The Spy Who Loved Me

Hermione hummed a few bars of 'Rhiannon' under her breath as she began winding down for the day. It was a pity Hogwarts wards still fried all electronic equipment she thought for she sorely missed the stereo from her flat, but it was a small sacrifice to make for some peace.

This was her favourite part of the evening, with the sun... a large burning orb in the sky descending behind the lush green hills of northern Scotland. All the students were in their dorms already, those who weren't sneaking about that is... she thought with a fond smile.

Remembering her own childhood and teenage year tagging alongside Harry and Ron from mischief to missions to save themselves and their fellow students at Hogwarts.

Honestly, she had never seen herself returning to Hogwarts, not in any permeant capacity anyway but last year when she had turned thirty, she had begun to feel restless, homesick and totally out of control in her life when Professor McGonagall had offered her the temporary position as the Hogwarts librarian.

The perfect place to recover her good humour, as her mentor and good friend Minerva had told her. The beautiful yet harsh Scottish weather, an unlimited supply of books and the familiar warmth of a place she was severely attached to.

It hadn't even been a question, she had jumped on the opportunity right away.

If she was being honest it was also a bit of a cowards choice, it wasn't like she had been trying to run away from London or anything... consciously that is, she was just sick of being the perpetually single friend; eyed with a mixture of pity and slight worry. Turning thirty seemed to have flipped a switch in the people around her.

It wasn't like she was sad to be single, in fact she much preferred it... she had concluded that she just wasn't built for relationships. Her and Ron had ended before it even began, their first attempt at making love leaving her with tears on her cheeks and a lifetime of humiliation.

And since then it had only been a series of disappointment, leaving her cold and awkward. Her brief brushes with intimacy had left her unwilling to trust anyone else with her body and so she had turned inwards, warding against the advances of persistent male colleagues in the MOM and fame hunters who were attracted to the fact that she was friends with Harry Potter and eventually the offers had petered out... leaving her blissfully happy and single until her thirtieth when the suggestive glances from her family and friends began. Gently and sometimes not so gently prodding her about getting married and having a passel of babies.

I WOULD! She wanted to scream, if only she could find someone who actual cared about her... Hermione Granger. Shy, tea-drinking, book-reading, peace-loving Hermione Granger... who was sick and tired of talking about the night the war was won, who was sick of being asked to introduce any and every new friend or significant other to Harry Potter and most of all who was sick of being looked at like a trained monkey, ready to perform at the will of others... entertaining them with stories about the war, story about being on the run, why she broke up with Ron and every other damn thing because everyone seemed to think they were entitled a look into her life.

Hell, at this point she'd just take some good sex... surely it couldn't all be terrible.

Just thinking about it made her purse her lips in annoyance, something she was trying to do less of on her journey to peace and self-improvement.

The only window in the library gave her a look at the sky that was doing its best to imitate a Bierstadt painting, turning clouds into pinwheels of pink and purple that splashed across a sky that was slowly turning grey. She was always stunned by the beauty surrounding Hogwarts castle and how it manged to dispel all negative thoughts from her mind.

She then dimmed the candles with a quietly murmured spell, making sure that the wall sconces and the candles were subdued before beginning to tidy up the last few books and parchments off her the dying embers of light from the window and the sweet heather scented air that often blew around the castle during the months of July and August sooth her.

Still contemplating the beauty of the sky, Hermione dreamily wandered towards the stacks in the back of the library. Her slim, elegant hands caressing the cover of the old Icelandic rune book she carried.

The last few months in Hogwarts had truly done her a world of good. The innocent wonder of young children who admired her was so much more genuine than the flattery of men who eyed her like a prize mare at Tattersall's, their questions no matter how gory asked with hero worship in their eyes, the fresh Scottish air, the presence of old and familiar friends, excellent food... food that she had definitely been eating too much off she thought with a wry smile, gently pinching a side of her hip. At this rate she'd become as round as Pomona Sprout an especially alarming thought since they were about the same height.

Reaching the required shelf, she stood up on the tips of her toes to push the old tome back into its place unable to stop a small, satisfied grin from appearing on her face. She may be as single as can be but other than that, life was pretty...

