"Ok bud let's calm down!" Slater said as he was on the floor Naruto having punched him in the face aimed his gun at him.

"No fuck you!" Naruto said as he took out his gun aiming it at Slater.

"Listen, this needs to happen, ok!" Slater said as they stood off.

"This bastard stabbed my brother, killed fellow agents, is a traitor to this country, and will most likely try to kill Lana and me since we played a major part in ripping off his hand; which has now come to my knowledge was replaced via cyborg implant!" Naruto said very angry and wanting to slap Krieger in the face repeatedly.

"Yeah I can kinda see that this would be a hard sell." Slater said to him looking in another direction thinking back.

"Tell me for the love of god you at least know who he works for?" Naruto asked him simply.

Slater pulled a Sterling Archer as he raised his finger and thought deeply till he lacked a response.

"I want a raise in the mission and can you at least be my back up cause I will kill this guy if he tries something." Naruto said as he got a nod from Slater as he was going with them anyway as the CIA wanted the agents analyzed for skill and so on.

(next day)

"This mission is total crap and can I say it was poor planning for all of us to go on the same plane." Sterling said to them with a serious look.

"Umm excuse me?" Lana asked, wondering what weird point he had been hinting at.

"If all of us die, who will look after the baby?" Sterling said to them.

"Excuse me backup, "us", you say US like you're involving yourself in that scenario?" Lana asked him as while he was a great uncle and much less of an asshole in the baby's presence he was still… himself.

"Cause I'm her godfather obviously." Sterling said with confidence.

"The fuck you are, I chose Ray!" Lana said as she got to pick godfather and Naruto got godmother. A fair, even split. "I forget who'd you pick?" she asked her husband, curiously.

"You picked Ray over me!" Sterling said loudly in anger. "What's he got that I don't got!?" Sterling said in anger wanting to know why they chose Ray.

"I chose your sister. Ray does less of everything you do." Naruto said in pure honesty.

"Ray like me? Please!" Sterling said to him, waving his hand.

Naruto didn't want to break it to Sterling but Ray was like the gay him, as Ray slept with many men as Sterling did women, and both had their fair share of issues. However Ray had vowed to and actually had gotten better and was drinking less and had quit using all drugs since Lana and Naruto asked him to be AJ's Godfather. Not to mention other past, undisclosed issues.

Lana was thinking the same thing as while Sterling was a dick so was Ray, but she assumed he had more class.

"So who is this guy we're picking up?" Sterling asked curiously.

Naruto and Lana were expecting this as they always found it best to just let Sterling skip the briefings and tell him when he got there to avoid the houro-less bitching and enjoy the ride.

Lana took great joy in telling him.

"So we all get on a plane, a potential crash ok, then we go on a mission to save some dickhead that tried to kill us; especially me. Am I missing anything!?" Sterling said starting calmly, but got loud at the end.

Naruto shook his head.

"No, and for once I agree I'm gonna gut this punk ass first chance I get." Lana said as that was the truth as she wanted Conway dead for trying to kill them and him killing their fellow agents.

"We kinda need him for the mission but after that we can cut his dick off and make him choke to death on it." Naruto said with a shrug.

"Yeah, that would totally work given how big it is," Sterling said with a nod, causing the other two to look at him with a questioning look. "Don't give me those looks. You both know he touched my dick with his in the locker room" he said with a huff.

"Yep riiiight" Lana said with a grin.

They made it to the door and when the light shining in the hole dimmed Sterling took that as an invitation… to beat Conway up.

Naruto and Lana watched as the battle went underway. 'well at least we have a show.' they thought as Lana began making tea and Naruto began to look for some food.

Naruto had to admit both men could take a lot of ass kicking -especially Sterling- given that Conway had a slight advantage given one of his hand's was bionic. The two went back and forth trading punches, slamming each other through furniture and just wailing on each other.

'If they fucked as hard as they fought and hated people they'd be less dicks.' Lana thought very assured of her analysis.

