The Summoning of Leviathan.

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Chapter 1: Leviathan and the Goblet of Fire

A blue armored 'reploid' was leaning against a wall. Her red lifeblood flowing from her grievous wounds.

She was actually the second being to bear that name, and she was just as, if not more loyal than the first.

Yes, lifeblood. She had a secret that only Master X and one other guardian, the one that Zero killed, knew.

She was a cyborg, and not a reploid.

She only had vague memories of her precyborg life, as the trauma that had necessitated her conversion damaged her memories.

All she remembered was being called 'Freak', pain, and wishing to be elsewhere.

Then all she knew was the crushing pain as something heavy slammed into her.

She smiled sadly as she remembered when she had actually entered her master's service, only a few years before Zero had arrived and started everything on the path it was now going to.



A young woman, of seventeen years of age, walked into a meeting she had requested of Neo Arcadia's Leader, X, and one of his three guardians.

"You asked to meet us? Why?" the blue armored reploid asked.

"I wish to enter your personal service, Master X." came the young Woman's reply.

"You are human, it is our duty to protect you, not for you to serve us," X replied.

"Not human Master, Cyborg," Phantom cut in. "I think she's the one I rescued a few years back during the incident that cost us Leviathan, and you authorized the treatment yourself."

"Yes," the young woman said.

X frowned at the young woman. He really didn't want to agree to take her into his service, but he also didn't want to deny the burning determination that he could see in her emerald false eyes. "in what manner do you wish to serve?" he asked to give him time to think.

She responded by placing a datapad in front of him.

Taking it up, his eyes widened at what was displayed.

They were upgrade schematics, specifically ones to upgrade the woman in front of him to take the place of his fallen guardian, along with altering some physical characteristics to match the fallen guardian.

"I see..." X said contemplatively. He needed to replace the fallen guardian, as she was his sole aquatic general, but...

Looking at the young woman in front of him, then at the schematics, he sighed. Who was he to deny her her life's wish? Even if she was willing to throw even more of her humanity away...

"Phantom, take this to R&D and tell them to check it over for any flaws and to get ready to implement it. Miss... I didn't get your name."

"Yes Master X," Phantom said, and looked at the woman with approval, before vanishing on his mission.

"I never really had one, so they called me Jane Doe."

X frowned, then said, "That won't do. You need a real name...Fairy Leviathan, that shall be your name once your upgrades are complete. I will tell the others..."

"Master X, could you keep the fact that I'm not a reploid from the others for now?" she asked.

"Very well, it will be your secret to share. You have until you are upgraded to change your mind. Goodbye."

The woman walked out of the room with her head held high, knowing she made the right choice.

X on the other hand brought up her file, as he had just skimmed it when he had authorized her changed, and frowned. She had no history, and her DNA wasn't on file.

There was also the fact that some of her wounds were... inconsistent with how she was found like her left arm looked like it had been hacked off with some sort of sharp wedged object, and the fire nearby had cauterized the wound.

Hoping he made the right choice for the human, he logged off to make his rounds.

Flashback end.


Coughing up blood the cyborg knew her time was up. Her wounds, if left untreated, were mortal, and since Zero had seen her get 'killed' by Omega, as a Sub-Tank had been destroyed by him and it detonated, which probably caused Zero to think her dead, so he wouldn't be back to save her. Her friends had already been killed so it was just her now.

As she was falling unconscious she thought that her mind had conjured up a blue fire.

Her final act before she blacked out, still gripping her weapon, was to realize it was Halloween, nothing good ever happened on that day.


Dumbledore was watching the Goblet of Fire in anticipation. Today he would finally bring The-Girl-Who-Lived back to where she belongs. With her parents' permission, he had entered her name under a fourth school, as the goblet had a safety function, it would summon any champion entered if they were not present.

Of course, nobody involved thought that she would be unhappy to be dragged from her home without her permission, or a reliable way back.

Lilly and James Potter had been exceptionally lucky that Halloween night. The dark lord wanted to force them to kill their own child, but whatever he had cast on the child beforehand had backlashed destroying him.

