From above it could have been a comic strip panel. A frozen tableau of action, impending battle. One one side, a small striped kwami pushing against Plagg, holding him in place. On the other, a sharp-toothed woman in plain colours and a big-eyed mask, holding Adrien's back against her chest, one sharp claw against his neck. In between, a small guy in a flannel shirt, legs braced wide, holding a hand towards each combatant in the universal "stop" position.

"STAND DOWN!" Numbat yelled.

"She's got Adrien!" Plagg yelled.

"She'll let him go. Won't you, Daz?"

"Maybe", the woman replied coolly. "Right now the Cat's got you on a rooftop where your powers don't work, and Destruction's primed and ready to go off. Tell me why I should let this one go when they could transform and destroy us at any second. You're too trusting, Numbat."

Adrien blinked. "Wait, you can't use your powers up here?"

"Yeah, I just bet you didn't know that", the woman snarled.

"He probably didn't, actually", Numbat said, still trying to eyeball both pairs at the same time. "He's... not as... well, he's a bittuva ditz".

Adrien had no idea what Numbat had just said, but he hoped it would help defuse things. The person holding him had very sharp claws, but he could feel from their stance that they weren't as battle-trained as he was and he knew at least three ways to get out of this particular hold. He didn't want to actually start a fight on someone else's territory, even though he'd probably win.

Numbat made eye contact with Adrien. "My powers are earth-based. I can move the ground around, reshape it, restore it, use it as a weapon in a hundred different ways. But I have to be touching it to use any of them."

"Stop making it easy for him", the woman snapped back.

There was a small silence. Adrien concentrated on the words, making sure he was translating correctly in his head, then grinned. "So you're an earthbender!"

There was a choking sound behind him as Numbat turned red, and the claw at his throat dropped away. Adrien took half a step forward, and when there was no resistance, turned towards his assailant. Who was now hugging herself and pointing at Numbat. "See!?" she said, laughing. "I told you."

"I am NOT an EARTHBENDER", Numbat yelled in frustration.

"Totally are. Even the ditz can see it." The woman was now clutching her stomach laughing.

"You'd better know what he can't see", Zally said, still with one paw on Plagg's chest. "He can't see when someone else is a Miraculous user."

The woman halted, caught a breath.


"He can't. That's why they attacked you", Zally said. "Plagg, you'd better apologise."

Plagg sighed and crossed his arms. "Fine. I'm sorry I thought you were a mouse."

"I wasn't a mouse, I was an antechinus", she – Daz? - said crossly. "But all right, apology accepted."

Zally floated back to Numbat, who slowly lowered his hands. "So are we all good here? I'm not going to suddenly lose all of Adelaide?"

Daz snorted. "It wouldn't be a big loss."

"Says you", Numbat snarked. "Why don't you detransform and join us."

"Sure. Dazza, teeth in."

A sense of sand and grass swirled around her, and Adrien caught an impression of something that really wasn't mouselike at all. And then a familiar woman stood in front of him.

"Hey!" he said in surprise. "You're that influencer they threw off the shoot this morning!"

"Daria", she said. "You can call me Daz, and this is the Dasyurid kwami, Dazza". She reached into a pocket and held out what looked like a cockroach to her kwami, who took it and started crunching on the head with glee.

Numbat sat back down on the blanket. "You two have met?"

"Tried to", Daz said. "I went to see him this morning and he had me thrown out."

"You were crashing the shoot!" Adrien said. "The designs are supposed to be kept secret until launch."

"I didn't actually care about the designs", she said. "I was trying to get to you."

"Yeah, well", Adrien said, hunching a bit, "it's not the first time some crazy woman has stormed a shoot yelling that if she could just see Adrien Agreste it would all be all right".

Numbat and Daz looked at each other, then Numbat spoke gently. "Our mistake. We both assumed you would recognise a fellow Miraculous user on sight even untransformed."

"I was sure if you saw me you'd let me come talk to you", Daz agreed. "All of us in this country have kindof a respect thing going."

"I didn't mean to be disrespectful", Adrien sighed. "I honestly thought you were just another... anyway. I'm sorry."

A slow grin spread across Daria's face. "Well, you had me thrown out this morning, and Plagg tried to jump me in one of my animal forms, so I'd say you owe me something more tangible than 'sorry'". She scrabbled in the box of Barbeque Shape crackers, only to find it empty, and pouted briefly. "Definitely something more tangible. You've even eaten all the shapes!"

"They were good!" Adrien said defensively.

"That gives me an idea", Daz said. "For your apology, I want to film you eating an Australian food specialty for my channel." She saw Adrien's look of caution. "Don't worry, it'll be good for both of our brands. Trust me."

"Sir, I think you should see this", Nathalie said, passing Gabriel a tablet. "It's an Australian influencer's channel". Gabriel pressed play.

"Hey everyone!" Adrien said in passable English. "I'm visiting Australia for some photos in this beautiful landscape", he gestured to what had to be a bunch of red rocks and dusty grass, in Gabriel's opinion, "and Daria has convinced me to try something really Australian." He reached out one arm and pulled a young woman into frame, who grinned for the camera.

"Adrien Agreste has never had a Tim Tam Slam, can you believe it?" she said. "We're going to fix that right now, before he has to go back on the rabbit food." She handed him a chocolate biscuit and a mug, then disappeared back behind the camera.

Gabriel watched in horror as his son bit two corners off the biscuit and dunked it – no, half-dunked it – into something that didn't look like either hot chocolate or coffee, then slurped. SLURPED. Loudly.

"The channel is reasonably popular, and the video has had more than one million views since it was posted overnight", Nathalie added.

"Our credibility..." Gabriel sighed.

"Improved, actually, sir", Nathalie said smiling. "I checked. Adrien's popularity is surging." She paused, then added ""I think we should leave the video online."

Gabriel paused the video on a close-up of his son's face, showing a look of ecstasy that the Agreste Fashion photographers had never been able to coax out of him.

"Agreed. And Nathalie?"

"Yes, sir?"

"Please find out whatever is in this TimTamSlam, and order the ingredients. Preferably in time for our spring photoshoots."

"Yes, sir."