(Malory's apartment)

"Wanna go break his hands?" Naruto asked Lana as the man Torvald Utne had basically groped her and they just finished teasing Sterling about coming here with no date

"Yes" Lana said as she could deal with with so much for so long "hey are my hands really that big" she asked him as Malory said they were and she wondered if it was true

Naruto raised his hand as did Lana with the opposing hand and pressed them together and saw Lana's were a bit bigger than his

"I don't think they're that big" Naruto said to her in honesty "hey does that woman seem weird?" he said looking at the short red headed server wanting to take Lana's mind off the issue as she seemed to be feeling self conscious and he was genuinely curious about the woman, she had large D-cup breasts. curvy body, and a nice supple ass

"Not really why?" Lana asked curiously wondering what he was getting at

"Well normally pregnant women that far along aren't that good at standing up straight for so long" Naruto said as most pregnant as far as the woman might've seemed would've had to rest or tilt forward of back at some point and this event was going on for an hour

Lana had to remember he was a doctor for him to pick up on that otherwise she'd have been worried he was into prego-porn and now that he mentioned it the woman did seem to have a pep in her step

"I wanna check something out wanna help?" Naruto asked her curiously

"Sure better than this sorry excuse" Lana said as this party was bombing in her opinion

(few minutes later)

"Hi I'm Naruto and you are miss" Naruto said trailing off wanting her to answer

"O-Oh my name is Uta" Uta said to him nervously

'She's telling the truth' Naruto thought wondering if what he thought was wrong, but as he was closer he noticed something "well Uta can you assist me with something?" he asked as he brought her down the hall into the bathroom where Lana made herself known as she hid behind the door holding her one of her TEC-9's

"Ok little miss hold still and don't make a sound" Lana said as she approached the woman and gently pressed her stomach "what the fuck?" she said as she pressed harder and saw that her pregnant stomach was a fake

Naruto unbuttoned her shirt saw a purple bra and a type of pregnancy wear and when he reached into it he pulled out a swedish baby sized stuffed doll wearing german lederhosen and a gun

"What the shit?" Lana said as she was a little creeped out wondering what the fuck this was

"I'll be right back" Naruto said as he locked the bathroom door and went to the kitchen he heard multiple complaints about where the food was and Woodhouse was telling about his early war days, when he got to the kitchen he saw an old man smoking not knowing he was being watched

"Hallo Naruto" a blonde woman in a beautiful white revealing dress said sensually, she had E-cup breasts, curvy body, and a nice round ass

"Elke Hubsch" Naruto said with a smirk "another mission from the Russians" he asked as he and her had many run ins in the past and had gotten to know each other since they were both assassins, he learned that she worked with the Russians as her name as 'The Needle' meant many things as it meant she killed silently, skillfully, and quickly like a needle if it was the mureder weapon as she used poison, silencer guns, knives, and ironically a needle as she used it to stab someone in their spinal column to go for a quick and easy kill

"Yes but I didn't expect to see you here" Elka said pressing herself against him "my greatest rival" she said with a smirk as she and Naruto had some fun times together after competing for a kill

"Likewise but hey real quick favor do you know this guy?" Naruto said as he opened the door

"Mannfred that relic" Elka said distastefully "he is an old freelance hire man the russian prick must've sent two teams again" she said as Nikolai Jakov sent multiple teams hoping only one claimed the kill or if one team killed the other

Naruto brought Elke to the bathroom where Lana and Uta were

"Oh darling how daring you wish to take all three of us" Elke said with a smirk "ah Uta how are you" she said as she enjoyed teasing this one

"Do what how what" Lana asked Naruto curiously

"Lana this is Elke we kinda banged a lot whenever we ran into each other" Naruto said introducing the two "now Uta tell me everything about why you're with Mannfred and what is the assignment" he asked calmly

"And I gotta ask why all...this" Lana asked montioning to her pregnancy gear and the german doll

"I can actually answer all those" Elke said stopping Uta from talking "Mannfred is kinda old school and took on a protegee that being Uta and you can guess he gained a sexual attraction to her and we were sent here to kill Utne" she said answering Naruto's questions in order "oh and Lana was it that old man is very….weird for lack of a better word" she said as Mannfred was very weird in so many ways his sexual kinks being very weird and possibly illegal

"Ok Uta let me talk to you for a moment do you have any father issues" Naruto asked as he qualified as a psychiatrist and a girl this young going for a man that old was more than a little odd

Uta just nodded as they begun to talk

(15 minutes later)

"Did you just bang all three of them" Sterling said sounding more impressed than annoyed as he was looking for his date and saw her, Naruto, Lana, and Uta leave the bathroom

"What no" Naruto said to him "listen be careful ok" he said to his brother his guard to be up

(20 minutes later)

"I wonder if Dr panty model knows how many pounds of pressure it takes to snap a human collar bone" Lana said as Cyril actively ogling at other women really pissed her off as her respect and trust for him was going down fast especially after what happened with Trinette 'God he's basically asking me to break up and cheat on him' she thought as Cyril wasn't as innocent as she first thought as she felt a lot less guilty for her small vacation with Naruto

Malory soon came by to stop her from breaking Cyril's bones and basically told them she had a plan in motion but was spilling no secrets perhaps to annoy them or just to mess with their heads making them all understand a little about how Sterling was how he was

"So Woodhouse having a good time" Naruto asked as the man rarely went to parties

"Yes Naruto thank you" Woodhouse said as Naruto handed him a drink

"So how much did you pay for her" Naruto asked Sterling as he was pounding away champagne

"Almost 2 grand" Sterling said giving Utne a dirty look

"I thought we agreed you'd stop spending so much" Naruto said to him seriously as he didn't want a repeat during the Crenshaw thing

"Yeah but I hated being teased by these idiots" Sterling said stubbornly as he hated being laughed at

"Not fun when you're the target right" Naruto said to him as Sterling opened his mouth to respond but had no retorts to that he then went to go bitch at Utne for stealing Elke's attention

(later at dinner)

Naruto gave Elke a look as Utne sat between them as they knew what was gonna happen and saw Lana seemed ready to pounce at a moments notice

