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Story Start!

"Sup nerds, what you fucks need me for, you're lucky I'm even coming here after that mouse fiasco?"

Uzumaki Naruto
Age: 19
Height: 180 cm

A college student, one with average intelligence, who had made it into college purely on his sports and athletic activities to boost his average test scores. He was much taller than your average Japanese man, and looked nothing like it. Peach skin, blond hair, and blue eyes with a European athletic build. After getting into college after his great records in Kendo, Soccer, Football, and Baseball he was often helped in his studies by the smarter students of the school who would help him in exchange for his own help.

Naruto blinked.

He saw a man with gray skin strapped to a chair, who was snapping at anyone within arm's reach. The man was one of the teachers of the school, the man who found the rat. Naruto noticed that next to him was a woman with gray skin and a deadened look to her as well.

"Actually, we called to see if you were alright... you were bitten by the same rat that bit Moriyuri-sensei." The school's biggest nerd stated.

Naruto was NOT good with names.

"Oh, yeah I'm fine, the bite healed up just fine, see?" Naruto rolled up his sleeve and showed off the healed over bite marks that he got from the caged rat. Naruto looked and saw two more rats were in the cage, and they had the same sickly look to them as the first at. "More of them?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, we found a couple more of them, but one of them bit Moriyuri-sensei... and then he died. When he started to get up and attack, we strapped him to a chair. Yoku-sensei came, but when he bit her... well she died and came back too." Nerd 1 stated with a side smile.

This was a scientific discovery.

Naruto looked down at his arm.

"So... how long did it take them to die?" Naruto asked with a pale face, when he realized that he had been bitten by the rat carrying the zombie virus. Naruto's face paled even more when he realized that he was in a LOT of danger, and he was going to be a danger to other people as well. Naruto looked and saw the infected rats seemed fine with each other, and weren't attacking the bars of the cage to get to people.

So the rats weren't zombified, the rats just carried the disease.

"A couple of minutes, so we figured that you have something in your blood that makes you immune. So, using the blood sample we took from you, we found that you have a small mutation in your blood that wasn't present before you were bitten." Nerd 2 answered for Naruto. Naruto sighed in relief. "So, can we take more of your blood to analyze? We want to be able to see if we can't take this and discover a cure." Nerd 2 had a somewhat greedy look on his face.

Naruto got his phone out.

"I'm calling the hospital, this seems like something the pros should deal with." Naruto was many things.

He might be a little dumb, but he was very good at understanding things that were very important. Stuff that was common sense, and street smarts, were the kind of stuff that he excelled at. Naruto blinked for a second when he realized that even before he should call the hospital, he needed to call some people he knew and make sure everything was alright with them. If three rats with carrying the disease had been discovered, and with the way rats worked, that would mean that there had to be way more rats out there that were carrying the disease.

"Wait, don't call the hospital, if they discover this they will take all the credit for the cure!"

"Shut up, I'm calling the hospital after I call a friend of mine first, and make sure things are alright with her." Naruto stated as he grabbed the nerd by his collar and forced him back. Naruto threw the man onto the ground as the phone started to ring.

"Oh, Senpai, I haven't heard from you in a couple of days. You were suppose to come-"

"Saeko, I've told you call me Naruto, I've graduated school, and we never went to the same school anyway. Has anything weird been happening to you, or at your school?" Naruto asked his friend over the phone. He wasn't one for long, drawn out phone conversations after all. He needed to know if she was okay, and more importantly if she knew of anything that was currently happening.

Rats could spread all over the world in a matter of days, they carried disease faster than anything else in the world. They could sneak onto planes and boats with ease, and because of that the way they could infect humanity was on a level above any other way to infect people.

"Well, a teacher just bit another teacher outside of the front gate and the other students are freaking out about it. Honestly-"

"Saeko, I'm going to give you instructions. Follow them to the letter, got it?" Naruto stated to her over the phone. Naruto gripped his phone tightly in his hand, tight enough for the screen of it to crack slightly. His voice dropped in deepness as he spoke more seriously, and he ran his hand through his hair.

He was lucky.

