Chapter 3

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3rd P.O.V

"Where is Shin Ah?" The sun had long left the sky, allowing for twinkling stars and a pale crescent moon to take its place. Yet much to the groups surprise and and now growing concern, their dutiful blue dragon was nowhere to be found.

Jae Ha and Kija shared a look, a hidden conversation through their eyes taking place. "Could he have gotten lost? It really isn't like him to be out this late." Yun was stirring tonights' dinner as his frown grew with each passing second.

This wasn't the first time the pretty boy genius had sent Shin Ah out herb collecting. With his eyesight and basic knowledge of plants, it should've been a an hour, maybe a two hour venture into the forest and surrounding area.

"Aren't you all still able to sense each other? Is he far?" Yona was finding it harder and harder to keep her gaze off the dark trees leading to the forest, her worry evident. Zeno gave her a soft smile as he pet her head.

His aura giving her a sense of ease. "Don't worry young miss. He's actually on his way, and he's pretty close." It was a huge relief as she sighed, holding her hand over her heart. "Thank goodness." Hak couldn't shake off his instincts however.

Keeping his focus strictly on the remaining three dragons. "Then what is it that's causing you all to act off? Something on your minds?" He had enough of this unknown tension emanating from the group.

It was about time they started talking about it, especially now that Zeno's confirmed their companions' safety. Jae Ha could only sigh, he along with the others knew it was only a matter of time.

"To be honest, we're not sure, but we can feel the presence of something powerful nearby. It's similar to how we dragons are able to tell how far away we are from one other,'s not something we've really encountered up until now."

Zeno narrowed his eyes as he stared off into the distance. Like the rest, this was something he had never felt before...however he could tell it wasn't a simple powerful essence, but rather it was the combined powers of two separate entities.

That alone made him concerned, as in all the years he's been alive, exploring the world, he's found himself coming at a loss of these sensations. Even worse now that he's fully attentive, he realizes that one of these strange auras were coming straight to the camp.

A sudden rustle of leaves and trees made everyone pause in place for a moment, only to return to normal as a familiar mask faced figure enter the light of the camp fire. Yun inhales as he places his hands on his hips.

His face a mixture of relief and frustration. "There you are! Do you know how wo-" His long rant and scolding was put off hold as a second figure follows behind. And immediately everyone had their guards up. "Shin Ah who is this?"

The man leaning heavily on the walking stick within his possession was the living definition of the word 'struggle.' Dull, muck brown hair was in greasy streaks covering his sweaty, gaunt face. Barely able to hide his skittish, observant eyes.

His tunic was clearly worn, faded to the point of no return on top of it practically in tatters just barely held by the seams. Made all the worse as rusty browns and reds were splattered all over. His face held a pained smile as slowly approached.

"My name is Sima Yi. It is a pleasure to meet you all." A strong...overpowering scent of rotting food, blood and booze invaded the group's nostrils, it took everything they had not to grimace or flinch as the pair got closer.

The poor individual stumbling as he limped to the campfire. Weary and weak, he gently took a seat in front of the campfire, Yona and Zeno giving the poor man space. Though the blonde, found himself narrowing his eyes as he was able to still feel this sickening aura surrounding Sima Yi.

Still he said nothing, if anything he tried shaking the sensation away. Meanwhile, the shriveled traveler got comfortable, eagerly placing his frozen fingers close to the blaze while Yun immediately took two bowls, filling them with tonights' meal.

"Here, rabbit stew fresh off the pot. What brings you here with Shin Ah?" His response was silence as Sima Yi and Shin Ah alike guzzled their food like they haven't eaten in days. Considering the terrible state this Sima Yi character was in, he probably hadn't. "Aoi! Get out of there!"

The perky little squirrel was leaping into the stew to get her favorite dragons' share(as if she didn't try eating all of Yun's ingredients long before the young teen even started cooking.) The next few moments were full of slurps and chewing between the two.

After a series of seconds and thirds, and even fourths, Sima Yi's appetite matching the dragons in stride, did this strange individual finally address Yun's questions. "Thank you for the meal. And to answer your question, this kind man found me in my time of need. I was being hunted by a monster."

A snort escaped Jae Ha unexpectedly as his white haired companion shook his head. "There's no such thing. Simply a folktale." Yun couldn't help the sweat from falling down his brow as he made pointed looks at his companions.