'I swear sometimes I think Sterling is secretly bisexual.' Naruto thought watching this go on as he was reminded both men had a slightly intimate past while in the nude

"I'm gonna kill you this time you robo pussy!" Sterling said remembering how Conway tried to do him last time they met in Miami as the two continued their fight.

(20 minutes later)

"Should we intervene?" Lana asked as she and Naruto watched the two still going at it and when she got a nod, she walked up to both men carrying a teapot and gave them both a harsh bash for what was debatable as she had issues with both men.

Naruto looked around the apartment when the two fought and Conway seemed to still be pulling his regular stick of being a dick. 'Honestly I should kill Slater.' he thought wondering who Conway was working for this time around.

(1 hour later)

"Pardon our papers, my friend, but we were issued new more, how can I say residential papers we came via California and our IDs were issued there." Naruto said completely BSing the guard showing him they all said Orlando, California.

"Oh sorry sir go right in." the guard said letting them in.

'Conway said a team of 8 comes down, 4 up top, and 2 more in the actual room.' Naruto thought he had 13 bullets, which meant he was one short.

"You know I only read about this guy. Is he as good as they say?" Conway asked them as he never really got to get the full Naruto experience in his time at ISIS.

"Better." both Lana and Sterling said in unison as Naruto's skills were of legend.

"Salute them, you fools. Show the proper respect and you are the Colonel, correct?" Naruto asked as he looked at the soldiers in a way that made them look away.

"Yes sir and we apologize. Is there anything we can do for them, anything they need?" the Colonel asked him quickly

"Yes, for you idiots to die." Naruto said as he raised his gun standing to the left of guards who stood in a line. 'real glad I go for high velocity rounds.' he thought killing 6 of the guards with one bullet and stabbed the courinal with a knife to the neck seeing there was one private still alive which Naruto ended as he doubted the lowly ranked officer saw true action.

"8 people, 2 bullets and a knife." Conway said as that took true skill.

"Yeah yeah you can lose the erection I'm not gay or even bisexual" Naruto says with a roll of his eyes while Sterling snickered.

"Touch him and die." Lana said marking her territory especially given he just hit on her and was surprised by the fact she had a child and soon made very 'Sterling' like jokes that were very hard to ignore as she just wanted to kill him.

They all watched Naruto kill the guards without raising any alarms.

"Did you have to stab his neck? Why not cut off the whole damn head." Sterling said in annoyance as he carried the high ranking officer's body.

"I'm not parting a body plus it'll look even weirder when people look into this." Naruto said as he and everyone else was wearing gloves not to leave a trace of their persons as this was an embassy and they did get high ranking officials to look into these.

Lana saw how well Conway knew this place as being with Naruto made her aware of when someone knew too much was often not always someone one could trust.

They strolled right in and soon Conway acted as if he owned the place.

"How'd you-" Sterling was about to ask before he got shot.

"You son of a bitch time to fucking die!" Naruto said pulling the trigger… only to realize he didn't have any bullets. "Shit."

"Yeah, I knew you'd lose count, you should try that thing your brother does real effectively." Conway said to him as he stole the codes and made it to the window. "Gotta tell you, escaping you is a lot of fun and good on my resume." he said with a grin.

"Wanna know what you can also put on it." Naruto said smiling at seeing him raise a brow "You lose a limb everytime you fuck with us!" he said as Lana tossed him her gun as she tackled the window, slicing off his hand and the cd, he acted quickly opening the window as Conway jumped and fired two shots and after hearing that scream which all men made when they lost their testicles made dealing with him worth it.

"Dude, did you just shoot him in the balls?" Sterling asked with a raised eyebrow from the floor as he bled out his gunshot wounds.

"Yeah so?" Naruto said with a raised brow not seeing how that mattered.

"Bro you never shoot a dude in the dick or balls it's just not kosher." Archer said before coughing out some blood. "Dang looks like they got ol' Rando'' he said before fainting.