"2nd bell" Malory said shaking her hand held bell and soon bullets were fired

"Shit" Naruto said as he was winged pushing Utne to the ground with him

Lana wasted no time shooting at the door

Naruto and Sterling rushed to both sides of the door than rushed into the kitchen and shot at Mannfred jumping down the window with a grappling hook

(few minutes later)

"My dear boy you saved my life thank you" Utne said as he gave Naruto a hug

"Not a problem sir just an average day for an ISIS agent" Naruto said as he made a phone call "I'm calling some people from the UN to make sure you are protected someone must be targeting you sir, an escort will be waiting downstairs" he said sending a look at his mother who wanted to intervene and say something but his look told her to just zip it

"Thank you Mr Archer and Miss Archer you can be certain you'll have that contract because if these recent events shows anything your agency is good" Utne said as Naruto asked Sterling to escort him downstairs

"Before you ask I planned this...well most of it getting grazed was a maybe" Naruto said to his mother

"What the hell happened" Malory asked him curiously as she was happy Utne was giving them the contract but was wondering what Naruto did

"I had Uta switched out Mannfred's gun's ammo with blanks guess she forgot about the one in the chamber" Naruto said as he treated his wound

"Turned an enemy did you" Malory asked sounding impressed

"Well two enemies mother this is 'The Needle'" Naruto said as assassins were better known for their aliases

"I know you" Malory said as she recognized the name and became a little angry as she knew who this was "how would you like to work for ISIS" she said with a smirk

"Yes" Elke said sending Naruto a wink

"What about me" Uta asked curiously wondering what was gonna happen to her

"I'll teach her" Naruto said as Mannfred taught her enough about infiltration, killing, and being a spy and he'd refine and teach her some more skills

(few weeks later)

"Why the fuck are you in Miami again" Naruto said as he was carrying a briefcase with money

"Nothing mother's making me do something for her" Sterling said over the phone as he just died his hair "hey check it out" he said sending Naruto a picture of his blonde hair

"Dude you're stealing my look as a blonde with blue eyes" Naruto said with a chuckle as he made it to a lawyers office where Cyril was outside waiting for him "anyway I gotta go" he said hanging up

"Hey Naruto thanks for calling me for help with this" Cyril said in appreciation as he just finished night school and qualified as a lawyer

"No problem I've seen your skills with a computer and heard you mention it once or twice" Naruto said as they walked inside the building and went to the elevator

"So what are we here for exactly I know it's about a buy but you were a little vague" Cyril said wanting to know all the details

"I'm buying the building me and Sterling live in" Naruto said as ISIS owned the penthouse as Sterling bought it but it was under ISIS' control as ISIS funds paid the rent

"Oh wow" Cyril said as that sounded impressive

"Yeah and after I'm offering the tenants about 5 grand a piece to get out" Naruto said to him

"Why you planning on zoning the building maybe tear it down" Cyril asked curiously

"Nope" Naruto said as they made it to the floor of the meeting

(1 hour later)

"I can't believe you got him to settle for half of his asking price" Cyril said as Naruto made the man settle for 5 million instead of 10

"He had to he is in a divorce and needed the money" Naruto said to him as the landlord was in a divorce as he found out his wife was cheating on him ironically with Sterling, who he didn't know banged his wife years ago and did so occasionally

"Want some help with the tenants" Cyril asked as they were all getting reimburse for their down payments and the 5 grand Naruto was offering them

(2 hours later)

"You are a smooth operator Naruto I'm surprised you're not a lawyer" Cyril said as Naruto got rid of all of his tenants which were moving out in a few weeks

"Well I am technically" Naruto said to him as he saw Cheryl come in

"Why is she here" Cyril asked him quietly as she had been sending him some strong signals lately

"Because I need some contractors" Naruto said as Cheryl got a lot of work done at the Tuntmore Towers recently

"Ok so what's up" Cheryl asked boredly and winked at Cyril as she wanted to ruin his relationship for a laugh and make Naruto jealous

"Well I wanna make the garage a private one, maybe add in a pool, definitely a new faster elevator, and this last one is a little out there...can you install a batpole" Naruto said getting some odd looks for the last item

"Ok all those sound perfectly reasonable but I gotta ask why a batpole" Cyril asked as Naruto was paying him to have him obtain permits for all of these and to deal with the co-op board

"Sterling is a huge DC fan" Naruto said as Sterling liked classic cartoons and classic movies "so Cheryl how long will this take" he asked her curiously

"Well the guys I got are good and besides the pool these are all simple installments" Cheryl said as installing a new elevator and garage shouldn't have taken her guys more than a week "oh but make sure they don't sell you on a glass swimming pool still a load of shit in my opinion" she said remembering the glass swimming pool on her hotel

"How long till we get the permits Cyril" Naruto asked him

"Well you can get started on the garage and elevator that shouldn't take more than an hour but it might take me awhile to get them to agree to the batpole and pool" Cyril said as the pool was simple

"Cool can you guys handle things from here" Naruto said as he handed Cyril 10 grand as he had a lot of work with Malory

"Duhoy" Cheryl said as she got a hard hat on and got to work

"And I got to go meet that co-op board" Cyril said running off

(few hours later)

"So how's it feel to have the UN contract" Naruto asked as he and his mother shared a drink

"Wonderful and Naruto I don't know how you do it but you make us always come out on top" Malory said as her son had a way of making bad things work in his favor

"Skill knowing how to work the angles" Naruto said to her simply

"Well here's to you" Malory said as she topped his drink off and they toasted "so what do you intend to do with your new building" she said as she always tried to keep in the know with her sons

"I was actually thinking about leasing it to a few agents" Naruto said to her

"Am I to assume I also get an apartment" Malory said as she had to admit she thought the place was nice and she liked to save up and or mouche and take advantage of her sons which she was doing with Sterling as of this moment

"Yes mother" Naruto said rolling his eyes as he drank his whisky "now c'mon we're going to 21 you're buying" he said with a smirk

"Cheap bastard" Malory said to him giving him a look as she got her things as she was actually hungry

"I learned from the best" Naruto said as they walked out the office to go eat

(next day)

"Who bandaged your head they honestly did an ok job" Naruto said as he put new bandages on Sterling's head and gave him some pain pills "I'll have Kreiger give you an X-ray see if there was any damage to your skull" he said as Sterling whined a lot when he touched a certain spot "seriously what hit you" he asked his quiet brother