Thus the legend of The-Girl-Who-Lived was born.

Dumbledore, believing that the dark lord wasn't fully dead for reasons he refused to explain had convinced the Potters to give him their daughter.

He didn't want the girl to get a big head, so he placed him with Lilly's sister, unbelieving the sheer animosity that Petunia had towards her sister... and then the trackers he had on the girl went dead.

The Dursleys were now in prison on murder charges, as the muggle authorities he had contacted, to hide his involvement found the arm of the girl and a lot of blood.

When he had gotten back to his office, he found to his surprise a single device still working, sating that she was alive but badly injured.

The loss of the girl had been a crippling blow to the support that the Potters had always given him, so now he had this last chance to try and mend the bridge between them.

As the fourth parchment came out he read, "Azalea Potter."

Everybody was confused as The-Girl-Who-Lived had vanished after that Halloween night and never reappeared.

Then everybody started panicking as blue flamed started pouring out of the goblet, and the headmaster spoke up, "Do not panic! This is a safety feature to summon one picked as a champion when they are not present so they don't lose their magic, I now present... to... you..." he trailed off as he saw what was left after the flames extinguished, it was not a relatively healthy fourteen year old in robes or even muggle clothing.

It was a woman in armor holding a strange weapon in her early twenties, bleeding out her life.

"POPPY!" he roared.

"I'm here!" she replied, as she had, for once, actually attended the evening meal in the great hall.

A slew of diagnostic spells had her grimacing, not only because of the injuries, but it seemed like over half her organs were either replaced entirely by machines or enhanced by them, her lungs for instance were augmented to the point that they might of well have been replaced. She wasn't stupid enough just to vanish the metal, as is her twitch reflex told her to.

That would kill the woman instantly, but since they are doing their job as replacements/augmentations she let them be.

The wound in her side, along with the fact that one of her blue replacement eyes had been damaged and the wound running down the side of her head straight through where the eye is were bigger concerns. Casting some stasis spells and a levitation charm, she quickly moved the woman to the hospital wing.

Looking at the armor she cursed aloud after she had moved the woman's weapon into a corner, "Dammit, I need to get that bloody armor off her first."

Again, she didn't want to just vanish the damn thing, as it was actually connected to her body.

Fortunately for Leviathan, X had gone all out with the armor... which included an AI that could make some judgment calls if Leviathan was unconscious.

And it made one.

With a series of clicks and hisses, the armor loosened from its previous skin tight form to something loose enough to be removed and then vanished into the storage unit built in the girl's body to start its auto repair sequence.

"Well, that's convenient," the Medi-Witch mumbled as she quickly moved to remove the skintight outfit that the girl was still wearing, before that too vanished.

Shaking her head she worked as quickly as she could. She simply closed the wound on her face because it was fast, she didn't bother to stop it from scarring as that was a low priority, next she force-fed the young woman a blood replenisher, kicking herself for not doing that first. The wound on the side wouldn't normally be a great problem for one of her talents, but the size and deepness made it a bit of a challenge, combined with the foreign energy involved.

Two hours, and three potions later, she had closed the wound, and beyond the sheer amount of metal in her body, she was relatively healthy.

She left the woman in the infirmary after covering her modest nude form with a blanket, as she left to report to the headmaster.

If she had waited ten minutes longer there would have been fewer problems.


Leviathan had the shock of her relatively young life as she awoke. She fully expected to die alone lying on the cold metal floor.

Status she commanded mentally, which caused text to appear in her vision.

Damage: Condition Yellow

Left eye: 2% integrity, time to repair: 5 days.-Priority

Mark 4 Armor: 70% integrity, time to repair: 18 days.

Mark 4 Undersuit: 70% integrity, time to repair: 2 days.

Subtank 1: destroyed.

Subtank 2: 10 percent functionality, recommendation: dismantle and use to facilitate repairs.

Subtank 3: Green: 7% charge.

Scarring on face and side.

Left-arm: 97%

Right-arm: 81%

Left-leg: 99%

Right-leg: 98%

Torso: 90%

Combat potential: 70%.