"Stop acting, you're wearing kevlar." Naruto said as he had Kriger set up a kevlar layer for his brother's front and back with dye packs to look like blood mixed in.

"Forgot to wear kevlar… would have messed up my turtleneck under the suit" Archer said coughing up more blood.

"You know he's too stupid to die right?" Lana asked him as she looked at the bleeding idiot.

"More like the grim reaper doesn't want the headache of dealing with his stupidity… C'mon let's grab the disc and drag his ass outta here." Naruto said with a sigh before grabbing Sterling's arms while Lana grabbed his legs and they carried him out of the building.

(1 hour later)

"Still can't believe you took out his balls. Oh man that's a hell of a shot, man, that was fucking perfect." Slater said to him with a grin before frowning. "Also how is your brother too stupid to wear kevlar? He was wearing a suit that's like the perfect excuse." he said as one could hide it better.

"The genius decided to wear one of his "Tactical Turtlenecks" under the suit forgoing the kevlar as it would quote "Mess with the turtleneck" end quote." Naruto said with a deadpan stare.

"So you're just all the brains, right?" Slater asked more along the lines of sounding as if he was making a statement.

"Pretty much and last time this happened with Conway he was stabbed." Naruto said, remembering that vacation well.

(3 weeks later)

Naruto was standing in a shitty motel room wearing a tuxedo while Pam got ready in the bathroom when he heard a knock on the door to the motel and opened it to reveal a portly brunette woman standing there with a scowl on her face. "I am going to assume you are Pam's sister Edie?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah I am and you must be the gay prostitute that she managed to convince to take a night off of gargling nuts on a corner to accompany her to my wedding." Edie says with a scowl.

"Yeah I'm not gay… and I am also her fiance." Naruto said as if he ever said he was he was sure Ray's ears would be burning as quickly as his brother's did whenever he heard there was booze in the general vicinity.

'And the only one who chugs his balls is me… and the other girls in his harem obviously.' Pam thought to herself as she put on a very nice white dress before walking out of the bathroom.

"This can't really be your fiance, Spamala, you're not-" Edie was saying till she spotted a ring on her finger.

Naruto made it a point a while back to give each of his girls an engagement ring just for convenience, promising them each a wedding and each getting a unique ring. They went to the wedding rehearsal dinner and Naruto was honestly bored to tears and when he was called out for not being a spy, he sent someone flying.

'Food is crap, the people are idiots, no decent music, I think shooting myself is more exciting.' Naruto thought to himself, he gets an alert on his phone from Uta. 'Well at least this keeps my mind occupied.' he thought reading the message.

'Naruto I was working with Katya and found out the Russians still want us all dead for… pretty much all the shit we do to them and apparently Krieger sold them Manfred's corpse and they somehow brought him back. I'm on my way to your location be there in 10. He's coming to finish what he started, my love. Let's end him forever.'

Naruto also saw that he got a message from Barry saying almost the same except that he lost to Manfred and that the crazy german stole his skin. 'There is a nearby gun store.' he thought loving that Wisconsin was basically like Texas in some areas of the state.

(few minutes later)

Naruto was so glad the gun store owner was an illegal kind. 'Thermite charges and liquid nitrogen.' he thought as both were deadly to machines as thermite had a high heat charge for explosives and if nitrogen was used outside metal it made most brittle and if used inside the ice expanded while the metal didn't.

Naruto went to the hotel carefully looking outside using a unique scope to look for Manfred, as given that he was a machine meant he had a low thermal signature compared to everyone else like a lizard. 'There you are.' he thought seeing only yellow and no red and through the other scopes his eyes shining a bright light, he took out his phone and called as Krieger was one thing if not efficient as he used his phone to hack the crazy German's. "You gonna stay there and freeze or come inside." he said to him over the line.

Naruto waited and chuckled as Manfred kicked down the door and Naruto had to wince as he saw Manfred wearing Barry's skin seeing Barry's was much larger than Manfred it was like looking at a monster.