"I think limestone anyway I can't believe you own the building this is insane" Sterling said amazed by that and a little excited by it

"Yeah and I'll have a surprise for you in a couple days" Naruto said as Sterling would flip "also you get the floor below this one" he said as he thought some distance between them would be alright

"Why do you get to keep the penthouse" Sterling asked Naruto who gave him an 'are you serious' look "oh right you own the building" he said laughing a little as that was a little stupid

(next day)

"What no way" Lana said in excitement as Naruto offered her an apartment in his building for cheap

"Yes way plus what those people charged was criminal" Naruto said as the former landlord charged a lot and he checked the bills for the building and had a way to make it work by doing it more cheaply

"I swear how many floors are on that building" Lana asked as the elevator once broke and she had to basically climb a mountain of stairs

"40 maybe 50" Naruto said to her as he never really counted but he was sure Sterling did

"Cool so I can move in anytime" Lana asked curiously as she was gonna look at it later as Naruto gave her a key

(next day)

"How's she doing" Naruto asked Elke as she was on the roof of the building sunbathing as Uta was throwing knives at a target

"Not bad for a beginner" Elke said as even though she looked relaxed she was monitoring Uta's progression with her weapons testing her accuracy seeing how she's react to certain hypotheticals and despite Uta's young age she was doing alright

"So how's your apartment" Naruto asked her curiously

"Fantastic I love the deal you gave me" Elke said as she was living in the building and Naruto gave her an even better deal to train Uta

"So how is it working for ISIS" Naruto asked her curiously

"A little better than freelance if I'm being honest" Elke said as she had a salary which was a little better than being paid for hits and she didn't have to pay for travel or her gear

"What next" Uta said as she was sweating a little as she had been throwing knives for an hour

"Here" Naruto said as he gave her an old medical book which looked like it had been written in with notes "read this it'll help you if your intention is to immobilize, kill, or interrogate someone" he said as he knew how much damage a person could take before their bodies gave up on them

"So can I ask which is better spy or assassin" Uta asked them as she had been an assassin with Mannfred, but often wondered what being a spy was like

"Well I technically qualify as both but being a spy means you need to be able to infiltrate the enemy, do some messed up stuff to get the job done or protect yourself or someone, or maybe do things you're not ok with but to be an assassin is completely cut and dry you just need to kill someone and you're done" Naruto said as being a killer was easier than being a spy

"Ok break time over you can study that book later" Elke said as she took her job of training Uta seriously

(2 weeks later)

"Oh man it's about time this happened" Sterling said as he enjoyed the pool

"Gotta say this is pretty nice" Lana said as she floated above the water

"Better be I spent a lot on this" Naruto said as he sat in the large hot tub

"I still can't believe you have a bar here" Malory said happily as she was setting up her apartment her and decided to join them by the pool and when she saw a bar near the pool she immediately went straight for it

"I felt it'd make you and Sterling happy" Naruto said as whenever there was free booze both were happy "but you are paying to restock them" he said not giving them free booze as they'd drink it like water

"Meh" Sterling and Malory said as that was fair as Naruto was giving them a great deal

"I swear darling I feel like I'm at a luxury resort this place is amazing" Elke said as the pool was nice, the view out her window was amazing, and everything was restocked "where is Uta" she asked wondering where the young red head was

"Yeah I have Uta acting as a maid in the meantime till her training is done" Naruto said as he had Uta working as maid to occupy her as he and Elke couldn't always be here and it was a way for her to earn her keep

"Speaking of dear would you mind" Malory said clicking her ice wanting a refill

"Watch it mother" Naruto said to her

"So you invite anyone else here" Lana asked him curiously wondering who else from work he offered a place here

"Yeah Krieger he's renting out the basement charging his ass full price" Naruto said as Krieger was using a lot of power

"You gonna offer Pam a room" Lana asked as she knew Pam and him hanged out a lot

"Yeah it'll be convenient" Naruto said as Pam called him or came to him whenever she was injured in her underground fights

"I swear I don't know how I'll be able to stand being around you all so much" Malory said as she was considering moving in

"May as well get use to us mother cause I have a feeling our group is in it for the long haul" Naruto said as he chuckled a little

(few days later)

"You want me to run ISIS" Naruto asked his mother curiously as she and Lana were in the armory packing up some materials

"Yes while I and Lana are away you have total control" Malory said as Naruto was the only person she could trust not to fuck it up

"Alright and I'll make sure the servers are done by monday" Naruto said as he went to his mother's office to get some paperwork done "oh and Lana be careful no one gets a 30 million bounty fo nothing" he said as he knew about Skorpio as the man was a pirate stealing highly valuable and dangerous illegal arms

"I will" Lana said giving him a quick hug as they all walked out the armory

"Ok guys long week but if we work together we can finish this" Naruto said trying to motivate the others

"I'm still pissed at you both" Sterling said giving his mother and Land a look

"Just be glad it isn't paying child support dude losing cash I mean be glad I gave Pita birth control" Naruto said as their former maid had a false positive in the past so Naruto kept a large birth control and morning after pills for whenever Sterling and he had late night company

"Yeah well put all that anger into working" Naruto said to him as the boxes were big and they had a lot of them

"What are you a lesbian" Lana said to Cyril as he wanted to move in with her after only 4 months and said he moved in with his last girlfriend after 4 weeks

"Ok Lana I want you to call me at the top of every hour and I'll call you at-yeah I'm gonna be kinda busy" Cyril was saying till Lana interrupted him

'This is sad to watch' Naruto thought as it was really sad

Lana pressed door closed as Cyril tried to pass her the schedule but it got caught between the doors making people near Cyril laugh

Lana and Malory talked about Skorpio and as they went down Lana got a text from Cyril with a picture of a sad dog saying he missed her

"Oh now that is just pathetic" Malory said seeing the message

"I know right" Lana said actually laughing at this "so we taking a cab or you got a limo" she asked Malory curiously as the woman liked to show ff her wealth and travel in style

"Do you even have to ask" Malory said as limo was outside waiting for them

(few minutes later)

"So how do you put up with it I mean Cyril you always said Sterling was emotionally distant but Cyril seems...clingy" Malory said as Cyril never struck her as anything special as he was quiet, timid, and rarely had anything interesting to say about himself