He had no real family, and he was sure that most of his friends could take care of themselves or knew of how to get out of this situation on their own. He didn't need to worry about any of them, but worrying about the girl whose father had helped to teach him kendo during his training. He had to make sure that this girl was safe, even if she could take care of herself, he knew that she had no friends to watch her back. She was only one woman, and if this was like the movies then she was going to be out of her league alone.

"... I guess I don't have a choice by to listen, then, if my senpai is giving me orders. I'll follow whatever you say."

"Get out of that school, find capable allies and have them meet me at my Onee-chans duplex. She has spare weapons, and I think her friend is the nurse from your school. She should have the key to her place. At ALL costs, I need you to get your school doctor to that apartment. Things are really bad, or are going to get really bad soon." Naruto stated his orders to Saeko.

He didn't have a sister.

His 'Onee-chan' was just his older friend from the special forces who had gotten him out of serious trouble a couple of times. She was a massive gun freak, and she would have the arms to help them find a safer place to stay.


Naruto felt something dig into his arm, and saw the teachers had escaped from their bindings. One of them had sank their teeth into his arm, and he jerked it back from them. Naruto grabbed the creature by the front of the shirt and threw them to the ground. He stomped his heel into the skull of the creature, and blood spewed from it. It's skull weaker than normal after being transformed into whatever you could call it, because calling it a zombie made it seem like a movie and not real life.

"Senpai, I'm starting to lose signal, is everything alright there?!"

"Yes, I'm fine. Do not get bitten, and do not be afraid to kill the people who get bitten after they get back up. Go for the head." Naruto stated as he looked down at his arm. Naruto grit his teeth when he saw steam coming off of the open wound even as blood poured out of it. His blood stopped flowing, and the wound started to heal over as if he didn't just lose a chunk of flesh.

What the hell was wrong with his body!?

"The head, got it... I'll find the school doctor, and meet you at her friend's apartment. When can we expect to see you there?" Saeko's voice showed seriousness, and that she planned on following his orders to the letter.

Naruto was very well connected to the police department and the special forces thanks to his late parents, so it was never a surprise that people listened to him when he gave orders.

"I'm going to-" Naruto stopped talking for a moment when he saw the other creature that had been released had already finished off the other students. Naruto saw he was facing an entire room filled with the living dead. Naruto closed the door and stepped outside, where he saw other people were screaming and running, being chased by the moving corpses. "-Saeko, are you still there?" Naruto asked, and he saw that he had lost signal with her in the middle of his pause.

Naruto sighed to himself, before he tossed his phone on the ground and cracked his knuckles, staring down the dead as they approached him.

He only had a few people that he needed to check on, but it was nice to know that Saeko was going to do her best to meet up with him. He needed to prioritize getting others to safety as soon as he could, which meant getting himself to safety. After he had managed to lock down the school's gate and secure the safety of the students within it.

Naruto slammed his fist into the face of the dead and knocked it off of it's feet, slamming it into the ground. It didn't get back up, and there was an indent of his fist in it's skull.

'They are weak, but extremely strong... they go down with one hit, but they take others down with one attack as well. I can't let them grab ahold of me, their bite won't kill me, but they can still attack my vitals.' Naruto thought to himself as he moved to the side when one lunged at him. His movements were silent, and he raised his fists up to defend himself.

The 'zombie' kept going forward, and Naruto tilted his head in confusion.


"Eh?" Naruto made his confusion heard, and the zombie turned back around and lunged towards him again. Naruto pushed his palm against it's forehead and held it back away from him. He was much larger than this one, to the point that his arms length and grip strength meant that he was safe from attack from this one at the moment. "... I don't have time for this." Naruto slammed his knee into the zombie and shattered it's skull wide open.

Naruto shoved his fist through the glass case protecting the fire extinguisher, and grabbed it to use as a weapon.

"Okay fucks, I couldn't tell Saeko how long to wait for me, so I need to get to Rika Onee-chan's place as quickly as I can and secure it down." Naruto glanced out of the window, and saw several buildings in the area were on fire already. He sighed to himself as he went into battle armed only with his zombie immunity and whatever he could get his hands on.

This was going to be a long day.

Lucky for him he didn't have family to worry about.

Chapter End!
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Yes, Naruto is immune to the Zombie Bites and can't be turned into a Zombie.
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