Four warriors gifted with ancient dragon's blood, one princess with the power to control them, and one man who's power could rival them. " any of you are able to talk. Continue?" Kija blushed before looking away.

But he and most of the group didn't quite believe Sima Yi's statement. Clearing his throat, the middle aged stranger kept his gaze on the intense flames roaring before him. Shutting to a close as he recounted his tale.

"I live in a village not too far from here, hidden deep within the forest and isolated from outsiders, but a few days ago it was under attack from a tribe of monsters. Beings able to shift forms and overpower my people. I was just barely able to escape."

His mouth twitched as he recalled the past few hours. He had thought things were going a bit too well the last few days. Still...the fatigued man was very lucky to be alive right now. He was too careless, and it nearly costed him his life.

"It didn't take long for one of them to come after me. I had been on the run hoping to find help before I found myself nearly trapped in the jaws of my predator. I was able to injure it, giving me enough time to flee and meet Lord Shin Ah here." Hak raised an eyebrow.

Finding it very hard to believe this...feeble looking freeloader was able to fight off some powerful beast. "And how did you manage that?" The pseudo dragon received an irritated scoff.

"You'd be surprised what one can do when literally facing death young man. I was fortunate that when I had tripped and fell(which is how the damned creature caught up to me in the first place) there was a rough, edged stone by my hand. I grabbed it and slashed at its face. Aiming right for the eyes."

Shin Ah nodded his head slightly. "It's true." He had seen it himself, watching the meek looking civilian fight and scrape for survival. "That so..." No one could dismiss the blue dragon's claims, as he wasn't one to lie or exaggerate.

Sima Yi continued, feeling slightly more confident knowing he had someone to prove his story true. "Indeed. It shrieked in pain and in that moment I pushed it away and further made my way into the forest...albeit slower due to injuring my ankle when I fell." Much to the aged man's surprise the beast didn't follow.

At first he was terrified when encountered Shin Ah. The young man with his mask and large frame had a rather intimidating appearance. But despite that and his lack of speaking, he was incredibly kind.

Helping him up, finding him a decent walking stick, even keeping his eyes peeled for the savage monster that attacked him. "You mentioned your village being under attack..." Yona wrapped her arms around her legs, her attention completely on their guest.

"Yes. As far as I could tell I was one of- if not the only person who managed to make it out of that village. I planned on finding help, and returning to fight those abominations. If at the very least to get revenge on the lives that were lost."

He had hope that he wasn't the only survivor however. And could only lower his gaze onto the ground as Kija asked him why he had such beliefs. Voicing his thoughts to the group. If only he knew...There's always a few grains of truth scattered in the vast sands of the sea.

"I told you that these weren't your typical beast. They're shapeshifters, beings made from the flesh of man and animal. My village had ancient stories of these creatures but up until now we simply thought them to be a fairy tale." No one knew, and all of them had paid the price.

A shiver wracked his spine as he continued. He could feel more eyes watching, waiting. His predator was still out there. Yet for the first time since his retreat he held no fear at the fact. Not when he wasn't alone. Even without knowing anything about them, he knew they were special.

Sima Yi could feel it. "They were able to speak my tongue, and only killed those that tried to escape or fought back. I don't know why they attacked my home in the first place, but I plan on taking it back and freeing my people." His grip tightened on his walking stick.

Though it was clear he was truly in no position to travel, let alone fight Yona couldn't help but admire Sima Yi for his determination. She felt a sort of kinship with him. As she herself lost her family and home, forced to run and hide in the shadows so that she and her companions could survive.

Granted she had no intentions of returning to Hiyruu Palace. She was still inexperienced when it comes to politics, and from what Yona could see, Su-Won despite it all, was taking the role of king seriously. Her presence was unnecessary.

Not to mention, the young princess felt she could do more for her people outside the palace's walls then within. Still, the red haired girl saw his desire to fight back, to protect those dear to him. It was something she knew all too well, and was what forced her to come to a decision.

"What if we offer you assistance?"

to be continued

Author Notes: And that ladies and gents is the end of another chapter. And now is where the canon really starts to fly out the window as we now have Sima Yi~ For anyone curious, the name is actually from Dynasty Warriors(a game series I love to death-my fav is 5 just so you guys know lol)

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