"I don't know its been much more difficult lately plus I think someone else has caught my eye" Lana said not letting her know it was Naruto

"See that I can understand" Malory said as she thought about her relationship with Nikolai and her flings with Len Trexler "let me tell you something Lana it ain't always about doing the right thing it is about knowing what'll make you happy" she said as it was just that simple

Lana had to admit that was good advice coming from Malory

(next day)

Naruto walked into the office very early as he got everyone halfway through doing the servers so they could be finished by today 'Lana and mother should've touched down a few hours ago' he thought as the women left around 7 or 8 and it took 7 hours to get to France from NY so they should've landed at 3 or 4 in the morning

"Hey Naruto" Ray said as he greeted his friend "so how's it feel filling the big seat" he asked humorly

"Sucks why are you here so early" Naruto asked curiously

"Well I heard you needed some help on the servers since some people were...unable" Ray said as he saw on his way out yesterday that Sterling was messing with Cyril playing off his insecurities, Krieger tried making a fort he deemed 'Fort Kick Ass', and the only help he really had was Pam and Cheryl so he felt bad

"Thanks man" Naruto said in appreciation

"So I heard you bought your building looking for tenants" Ray asked hopefully

"Yeah meet me later today and I'll show you around" Naruto said as Ray had been in training to be a field agent and became one recently

"Yes" Ray said in excitement as Lana told him about the prices Naruto was charging and he wanted in on that immediately

"You mind getting to work on the servers my mother left a pretty amount of paperwork and you know when she's happy we're all happy" Naruto said as his mother had no problem unleashing her anger on her employees

"Not a problem" Ray said as he groaned seeing Cyril and Sterling walk out the elevator together Sterling having a look of amusement while Cyril had a nervous and slightly panicked expression

(20 minutes later)

"I swear mother made this sound more complicated than it needed to be" Naruto said as he was halfway finished with the paperwork not seeing many issues or problems and signed

"Hello Mr Archer" Cheryl said standing at the door

"Hey Cheryl" Naruto said as he greeted her "so do you have any paperwork to do or are you heading to go help with the servers" he asked knowing as his mother's secretary Cheryl had a lot of stuff to do

"Nah I'm good" Cheryl said as despite her craziness she was very skilled at her job and often finished work early "I came here for only one thing" she said as she walked over to his desk and pressed the red button on Malory's computer sealing the door


"Really Cheryl now" Naruto asked her as he saw her nod with excitement

"Oh yeah" Cheryl said with a grin as she got around the desk and sat in his lap "you like me crazy don't you" she said as that was a turn on for her as Naruto was kind to her and didn't mind her eccentric lifestyle he often engaged with her on it and didn't see her as some crazy psycho arsonistic bitch which in all honesty she was

"It can be fun" Naruto said as he liked Cheryl's outspoken attitude

"Lets have some real fun" Cheryl said as she got under the desk an opened the button and fly to his pants and freed his cock

"Oh my god" Cheryl said in surprise as she saw Naruto's cock "you're a fucking monster with this thing how fucking big is it" she asked desperately wanting to know its size

"14.5 inches long and 4.5 inches thick" Naruto said as Pam was curious about it and wanted to measure it

"Fuck" Cheryl said as she jerked his erect member

They were both a bit startled by the knock at the door

"Open it" Cheryl said quietly as she took his cock into her mouth and began to blow him

Naruto opened the door keeping a good poker face as Jane entered the room "hi Jane how are you" he asked her curiously

'Oh great 'Scatterbrain Jane'' Cheryl thought as she blowed Naruto

"Hey Naruto" Jane said before coughing a little "do you know where I can find Cyril" she asked him curiously

"Yeah he's in the server room if you don't mind can you give them a hand in setting up" Naruto said as he grabbed Cheryl's head and made her take more of his cock

"Sure thing Naruto" Jane said as she left Naruto closing the door behind her

'Did she have a bit more pep in her step' Naruto thought as Jane was always happy but she seemed real happy to go see Cyril, he was brought out of his thoughts as he heard choking sounds and saw Cheryl was turing a bit red "sorry" he said as he pulled out of her mouth

"Are you kidding" Cheryl said having an excited grin on her face as she breathed heavily "that was great" she said as she took off her clothes

Naruto followed her lead and stripped down

"So how would you like me sir" Cheryl asked coyly wondering what position he wanted to fuck her in

"Bend over the desk" Naruto said as she did as asked and laid her upper body on the desk her feet still on the ground and shook her ass at him

"Oh" Cheryl said as she moaned in surprise as she felt his tongue enter her pussy 'fuck he's amazing' she thought wondering what she ever saw in Sterling 'maybe it was the abuse and neglect' she thought to herself as she was a masochist to an extreme degree

Naruto continued to lick Cheryl's pussy feeling her inner walls tighten around his tongue and gave her ass a nice hard slap before he got up and aligned his dick with her pussy and shoved all of it inside her making her jolt in surprise and pleasure shaking the desk slightly

"Oh my god" Cheryl said in a moan as Naruto stretched out her insides and to add to her excitement he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her into a kiss "fuck" she said repeatedly as she soon felt her orgasim hit her like a freight train gushing all over the floor

"C'mon let's leave my mother a real mess at her desk" Naruto said whispering in her ear

Cheryl shivered from the thought as Malory basically kicked her around like a dog treating her as if she were a maid and a servant to know that the woman would be working and sitting in a room covered in her juices turned her on greatly "sit on the chair let me ride you" she said as she wanted to make the most of this

Naruto sat on his mother's chair and watched as Cheryl spread her legs and grabbed hold of his neck as she rode him, he grabbed one of her breasts and began sucking on it having to cover her mouth with his free hand to prevent her from screaming

'Fuck Sterling' Cheryl thought as this was amazing and made the sex she had with Sterling look tame

Naruto let go of Cheryl's mouth as soon as she got control and adjusted to his thrusts 'let's see how rough she likes it' he thought as he grabbed her by her thighs got up and slammed her back on the desk and grabbed her neck lightly choking her as she basically advertised that was her kink

Cheryl felt herself tighten around Naruto's dick as this was what she wanted a good rough fucking and he was giving her that and more

"I'm about to cum where do you want it Cheryl" Naruto asked the moaning redhead

"My mouth" Cheryl said struggling with her words as Naruto still had his hands on her throat

