Into the desert – there is your proof

It was hot. In the baking desert Charlemagne and Mekhemet trooped into, the vast desert with their guard. In the heat you could tell who was truly suffering. As Charlemagne came from the Icemark were it was mild to cold most of the year this was the equivalent to a volcano. Thought the clothes were making it better. He Could not imagine how his tutor Maggie would hold up with such a change, in his old age, even if he did come from here.

The wind started to pick up and the leader of are caravan said we needed to set up camp.

"right, set up the tents then put the camels away" he shouted at the group (cannot remember his name so here we are) (going to call him sheik)

Sheik came over to where me and Mekhemet had made camp "you princes better start getting the rolls into that tent and start getting ready for a long night a sand storm appears to be on the way."

"Of course, sheik" Mekhemet replied "come on Charlie"

Inside we talked about a lot of different things. Mekhemet could not believe in magic no matter what I told him. Apparently, it had not existed over in the main land for thousands of years. If it had existed in the first place. So, I told him about my father and the witches he led.

We where just hunkering down, the predicted sand storm raging when we heard singing.

"I have never heard this type of singing before, and there is little chance it comes from the desert." Mekhemet wondered. But as my father was a warlock, I recognised a few of the words. My father had said they where form a lost branch of magic, only a few where known. I said as much to Mekhemet.

"okay let's investigate" getting out of the tent as he did Mekhemet turned and helped me up. "but we our only going a few feet so as not to get lost." He added in haste.

We walked about 20 feet when we came across a circle of glowing maidens.

"the desert goddesses" he breathed in awe. As someone not from here I had no idea who they were.

Then they started speaking "we would like to welcome you princes to our circle. I know it seems odd us welcoming you but you will understand soon." The first one said

"branches off magic are being lost continually due to fear of the magic and the loss of the library" said a second

"the library holds all forms of magic, but due to fear this created dark magic and light though they used to be together." Said a third

The fourth cleared her voice before speaking "what is currently happening is the branches used end up sending a person essentially to heaven or hell."

"but this should not be, though they are using a small branch it needs to be balanced. This caused the injuries to your father with the lightning twenty years ago." Said a blond fifth. You can tell Mekhemet has never seen a blond before by the ways his eyes our bulging in the direction of her hair.

The sixth had ginger hair like me "because he had no balance, he got gravely injured. Also spells that powerful our becoming deadly to the users."

"overall, 98 % of magic has been lost and is currently not known. Their may be hundreds of spells but they our miniscule to the overall picture." Seventh was almost crying

"so that brings us onto you, you shall have the gift of magic to be able to harness fully, we are gods and we want our creation saved. This will lead you to the library where all magic is recorded." The final one said but honestly, we were to shocked to note anything else.

Good luck they said before departing. Where they were standing turned into a pile of books each.

"well you boys certainly had an interesting night" we turned to see sheik "right let's get those books in with the map they gave me and get some rest" he picked up a few books and left. Once we did the same. We headed back to are tent and sat thinking about what had happened. I turned to Mekhemet and said "I told you magic was real"

He replied "let's just get some sleep. I then may be able to comprehend what has happened."