"You did this to me!" Manfred said to him in anger.

"Really cause I thought it was because you were a heartless dick and deserved acid to the face speaking of." Naruto said as Uta came in from behind and dumped some right onto him.

Manfred struck her, sending her back. "Still the foolish girl. I never make the same mistake twice, you'll need more than that boy, I've been upgraded!" he said loudly and confidently.

"And you still kept that voice wow." Naruto said with a chuckle moving to the side as Manfred charged him and Naruto went outside.

"Run all you wish but I will-" Manfred was saying before Pam rushed him and threw the cryo bombs at him. "this will not hold me forever!" he said in anger.

"Nope just long enough." Naruto said taking out what looked like flares. "Funny thing I expected the acid to fail, but it was mainly an ignition point where your armor was most weak as in any robot the joints are always weakest." he said igniting the flares melting the ice slightly and aimed for his shoulders. "This is thermite, has a high heat melts through metal like butter." he said moving from his arms to his knees. "You're done Manfred, forever this time, but don't worry we have something special in mind for what will be left of you" Naruto says with a grin.

(1 hour later)

"This is hilarious." Uta said with a chuckle seeing Manfred's head detached from his body while still being active, she got tired of his constant whining and turned off his voice box..

"Yeah figured killing him would be a mercy. So thought why not make him a paperweight." Naruto said with a shrug as given all the shit the cyborg had put Uta and him, though killing him would be too easy on the man.

"Mmm yes that is very fitting though I have ideas on how to further torment him." Uta says gaining a coy grin.

Naruto raised a brow wondering if he made the girl lose all of whatever innocence she had.


(next day)

Pam was blushing up a storm as she was in her family barn wearing her cow print bra and panties. She had fucked in the barn before acting like the cow she had acted for her lover, having been miked or any other things women did dressed as she was. She felt like a true cow now more than ever before and wondered if Naruto would do to her as people did to cows: milk them, breed them, or herd them. She felt so incredibly vulnerable, she looked to Uta who was naked tied and gagged in rope suspended in mid air.

Naruto stood there primed and ready, walking to Pam slapping her ass making her move, she looked on eagerly as he brought her to the milking machine.

Pam was nervous as she used to mess with this thing whenever she was having a dry spell. But with the way Naruto fucked, she was definetely going to be under it much longer. She let out a whine as she felt the small glass tubes latch onto her breasts, creating a vacuum around her nipples.

"Get ready Pam as I am going to breed my sexy cow while her tits get milked for all they are worth." Naruto said dominantly causing Pam to shudder in anticipation.

Pam moaned as she felt the machine begin to suck on her nipples trying to extract the milk making her nipples as hard as diamonds all the while Naruto slammed his entire dick into her pussy in single vicious strokes that rocked her whole body in pleasure.

Over and over Pam's body was rocked forward and backward causing her large tits to heave back and forth slapping the bottom of her chin all the while the milking machine continued to suction her nipples as she screamed in pleasure her cries filling the barn and causing Uta to shiver in pleasure from her suspended spot.

Naruto slapped and pinched Pam's quaking ass as he pummeled her depths with his cock battering against her womb over and over again. Looking over to the side he spotted a cattle prod, picked it up and had it at a low setting before jabbing it against Pam's cheeks sending the electrical current shooting through her body and causing her to howl in ecstasy as her pussy spasmed around his cock.

"Oh did my little, slutty breeding cow like that?" Naruto asked with a teasing grin not stopping his thrusting.

Pam moaned as she was truly enjoying this as she couldn't remember any man's face besides Naruto and now he'd be the memory that took precedence in this barn for the rest of her life.

(1 hour later)

Pam felt weak as Naruto had her standing up and her arms and legs restrained by rope as she was still being milked and Naruto was whipping her making her scream out a moo every time he struck.