Leviathanclosed her eyes in thought, then commanded, cannibalize the MK 1 armor and bodysuit and subtank 2 to facilitate armor repairs equip MK 3 bodysuit and armor.

Opening her eyes she looked around and noted that the area she was in looked positively... medieval.

Her first priority was to find her wea... she cut that thought off as she saw it lying against the wall. Standing up, she allowed herself the luxury of briefly grimacing at the minor aches and pains of her body, then shrugged it off she had had worse.

After grabbing her spear she moved to the door and quickly glanced about, and not seeing anyone she started moving around cautiously... until she came to her first window. She couldn't help but stop and stare once she activated her visual enhancements, which she mostly used in dark murky water. She now was confused beyond belief, there was no place on Earth with nature this... untouched, at least for hundreds of years.

Where was she? Was where even the question? Or was when a better question?

Shaking her head after half an hour of staring she shook her head. Information, that's what she needed.

Well needed after she escaped at least. She first considered just jumping out the window, then dismissed the thought, as she could potentially find an easier way out, and possibly a map or other documents describing where, and possibly when she was.

As she was passing by a door, she noticed voices coming out from it, just before it opened.

There, behind the door, was an old man and a matronly woman. They were blocking the door so she couldn't see anybody else behind them

Taking a step back she assumed a combat stance.

She had no idea where she was, when she was, or why she was there, and she was the only one of X's guardians to have authorization to, if needed, terminate humans.

Mainly because she started out as one.

"Miss, could you please calm down? We mean you no harm," the old man said soothingly, on the inside he was worried that she immediately took up an obvious combat stance.

"Who are you, where am I, when am I, and why did you bring me here? The cyborg demanded harshly.

"You are in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, October 31st, 1994 and the goblet of fire summoned you, when it should have summoned Azalea Potter. Now would you put the weapon down? It's rather rude to point a weapon at the ones who saved your life."

Leviathan thought for a second, then dismissed her weapon into her storage unit, but kept her armor on. He had caught the date, but decided to wait to deal with it, "I thank you for saving my life, but could you send me back home?"

"I'm sorry, but summoning someone is, if not easy, relatively simple, but sending them to an unknown destination is much harder. Besides, you need to participate in the Triwizard Tournament due to the magically binding contract you are entered into by your summoning, or else you will be punished by the artifact... severely."

She mouthed the word 'magically' a few times, then shook her head. Perhaps she was actually brought to another timeline instead of the past, she didn't know whether it was true, and severely doubted the part about magic, but didn't want to be caught by any legal repercussions, so she said, "I will need to see the rules, both the current version and the original before I agree to anything."

Dumbledore simply smiled, the woman has no chance to get out of it, but he decided to both play along, and get some answers as to why a woman nearly a decade older than the one that was supposed to be summoned appeared. "I can get those to you within the hour, but I would like to check something, just a simple spell to find out your parentage."

Leviathan shrugged, although she realized something else that was making her nervous, she couldn't find any sort of wireless signal, nothing, and there was an odd interference in her sensors.

Sighing she nodded her agreement and directed all her sensors on the two so she can record this 'spell'.

The old man took out a scrap of parchment and a stick. Waiving the stick around while speaking in corrupted Latin, words began, to the cyborg's shock, appear on the parchment that was being held at an angle so all three could read it.

Name: Azalea Potter (Fairy Leviathan)

Father: James Potter

Mother: Lilly Potter

"Well that explains why you were summoned, you're the missing Potter. I'll get the rule-books, and tell your parents," Dumbledore said gleefully, then entered in the room he had just left, then a squeal of happiness from the inside was heard, and a woman in her mid-thirties came out and tried to hug the cyborg, who dodged it easily.

Leviathan was highly skeptical of the results since she lived over two hundred years in the future or an alternate timeline.

Lilly Potter looked at her daughter, her adult?! daughter in hurt, which was compounded when the other woman said, "Miss, Mrs? I don't appreciate strange people touching me."

"Strange people? I'm your mother!"

I come from the twenty-third century, so I highly doubt we are related," came the cyborg's dismissive reply.