Naruto let go of her and went to the other side of the desk and immediately started to thrust into her mouth he could see the outline of his dick and Cheryl moans made it that much more pleasurable as he soon came filling her mouth up to the brim and as he pulled out he was still shooting his load and shot it onto her face and tits

Cheryl struggled but eventually swallowed all the cum in her mouth and enjoyed the warmness of the cum on her body "is there anything else I can get you sir" she said as she saw his dick was still primed and ready to go

(2 hours later)

"Cheryl be a dear and clean this up and oh when you're done help us finish in the server room" Naruto said as he left the office leaving a naked Cheryl on his mother's desk that was coated in sexual juices along with her chair, her floor, and even her windows

"Yes sir" Cheryl said with a blissful look on her face

"Thank you very much" Naruto said as he left the office

'My pussy will never be the same again' Cheryl thought in her blissed state


(few minutes later)

"Pam what the fuck is this" Naruto asked as Pam poured him a drink and he could swear he was looking at a piece of a phone

"Oh my bad I blended Cyril's phone he wouldn't stop smothering Lana" Pam said to him apologetically

"Cyril relax I mean seriously that's dangerous you shouldn't message people in the field it may blow their cover" Naruto said as everyone carried and ISIS phone which was private but some people mostly his brother advertised that number and sometimes they were called in the field sometimes alerting people or in this case blowing their cover

"See" Pam said as she had been trying to get Cyril to see this was a work thing and that he should stop being so obsessive

"So Pam how far are we" Naruto asked her as she and Ray seemed like the only ones working

"Almost done actually" Ray said answering for her as they had about three boxes left

"Seriously Cyril chill worst case for why she's not answering is because her cover was blown and Skorpio is raping her senseless before he chops up her battered corpse into fish food" he said getting many looks of shock and horror

Naruto immediately sent a punch at Sterling "seriously people worry enough and you have to say that fucked up shit" he said knowing what he said could be possible but he tried not to think about anything as he believed in Lana to succeed but after hearing that he was a little worried, he then checked his phone as it rang and saw it was his mother making him more worried as timing with this group was either lucky or sucked spectacularly

"Naruto I think Lana's cover has been blown" Malory said over the phone

"Oh fuck me" Naruto said out loud and then heard her say something else "ok fine I gotta go" he said as hung up

"What she say" Sterling said as he rubbed his face as his brother hit hard

"Well apparently what you said just might happen" Naruto said getting many worried looks and some tears from Cyril 'oh my god' he thought as that was pathetic "also mom said get a vasectomy" he said as his mother wanted him to pass that along

"Oh my god Naruto we need to do something" Cyril said as Naruto slapped him across the face

"Calm down I need to go get my gear the intel said Skorpio had three score of men" Naruto said as he went to the armory

"How much is a score" Cheryl said as she walked in looking exhausted and sweaty

"20 so Skorpio has 60 men" Krieger said to her simply as Cyril began to cry even louder

(with Naruto)

"Ugh bro you're kinda packing light" Sterling said to him as he saw high end scuba gear, a bunch of shuriken, throwing knives, an underwater pistol, a regular pistol with a silencer, a combat knife, smoke pellets, suction cups, a multi lens scope with different visions like thermal and night vision, and finally some breath strips

"Skorpio has god knows what besides the red eye missiles I have to hill his men stealthily if I wanna do this right" Naruto said as he readied a bag "a plane at the airport how fast does that go" he asked his brother

"Somewhere around 550 mph unless you want knots" Sterling said thinking about the math

"Stick to mph how fast is a private plane" Naruto asked him curiously

"Around 600 mph" Sterling said to him off the top of his head

Naaruto checked his watch and saw it was almost 8:30 "ok if I take a private plane I'll make it to Lana in about 5 hours" he said wanting to get to her as fast as possible

"You sure you don't want more gear" Sterling asked as Naruto put the stuff away quickly

"I'm good" Naruto said as he left to go to the airport and made a call

(few hours later)

'Thank you Slater' Naruto thought as he jumped out a plane as he called Slater and told him he'd pay for a private plane to the French Riviera and luckily Slater said he was going there for pick up and said he could come free of charge

Naruto landed off shore not wanting to draw too much attention, he then swam to the docks hiding among all the ships as he got dressed into his scuba gear 'thank you Krieger' he thought as Krieger messed with these goggles and made it so they had thermal vision one of his more useful mods he made to the weaponry at ISIS, he then used his scope and waited a while and saw that all of Skorpio's men were doing routine patrols around the ship and marked how many men were where, he then got a call and used his wrist communicator to answer it in his scuba gear

"Are you there yet" Malory asked him sounding impatient as always

"Yeah and tell Jakov to put a lid on the barbeque I see seagulls circling around you" Naruto said as he had a good line of sight of his mother and major Nikolai Jakov

"Don't tell anyone about this" Malory said seriously over the phone then told Nikolai to put a lid on the food

"Ok ok geez also you mind being my spotter" Naruto asked as he had no more use for the scope but his mother could be his extra eyes

"Alright swim by the ship and drop it off" Malory said to him hanging up

(few minutes later)

Naruto was hiding carefully as he saw three men patrol underwater 'I can nick all their breathing gear easy' he thought as he preferred the men to drown as people drowned quicker when they are surprised and panicked, he shot all their tubes with his pistol and like he figured they all drowned

"How's it going down there" Malory asked as he hadn't come up yet

"Killed three guys on my way up" Naruto said as he checked his watch and took out the suction cups and began climbing up "ok a patrol of 8 guys should be passing by any second" he said to his mother as he hung on the side of the ship hanging there

"And you're clear" Malory said as the men passed

'Gotta use these things wisely' Naruto thought as he had a pistol with high velocity bullets but he only had 9 left out of the 12 he used on the men in the water and one extra magazine, he climbed up to the ship and shot the gun the first bullet going through three guards the second bullet going through another three and when the last two turned around Naruto threw two throwing knives at their faces killing them quickly

"You're good kiddo" Malory said sounding proud as Naruto killed those men in under 5 seconds then saw him load the bodies in a lifeboat

"I need to hide the bodies no need to alert Skorpio yet" Naruto said as he stuffed the men inside and covered them with the tarp and used the water dripping off him to wash away the blood on the floor "how many men are in the front and can you tell me how many in the bridge" he asked her

