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"We should go now, before more pandemonium hits here!"

"The Commander hasn't said we go yet, so we stay."

Saya and Kohta arguing was an odd thing to see, since usually he just took her verbal abuse with a smile. Everyone just watched as the half-dressed Saya and Kohta seemed to be having a real disagreement between the two of them.

People were taking sides.

"All those gun blasts, all that noise, if we don't leave now, we may never know when we'll get the chance. Not to mention all of the sick bastards out there. We need to hurry, and my parent's house is close by!"

"We need to wait for orders!"

"What's going on here?" Naruto asked as he entered the room, his left arm in bandages after getting all of the wood and metal removed from it in the bathroom by the resident nurse. Naruto looked around the room and felt the tense atmosphere. "Keep it quiet, Alice is sleeping." Naruto added as an afterthought.

"She believes we should leave now." Takashi explained the gist of it to Naruto. "... and Kohta has has put you into the position of leader, and says we should wait for your orders." Takashi continued as he pointed out Kohta's argument.

Naruto looked at Saya.

"You can leave if you want to, and you can take anything you want with you, and anyone is allowed to join you if they want. But I'm staying until after Alice gets to say goodbye to her father in the morning. Also, you all need some sleep too, staying up all night won't do any of you any good." Naruto didn't mind if Saya wanted to leave. "Who agrees with Saya?" Naruto asked around.

Rei raised her hand.

"I want to go to the Police station and see if my parents are there, the sooner the better." Rei had her mind on her family. Takashi looked at her for a moment, before he turned his head away when he noticed she was just wearing a small shirt and thin panties.

None of the girls were all that decent at the moment.

"I want to go to the Elementary School and see if my family is okay..." Takashi admitted after a moment.

"See, we all have places we need to go, we can't stay here. Anyway, in case you forgot, you're the one that we need to protect the most! You're the only person who is immune to being turned! You aren't living with the same fear-" Saya stopped when Naruto undid the bandages on his arm.

He showed his wounds.

"I'm not immune to getting killed, because honestly, once you're dead, it doesn't matter if you become a zombie or not, your suffering is over with. My goal is to save everyone I can, and save humanity to the best of my ability. I'm going to do that, and I'm not your leader. Anyone who wants to come with me can, and anyone who doesn't, doesn't have to." Naruto stated as he quickly started to wrap his arm back up.

Saya walked up to him and poked him.

"You don't get it because you're stupid! Your life is more valuable than our lives! You ARE the only hope that we have for any kind of cure or treatment! If you die, we might as just kill ourselves, because hope dies with you!" Saya was poking him with all of the force her finger could muster.

Nobody liked to hear it, but hearing it pointed out like that made everyone uncomfortable.

"I don't need to be alive for my body to be used to find a cure, so if I die, just drag by body to the nearest scientist or whatever, and let him have at it. Until then, I'm going to save lives, yours included if you will let me. I'm going to protect all of you, and I'm going to do my best to save your families if I can." Naruto looked at Takashi and Rei when he said that. "... but Alice needs to see her father buried in the morning. She needs to know that he won't get eaten, and become one of those. She needs this." Naruto crossed his arms.

Kohta stood behind Naruto.

"I'm with the Commander."

"I just said I'm not your leader..." Naruto deadpanned, with Saeko giggling at his words.

"No, you didn't need to... your actions are more than enough. I'm following Senpai, so we can leave in the morning. After a good night's sleep." Saeko sided with Naruto and Kohta. Shizuka was looking between Naruto and Saya.

Said pink haired girl stared down Naruto.

"You're an idiot, a stupid idiot."

"I'm not your boss Saya, you can even take the vehicle if you want and as much of the supplies as you want. We can always get more of them. Takashi, since the Police station is closest to here, I say we go there first, the school second, and Saya's place third." Naruto stated as he looked at Takashi and Rei.

Rei seemed surprised.

"... What?"

"There are a few convenience stores between here and the Police Station, and it's next to the highway. After that, we can get to the school in about 10 minutes... but it's a school..." Naruto looked at Takashi with a knowing look.