It seemed the machine had worked as intended. Situated over yonder, there were several bottles of breast milk filled to the brim. The blonde "cow" having been spent at this time, yet the machine kept going in making her "udders" much more sensitive than before.

"Hmm it seems my slutty cow is getting off on me whipping her, isn't she?" Naruto said before whipping Pam's ass again making it jiggle and another red mark to form as she mooed loudly. "Hmm maybe I should get a branding iron or tattoo gun and mark your sexy ass solidifying you as my property. Would you like that?" he asks, setting down the whip and rubbing her reddened rear.

"Do it please!" Pam begged, wanting to be marked as his forever.

"Hmm very well I shall get a tattoo gun as soon as we are done here… but it seems you are in need of punishment for breaking the rules and speaking." Naruto says with a wide grin causing Pam's eyes to widen in horror as he moves away from her and heads towards Uta who is positively spasming and thrashing in her restraints from the orgasms she has had watching Naruto fuck Pam.

"No come back!" Pam pleaded before letting out a loud moan of pleasure as Naruto inserted the cattle prod into her ass and set it to a low voltage before turning it on, sending electrical currents of pleasure shooting throughout her body.

"Now now Uta has been patiently waiting her turn and been a good girl unlike you so you can sit there and think about what you did while watching me fuck her instead." Naruto says before moving over to Uta. "Would you like that, my dear?"

Uta loved her master, he had fucked her until she was a drooling mess countless times alread but being suspended in the air and made to watch him dominate another woman was something new. Watching his sheer dominance on display had made her incredibly aroused so much in fact that she had actually had several orgasms from just watching and imagining what he was going to do to her.

Walking up to the suspended girl Naruto removed her gag as she panted heavily her face flushed as her body trembled in pleasure and anticipation "You have been such a good girl Uta and now it's time for you to get your reward." he says caressing her cheek as she leaned in to his touch.

"Yes please reward me for being your good girl. Fill me with your seed, take my holes that belong to you already, do whatever you wish to my body." Uta panted out in a lust-filled daze, her mind clouded by pleasure.

"Oh I will be sure to do all that and more my good girl. But first we have someone that needs to watch me do all of this to you and see how much pleasure I bring you, don't we?" Naruto says, gaining a mischievous grin on his face.

Uta's eyes widened in realization and for a second clarity. "Oh yes get him, make him watch as you pleasure me and I you, show him how much more of a man you are!" she yells in excitement.

Naruto smiled as he had the robot head in a nearby duffle bag and positioned him right under Uta so his seed and her juices would drip down onto him and all he could do was silently scream. "You need more training," he said to her.

"Yes master train me more, fuck me more, I need it!" Uta said as her master often tied her up treating her like a prisoner or him being the torturer and she had failed every time when he had his hands on her.

"You know Manfred had that weird fetish, maybe we should make his fetish a reality; only I am the one doing it." Naruto says with a devilish grin as he rubs the girl's abdomen.

Uta's eyes widen hearing this before she spasms as just the thought caused her to orgasm. "Yes master, fill me with your seed, impregnate me with your child so that my belly swells with our offspring!" she yells in utter bliss at the thought and image.

Nodding, he brought Uta to a kiss, which became raunchy after several moments. The redhead was practically humping the air as couldn't wait to have her beloved master inside of her.

Separating from the kiss, he heard her mewl in disappointment. Though it quickly changed when Naruto got behind her and speared his dick into her wanting hole.

Eyes partially rolled back as her master was giving it to her long and hard. Mixing it up every few thrusts for a particular kind of rhythm.

Minutes went on by as Naruto was giving the German redhead the utmost pleasure he could give her. With her suspended form, he can work some positions like the wheelbarrow or the suplex.

Throughout the entire time, Uta's juices were dripping onto the robot's head, which was trying to thrash about.

After nearly an hour of constantly pummeling the nearly non-stop climaxing girl's vice-like pussy Naruto came hard into Uta causing the girl to throw her head back and scream in euphoric bliss as his seed flooded her womb to the point that her belly bloated a bit due to a combination of how much seed he was pumping into her and her smaller sized body. Several more pumps went in with slower thrusts, making the sensation she experienced more everlasting.

