Dark Void

Chapter 42th

Four days later Loreile started to feel funny while her sister was talking to her outside on the front porch of their house. Meanwhile David had arrived home from the Pentagon finishing up with work on the military contracts. He was glad to be able to relax for a change. But it wasn't the case when Loreile announced that her water had broken.

"Jesus Loreile!" Elizabeth said with calling for her husband in the living area reading the local newspaper when he came out asking why she was screaming.

"David get the truck ready. Loreile 's water just broke for god sake. I need to call her baby doctor to let her know the situation." She spoke with her heart in her throat.

Meanwhile Loreile contractions had started and they needed to get her go bag among with letting Leroy Jethro Gibbs know that his wife is in labor and that he should be going to the hospital.

Special Agent Gibbs was at home working in the basement on a new cradle for the baby. When his phone went off with a ding indicating that a text message had come in.

Dropping the tool onto the table next to him. He picked up his phone to read the message from Elizabeth telling him to get his ass to the hospital that his wife was going to be having the baby.

"OMG!" He said with needing to get himself dressed with grabbing his weapon, badge, I.D. and anything else is needed for the hospital.

He ran out of the basement putting on his black leather jacket with sending a quick text to Elizabeth: "ON MY WAY!" He said with closing and locking the door and heading for his grey truck.

His heart was racing with the prospects of being a father again after 32 plus years. He was thrilled and sad at the same time that his old foe Jose Juan Hernandez is trying to still kill him.

Driving past Phineas house. He really wanted to send a text message to him. But it's going have to wait until he knew when Loreile delivers the baby and he hopes that she doesn't smash his hand with the contractions.

Doctor Angela Silvers having been notified in her office after delivering a baby girl earlier was waiting in the emergency room entrance with a wheelchair waiting for her and to bring her to the berthing room before having the baby as precautions.

Driving quickly weaving in and out of traffic with only one red. He was glad that there wasn't any police patrols in the area heading for Bethesda hospital. Until finally he arrived with Elizabeth holding her sister's hand while waiting for Jethro. "Jesus Loreile please stop already. Gibbs is going to be here soon with him telling me he's on his way."

"I don't want him to miss out on his son being born for god sake." When another contraction hit full force. "OMG! I don't believe this! Having Elizabeth years ago wasn't this hard?"

Her sister Elizabeth said the following. "You were much younger back then Loreile. Now relax and Jethro will be here." She stated when he does walk in with a gown, mask and gown. "OH, THANK GOD!"

"I wasn't going to miss out on my son being born. I must of broke of every speed record in the book without any police patrols in the area." He said with a deep breath. "Are you ready for this Loreile having our child?" He asked with a quick kiss to her brow soaked with sweat.

"God yeah Jethro! Let's get crackling on this the sooner the better I can wear my bikini again." She joked as with Gibbs and Elizabeth laughing at her sense of humor.

It wasn't until seven hours later with the labor. Still Loreile was having contractions with Doctor Angela Silvers came in to check on her once more making sure it was now time...

Leroy Jethro Gibbs was called in having been talking his friends from NCIS when he had gotten the news from the berthing nurse. He was talking with Director Leon Vance having arrived having a meeting with the DOD with possible news on the location of Jose Juan Hernandez.

Now was no time to be discussing this further with his wife ready to have the baby. Even though he was tired and needed to hold his son.

Changing into a clean gown, cap and gloves. They were now ready with Loreile needing a drink of water really badly from all of the sweating she had been doing. Doctor Silvers asked the parents on regular they were ready.

Gibbs asked his wife with a look and a kiss to her brow. "We're ready doctor!" He stated with Loreile taking in a deep breath as with her regular breathing.

"On the count of three I want you to push as hard as you can my dear while your husband will lift you up to push. Understand?" She said to her patient..

"Yes I understand Doctor Silvers." She was regretting this with the pushing that will rip her open with Shane popping out into the world.

"1,2,3 PUSHED! As Loreile and Gibbs worked together to deliver Shane. However it was going to take a few more times with Gibbs lifting her higher to push again with Doctor Silvers checking the dilation letting her know that she was very close...

"OMG!" She screamed out with holding onto Gibbs hand while he urged her to push with lifting her higher.

And with a moment he was now out with Doctor Silvers cutting the cord before making sure Shane was breathing and crying with his loud lungs. A nurse squirted something into his blue eyes to clean of the materials for when he was delivered. Afterwards they needed to check his weight with Gibbs hoping that he picked the correct weight with a contest going on at work with Ducky picking six pounds 14 ounces while Gibbs with 7 pounds 16 ounces.

"Doctor Silvers can you tell us just how much does Shane weighed?" He asked with Loreile exhausted says the following.

"Don't tell me Gibbs that you won the contest at work?" She says with a tired smile with the nurse wiping the sweat from her face and brow.

"Oh, yeah! Ducky wasn't even close as with the rest of the gang." He replied with the doctor asking on whether he wanted to hold his son...

"Sure I do Doctor Silvers. I didn't want to miss this in the world with my son being born." He cried out with the young nurse placing their son into his arms crying with tears falling down his face and very proud of his wife...

Looking at his partially shut blue eyes. Gibbs says with pride..."He's just plain beautiful Loreile. You did a wonderful job of delivering our son." He stated with a light kiss to his brow through the mask...