The summoning of Leviathan

AN: someone claimed that Levi had more of a choice than what Dumbledore's offered, but I would like to point out something. She had no ID, no references, no documentation what so ever in the muggle world, and in the magical world? She knows absolutely no magic, no OWLs, no NEWTs, no references, just a 'supposed' blood connection to the Potters. So what job she can legally get?

AN2: I'm using the canonical 5 pounds to the galleon. I don't know why other authors do something like $50 for each. Because that would make new students need to spend thousands in book 2 on JUST SUPPLIES. Pottermore had each book at 2 galleons. Book 2, a new student would need to buy 11 books, that's 1100 dollars, on books alone. Add in a wand, potion supplies, telescope, and other supplies, that would mean a new student's family, with only one-month warning or less would need to scrounge up 2 or 3 thousand dollars. While $5 puts the price tag to a few hundred. To give a comparison, I spent less than 400 per semester on books and supplies in college.

IMPORTANT AN: I'm giving leviathan a quick change mode and storage, as in MMZ it is the only way I can think of for Zero to hide a spear as long as he is tall, as well as his 'forms' that you can switch on the fly.

Game question: has anyone else wondered why Dr. Wily made Zero's armor out of paper? I mean he gets damaged by SNOWBALLS in MMZ2, and yes they are real snowballs, you see the enemy rolling them, then ROLLING them at you at fairly slow speed. I mean it would have to be an iceball fired at significant speed to dent steel. And yes I know the body is a copy, but there are probably times in MMX that he and X get damaged by such ridiculous weapons.

Chapter 2: Employment and Shopping.

Dumbledore looked at the contract that he and Leviathan had signed. He wasn't completely happy with it, but he had to deal with the fact that the young Potter doesn't like him, or his actions.



Leviathan looked at the three people in the room, and asked, "What are they doing here? We are discussing my employment, they don't have any say in it."

"Miss..." Dumbledore started then stopped when he was hit by the one-eyed glare, then continued with, "Leviathan, they wanted to speak to you."

The cyborg narrowed her eye and replied, "You know, during my walk before this what bothered me about your plan hit me, and I want to know why you intended to kidnap and kill a child?"

Dumbledore frowned and replied, "That's not..."

"Tell me what would have happened if she had been fourteen and summoned from a happy healthy 'muggle' home, and then forced to compete in a tournament that has claimed the lives of over half of the competitors? Or do you think that you can teach her enough to even survive the first task whatever it might be? And if she did survive, do you think she would be thankful for taking her away from the only family that she had ever known? The only reason I'm agreeing to be employed by you is I have almost no choice in the matter since the chances of me getting a legitimate job otherwise are low."

Throughout the speech, the other three in the room took on the complexion of moldy porridge. None of them had thought of what the possible consequences of their actions could have been, and honestly, they didn't think of how the girl would have taken the summoning, merely assuming that she would have been grateful to return to her family, not taking into account that she hasn't lived with the Potters for a little under thirteen years.

Then add in the fact that the girl would be thrown into a deadly tournament, and since Dumbledore was aware of what the first task is, he knew that the chances of the girl surviving it would've been slim without at least four years of schooling.

Dumbledore's thought paused, and he made up his mind to tell the other competitors what the first task entails, it was only fair after all.

"I'm sorry," the old man said genuinely. "I didn't think of the consequences of my plan, I was simply trying the only thing I could think of to find the child of my friends."

"Then they can get lost, and we can negotiate the terms," Leviathan said flatly. While she had a decent impression of James Potter, since he had been helpful and didn't push her into accepting him as family, his wife had been simply pushy, and grabby.

The old man looked at the two and said, "We'll talk later, I need to finish this quickly."

The two Potters shot Leviathan a sorrowful and guilty look as they left.

Turning a disappointed look at Leviathan he said, "They just want..."

"Don't care, the only reason I agreed to work for you is that I have no other way to gain legal employment. So skip the small talk and let's set terms," the cyborg stated flatly.

What followed was an experience for Dumbledore. Most of the negotiations, such as pay, she didn't even bother arguing with him about, and he had been fair and set her as a tenured professor, with a bit of a signing bonus to have her pick up supplies, such as clothes and other necessities. The main problem was the clause she refused to sign the contract without, that the contract will automatically terminate once the goblet is ready to send her back. He had hoped that the contract could be used to prevent that occurrence.

He also agreed to send a guide so that she can deposit her signing bonus, and do some shopping.

"One other thing, not required, but would you mind replacing me as a judge? As you made me a competitor, I can't fulfill that function," the old man asked.

"I don't see why not," Leviathan said calmly.

"Thank you."

After the contract was made and signed, and Leviathan was heading out the door, Dumbledore asked, "Will you consider getting to know the Potters? According to magic, you are their daughter, and your younger siblings would be interested in getting to know you."

She paused a step out the door before replying, "Not interested," and then she was gone.

Dumbledore slumped in his chair, wracked by guilt. He hadn't honestly considered what could have happened with his plan, and how badly I could have gone. He hadn't considered that he could be ripping a child away from a happy home.