Pam, however, was now going through the agonising torture. She saw the small river of cum dripping down from their privates as it was coming down to the haystack covered floor. Most of it was going all over the dismembered head of Uta's former partner, who appeared seething in rage.

Yes she was thoroughly fucked, yet she's now getting that itch that needs scratching at the worst possible time.

Hopefully it'll be soon.

(1 hour later)

Uta was utterly drunk with the orgasms. She never felt more satisfied than before and utterly loved it.

If she wasn't pregnant after today, then she didn't know when. Her beloved master came inside her a good amount of times. She honestly wondered if he was very virile and potent after so many rounds.

But who cares, she was more satisfied after being fucked in both her sore cunt and asshole.

Not to mention, Mannfred was humiliated for the last time, all before her future baby daddy had shot his robotic head to pieces some time ago. That alone got her to clamp onto Naruto tighter for pleasure.

Amongst the destroyed pieces of shrapnel metal was the large pool of cum. It had spread out to each of their feet.

Her legs felt like jelly. If she were to try and walk properly, she'll ultimately fail at an instant.

"After that little workout, I believe we need a refresher."

Uta looked over and saw Naruto leaving her. His feet carried him on to where the bottled breast milk was placed, in which he uncapped one and took some sips.

Pam was feeling rather turned on in seeing Naruto drink her very own milk. As for Uta, she had a look of longing in both thirst and hunger.

Before the redhead knew it, her beloved master brought the bottle up to her lips.

"Bottoms up."

Tilting her head back, he practically had her drinking from the bottle like a baby. The small sips became large gulps, emptying the bottle in a matter of moments. Once done, Naruto pried the bottle from Uta, who wore a pouty, yearning expression.

"I would like some more, please."

She got a few gentle pats on her cheek with a smile in return.

Getting Uta out of her restraints, he soon led her to the slightly tired and tied up "dairy cow". She couldn't walk properly after the fucking she went through. So all she could do was crawl like a fawn or an infant coming towards its parent.

"How about we drink up and "regain" our strength for the next session?" He said teasingly. "But this time, directly from the source."

Uta nodded as she soon dived down and snatched one of Pam's sore nipples. The blonde woman moaned before she got louder when Naruto went towards the other.

"Mmm~ I love mother's milk." Muttered Uta. "It tastes so good." She sucked more, hoping to get actual milk from Pam's bountiful breasts. "I can't wait to make some of my own one day." she said thinking of the day she'd give Naruto little redheaded children. Blondes would be fine or strawberry haired would even be cuter.

"S-Stop!" Cried Pam. "I-If you suck any more, then-" she was saying before she stated to fidget more as not just her nipples were being sucked on, but her clit as well when Naruto went down under. Soon enough her tits and her pussy climaxed releasing juices.

Uta loved the fresh milk gushing from Pam's chest and was sure to drink it all. 'She really is a cow, she just keeps making more and more.' she thought with a slight grin.

After an unknown amount of time, Naruto untied Pam from her restraints, causing her to nearly collapse to the floor. Some moments afterwards, Uta was all over Pam as they were making out with each other. Both were exchanging what bit of breast milk that was freshly squeezed out with their tongues.

Their attention went away from each other when Naruto's dick came into their field of vision. Before they could taste the member, something happened.

"No! Don't waste the precious!"

In some bit of Uta's horror, Naruto was pouring a bottle of Pam's milk over his hard penis. Some of the nectar was dripping off of it in a slow agonizing manner. Even when it rolled down and went to his hanging balls before spilling over.

"If you don't want anymore to go to waste-"

Naruto didn't get to finish his sentence as the redhead began assaulting his member with licks and kisses. After that, she began to lick and suck his balls.

The german redhead was hungry for some sausage. Not to mention another kind of milk.