The old man came back with the books, a man in his thirties, and a solemn expression after he had heard the armored woman's reply.

"Here are your books, and I assure you, that spell is foolproof," he commented.

Leviathan scoffed and grabbed the books to find a quiet place to read.

"Miss Potter, you need to come in here to hear about the first task!" Dumbledore shouted at the retreating figure.

The man beside him moved to comfort his wife, as she had started to cry about being so easily dismissed.

The figure turned back and replied, "And I said I wouldn't agree to participate until I read the rules." she then walked off.


In an unused classroom, the young woman started reading, using the stimulants in her armor to keep her awake as she normally does when pulling any kind of all-nighter.

She was actually starting to vaguely believe about magic, what with the ghosts she encountered, who told her about this room, moving portraits without a scrap of technology, and the stairs.

It wasn't until the next morning that she sat up straighter. She had found the clause she needed to both go home, and get out of the tournament.

Stalking out of the room to search for the old man, she ran into a man she vaguely recalled from the previous night.

"Sir, do you know where the goblet of fire is?" she asked politely.


James Potter was in a bit of a quandary. His daughter, whom doesn't believe that she is his daughter, was being polite. On the other hand, she made his wife cry.

Deciding it couldn't hurt, and it would get him information on the woman who is apparently his daughter, he said, "Follow me, it's in the great hall, you can get some food there as well. Could you tell me a bit about yourself on the way?"

The cyborg responded, "Thank you, I don't mind. My earliest memories started when I was eight, after a surgery to replace my arm, which was hacked off by what we think is a fire ax, as well as other replacement parts after I was caught in an incident..."

James listened in horror to the start if her memories, as well as considering that he had to ask Dumbledore just where he had left his daughter.

Fifteen minutes later they had covered the distance to the great hall and her life until she was eleven.

He had also decided to ease her into him being related to her, as she clearly blamed her parents for the arm.

He noticed her looking at the goblet, and she stalked towards it, away from him.


Dumbledore noticed the-girl-who-lived-then-went-missing stalking towards him, and he prepared to give her the information she needed for the first task and frowned when he heard what she said.


Leviathan stood in front of the goblet, and reviewed the words she needed, then spoke, "Goblet of Fire, I Fairy Leviathan summoned under the name Azalea Potter hereby contest my entry, and ask that my entry be nullified, you return me from whence you summoned me, and the one that entered my name be required to participate in my place!"

The goblet ignited, and it's flames switching between red and green rapidly. Then the flames settled on green, it sent out a parchment, and the floating numbers 700:23:34:10 appeared over the goblet, which a second later went to 700:23:34:09.

"A little under two years to send me home!?" the woman asked in disgust. She then grabbed the parchment and glared at the headmaster. "Care to explain why someone named Albus Dumbledore entered my name into this tournament? Whoever it is must now perform instead of myself."

The old man stiffened and asked, "What do you mean Miss Potter?"

Leviathan walked up with the rule-book and pointed out the rule she used, which caused the man to pale.

"Miss..." he stopped at the glare and finished with, "Leviathan... I... we were simply trying to recover the missing daughter of the Potters, she is needed in our world."

"Not my problem, I'm gone in a little under two years. I just have to find a way to get identification and a job so I can survive that long since you kidnapped me with nothing but my combat equipment."

Dumbledore frowned and had an idea, one that might work to salvage his plans. "I am the headmaster of this school, I would like to invite you to work as security, room and board will be provided along with an income equaling a professor. This will make it easier for you to gather resources to obtain what you need in the muggle world if you so choose."

The aquatic cyborg frowned for a second and realized that she currently had no real choice. She had no money, no identification, and since it was the so far in the 'past' the records are mainly in paper. There were some things that bothered her about their 'strategy' to reclaim the Potter girl, but she would confront them about it later.

"Very well, you can show me where I will be staying later, for now, I will eat then explore the castle. Also, I look forward to seeing how you perform in this tournament," she stated as she walked to the staff table, snagging a chair on her way.

Dumbledore sighed, but he knew that she would come around before she left, and tell the goblet to cancel the unsummoning.


End chapter.