"20 by the front oh make that 30 the cooks are readying the tables and 10 in the bridge" Malory said to him as she watched carefully

'Ok so if I take the bridge I might be able to rearrange the men' Naruto thought to himself as he didn't want to use an earpiece as they only seemed one way and he wasn't sure how these men acted or responded on them

"We're missing some guards" Malory said as Naruto told her he killed 11 of them and she spotted only 40 and the intel said Skorpio had 60 meaning 9 were unaccounted for

"Skorpio has them inside to guard his room or something like that" Naruto said as those must've been Skorpio's most trusted men, he made it outside the bridge and took out ten shuriken 5 for each hand, he then burst into the bridge and before the men could raise their guns Naruto hit nine of them in the necks making them bleed out while the one not his in the neck fell to the floor as the kunai hit him dead center in the chest

"Who are you" the man asked Naruto as Naruto bent down and pressed the shuriken deeper into his chest as it met the man's heart

"Your worst nightmare" Naruto said to him before he saw the light leave the man's eyes 'ok now the next part' he thought to himself as he carried the men and put them in a nearby lifeboat 'kitchen next' he thought to himself as all the cooks were on the front of the ship

"What are you doing" Malory asked seeing him enter the ship

"I had Krieger make up some poison and attach it to breath strips it poisons on contact but luckily these heavy duty gloves allow me to touch it" Naruto said as he had Krieger whip up this poison as he had been been slowly dosing small amounts of it in order to build up his immunity to it and other poisons

"Where will you put them" Malory asked as someone would surely notice it if it seemed misplaced

"Under plates, in gloves, and hell I'll leave it out" Naruto said as a lot of people were just dumb enough not to question it and take a breath strip

"You're going back to the bridge" Malory asked him wondering why

"Watch" Naruto said clearing his throat and tried to match the vocal pitch of the guard he let talk as he needed to know what the man sounded like "attention cooks we have guests arriving soon make sure everything is prepared and ready Skorpio wants everything prepared" he said matching the guards voice "and men on the front deck I want 10 of you to split into two teams of 5 and look for the missing patrol" he said as the men did as they were told

"How fast does that poison work" Malory asked seeing the cooks go in and the two teams run on opposing sides of the ship

"Fast" Naruto said as he shot each of the guards in vital areas "that's one team down" he said as he stuffed them in a lifeboat

"The other one will be right at you in 5 minutes" Malory said as she was guessing as that team was out of her view

'And the cooks are dead' Naruto thought as he heard multiple bodies drop to the floor from the kitchen 'and here come the other idiots' he thought as the second team of 5 weren't hiding their presence as he could hear their loud footsteps as they ran closer, he then threw a smoke pellet and when it went off the men began to choke up coughing a little not keeping their guard up Naruto ran at them as sliced their throats

"Amazing" Malory said to herself as Naruto killed 41 men in record time and hadn't tripped any alarms or made anyone suspicious of anything 'my little killer' she thought proudly as Naruto had definitely earned his title as 'world's greatest assassin' if this was anything to go by "there are still 10 men in the front" she said to him

"Ok" Naruto said to her as he went back to the bridge and disabled the comms 'better if these guys can't talk amongst each other' he thought to himself as he needed to be careful as Skorpio kept all the missile in the front of the ship one stray bullet and boom they'd all be dead

"What are you gonna do" Malory asked curiously and in worry

"I can kill some of these guys without the others noticing" Naruto said as three men were leaning over the edge of the rails smoking and it'd be easy to say they fell overboard

"Do it" Malory said as a kill that passed off for an accident was a good kind of kill

'Like I needed permission' Naruto thought as he shot two with one bullet as they were close and one with his last bullet and immediately threw kunai at the four as they went to check on the ones that fell to see if they were ok 'reload' he thought as he was down to his last clip and had 3 more men who were on guard as they were a little spooked

(with Malory)

"Be careful one is frightened and the other two seem to have trigger fingers" Malory said to him as she was good at reading people

"Malory please take a break enjoy a kebab" Nikolai said as he wanted to spend time with the woman he loved

Malory appreciated the gesture but wanted to make sure her son and agent were alright

"It's ok mom have fun I promise I'll be ok" Naruto said to her as the line was still on

'Always keeps his promises that one' Malory thought as it was honestly Naruto's greatest quality and his greatest flaw "alright" she said smiling seeing him kill the three men then venture inside the ship 'be safe Naruto' she thought to herself and looked at Nikolai as she had something to tell him that was long overdue

(with Naruto)

'Ok 9 guys 4 at the front of the door 4 walking back and forth and this guy' Naruto thought as he stabbed a guy that he met the moment he walked in and then immediately shot him in the head 'lets see how dumb these guys are' he thought as he sent Pam a text message to call him in 30 seconds

The guards guarding Skorpio's room were on alert the moment they heard music playing four guards went to expect it turning the corner seeing a phone in the middle of the hallway they all approached it and when one tried to pick it up a small ball fell of it and smoke engulfed them

'Idiots' Naruto thought as he carefully placed a smoke pellet on the phone and when they picked it up and hit the ground it exploded, he then shot at them and hid as two more guards came

"Quick we must alert Mr Skorpio-" the man who was talking was stopped as he was shot in between the eyes along with the man next to him

"Just two more" Naruto said as he readied his gun, he could hear one of them shaking while one was slowly approaching his location, Naruto knew the man closet was literally on the edge of the corner ready to to do a wide spread shot with his assault rifle 'wait for it' he thought as he'd have one chance to shoot the guy otherwise he'd be hit

The man around the corner jumped out and looked and spotted Naruto and pulled up his gun

Naruto had his gun raised and shot the man in the eye 'was aiming for in between the eyes but that works' he said as he went around the corner and saw the final guard holding his gun "just you and me shaky" he said as the man looked terrified "I killed the rest your boss's men you wanna join them" he asked the man who took off his assault rifle and gently placed it on the ground and slowly walked to the exit and then quickly turned around with a pistol in his hands ready to fire at Naruto

"Go to hell" the man said firing a shot Naruto dodged

Naruto immediately shot the man in the throat making die almost instantly 'now it's you and me Skorpio' he thought as he entered the man's room him having a gun at the ready

