Charlemagne the wizard – the first journey

Not sure if I said this before but I do not own the Icemark series.

The camp was a flurry of business. Everyone was packing and checking on the camels to make sure they were well and the luggage secured. The energy of the group could be felt as they prepared for the new journey. The journey to the fire mirage. The group were excited to go to their first destination in a host of magical places. The main thought around the camp was what it would look like and what would be there. It was a magical mirage for Circe's sake.

Sheik was doing what all good commanders done, commanded. He was looking confident even though you could tell he was stressed. He was tasked of keeping the princes save and taking them for more allies, not a magical quest. This was way too out of his league of normal. Sure, he could do trades, fight bandits and notice and make a good appearance at court, but nothing ever said he was to learn magic on a quest of the goddesses!

At about ten the whole camp was ready to leave and they set off. It was decided to try and learn a new spell as they went, preferably a fire spell. It was called 'Lumos' (yeah, I am not coming up with so many words) it created light. It was also partly an energy spell and it would come in handy if they did not make it to the mirage before dark, or it was a complete ruin and they needed to set up tents etc.

At first only charley had managed to get it first. The little ball of light had sat on his hand drawing pattens with the trail it left behind. Then he was blinded by a strong light. The light had emitted from where Benjamin and Fikri were standing. They had been practising together and now the sun was in everyone's faces.

"well, I don't think we need the amulet to tell us that these are your affiliations, just which one is the difference." Mekhemet. The two had a guilty sort of blush on their checks, like a toddler caught taking a cookie from the biscuit tin.

At around 8 it started to get dark and Benjamin and Fikri were holding out the light for the group. Each person had mastered the spell with varying success and tries, but each member of the party had a small ball of light while the area was light by the two. They continued like this for a good hour until a temple came into view. It had carving of fire in red stone circles decorating the gate they were at.

"were here" announced sheik. To the group as he opened the gate. What met them was something that they never suspected. It did look like a mirage of sorts, but more like a court yard. (if you have ever played mini hero, I am thinking of the fire levels). There were mini volcano structures scattered about with cacti like plans, all were red.

Out of the corner of geb saw a blobby looking creature and picked it up. It was sticky in a way and it formed little arms that reached out to him. Ali peered over to him "it's a fire slime, they help produce fire and are good at hunting in a way. You can tame them. That is all I know."

Benjamin looked down, "what's the taming spell?". "mak" ali returned, looking on curiously. Geb looked at the fire slime in his hands and repeated the spell. "hey guys, meet my new familiar, blobby, he a fire slime". He was grinning like and idiot with parental pride in his eyes.

"well I think that may have sorted out which affiliation we were" Fikri chuckled at the childlike image his friend was portraying.

During all this Mekhemet (may shorten to meki (please tell me if this is offensive in anyway as I am not sure and would like to not offend anyone)) and charley were exploring around the magical mirage. They had gone into an archway of sorts that had been a path to a door. Going inside the two had discovered what to meki looked like a scientist's kit. "ow I think this may have been an alchemist or a healer, well at least a room for experimentation with new spells and crossing over magics" charley was giddy as a child on a sugar high.

"HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS!" meki was confused. "what this is quite normal, my father got one for my sister to help learn magic and to experiment with it. There is also one near the training grounds in case they need to make potions and a witch is into close. A lot of injuries happen there, especially when they are all drunk."

Hey looked around and up stairs was a walk way going to different parts. On the door out side of the walk way was the purpose of the place. In proud letters "fire alchemy apprentices' quarters" displayed on the door. Charley from upstairs shouted "there are a lot of beds up hear, even studies and a library, we should all stay here as a base to until we know what we were to do here". "agreed" was the only murmur that reached charley's ears.

They had re-joined the group as Benjamin was introducing blobby. "hey guys we have found a place to sleep, it even has a bathroom that works." Any discussion of were they were staying was cut out by a ghoulish sound coming from sheiks throat "you were gone and did not tell us". His protests and lectures about their safety accompanied them on the small journey to the apprentice's quarters for alchemy.

They all picked a bed, which was surprisingly in good condition, went and had baths, ate a stew cooked in the fireplace and fell asleep with the eves and blobby helping to take up the bed space.