To have someone under a quarter of his age point it out... it hurt.

He needed to plan. He had reread the original rulebook/instruction manual for the tournament and knew that if she decided to stay, she could cancel the return function.

He just had to give her a reason to stay. His first thought was to use a life debt based on the fact that their summoning saved her life, but realized that it was voided due to the intention of the summoning, which for all intents and purposes was kidnapping.

He had two years to find a reason.

He also needed to see if there was an official position for her at Hogwarts, and not just a contracted one.


Shaking his head back to the present Dumbledore saw the very recognizable form of Miss Potter leaving with her mother. They were leaving to do some shopping.


Leviathan was scowling. She was leaving with the very grabby woman who claimed that she was her mother. They were heading out to set up a 'Gringotts' account for her pay.

Just why did she need to be accompanied by her.

"Azalea..." Lilly started.

Snarling in frustration, her normally playful demeanor, which was absent over the past few days disappeared even further as she turned, and slammed her armored fist into the wall near Lilly's head hard enough to create a spiderweb of cracks, before snarling, "Let's get this out of the way right now! I am not your daughter. My name is Leviathan. If you can't accept that, then find someone to guide me who can understand?"

Lilly's eyes were wide as she saw the furious face of the armored woman, a woman she knew in her heart and her magic was her daughter, as she gave her implied threat. The fact that she was strong enough to crack solid stone with her fists, made her nod reflexively. "I-i-i understand," she stuttered. "Leviathan, here is the portkey to send us to Diagon Alley."

She then pulled out a sock that looked like a rainbow vomited on it.

She took it, and then Lilly spoke the activation phrase.

And then they were elsewhere, in what looked like a medieval shopping center out of a fantasy book. The cyborg staggered a bit, and had the almost forgotten sensation, thankfully brief, of being sick to her stomach.

"That... was unpleasant. I miss the transervers already," Leviathan snarked.

A sickly looking Lilly frowned at the comment, then simply said, "Let's do your shopping first, then we can deposit the remainder.

Leviathan nodded, then frowned at the robes in a nearby window, and asked, "Any place to get real clothes? I'll wear my armor if not."


"No I am not wearing that trash," the cyborg stated, causing the magicals in earshot to scowl at her.

"Unfortunately your clothes would cause problems in muggle London, of the legal type," Lilly explained, nervous about the hostility her daughter was drawing, and wanting her to fit in the wizarding world as soon as possible.

Taking a second to look at Lilly, and sensing a small amount of bullshit, she decided to play along and swapped her armor out in a flash of light, and since it was an instantaneous change she had no problem doing it in public.

When the light faded she was standing in the only civilian outfit she had programmed into the quick-change system. It was the same system Zero used to switch between forms.

Now instead of her blue and white armor, she was wearing a blue button-down shirt with a white-edged blue coat, blue pants, and a sensible pair of white shoes. "Will this work?" Leviathan asked bluntly.

Lilly frowned, and then sighed. She really had no excuses left, so she simply signed and said, "we need to exchange the Galleons for Pounds first, but we should get what you need here first."

"And what exactly do I need here?" Leviathan asked curiously.

"Well a wand and whatever books you need to catch up in your magical education," Lilly stated as if it was obvious."

"I was hired as security, not a student, so they aren't necessary."

"At least you should get a wand, if you have one that responds to you you will have fewer problems later," Lilly replied, grasping at straws.

"Fine, if it will save me, idiots, bothering me, where is this... shop?" Leviathan asked tiredly.

"This way," the Potter matriarch said, hiding her relief.

The cyborg was led to a dingy shop and then, on instinct, she materialized her spear and twisting into a spin she managed to barely stop herself from beheading an old man who had snuck up on her.

She then wrinkled her nose in disgust as she realized the man had voided his bowled at his near-death experience.

"Well," the creepy old man started before drawing his wand and cleaning himself along with some air freshening charms. "That's quite possibly the closes I've ever been to death in all the years I have snuck up on people. Thank you for stopping your swing miss, now you are here for a wand since I can't sense one on you, correct?"

"Yes, and sorry for nearly killing you, I have been jumpy ever since I was kidnapped."

Lilly in the background grimaced at the technically correct term.

"May I know the name of my almost killer?"

"Fairy Leviathan., call me Leviathan."

"Hmmm... you're a tough one, I can just tell. Let's see... Dragon heartstring and Rowen," the man said as he handed the wand to the cyborg, and almost immediately it started throwing a fit, causing explosions and damage to the shop until it simply exploded.

"No, definitely not Dragon heartstring. Let's try Holly and Phoenix feather."

Leviathan shrugged and grabbed it. The reaction was even more violent in its rejection, blowing out the whole front of the ship before detonating when Leviathan tossed it away from her.

"Definitely not Phoenix, Let's try unicorn hair and oak."

This time the wand stayed dead in the woman's hand, not a speck of magic went through it.

"Better... do you have any sort of affinity to elements? It could help to find a proper wand."

