shook his head; smiling slightly at the eagerness on Caroline's face. "You've been waiting to pounce with that question haven't you?"

"Yes, so don't keep me waiting."

"Well I don't believe she'll keep something of that importance to herself again."

Caroline rolled her eyes. "That isn't what I meant. I want to know how you two are? Are you back on track or still avoiding each other?"

Klaus reached in and switched the shower on. "We are going to be fine. Apparently I hadn't done enough to reassure her of her place in this family, she thought by bringing her troubles to me, she would be a distraction."


"Relax; Caroline. No momma bear mode." He teased her lightly, her stance had immediately changed once he had exposed Davina's thoughts. "She understands that she is an important part of our family and that we love her. She was worried she would take too much attention away from Hope."

Caroline's features relaxed but there was still worry in her eyes. "She knows that we love her, that we both love her?" She clarified.

"Yes." Klaus walked pulled his shirt over his head. "Will you join me?" He needed to hold her; to feel her body pressed against his. Their conversation could continue after; after all he had something important he needed to discuss with her, but first he needed her.

Caroline slipped passed him into the shower turning her head when he didn't follow. "You coming?"

"Nik. Nik. Look at me."

Niklaus looked up into the tree, eight year old Kol balancing on a branch. "Be careful, brother." They were out collecting fruit from the trees, though warned by his father to not let any harm befall Kol.

"Nik, catch."

Niklaus caught the apple with ease before looking up to find Kol reaching for another. "No, Kol, sit down. You shouldn't stand on a branch that thin, it will be brittle from the winter just passed." He listened the crackle, to late it seemed as the branch snapped beneath Kol's weight.


Niklaus dropped the basket of fruit he was carrying, leaping forward to catch his brother, both of them tumbling to the ground, Niklaus having broken Kol's fall. "Kol, are you alright? Kol!" Nik slid out from underneath his brother, shaking him. "Kol!"

Kol opened his eyes, grinning with delight. "You saved me, Nik, you saved me!"

"You scared me." He helped Kol sit up. "Of course I saved you, brother, I will always save you." He ran his eyes over Kol's body assessing every inch of the little boy, fear spreading through his own boy. "Are you alright, no cuts?"

"No cuts." Kol promised, blinking as the tears formed in his eyes.

"Why are you crying? Did you break something, speak to me Kol."

Kol's bottom lip trembled. "I thought you only protected Bekah and 'lijah, they are your always and forever."

Niklaus reached out pulling Kol into a bone crushing hug. "I will always protect you Kol, no matter the cost. My life for yours if need be." He leaned back tilting the younger boys chin. "You know my secret Kol, Rebekah and Elijah do not. It is you that I trust; I can trust you can't I?"

"Always Nik, always."

He could see the unsureness in Kol's eyes, it was clear his younger brother didn't want to admit that was still jealous. "Would you like to make our own pact, would it make you feel better?"


"What do you think it should be, Kol?"

"I don't know, Nik; can it be the same."

"I promise to always and forever protect you, love you and trust you, baby brother."

Kol nodded rapidly. "I like that. I really like it Nik."

Niklaus stood up, pulling Kol with him. "Good, I like it too."

"Niky, I promise not to tell father I fell."

Klaus froze, looking down at the innocence in his younger brothers eyes. That fear he had been feeling a moment ago bubbling in his stomach. "Kol, I want you to promise me something. Never try and protect me from father, never, do you understand?" He looked down at him, the urgency rolling off his tongue as he silently pleaded with his younger brother to understand.

Kol frowned. "But we just promised, to always and forever protect each other."

"I know, but not with this. You don't come near father if he is…" Klaus swallowed. "Hurting me."

"Will you not come near him if he is hurting me?"

Klaus took Kol's hands in his. "That is different. If you do something wrong, like the time you took fathers knife then you come to me first, you tell me Kol and if father is ever angry with you or asks you if you have done something wrong, you tell father it was me."

Kol shook his head, confusion sweeping through his eyes. "Then he will punish you."

Klaus smiled sadly. "As long as it is not you Kol. Always and forever I will protect you, do you understand that?"

"Yes," Kol nodded, wrapping his arms around Klaus' neck. "You are the best big brother Niky." Kol whispered using the nickname that only he had for Klaus.

Klaus rubbed the child's back. "You are the best little brother Kol."

He stood concealed by the shadows, the gun aimed at Rebekah. Her back to him as she overlooked the garden, his position giving him the perfect shot. His finger hovered over the trigger as he tried to push away the invading thoughts.

"She stole,"

Klaus placed his hand on Kol's shoulder. "I know what she did, Kol; and she'll be punished."

Kol rolled his eyes. "Oh please;"

"Do you not believe me?"

"I'd feel better if you let me deal with it. Maybe some scattered limbs will help her to remember." He shouted the last part making sure every word made it's way to Rebekah.

Klaus breathed deeply. "You're children. Utter children." He mumbled; before fixing his brother with a stern glare. "You won't harm her."

"I beg to differ."

"She is our little sister; always and forever Kol and we will never lay a hand on her."

Kol pushed it away, Klaus had always been to soft with her. Had he been harsher they wouldn't be in this mess. "Goodbye Be...Wh..."

Finn grabbed Kol by the shirt, flashing them both with his speed further in the wood creating distance between them and the house before he shoved his brother against a tree trunk holding him there. The gun had not been fired, Finn breathed deeply at that knowledge.

Kol gripped the gun in his right hand, his left moving to push the person away only to realize who it was. "Finn?" The name tumbled from his mouth, confusion flickering over his features. "You're alive?"