"Naruto Archer what an unwelcome surprise" Skorpio said glaring at Naruto "you killed all my men you bastard" he said angrily

"Yeah and now you asshole" Naruto said pulling the trigger to only find out he was empty 'maybe I should pick up my brothers habit of counting bullets' he thought to himself

"You fool" Skorpio said as he laughed at Naruto

'Last one' Naruto thought as he had a shuriken slide down his wrist and when Skorpio fired his first shot Naruto ducked and spun as he threw the kunai hitting directly in the barrel making the gun explode on Skorpio's second shot

"Ahh" Skorpio said as he screamed in pain as he clutched his bleeding hand and as he did Naruto ran at him sucker punching him

'I have to treat this idiot' Naruto thought as Skorpio was needed alive so he founds some handcuffs and binded the man as he treated him

(few minutes later)

"I can't believe you killed all these guys" Lana said as she was in awe he killed 60 people in less than a half hour, she was sunbathing on the ship and was paying no mind to her surroundings

"Believe it or not I got some ideas when watching a movie" Naruto said as conserving bullets was the the main thing

"Well we got Skorpio now what" Lana asked sadly not wishing to go

"Well I called mother and told her I had a plan in store" Naruto said to her getting a questionable look as involving Malory usually meant trouble

(1 hour later)

"Hey Slater" Naruto said as he sat on the docks waiting for the man

"You said you had something for me" Slater said as Naruto motioned to a boat with two dozen people on it

"These are all the global terrorists we captured Skorpio and I thought I'd give them to you as a thanks for the ride" Naruto said to him as they shared a laugh

"Man I love you" Slater said as this would definitely put a few notches in his belt with the agency "they ok" he asked wondering why they were unmoving

"I drugged some of the food and most of the champagne they'll be knocked out a good while" Naruto said to him

"You're one crafty bastard and thanks I really appreciate this" Slater said to him as he called in some men to gather transport

(20 minutes later)

"You want to do what" Malory asked Naruto in surprise

"I wanna take advantage of this mega yacht with Skorpio going to prison I can forge some documents saying he signed it over to me" Naruto said as Pam was a notary and could have the documents notarized

"And you want 20 million for start up capital" Malory asked him as Naruto did earn the bounty single handedly as for what he did and he was offering her a share in the profits and to further his request ISIS was getting the remaining 10 million "alright fine but we're taking this thing for a spin" she said as she wasn't gonna spend it on the crappy ship Nikolai got

"Yes" Lana said as she was excited for more time away

"Ok c'mon lets get this thing rolling I want to get rid of these corpses" Naruto said as he was intending on empty the lifeboats when they were far enough away from the shore as floating corpses so close would definitely cause alarm for the coast guard

(next day)

"Ehh" Lana said as she woke up and saw her phone blinking and left out a whine when she looked at it she saw a hundred messages from Cyril 'huh' she thought as she saw a message from Ray 'wonder what he wants' she thought as she and Ray were good friends occasionally talking about fashion and just being bitches to one another

'Hey Lana hate to tell you this but Cyril cheated on you with Jane of all people sorry girl' Ray said in his text and showed a picture of the unconscious two in Mal floor

'That little bitch' Lana thought in frustration then realized this opened up an opportunity for her 'now I'm gonna make someone a cuckold' she thought to herself as she had been cheated on to many times and now she was gonna do it as payback for all the times it has happened to her and Cyril was the unlucky bastard she would release her anger on

Lana was brought out of her thoughts as Ray sent him another text 'hey girl Cyril just literally snapped lol I had to stop him from killing himself' it said as it showed Cyril with a bruise in his cheek as if he was punched in the face or hit with the butt of a gun

"Haha" Lana said finding a little humor in that

"Hey Lana breakfast will be ready soon let's hurry it up Naruto's cooking" Malory said banging on her door

'Naruto' Lana thought happily as the attraction she felt for him grew even more 'no matter what I'm gonna be with him' she thought as she felt like an idiot for not falling for him sooner even after all his support and friendship she felt like the world's biggest moron for not persisting after him 'that changes today' she thought as she put on her orange bikini knowing it was Naruto's favorite color

(with Naruto)

"It is impressive you killed all these men with so little" Nikolai said as he and Naruto were turning over the lifeboats with Skorpio's mens corpses dropping them into the sea

"Thanks" Naruto said as it was a little weird that he was talking to the head of the KGB a man who personally gave a lecture on how dangerous he and Sterling were claiming they were Russia's most dangerous enemies

"So ugh did Malory marry" Nikolai asked him curiously as he was a little angry when he found out Malory had not one but two children

Naruto immediately laughed at that and then calmed down "oh you're being serious" he said as he thought he was joking "no my mother never married" he said to him trying to reassure him

"So eh want to get some shots" Nikolai asked him nervously not knowing what to do in this awkward situation

"Sure I'm gonna go cook us some food" Naruto said as he was the only cook on board

(20 minutes later)

"Thank you Naruto this tastes amazing" Malory said calmly as she was enjoying herself very much as she was drink a mimosa and enjoying steak and eggs with a side of caviar

"Yeah Naruto thanks" Lana said as she enjoyed her lumberjack breakfast and smiled as she sat next to him

"So what do you guys wanna do in the meantime of being here" Naruto asked her curiously as they had enough food for weeks

"Well I'm gonna sit in the sun and enjoy this" Malory said as she took the full pitcher of mimosa "are you coming Nikolai" she said sending him a wink

Naruto and Lana felt themselves become slightly ill seeing that

"Wanna go enjoy some sun" Lana asked Naruto as sitting in the sun sounded great

"Sure I can catch some rays" Naruto said as they left to go to the opposite side of the ship from where Nikolai and his mother were

(few minutes later)

"Got the sunscreen" Naruto said as he didn't want to burn up

"Here let me" Lana said sounding almost a little too eager to do it

"Alright" Naruto said laying on his front

Lana sat on his lower back and began to rub the sunscreen on him basically massaging his back feeling how toned his body was

Naruto felt Lana get a few knots he had as he was a little tense her fingers slowly running down Naurto's spine one by one sending a soft shiver down his back as her hands went lower and lower

'That's enough for now' Lana thought as she wanted him to want her and she would slowly entice him as she wanted him to take her

(few hours later)

