Final Friday (Part II)

(WARNING - NSFW CONTENT 18 + Recommended)

The walk back to Hermione's rooms was rife with tension, the air filled with possibility and Draco's mercurial silver eyes devouring her. How could she have ever thought those eyes cold? Right now, they blazed with a hungry... almost feral light. She felt reborn in his gaze, like she could shed this cocoon around her and emerge a wild and beautiful butterfly.

After all she wasn't a beauty, she was merely a woman in her third decade but in his eyes, she felt like Aphrodite. Absolute, powerful and desirable.

"We're here." She murmured, walking past the gaping portrait that normally guarded the entrance to her chambers.

He didn't even wait till the portrait was all the way down before reaching for her.

"Today..." he growled softy, "Today I will savour you, Granger."

She gasped incoherently as he twisted her nipples gently. They remained covered by the bodice of her dress, but his large hands were skilful.

She had to do something, so she fastened her lips to his. Delicately demanding he allow her entrance into the warmth of his mouth. He grabbed her by the waist with a hoarse sound and lifted her till she had to brace her hands against his broad shoulders.

Her kiss was shallow, a mere hint. He gently grabbed her chin angling her mouth as he plundered the depths of her, taking over the kiss masterfully.

Her limbs trembled as he roughly whispered, "Bedroom."

She pointed to the room with a trembling finger, unable to do more than hold on as he strode past the small living quarters and to her bedroom. His eyes never leaving her flushed face.

She bounced lightly as he set her down on the feather mattress.

"Undress, Granger... I've been waiting to see you... touch you... for so very long." he purred lightly.

"You first." she whispered, tugging one muscular arm till he sprawled on the bed like a reclining jaguar. Her fingers trembled as she began to unbutton his old canvas shirt. Not that she was about to hesitate... after all she had been thinking about this for days.

She bit back a moan, lord but he was lovely... thick muscles formed a strong chest and broad shoulders, well sculpted and tanned a deep golden. His chest was covered in hair such a light golden it glinted on him like bullion. It was marvellous, she cupped and stroked down the warm flesh in delight.

Such strength she marvelled. Slowly she plunged her fingers through the hair on his chest, trailing them further down his muscular stomach where it thinned.

Draco studied her with hooded eyes, what a becoming blush she wore... he wondered if that blush travelled further down her body. It was time to find out.

Pausing her questing fingers, he slowly lifted her to his chest, nibbling lightly on her neck as he began to undo the tiny buttons that fastened the back of her dress.

Merlin... she hadn't bothered with a bra. She sat on his lap, gloriously nude to her waist.

"I missed out on these the last time we... ahem... met." He said, a rare flush staining the tops of his cheeks.

"You're embarrassed!" she laughed, delighted, "How quaint, Malfoy." She teased.

His only answer was a growl as he reached for her.

"I have to say." His voice was dry, but his fingers were ever so busy, "There is a certain advantage to not being caught by surprise. Last time I never even got to see these beauties."

Hermione gasped as he bent to take one rose coloured nipple into his mouth and give it a strong suckle. She never knew her breasts could be so sensitive, she arched up, holding his head to her body. When he looked up at her, his wicked silver eyes glittered feverishly. He gently ran a finger down her throbbing pulse at her throat, down... down... downwards... where her skirt and panties hid her most secret heart.

"Take off your skirt." He said softly.

Hermione's fingers were trembling so hard as she tried to undo her clothing that Draco simply ripped her underthing's off her.

"You're lovely." He said, "Enough to drive a man insane."

"Oh..." she whispered, abashed. But he seemed not to hear her, his gaze raking in the rest of her form like a starving man.

Draco was simply waiting a moment to compose himself, he didn't wish to jump on her like a raving animal. But by Merlin, she was beautiful.

The soft thatch of chestnut curls at the apex of her thighs looked like rich fur against her soft skin. Time had not taken away any of Hermione Granger's loveliness. It seemed to have only enhanced it.

"Draco?" she asked tentatively.

He grinned quickly before reaching down to pull her into a deep kiss, "Don't worry, Granger... sometimes you have to take a moment to appreciate such beauty."

"You're ridiculous." She huffed with a shy grin.

He brought his mouth back to her nipple, sucking gently... his warm breath brushing over her tender skin. Hermione thrust her hands through his long hair, relishing the texture under her fingers. Slightly rough yet strong.

She whimpered as she felt the first brush of his rough fingers against her clitoris, bringing forth a dewy rush. He grinned at her, enjoying her expression of slight alarm, embarrassment and arousal.

"Watch me." He said roughly as he entered her quim gently with his fingers. In response hermione threw her arm around his neck anchoring herself to him, gently panting against his neck.

"Are you ready?" he teased gently, nipping her ear as he continued to circle her clit with his thumb softly and draw his fingers out of her. Hermione could barely understand, she was on the cusp of a brilliant feeling.

"Harder." She cried softly.

His fingers quickened and she felt the tremors build, her orgasm hit her as he pressed down filling her with such unbelievable pleasure that she feared her moan would be heard ringing through Hogwarts castle.