With Pam, she didn't have time to act on her own as Naruto grasped her head and brought it to his member before being face fucked.

Uta wasn't bothered by this all that much as she focused more on the plump balls her master held.

Before long, it was Uta who was being face fucked while Pam was inhaling his balls into her mouth.

"That's my girl. Take it nice and deep."

Uta was all for it, holding back her gag reflex as best as possible.

Positions changed with Naruto lying on his back with Pam riding him cowgirl and Uta rocking on his face.

Their shared lover began to mate pressing them.

"Daddy! Oh fuck me harder daddy! Put a baby inside of me!"

(next day)

Edie was walking down the aile on her family grounds smiling 'Where the fuck is Spamala? I want that bitch to see me get married.' she thought wanting to rub this in her sister's face.

Edie made it down the aisle with a grin looking at her fiance.

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here to-FUCK!" the priest was saying till a loud cry was heard from the barn and the farm animals looked tired as if they had been hearing this all night.

Everyone was hearing very aggressive and animalistic sounds coming from the barn as if very aggressive animals were trying to breed in there.

'That rotten whore bitch!' Edie thought recognizing her sister's voice.

"Shit Pam must be getting her wish. Arn fucked me that hard last night." Edie's maid of honor Midge Ulderood said to a bridesmaid, but unfortunately for her Edie heard her and looked at Arn sending a swift kick down south.

The people of Wisconsin listened to both Eddie bitching and causing a riot while they heard her sister getting the pounding of a life time.

(3 hours later)

"Okay, gotta ask, but did you take something yesterday." Pam said tiredly.

"I'll admit one thing, Kriegar made one hell of a pill cause now I'm probably spent for the next few days." Naruto said as Krieger made a pill for increased amount of sexual juices so he was able to make up for each load, but the pay off was he got even more tired the day after.

Yeah, he wasn't going to ask why the crazy scientist made such a thing in the first place. He could get the factor on wanting to beat several Viagra brands out there. Even going so far as to make Naruto his guinea pig for human trials.

God knows what Kriegar did on animal testing.

Pam let out a loud belch. "Worth it."

"I was joking I didn't take anything, that was all me. And the fact that my sexy dairy cow thinks I need something as ridiculous as a pill to plow and breed her means she didn't learn her lesson and deserves some more punishment." Naruto said with a grin causing Pam's eyes to widen in slight fright given thoroughly worn out her body still was from the intense fucking yesterday. "However I do in fact have the pill Kriger made and I think that a naughty little dairy cow is going to be the one to take it so we can be sure that she is thoroughly bred." he adds on pulling said pill out of his pocket and holding it up for Pam to see.

"I am so going to be knocked up before this trip is over." the woman thought to herself before gulping and snatching the pill before popping it into her mouth and swallowing.

(Few Weeks Later)

"Well… fuck me."

Katya looked away from the book she was reading in the ISIS breakroom and saw a look of surprised disbelief coming from Pamela. From her position, she saw her fellow blonde holding something in her hand but couldn't make it out.

"What's got you upset?" Asked Katya, all before hearing a loud screech; not out of horror, but of utter excitement.

In mere seconds, the former KGB agent saw Uta running out of the bathroom with the biggest grin on her face.


In her hand was a pregnancy test with the results being shown. The German redhead hugged the item like it was the most important thing in the entire world.

"Seems you got a twofer." Said Pam, holding up her pregnancy test; showing the results.

"...Wait, what?"

"Beloved why have you given these two the blessing of carrying your child yet I still haven't received such blessing and I am married to you" Katya said with a pout looking at Naruto feeling a bit left out as she wanted the joy of carrying their child.

Naruto, meanwhile, is wide eyed and was babbling like crazy.


Looking concerned, Ray approached his friend. "Uh, Naruto. You okay man?"

With a simple touch on the shoulder, Naruto tumbled onto the floor and out like a light.