"I work with water and ice," leviathan replied cautiously.

"I wonder... perhaps... hmmm... it can't hurt to try. My father made an experimental wand," the wandmaker wandered into the stacks as he continued speaking, "Nobody ever got more than a spark's worth of magic out of it, I personally think it's because it was so far into the elemental spectrum for wands that a wielder would need to be almost completely in tune with the elements it represents. Given how you reacted to fire aligned wands, where did I place that bloody thing, ah here it is, you might be aligned with the proper elements to make it work."

The man came out from the wand stacks holding a dusty box, and gray with dust and cobwebs himself.

"Here we are, instead of wood, a bone from one of the last ice dragons, and crushed sea serpent scales that the person who sold it to my father claimed that it came from the biblical beast that shares your name."

As soon as the cyborg grabbed the smooth white wand the ground around her frosted over and when she whipped the wand a localized blizzard appeared before it stopped and started gently leaking snow.

"Fascinating," the old man observed with a measure of awe. He had never seen a compatible wand react so strongly before.

"How much?"

"Ah right," the old man replied startled, "five galleons for the wand because the chances of finding someone else to take it is slim, and another five galleons for scaring the shit out of me. I would also recommend a wand care kit, at three sickles."

Leviathan raised an eyebrow at that declaration, before digging out the requested coinage. She then sent everything to her storage, and turned to the Potter matriarch, and asked, "May I now change the coins into 'muggle' money so I can get some more decent clothes?"

With a gigantic sigh, Lilly led the way to the bank.


An hour later saw leviathan in a changing room in a reasonably priced department store. She was examining her body to see what scars she had received from her most recent bout with death.

She was rather proud of her body, most of it streamlined for aquatic combat with a swimmer's physique and small chest that didn't require a bra at all, and streamlined curves. (EN) One thing she had a slight wish that was different was that she was short, a few inches over five feet tall. But as she had decided to emulate leviathan, she had the nanomachines in her control her development.

Shaking her head she looked at the clothes Lilly had chosen and groaned. Most of them were dresses, and most of the rest were her brother's colors. The woman had seemingly completely ignored her preferred colors, and mode of dress. Putting aside nearly ninety percent of what was handed to her to try on, that was chosen while her back was turned, she picked up a sea blue shirt, and a set of jeans. She needed to get a handle on what this time period's measurements actually meant. Finding that the shirt was too tight and the pants were falling off she decided to at least try some of the colors on to see whether she could find her sizes.

Ten minutes later she had her sizes and she was walking out to put all of the clothes in the return bin, she hadn't even tried the dresses.

"Nothing fit?" Lilly asked. She had been hoping to see her daughter all dressed up in some of those fancy dresses.

"Nothing that I would wear, now excuse me, I now know my sizes," after she said that she headed to the jean, dress pants and shirt section.

Lilly frowned at the cyborg behind her back. The young woman was only getting certain colors and no dresses or skirts. After choosing enough to spend most of her limited budget, Leviathan moved to check out, the older woman went with her and asked, "No dresses or skirts?"

"No, I prefer pants."

"But what if you want to go on a date, and need something formal?" the other woman asked, despairing at the fact that the young woman seemed to be a complete tomboy.

"Anybody that wishes to date me would have to accept me how I am as is, not try and force me to be how they think I should be. Anyway, they would have to be close to matching my brothers, Master X, or Zero. And from what I see, nobody even comes close to doing so, besides, I'm not staying, so I'm not even going to look," Leviathan said scathingly, then when Lilly looked away frowned to herself. What was wrong with her? She wasn't normally like this, a bit snarky yes, but she's not normally this angry, not even at Zero when Master X had been killed the first time. (EN2)

"Is something wrong?" Lilly asked concerned as the other woman had gone quiet and seemed to be moving up the line rather robotically.

"No," Leviathan responded harshly.

After paying, and Lilly telling Lilly that she couldn't just store the bags since it was close enough to looking like magic to get her in trouble, the duo spent some time in a bookstore to acquire some novels for Leviathan to kill time with in her spare time, as all the entertainment that she was used doesn't exist.

Then it was a quick trip back to the Magical Alley, and a portkey to Hogwarts, whereupon Leviathan separated from Lilly and went to her room to unpack.

Lilly looked at her departing 'daughter' then quickly went to her room to shed the tears that she had been holding back ever since the cyborg had threatened her.

It was to this scene that her husband came into.

"Well... fuck," the man said at seeing his wife in that state.


End chapter.

Lilly note: her problem isn't intelligence or anything like that, it's that she wants results and Azalea back... NOW.

EN: ALL the official images of Leviathan shows her as either flat-chested or has a very small chest, part of it is the art style, but the artist also made some of the other characters have noticeable chests, so I decided to make her relatively flat.

EN2: it has been less than 48 hours since she saw everybody she cares about killed, nearly died, and been kidnapped, she really hasn't had a chance to grieve, so she's lashing out, combined with nobody around that she trusts to vent to or talk to, it's affecting her mood.