Draco laughed as she went limp, her head lolling on his shoulder and his fingers covered in her sweet dew.

"A screamer." He mused, gently rubbing the wetness on his fingers onto her sweet nipples, "You learn something new every day."

He lay her on the bed before getting up to undo his boots and pants. Hermione studied his handsome back lazily, her body buzzing with little aftershocks.

When he stood to turn towards her, she caught her breath, Merlin he was big... everywhere.

His thick penis was ruddy at the crown, his seed already seeping. She felt her womb contract.

"Maybe we should..."

He hushed her gently, "You're made for taking me." He whispered into her ear, "Remember last time." His drew his fingers through her sensitive quim, parting her lips to expose her soft pink interior.

Hermione moaned and nodded.

He took hold of his cock and led it gently to her entrance.

"Hush see..." the crown of his penis gently breached her, "We're made for each other."

She moaned feeling his invading warmth.

"How do you feel?" he purred, taking small measured thrusts, drawing her arms up until she was clasped tight to his muscular chest. The contrast between his large, hairy hands and her creamy skin arousing her even further.

Rather than reply to him, Hermione drew Draco into a lush kiss, exploring the insides of his mouth with delicate cat like licks.

"You're making me lose control." He growled as he began to thrust against her oversensitive skin when she arched against him. She couldn't help her thighs quivering around his waist as pounded into her with leashed aggression.

His rough fingers were on her clit again and Hermione couldn't help but cry out as she felt her body begin to shudder. At her peak, stars were dancing behind her eyes, yet she couldn't help but look at the magnificent man taking her. His shoulders bunched, his silver eyes intent and his face drawn back in a snarl.

As her body began to crest, Draco stiffened thrusting into her harder and filling her with his seed... both crying out as they found their peak together.

They collapsed together on the large bed, breathing hard. Hermione watched a curious expression steal across Draco's face... almost like peace.

She studied the older much more mature face of the boy she had once hated... now the man who made her body sing. Yet there was no resentment, now as adults the only thing that remained between them was this incandescent, shimmering attraction which made them both do ridiculous things... very enjoyable things but out of character, nonetheless.

Merlin... she hoped they had the chance to do this again. Her very first affair she thought with a satisfied grin.

As they lay together savouring their explosive joining Draco knew he had leave again soon. But now that he had her, he had to keep her.

"Granger." He said urgently, pulling her back into his arms, "I want to see you again."

"You do?" she whispered, "I mean we haven't exactly discussed..."

"Dating is... hard. The work I do doesn't allow for much stability or availability."

"I understand, I haven't dated in a long time either so I'm happy for us to continue as we are."

"When I return from this assignment, I'm currently on I have a few weeks off. I would like to keep seeing you." He said hesitantly.

"That would be nice." She replied with a brilliant smile. "I want to continue seeing you to. Now I don't think we should waste your last few hours of freedom, do you?"

"You always were the smartest witch around." He said with a wicked smile before kissing her.



In bed, in Paris with my lover, mused Hermione Granger. Not the worst way to bring in your 31st birthday.

Despite her best intentions and Draco's busy and dangerous job they had ended up become closer and closer. Being with him was a revelation for Hermione, when they had been in school, she had only witnessed the worst of him and so when she got to see the side of him reserved only for those closest to him, she was stunned.

In such a short amount of time he had become so important to her; lover, confidant, helpmate, confidence builder and more than anything the man who she went to with her deepest insecurities, silent anxieties and darkest fears.

"Hello..." she loved his raspy waking up voice and relished in the simple pleasure of feeling one brawny arm tighten around her middle.

She turned to kiss him, feeling particularly happy about the state of her world this morning when he stunned her by asking...

"Granger... let's elope."

Shocked Hermione's head bumped against his chin before he laughed and gathered her closer.

"Elope?" she whispered, "You want to elope. We aren't even officially dating."

"We're in Paris, it's your birthday, I love you and frankly cannot bear to come home to an empty apartment again. Let's elope."

"You love me?"

"Madly, desperately. Marry me and I'll show you just how much."

"That's blackmail." she said with a reproving smile, "Exactly like the Malfoy I know."

"If you say yes, sweetheart you can't use Malfoy as an insult again." He said, touching the tip of his nose to hers.

Damn she was beautiful, as long as Draco lived, he would forever get lost in her laughing golden eyes.

He hoped their first child was a little girl, one who looked exactly like her mama. He'd spoil her rotten.

He had so much to make up to this woman, one year ago when he had stumbled upon her in Hogwarts, he knew he was walking into what would be a golden chance for a blissful future. It had just taken him a few months to finally get his head out his arse.

But today when she had turned to him with her smiling eyes, he knew that he'd surely go mad if he didn't wake up to her in his bed like this every day for the rest of his life.


He almost didn't catch the whispered word.

"Yes... did you say yes?!"

"Yes, you silly man." she cried, "I'll elope with you but have to promise to take a picture of us kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower. As a keepsake, so that we can tell our children how their father ran away with me to Paris and whisked me away to get married."

"A suitable story for a woman who loved a spy, don't you think..."

And with that their lips met in a sweet kiss as the new day dawned glorious.



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