"Oooof." she cried out as the breath was knocked out of her suddenly, a hard object sliding around her too generous hips and pulling her back against something warm, hard and furry...?

The warm object turned out to be a hand, one that covered her lips before she could open them to object to the manhandling.

"Shhh." came a deep voice, gravelly and low, it bounced across Hermione's nerve endings... thrilling them no end. A completely inappropriate reaction given the fact it was a stranger in the dark.

The mysterious man swung her around carefully whilst still keeping her silent and Hermione nearly fainted. It couldn't be! It had to be him... she knew no one else with hair this colour.

"Granger?" came the low gravelly voice again... this time more angry than soft, "What the fuck are you doing here?" he swore roundly.

She gestured wildly for him to remove his large hand from across her mouth.

"Me!? I work here?!" she whisper yelled, "What are YOU doing here Draco Malfoy?!"

"Fuck." He groaned, "Fuck, fuck fuck."

Hermione took the time he was using to swear at her to study the man she hadn't seen in the last five years. The last she had heard Draco Malfoy was a part of some kind of elite group of Auror's.

All very hush-hush and mysterious, after plying Harry with drinks she had coaxed it out of him, Malfoy was essentially a spy for the Ministry of Magic, working to uncover plots by dark wizards that threatened the both the English and the international magical community. Dangerous work Harry had told her gravely, but he was one of the best.

"Behaves like he doesn't have a mother to come home to." Harry had told her wryly while describing the often-dangerous mission Malfoy undertook for them.

He didn't look like a spy right now she thought testily, in fact he looked good... so good that a slow tingle had made its way up her spine even when he had handled her so roughly... or maybe it was because he handled her so roughly, she thought a guilty flush of colour ripening her cheeks.

She had always fantasized about what it would be like to be taken by a man who was in complete control but before her mind meandered to thoroughly unseemly territory she shook herself mentally.

He was much taller now she thought silently and more muscular too, his arm had felt like a solid vice around her hips and she could feel the powerfully restrained energy even in his stance crouching under the shelves.

"What are you doing here, Malfoy?" she asked, clearing her throat and looking away from his face...

The hint of blond stubble didn't make him any more attractive, she told her stubborn body, which seemed to be intent on rebelling against her and sending electric energy down her nerves from where his hand closed around her waist.

"There's someone coming. We have intelligence." He muttered reluctantly, "There's a book in the Forbidden Section that they have a particular interest in, one related to Necromancy."

Though his face remined in the darkness, Hermione could see the feral intelligence shining out of his silver-blue eyes.

"So...?" she whispered, "Why don't you just take the book and go."

"And miss an opportunity to intercept who wants it. Never." He whispered back, shaking his head in a vaguely dog like manner... reminding her of Sirius. "But you're here now." He said sourly, coming to stand at his full height of over six feet but just as he was about to continue the shuffle of light-footsteps made the both of them freeze in the darkened nook.

He pulled her back into his warm chest, returning his large hand to its original place... across her mouth.

Sensing the importance of what was happening by the tensing of his muscular arm Hermione allowed herself to relax into his embrace... enjoying the novel situation of being in such a large man's arms.


Draco couldn't help himself, despite this case consuming him day and night for the past two years... the feeling of Hermione Granger in his arms was more than any sane man could bear.

As Draco had grown older his taste in women had definitely matured but he still went for the well-dressed and groomed blondes. Ones who were sophisticated enough to know the score with him... his work always came first.

Of-course blood had ceased to mean anything after the war was over, not that it had meant or counted for a great deal before either, but Draco tended to date from within his own circle, much like the aristocracy in the past, pureblood women were taught marriage was for legacy... sex was just... physical. It meant nothing and its purpose was simply carnal. Which suited him fine since he had no intention of ever marrying.

However, when he had realised that the soft armful of woman, he assumed was the new librarian was Hermione fucking Granger his body had gone on high alert, providing him with a highly inconveniently timed raging cockstand.

He had always avoided her for this reason... she was far too soft, emotional for his sort of life. But that didn't stop him from wanting her, coveting her... Merlin, in another man he's call it an unhealthy obsession.

