Chapter 1

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3rd P.O.V

It's felt like an eternity since he came home. However despite the months that have passed, not much has changed when it came to his parent figure Ik Su. "Good night everyone!" Time ticked on as the world settled in for the night.

Despite the cheery tone from his guardian, Yun couldn't find it in him to relax as he laid on his bed. He was sure by now that everyone else was out for the count yet here he was wide awake scowling at the ceiling. Once more Ik Su's prophecy escaped his lips.

"Darkness has fallen upon the land.
The blood of the dragons will revive once again,
and the ancient pact will be kept.

When the four dragons are gathered,
the sword and shield which will protect the king shall awaken,
and the Red Dragon shall restore the dawn at last."

"What now though?" Yun sighed as he stood up, abandoning the warmth of his blankets. He made his way outside, turning his frustrated expression towards the star lit sky. Despite once more coming back home to visit Ik Su the young pretty boy found himself annoyed and confused.

At this point sleeping was desired, but his mind was full of constant worries that left him awake. The prophecy being the specific cause. Actually it had been a concern of his ever since he left to start his journey with Yona and Hak.

Even though he didn't believe in the legend of Kouka dragons -just like how he didn't believe in God, he DID however believe in his guardian and ex-priest. He smirked at the thought of the man.

Clumsy idiot couldn't lie even if he wanted to. Ik Su was Yun's teacher, protector and family. Even though he was always getting hurt to where Yun had to act as his caretaker instead of it being the other way around.

Which made things irritating to the fifteen year old when he was told to leave his home to travel. Yun would admit that back several months ago that he was royally pissed(and still was just a little bit) but it didn't take long for him to come around.

If the stupid believer of God wanted Yun to go out and see the world and help the naive princess then he would have no choice. Yun wasn't sure exactly what it was he would find let alone how long he would be gone doing this ridiculous quest.

Much to his surprise however the mystical legend of chosen warriors beings gifted with dragons' blood was indeed true and with it a whole new perspective rose within the young genius. Every story no matter how fabricated had a speckle of truth if one looked hard enough.

Somehow Yun was able to accept and adapt to the various new truths standing in front of him. Starting with how easily he was willing to accept this group of weirdos in his life and actually care for them.

One by one new people entered his life. Princess Yona. The Thunder Beast Hak. Kija the white dragon. Shin Ah the blue dragon with his little squirrel companion Aoi. Jae Ha the green dragon. And finally Zeno the yellow dragon.

Each of them stood out in their own way, attracting all sorts of attention and trouble. He was by no means a fighter, hating violence, and compared to the rest of them didn't have much of a presence.

With that line of thinking one would think Yun would start feeling weak or inferior, but he wasn't. Instead of being a warrior, he cooked warn filling meals, healed their wounds, and had just as much voice as anyone.

Actually now that he thought about it everyone listened to him when he had something to say. He remembered fondly how when Hak would always go to the newest addition to the group with a stoic face. Saying that if they wanted any food they'd listen and obey the pretty boy genius.

A laugh escaped his lips, the scowl finally leaving as his mind continued to linger on the warm fuzzy feelings. Despite leaving Ik Su's side Yun was able to feel useful and wanted.

His heart felt whole as he slowly came to accept the role as the worrywart mother hen. They were like a family and he knew he wasn't the only one who felt that way. They stood together helping the world in whatever way they can.

Starting with aiding some of the several villages in the fire tribe's territory that were poor and full of problems. They became 'The Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch' that would bring food, clothes and medicine to those in need of it while acting like territorial bandits.

What started as a small joke after Zeno's arrival turned into a full on bandit alias. It was hysterical, embarrassing and stupid but it worked. However even with all the good that has come with their traveling the prophecy would return with vengeance to the corners of Yun's mind.

It's consistent arrival came with too many questions and not enough answers and he was quickly losing patience with how vague it was. The four dragons of legend were here, at last reunited after generations upon generations-giving their allegiance to Yona.

Yet again, Ik Su said that the sword and shield are not yet prepared to reveal themselves. On top of that Yun couldn't tell who the 'King' that the legend was referring to. Based on the legend-one could think it was Yona. As the dragons believe her to be their master-their 'King' just like the original Red Dragon.

If she herself was the descendant of the dragon then it would make sense and he wouldn't be worried at all. "But then why would the next part specifically mention the red if it were a separate subject?" Another possible king-as much as Yun would hate to state it would be Su-Won.

Back when news came of the new king Yun was skeptical, as he still hated the nobility. The poor were abandoned and abused by the rich, and the rich could and did whatever they dare pleased.

Yun himself was one of the many who due to no money or food were unable to eat. Forced to struggle for survival all on his own. Meanwhile those with riches splurged-not having a care in the world as they trampled on those weaker.

When he first met Yona, he had no problems expressing his opinion and scorn. However despite those harsh feelings, Yona proved him wrong with his assumptions as she actively tried to right the wrongs she was seeing.

Now he could say that not every noble was as horrible as he thought them to be. Based on the news that spread throughout the country, he could say Su Won truly cared about the nation and was doing what he could to fix the various issues that plagued the land. More so than the previous king anyways.

But then slight guilt and sadness plagued the young teen. He tilted his head to the side-towards the direction of the strong hearted princess. She was more than likely asleep along with the others.

"Yona." He didn't know the whole story. But he could connect the dots. Yona and Hak were hiding away, traveling in secret. The red haired princess's father killed and Su-Won quickly taking the throne right after.

And everyday he would see the pain and betrayal in his companions' eyes every time the new ruler was mentioned. It was obvious they were close up until that point. Su-Won took control-shattering the bond they had as if it meant nothing to him.

It left him angry and uneasy. No matter what Yun would stand by Hak and Yona, even if Su-Won was doing the country good. However he was worried, what would he do to his family should Su Won discover Yona was alive? What could Yun do to protect them?

"If it does mean him-that means the sword and shield could be enemies. Would their arrival mean Yona's end? 'The Red Dragon shall return to Dawn as last'...ugh! I wish I knew what it truly meant." Fatigue started to catch up to him now.

Stifling a long cracking yawn Yun closes his eyes. At last he falls into slumber-albeit an uneasy one, but his mind quieted all the same. By morning those concerns would resurface as he helps the group plan out their next move.

Though he was unaware-soon, very soon his wish would be answered. Their next destination would awaken another legend-one that hasn't even been recorded in the history of Kouka. There... secrets would be revealed and the prophecy will draw closer than ever to its climax.

To be continued

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