"You can paint" Lana asked as she saw Naruto on deck painting on a canvas

"Yeah" Naruto said as he was drawing the sunset as it shined beautifully over the horizon

"I took art in college this is amazing" Lana said very seriously as even though she barely passed Naruto's painting was spectacular

"Thanks" Naruto said as he put the finishing touches on "hope you like it it's a gift" he said surprising her

"You made this for me" Lana asked wondering why he was giving this to her

"Yeah a little souvenir for your time at sea" Naruto said as he gave it to her carefully

'Damn it this makes me want him more' Lana thought to herself stubbornly as Naruto couldn't stop being more and more appealing

(next day)

"I can't believe I'm this desperate" Lana said as she knocked on the door to Malory's room

Malory soon opened her door wearing a robe holding a drink and let out a sigh "what" she asked her sounding displeased

"Hi Malory" Lana said feigning happiness as she was sure Malory was just as unhappy to see her as she was "ugh listen I have a favor to ask" she said trying to keep her tone simple

"Oh and what's that" Malory said not at all curious or even caring just wanting to get rid of Lana

"Well I was wondering if you had any ideas what Naruto liked" Lana said as she was being honest

"Why" Malory asked now curious to what Lana's intentions were for her to ask her of all people

"Well he came all the way here to save me and I just want to thank him" Lana said as she was smiling to herself mentally as she loved this particular skill as Naruto helped improve her skills with misdirection and mental manipulation telling a truth but not the main truth about what she was saying

"Whatever anyway he likes to fight" Malory said as her son's blood was never more pumping than in combat as he liked a challenge and the thrill of danger

"Really" Lana asked skeptically as even though Naruto was an assassin he had such a gentle spirit as once when she was dating Sterling he took them to the zoo and all the animals approached him and the animals that could be touched all cooed against his touch

"Uh huh" Malory said as she closed the door to do more activities with Nikolai

Lana let out a sigh "better than nothing I suppose" she said as she was glad she packed a few outfits she went to her room a took out a crop top, leather shorts, knee high boots and fingerless gloves

(few minutes later)

"You wanna spar" Naruto asked Lana as he stretched

"Yeah" Lana said as she had another thing in mind

"Krav Maga" Naruto asked as that was ISIS standard combat fighting style but he taught Lana a few he picked up over the years

"Sure" Lana said as she knew she was good, but as much as she hated to admit it she wasn't in good in combat as Sterling

Naruto began taking his stance and looked at Lana's "lower your hands you're leaving your lower body completely open to an attack" he said as getting punched in the stomach was not fun and left someone even more open to attacks

Lana did as he was told and once she did they began to spar 'shit he was right' she thought as Naruto was aiming below and he was pushing her hard and soon sent her flying to the ground "I swear how are you so good we started training the same time yet you fight like a master" she asked wanting to know how he was so good

"Easy I'm persistent I don't give up on anything ever" Naruto said as to give up was to admit defeat and he would never willingly give up on anything

"How the hell are you so optimistic" Lana asked out of sheer curiosity

"Easy hope" Naruto said as he knew what he did was dark but even in the darkness he needed to cling to the light in order to survive the darkness

"Are you serious" Lana asked him

"Believe it" Naruto said to her as they laughed a little for no reason

'Just do it already' Lana thought as she wasn't getting anywhere like this "Naruto you wanna go out" she asked throwing all caution to the wind

"Sorry Lana no" Naruto said to her simply

"Can I ask why" Lana asked feeling downcast and wondered what his reason was

"I don't date women in relationships" Naruto said as he wasn't willing to knowingly do it to someone who didn't deserve it

"Oh OH wait wait wait" Lana said laughing a little "sorry miss step on my part Cyril is cheating on me" she said to him a little glad Naruto wasn't that type of man

"Oh so who he did it with" Naruto asked now willing to go out with Lana

"Apparently Jane" Lana said and then she heard a ping on her phone "and apparently Cyril stole some of Sterling's numbers strippers I'm assuming" she said as Sterling mainly had numbers of women he slept with

"Oh sorry Lana" Naruto said having much less respect for Cyril

"It's fine so about my earlier question" Lana asked hoping he'd reconsider with more details about her relationship status

"Sure" Naruto said as he wasn't in a relationship

"But can you help me break Cyril I really wanna get back at him" Lana asked him wanting his help

"Sure" Naruto said as Cyril knew how bad it hurt Lana to be cheated on whatever Lana had in store he had coming

(later that day)

"Man how much food did Skorpio have" Lana asked as she and Naruto were having a candlelit dinner and he had just cooked an amazing steak dinner

"Well he was going to cater to dozens of terrorists and he had a bunch of men" Naruto said as Skorpio's kitchen was packed full of everything

"Well this is perfect" Lana said as she never felt so pampered and tended to before 'maybe I should hold off on sex' she thought as she literally wanted to jump Naruto's bones but didn't want to strain their new relationship

(2 weeks later)

"Ok so you can clean this ship up" Naruto asked Krieger as he was having the man do a clean up on the ship

"Totally but you are getting a large fee for this" Krieger said to him as he needed to make a lot of money for the money he forgot to spend

"Fine and be glad Ray stopped you idiots from burning down the mainframe my mother would've killed us all" Naruto said as he and Lana went to go deliver Skorpio and turn in the bounty

(1 hours later)

"Man that took a while" Lana said a little tired

"Those guys are dicks trust me you gotta be on the level and make sure you get all this shit like a signed receipt and a lot of other shit" Naruto said as the people here were corrupt dicks

"So I gotta ask how much money do you make" Lana asked as Naruto with the ship and the building he must've made a lot

"No clue but I launder all my money to swiss accounts" Naruto said as he liked to keep his money safe

"I should start doing that" Lana said as being a spy was risky business

"I'll help you if you want" Naruto said to her offering her his assistance

"Thanks could really use it" Lana said smiling in appreciation

(with Malory)

"What in god's name is that smell" Malory asked as she was in her office

Cheryl just laughed crazily and oddly for a few moments as she was rather pleased Malory could smell it

Well ladies and gentlemen a lot of you have voted and the winner is Linda from Bob's Burgers, I want you to know I waited till it reached a hundred so it was fair but right now it's at 99 right now with 46 votes for Linda, 29 for remain single, and 24 for Katya