Finn ignored the question completely. "Do you believe he would want this? That is our family, Kol. Our little sister."

Kol pushed Finn away from him, brushing off his jacket and fixing his brother with a glare. "Who are you to talk about what he would want. You know nothing."

"He loves our family; always has."

"They do not deserve to live. They killed him."

Finn raised his eyebrow; clearly not expecting that. Was his brother that blinded by hate and rage that he hadn't considered the facts. "Kol, you know as well as I do, they couldn't kill him. He's an original, and beyond that he is the hybrid."

"Then where is he? He wouldn't have abandoned his daughter. He wouldn't have abandoned..." He trailed off, eyes drifting back in the direction of the house.

"You." Finn finished for him; eyes following Kol's. "They daggered him."

Kol's head whipped back around. "What?"

Finn leaned back against the tree. "They daggered him before Hope was born."

"Stop!" That was new information to him, not that he had much information to go on. It was only fragments. "Why are you here? How are you here?" Kol demanded answers; his shoulders tensing up. "How do I know this is you?"

Finn held his hands up in a small gesture of surrender. "I stepped through the veil, just like you did, Kol." Finn could see the suspicion clouding Kol's eyes. "I shouldn't be here; but you have been so persistent. With every step you take you alter my plan; I spend more time protecting our siblings then dealing with the threat." Finn pointed to the gun; shaking his head just slightly with disappointment. "You cannot harm our family, Kol; Niklaus would never approve."

"What would you know? They deserve it." After everything their siblings had done to Klaus through the years, this was karma.

"Do they? They need to be punished; I do not deny that but to kill them. Did you think for a moment how that would impact our niece?" He saw the brief flash of guilt float through Kol's eyes. "You must stop this madness."

"They need to feel pain. They need to pay."

"Kol, you'll find him again. He'll return."

"What are doing Finn? Why do you care? You've never cared before." Kol glared at him. "In fact last time I saw you, you attempted to kill us. So perhaps you are just as bad as them." Kol pointed at him, his eyes darkening with each word he said. "You should join them; betray seems to run deep in the lot of you."

Finn closed his eyes, that stung and his inside recoiled. Is that what they all thought? That he didn't care for them. Perhaps he hadn't always been the brother they deserved but they were family.

"You are big brother now, my love."

Finn smiled with delight, reaching out to ran his fingers across the cheek of the newborn baby in his mothers arms. "Hello Elijah. I'm Finn," A small giggle escaped his lips

"Shh, sweetheart; he's sleeping."

"Sorry mama." Finn never moved his eyes from the baby. "We are going to be best-friends, Elijah. Forever."

"You don't have to trust me Kol; heaven knows I don't trust myself. But my intentions here are pure." He might have not been the brother they deserved, but he was vowing to be better, to do better. "This family is not as it should be. You are divided. You have created a weakness, one that is being exploited as we speak. I'm attempting to stop a fate that is being sealed; a fate that would leave Hope without a family." He gestured towards the house. "She is his daughter. He wouldn't want this for her Kol. Think about that."

"What do you know about what he wants?"

"I know that his love for this family is greater then they know. That he hides his past from them to protect them but it only ceases to create a divide." He shook his head. "We are all damaged; maybe far beyond repair but I must try."

"Try to what?"

"To fix us."

Finn and Kol's head's both snapped to the side at the sound of the crackling leaves under foot. The gun in Kol's hand tweaked expecting it to be one of his siblings, but his hand was a blur of movement to tuck it away when he saw her standing there.

"Hope." Finn's voice was soft, unsure if he was seeing this right.

Hope stared at the two of them, shock had crowded her features when she first stepped out of the bushes but it soon disappeared. That pull inside of her that tugged her in the direction of her family was intense in her chest as if it was leading her straight to them. "Hi,"

He looked over at her, his eyes running along her body as she rubbed lotion over her legs. It was a sight to see, and he found himself running his tongue along his bottom lip.

"See something you like?" Caroline laughed.

"Something I love." He countered, he was lying on his side, his head propped up on his hand supported by his elbow. "Actually, I..."

"What is it?" Caroline asked when he paused, his eyes telling her a decision had been made. The determination written in his features.

"I almost lost a child, Caroline and if I walk away with anything from that, it's that I cannot bare the thought of losing any of my children."

Caroline placed the bottle of lotion down on the side of the table. "Nik,"

"I'm going to find her. I'm going to bring her home."

Caroline reached across the empty space between them and took his hand in hers. " Okay,"


Caroline nodded. "I knew eventually this is a road we would travel down. I'm ready, I've been ready and waiting for you." She knew that the reason Klaus struggled with this decision was because of what it would mean for Hope.

"I'll be ripping her away from her life, from her foundation. It's not how I pictured this would go." He rolled onto his back, staring up at the ceiling. "I thought her foundation would have started with me."

Caroline squeezed his hand. "Her world will never be hers. Everything is built on a lie. The truth is what will set her free."

"She is only ten."

"A ten year old who has never had a normal life, Klaus. From what we do know its been constant moves, no school and no friends. Supernatural influence kept to a minimum. Her life is based on a lie, Nik, the truth..."

"Will change it all."

"Not necessarily in a bad way. This is the right decision. It'll be safer for her."

He was beginning to agree with that; he might have had enemies but it was clear his siblings did too. Klaus knew he was no closer to figuring out who was hunting his siblings. No closer to ending that torment. "I'm bringing my daughter home."

Authors Note: This chapter took a little longer then I would have liked; but it's finally done. I hope you enjoy it.

Much Love. x