Merlin on a fornicating pox ridden manticore, this was not what he needed today. He was finally... finally, close enough to crack into the inner circle of the Ravaldi family. A royal family from Italy suspected of trying to usurp power from their Ministry using dark magic.

His informant had told him that the family was sending someone to 'retrieve' (*thieve) an ancient book of Dark Magic that was currently housed in the library of Hogwarts.

A present by the Ministry of Italy after the defeat of Voldemort nearly twelve years ago and a gesture of goodwill. It was his job to not only protect the book but also to make sure he captured the thief who would give him his opportunity to infiltrate the family. The Ravaldi's commanded great respect in the Italian magical community, the Ministry had requested Draco for the case because they required solid evidence of treason before accusing them publicly.

"Draco." she whispered softly.

He almost swore again when he realised, he had allowed his hand to slip from her mouth.

Merlin her mouth, Draco hadn't been prepared to see Granger after so many years. Foolishly believing that the torch he had carried for her all these years would have fizzled out.

But one look into her doe brown eyes and Draco Malfoy knew that no matter how many sexy blondes he dated and had a great time with, nothing... and no one could compare in his heart and his soul to this woman who had taken both of those bits of him with her years ago and never released them back to him.

That made him slightly angry. Made him want to punish her for it a little bit.

"Quite." He said roughly, jerking her back more securely into his chest. Unable to resist he curved his arm around her hips and her soft middle breathing in the scent of feminine sweat and sweet white flowers.

God... could she feel the length of his cock pressed against the sweet curve of her buttocks, he hoped not. For both of their sakes.

"It's just Daisy." She whispered to him, "One of the fifth-year student's, I noticed her shoes, don't worry she'll select a book and return to her rooms. She does this often enough."

Draco let out a long sigh, both cursing and thanking the gods because now it seemed like he could hold her a while longer.

"Malfoy?" she asked questioningly, struggling against his restraining arm in order to turn and talk to him.

Draco groaned softly as her soft arse snuggled into the place where his shaft throbbed like a green lad's.

"Stop moving." he bit out against the soft shell of her ear, "Unless you want to get fucked, up against one of these shelves."

Hermione gasped softly, clearly no one had ever spoken to her like this before.

"That... that's preposterous." she cried out, renewing her struggles against him.

He quickly flipped her around, arranging her small body in a way that it was covered with his own... with her back against the bookshelf, "Granger, I've wanted to fuck you since the Yule Ball in forth year and if you don't stop moving you're going to find yourself riding my cock in your little librarian outfit while begging me to let you cum and I. Just. Don't. Fucking. Have. Time. For. That. Right. Now."

"Well that sounds like a you problem, Malfoy." She replied huffily, but he was close enough to see the pink crest across her cheeks and the bright amber her eyes had turned... why, little Miss Granger was aroused!

Draco let that knowledge go to his head like a fine French vintage, savouring the sounds of her elevated breath and the faint indentations of her nipples against the white silk of her blouse.

"No, my dear." He silkily, leaning down to blow a stream of cold air across her breast, "I do believe I'm not the only one here, having a rough time."

Hermione shuddered against him, his low gravelly voice made her itchy and restless with want but when she opened her mouth to tell him this was inappropriate and to let her go the only sound that emerged was a soft, needy moan.

Unable to resist he bent his head and covered her silky mouth with his own, her soft gasp and indrawn breath allowed him to thrust his tongue into her warm mouth... sweet, like fucking spun sugar and strawberries. Instead of drawing back however he felt her small hands flutter along his shoulders before joining at his nape.

Mentally deciding to kiss propriety bye-bye, Hermione allowed herself to enjoy the deep thrust of his tongue and his rich, dark taste.

"No Granger..." he groaned out, unable to move his lips further than across her silky cheek, "This isn't the right, sweetheart."

Hermione looked up at him with luminous amber eyes, dripping with desire and twinkling with laughter. "Kiss me harder, Malfoy... I thought you wanted me since we were fourteen."

"I have something import...Humpf..."

She didn't allow him to continue, attaching her lush mouth to his again. Plying him with soft, teasing kisses... her tongue darting in and out of his mouth.