"Damn, quite the shock there." Said Archer, who was surprised as several others as he was going to be an uncle again.

"Well duh, he got two women pregnant. Who else did you expect to make it happen?" Said Cyril, rather rhetorically as he eyed Sterling.

"What are you looking at me for?"

"With some of your track record in the past, I'm surprised you didn't during the majority of your missions. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if you have a baby from every country in the world." Cyril said as he and pretty much everyone in the office was sure Sterling didn't use condoms, but Trenet stomped those out as Naruto apparently gave him and the females drugs to counteract that.

"...Why aren't you broke, don't you have to pay for Seamus?" Sterling asked till he realized Trenet could make affordable income meaning Cyril didn't have to do it anymore.

"I have to keep paying the support checks until either Trenet gets married or Seamus is a legal adult." Said Cyril. "Says so on the contract Odin wrote up."

"I'm sure there's some loophole in there you're not seeing." Said Ray.

"Oh like what?" Sterling asked with a joking smile as he was sure Naruto wasn't telling him about Trinet being well paid for a reason and Cyril's suffering was his nourishment.

"Worst case: Trenet getting married and Cyril here still has to pay for support for the next… seventeen years, give or take."

"And the best case?" Cyril said worryingly.

"Why don't you check the contract to find out. And be sure to read the very fine print."

Cyril grumbled under his breath, no doubt planning to look over the contract later.

"Getting back to rugrats, at least we know the ones from Linda and they're great." Came Ray's comment.

"You're saying that cause her youngest is like a more tamer Malory." Said Katya.

"And puts the fear of god in Cyril." Sterling said as that often made him proud

"Of course we should really pay attention to her when she's around Cheryl in case she picks up some of her habits."

At the mention of this, Archer looked over to Cheryl and became very nervous as he didn't want Louise to become like her. His mother was one thing, but Cheryl was another 'or she could end up like both a manipulative crazy pryomaniac.' he thought shivering in fear.

(3 weeks later)

"Hi Mr Kane." Naruto said with a smile as he shook the scientist's hand, he remembered meeting him as Lana was dating his brother at the time and he was covering for him and actually took his place, but when he married Lana he was sure to correct that mistake.

"Naruto loved that book you and Lana published very interesting work." Lemuel said to him as he respected Naruto greatly as a fellow scientist and as his new son in law.

"Naruto pleasure to see you and my new grandbaby!" Claudette said as she came to the door greeting them, the elder woman aged very gracefully in her time, having passed many of her features to Lana herself.

"Hey bro!" Gabrielle said greeting Naruto as she met him a few times as he was her 'sponser' for her college classes and even had work lined up for her at the hospital.

(1 hour later)

"Did you have to beat up my guys?" Slater asked with a black eye and three of his men unconcious.

"Dude you had guns and were gonna storm my wife's parents home where my baby girl is!" Naruto said as he was unarmed.

Slater had to admit, he had many points and the fact he took them down bare handed was a hit to his pride.

"Can you tell me what your mission is so I don't have to kill you." Naruto said to him.

"Listen Dr Kane made a way to make biofuel and we don't need to deal assholes like AMpetco or big oil or whatever gas company there is, this needs to be low key before the planet eventually runs out of oil or some crap." Slater said to him "plus Dr Kane seems rather questionable in my mind." he said to him.

Naruto had to admit the man seemed odd at certain times and could be greedy, but not evil.

"Listen mind helping me out this one time, I'll even compensate the man." Slater said as that was the original mission as it was to get the good doctor to join the FBI payroll.

"Fine." Naruto said to him.

"Listen I'm gonna fill you in on something, other agencies are gearing up and advancing IIA just bought most of ODIN's properties, also Trexler is back to normal and is pissed at Krieger for that whole rabbit chip thing." Slater said with a chuckle hearing about that from Naruto and heard Trexler still ate lettuce like an animal.

Naruto chuckled at that and took the agency information into consideration and would need to talk to the rest of ISIS upon return.

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