Takashi looked away.

"... Lets go there last."

"Okay then, we can go there last. First the Police Station, then Saya's place, then the school. Once we clear out the school, we can set up a safe place for people. Schools are stocked with plenty of food after all. Or, we can go to Saya's place first, since it's unlikely for there to be police at the station right now... you guys decide what we should do." Naruto stated as he turned around and started to walk down the stairs. "... we are not leaving tonight Saya, but we WILL leave before things get worse. Spend the next hour getting ALL of our supplies sorted and packed up, so leaving will be easy and we don't need to leave anything behind." Naruto told her.

"... Fine... idiot." Saya muttered under her breath.

"He's letting us decide?" Takashi asked Saeko with a raised eyebrow.

She nodded.

-At the College Safe Zone-

"Science Nerd-"

"Please don't call me that, Naruto called me that because he thought it was funny." Science Nerd stated as he ran an electrical current through the body of a zombie that the football team had captured for him. He was doing everything he could to experiment with the undead, to see how they would react when given different stimulants. "Did you bring me the stuff?" Science Nerd asked as he looked at the captain of the football team.

He nodded.

"Captain Naruto said to be sparing with his blood he gave us, that we shouldn't waste it since we don't know when he will be back."

"We need to develop a Bio-Weapon to be used to kill these undead. A cure is too much to hope for. If we can set off a large explosion somewhere and scatter it to the winds, then we can wipe them all out." Science Nerd stated as he turned up the electical current on the zombie he was working on.

The zombie wasn't being killed by electricity, but it seemed to jerk and react to it at the very least. It's body attempting to go out of control were it not for the straps holding it down. He took a shot half filled with Naruto's blood and he grabbed a container of liquid that was among the things he had been brought.

The blood of some of the first rats to be infected.

With the immunity of Naruto's blood, the higher strength virus of the rats, and a powerful electrical current, injecting a zombie with the blood directly into the brain might cause a chemical reaction to occur. If the zombie died, then he would start to extract fluid from it and test the fluid on more zombies to see if they had an instant reaction to it.

"I don't like this..."

The zombie stopped moving when injected directly into the brain.

"Yes!" Science Nerd stated as he pumped his fist into the air.

Black veins started to form in the eyes of the zombie, and black veins thickened around the cheeks of the zombie. They thickened to the point they bulged against the skin. Three black bars formed on each cheek, like thicker, black versions of Naruto's own whisker marks.

"Oh, so Naruto's whisker marks are related to his immunity to the virus!" Science Nerd realized that the veins formed thicker whisker marks, pure black.

The zombie looked at him.

The zombie looked at him.

Grey skin still grey, and not currently moving, all of the damage of decay on it's body regenerated at a high speed. The same effect that Naruto gained when he was bitten by a zombie, only faster. All of the decay on the zombie was gone in a literal second.

The restraints broke and the zombie showed off a grin.

"Ah... AAAAAAH!" The football captain turned tail and ran instantly.

"His grin... it looks just like Na-"

There was a splatter before the scientist could finish what he was saying. The top half of his head was gone as the zombie pushed his fist right through it, showing off Naruto's smile the entire time that it did so. The door slammed shut as the football captain escaped, but the zombie rushed at the door and smashed it down with a punch. It grinned a wide grin and watched the football captain running away, before it looked down the other side of the hallway. It never stopped grinning as it's eyes changed from a grey color to a bright blue.

It started to run away from where the football captain was running.

It ignored the humans who saw it and panicked.

It jumped over the fence and into the fray of zombies with a grin on it's face, and even when a zombie got in it's way, it's fists pulverized anything that got between it and the straight line it was going. It's fists destroyed the fronts of cars, walls, anything that was in between this zombie and the straight line it was moving needed to be destroyed.

-With Naruto-

'That fucking chill up my spine.' Naruto stopped digging for a moment.

His whisker marks felt weird too.

They were starting to itch for some reason.

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