Hermione didn't know what had come over her but listening to his husky confession of wanting her made her want to throw caution in the wind. A totally un-Hermione like impulse and after his first kiss she wanted more.

It was everything kisses with her previous dates hadn't been, warm and magical, he tasted like sin personified... black coffee and smoke.

"Don't tell me, Draco Malfoy is shy." she teased softly, pressing closer to him and enjoying the powerful quaking of his muscles.

He growled low in his throat before ravaging her mouth again, leaving her breathless and boneless.

"Shy, Granger..." he laughed darkly in her ear, "I don't think I've ever been accused of being shy."

"Then you should take advantage, Malfoy." she teased back, gently biting down on his lip... "After all what kind of Slytherin would you be otherwise."

He muttered an oath under his breath before sliding a large, calloused hand up the side of her body and bringing it to rest against her soft breast.

"I shouldn't be doing this..." he muttered under his breath, "But Merlin help me..."

Hermione felt a bolt of triumph race through her, barely stopping herself from analysing what she was about to do.

"Yes..." she whispered into his ear, holding one of her own much smaller hands over his, "Don't think so hard, Draco." Pressing it deeper into the skin of her breast.

She felt his body tense under hers and before she knew it, she was pinned against the shelves again except this time she had over six feet of thoroughly aroused male atop her. Letting out a startled gasp when she felt his brawny arms lift her against his chest, her legs dangling uselessly under her.

"Be sure, Granger." He growled, his sliver eyes trapping her with their intensity. He was the most handsome man she had ever seen yet now he looked completely different from the ethereal loveliness that had shaped his years growing up.

No, Draco Malfoy was all man now, his longish hair the colour of burnished copper and his face a throwback to his Viking ancestors, rough-hewn and covered in layer of golden stubble. By Merlin his fierce gaze made her want to spread herself open to him. It would be glorious to be loved with such dark, passionate ferocity.

"I'm sure, Malfoy." she said, meeting his eyes with a faint challenge in her own, "Are you...?" she deliberately bit down on her lip, a gesture that moved the hot intensity of his silvery gaze down to her kiss swollen mouth.

He simply kissed her lush mouth, his ardor violently passionate.

"You have to keep silent, princess." He chided mockingly. "You don't want someone sneaking by and listening in on their naughty little librarian having a rendezvous, do you?"

Hermione let out a small moan of mingled embarrassment and arousal. His large blunt fingers were deftly undoing the buttons of her silk blouse and running up against the warm skin of her naked breast.

"A pink bra, Miss Granger." He laughed wickedly in her ear, "I except nothing less from you, princess."

"Malfoy!" she gasped, opening her passion glazed eyes in acute mortification.

"Don't worry, love. I adore women who wear pink bra's with dancing kittens on them." he replied tenderly, his gruff voice as gentle as a cats purr against her hot cheeks.

"Such pretty breasts." he growled, "Far too beautiful to be hidden behind such frumpy clothes."

"Gods I've always wanted to do this..."

Hermione felt him lift the heavy weight of her breasts in both his large hands before his mouth descended upon them, lavishing them with slow sinuous licks around her pale pink nipples and tender, biting kisses.

Hermione felt like a bowstring... taut with tension and with an acute throbbing within her panties. She wanted his large hands under her skirt. Her womanhood felt swollen and needy, ready for him to conquer.

"Touch me." She panted into his ear, unable to form a coherent sentence as his talented mouth suckled her nipple and his hands caressed her arse gently.

"Patience." He laughed darkly.

"I thought you didn't have time." she replied back saucily.

"Damn my time, Granger. Now that I have you... I'm going to savour you." He said with a wolfish grin.

Unbeknownst to her his hand had travelled under her dark skirt while they flirted in the dimly lit, semi-dark room...

He pulled a startled gasp from her lips as he found the gusset of her panties, her slick passion already drenching them.


Fuck, Draco felt his head spin... she was already wet for him. Draco had never had a woman who responded to him this quickly. Arousal had turned Hermione Granger's prim countenance into one of debauched pleasure.

Her warm eyes studied him, glittering with passion he doubted she had ever experienced, her hair... previously confined to a prim bun now hung down past her shoulders... rumpled and wild and gods... her mouth, he could just imagine those lush lips closing around his cock as he thrust deeper... and deeper...

