Dark Void

Chapter one

It was a month later when the local Cartel with the new commander in charge named Jose Juan Sanchez age 42 having been brought up from Mexico. He was working for the regime when he heard that Rivera had been shot by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

The local authorities in Mexico thought it would be best to have him take over the tri state region of Washington, D.C. and start to figure how to get back at Agent Gibbs, even though they had tried numerous times the past month without success.

Sanchez had sent two men to continue on with watching his house and the Naval Yards for any type of weakness. He had heard that Agent Gibbs wife Loriele now six months pregnant had called the local Lawn & Garden company to come and cut the grass, along with taking care of the garden and other items since she wasn't able to no longer do it with orders from her medical doctor and with her husband having been busy the past month with work at NCIS and including his latest case...

It's been a few days since they had received a call from a woman claiming that she had seen a young woman be shot and killed in the local D.C. park at seven a.m. in the morning. Louise was walking in the park with her fox terrier to get in some exercise. She was reaching the small lake area when she saw this young woman Janice scream... Louise heard the following...

"Please don't shoot me, I will give you what you want James." She will say scared with her voice and while watching James waving the revolver at her.

Meanwhile Louise only saw the woman but not the shooter since he was somewhere near a tree and she wasn't able to see all that great in the first place.

Once again Janice was pleading for her life as James continued to wave his revolver and a strange shiny item on his arm looking like a bracelet falling off into the deep grass.

This is when he fired twice to hit her into the chest with the body falling back wards. James didn't bothered to check for a pulse as he ran back to Marine Barracks.

Louise and the fox terrier headed over to the woman seeing the blood on the ground. She checked for a pulse to find nothing at all. It was at this time she pulled out her cell phone from the brown coat pocket having to be slightly chilly with the weather for early August.

She would wait for the authorities to arrive either it be the local Metro police or NCIS having found out that the woman Janice was a Naval reserved officer for the Naval Yards in Alexandra.


NCIS Bullpen

Special Agent Nick Torres was walking into the bullpen with a coffee in his hand for Eleanor Bishop sitting at her desk having come in early to finish up the last of the paperwork. She really did need a break, even though Nick has been after her for answer to a question that was on her mind for the better of two weeks.

Every time she wanted to say something to Torres. Gibbs and NCIS would always get in the way during the past few weeks. Even Gibbs was starting to complain as to why he was late with over sleeping. He had called the bullpen to let McGee know also in early having coffee in the break room before starting the day.

Nick handed the coffee onto her desk as she looks up from the computer tee off. "What is this for Nick at this time of the morning even though I already had my coffee nice and strong?" She stated with annoyance in her tone of voice and demeanor.

"I thought it would be nice to get you a coffee to brighten up your day. If you don't want it, I will take it myself." He waited for her answer taking a moment to say something as she noticed that Gibbs was walking in from another entrance other than the elevator.

"Hey Gibbs! I see you made with only being late thirty minutes?" Bishop would say with Torres still waiting hovering over her desk with Gibbs not in a mood to talk. "Nick I will take the coffee and thanks for being really thoughtful."

"Always! Even though I will need to get a chance to work out in the gym since we have been kinda busy with other cases." Nick will respond with Gibbs getting into the act.

"Whose fault is that Nick with all of the recent calls for cases. Maybe the next one will be easy for us to solve?" Slamming his fist knocking his coffee into the garbage can. He was surely angry with everyone in the bullpen quiet.

And in the meantime...

A call on Gibbs terminal phone system was ringing indicating that someone was interested in talking to him or telling him there was a case. "This is Special Agent Gibbs of NCIS, How can I help you?" Trying to keep his low and neutral even though his blood pressure had risen as with his heart rate.

"This is Detective Kevin Cline of the murder division. We have a body of a young woman having been shot twice in the Washington, D.C Park over by the lake. An older woman a witness was able to see the woman shot but not the shooter. Is it possible to have NCIS involved since the woman is a Naval reserved officer at the Alexandra Naval yards." He will say to peak Gibbs interested all of a sudden.

"Alright Detective Cline, I will send the NCIS team over to investigate the crime scene." Gibbs said with his three team members listening into the conversation. As he hangs up his phone to see the three of them ready to go with their gear. "Alright everyone you heard, we have a crime scene to check out in the Washington, D.C. park over by the lake."

"Hey Boss! Was there any witnesses?" McGee had to asked with his curiosity kicking it for the moment since he's going to be in the car with Gibbs driving. While Torres will drive with Bishop sitting next to him with the marriage subject will no doubt be coming up in the car on the way over to the crime scene.