So far there hadn't been a sound, he was keeping an ear open in the event that the Italian rat bastard chose to interrupt him during this most unusual yet arousing experience of his life.

Her slender fingers lingered over the buttons of his shirt as if asking for permission to touch him.

"You can touch me wherever you'd like, princess." He said gruffly, enjoying the widening of her eyes as he brushed his fingers of her clit.

Hermione slid her fingers down his shirt, unbuttoning it so that she could touch the warm, furry chest below. Hot and tensile the muscles below the furry mat of blond hair flexed with power as her delicate fingers explored unfamiliar groves and edges... so different from her own.

Her touch grew bolder, her fingers trailing down towards the narrow track of hair that led to his cock.

"Not today, sweetheart." He whispered teasingly, stopping her hand from getting any closer, "One touch from you and I'll cum like a stripling lad with his first woman."

"But..." she whispered, looking down sadly.

"Later." He said, his words drowned out by the rush of pleasure Hermione felt as his thick fingers penetrated the soft, warm cove of her body.

"Kiss me Draco."

As he moved his mouth to take hers, his tongue mimicked the thrusting of his fingers in another part of her body.

Hermione had never felt so hot... so needy... so close.

"Harder!" she cried, wrenching his mouth from his, "I need you Draco."

He began to rub the little button atop her pussy, making her jerk off the back of the shelves and further into his arms.

"So close..." she whimpered... gasping as he pinched down on her clit... flooding her with an indescribable tide of passion. Her orgasm was swift, wrenching through her with the force of a typhoon... leaving her limp, gasping his biceps.

Urging her gently upwards again she felt Draco's hard, veiny shaft throbbing against the entrance of her soft body... as if asking permission again.

She simply canted her hips closer, allowing the tip to slip inside her.

"Take me." she whispered, gripping his arms harder and arching her back towards him.

He needed no more encouragement. Breathing as hard as a prized bullfighter battling an enraged steer, he drove into her, giving her mere moments to adjust to his large organ.

Hermione bit into his shoulder as he thrust inside her even though her body was soft after her first orgasm, her tight pussy struggled to accommodate his girth. But the tingles of pleasure from deep within her womb soon began to pulse again.

"Harder." She urged, enjoying the look of intense concentration upon his face, "Fuck me harder, Malfoy."

"Your wish is my command, princess." He growled out, one hand coming to rest behind her head to shield her from hurting herself against the wooden shelves and the other gripping her soft hip.

That's going to leave a mark, she thought dreamily enjoying the aggressive way he dove into her... like he couldn't get enough.

Reaching in between them Draco gently pushed his thumb against her clit, making her writhe upon his cock... driving them both closer and closer to fulfilment.

"Kiss me, Granger." He demanded roughly, fusing their mouths together as they rushed to find the peak of pleasure together.

Hermione felt her muscles beginning to contract and moaned into his mouth, her head falling back against his hand in ecstasy... the overwhelming pleasure of where they were joined making her jerk as her orgasm took her further into the depts of rapture.

Not long after he came too, letting out a mighty groan as he emptied himself inside her.

They stood, still joined... panting as they recovered from what could only have been described as a soul shattering experience... enjoying the calm of the library and the dim candles around them.


Draco's ears picked up the sound of quite footsteps making their way inward.

"Granger." He whispered into her ear, both enjoying and despairing the look of blissful happiness on her face, "I have to leave... he's here... the man I'm looking for."

"Wait..." she whispered, as he pulled out of her and quickly tucked him cock back into his pants.

"Meet me back here." He whispered, pressing a hard kiss onto her lips, "Next Friday."

"But..." she cried out, slumping onto to the floor now that his large body wasn't holding her up any longer.

But before she could finish her sentence he had disappeared like a shadow in the night. Leaving her confused... aroused and angry.

Wham, bam thank you ma'am... she thought partly annoyed yet still bemused by what had just taken place...

Well it wasn't exactly what a girl dreamed of but holy merlin... the man was dangerously potent.

With a dreamy smile she picked herself up, knowing that both men had probably disappeared out of the library window.

Maybe she'd return the next Friday after all.


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