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How did I end up with this fic?

Well I've been reading xover lately and I see many fics paired with rwby as their main setting and I was enjoying myself reading it and an idea clicked inside my mind and boom this fic was born.

This fic was heavily inspired by Eastbound Traveller and spiderslayer42. You guys should check out their fics. It's really awesome.

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'What is happening here?'Was Noctis last thought when he first woke up in the middle of the forest and stared up in light of the shattered moon in the sky. For a long few moments Noctis just stared into the light of the shattered moon while his mind was in another thought.

The last thing he remembered was the last battle with the False King in which he succeeded in defeating him. After which, all went blank for the True King. The true King struggled to recollect but he failed to remember what happened.

Was this one of The God's trial or their generosity for what he had done for them or merely an illusion? Noctis doesn't know how to answer that.


Until growling brought his attention back to reality. Red glowing eyes surrounded him as black beasts circled him. Leaves rustled, bushes parted to reveal more monstrous forms descending on Noctis.

Noctis studied monsters surrounding him and indeed this wasn't any daemons he faced before. These monsters however looked like a werewolf who came straight out from the old 80's movies he watched with his friends back at the old motel in Longwythe rest area with an exception they wore some sort of bone-like mask with red markings as well as the bone-like spikes protruding from their arms, back, and knees. Their hands and feet are also tipped with long, sharp, white claws. It looked more cool compared to the one he watched on the TV.

"Well, at least some things haven't changed", Noctis said before he drew his Engine Blade from thin air and bisecting two wolves that decided to attack first and phasing through some kind of bear creatures who tried to struck Noctis from behind and drew his Sword Of Father and beheading the bear's head from its body.

Three down, hundreds to go and Noctis with both of Engine Blade and Sword Of Father in his hands swept into the horde not before he said,

"This is where the fun begins."


Needless to say, Qrow wasn't fond of being ordered around when he had his favorite drinks at his favorite bar but when the headmaster of the Beacon Academy himself called him that meant something. He was in front of the bar, picking up his scroll to take the call.

"Hey, Ozpin. It's very rare for you to call me this late. Is there something you want with me?",


"I see. There was a horde nearby. You want me to clear it?"

"You want me to scout the area? Why?"


There's someone there. Should I help him?


"I see. I'll see what I can do about it.", Qrow ends the call with a sigh. At times like this, Qrow needs his drink badly. There's a new piece on board and Ozpin wants him to see whether these pieces are valuable or not.

But still, a man against a horde is unbelievable crazy even for Qrow. Whoever this is, got to be a craziest Hunter he ever heard.


Along the way to his objective, he dealt with a few Grimm stragglers, but not as much as he expected. It was barely enough for a pack, let alone a horde.

That was until he reached the edge of a clearing.

It was not a natural clearing. In fact, it used to be a part of the forest, but the trees had been eviscerated as collateral damage, with black smoke from vanquished Grimm filling the air. At the other end, a man in black was surrounded, multiple packs all pouncing at him at once.

Qrow was about to dash in to help a man in black when suddenly he stopped midway when he saw a thin smokey barrier surrounding the man. A moment later there was a slash. Then ten. Then a hundred. Then more and more as the air within the circle of smoke was shredded by perfectly straight slashes.

"Wow, this new piece sure is good.", Qrow said, amazed by this man's action.

Qrow continued his observation of the man in black before he was interrupted by a shriek. Looking up, he saw a nevermores in a row on its way to pouncing at a man in black at once. The man in black however, stood there for a moment, starred up at the nevermores before he vanished on sight. How shocked Qrow was to see the man in black gone without a trace and before he could comprehend what just happened, he was interrupted by a pained screech.

Looking up, he saw the same nevermores was smashed together like a sandwich and they were falling fast to the earth. On a closer look, they were skewered together by something and there Qrow saw, the same man in black was thrusting his greatsword into the nevermores and he kept pushing his greatsword into them, forcing them to fall faster.

There was a cracking shockwave as they hit the ground screaming but seemingly alive. That was until the man in black who was still on their chests, pulled his greatsword from their breasts and beheaded them in one smooth motion.

"This will be the last of them I hoped", Qrow heard him say after he was sure that the man in black already cleared the horde by himself and made his way towards him. Maybe he can sense a presence, he was on his guard, scanning the area around him until he saw Qrow approaching him.

'good instinct', Qrow complimented him on his thoughts..

"Who are you?"He asks while he maintains his posture, waiting for any sign of attack should Qrow try to do anything which is completely ignored by Qrow who casually walks towards him.

"I'm a hunter, I got a report about a horde of Grimm nearby so I was sent here but you already taken they off eh, kid?",

Qrow sees the man's right eyes twitch a bit, a sign that he didn't like to be called like that. Qrow smirked at this. Knowing Qrow, he will call him all the time to tease him.

However, Qrow sees the man relaxed a bit and Qrow sees this chance to properly introduce himself.

"The name's Qrow. Qrow Branwen. I was sent by Beacon to clear this Grimm infested forest. I was assigned with a team that will assist me but since I was nearby, I came first to scout but I guess there no need for team anymore since you already cleared it out",

"Noctis. Noctis Lucis Caelum. I was accidentally stepped into their forest and I'm afraid since I was trapped in here, there's no way except fight for your life I guess",

"You actually did a great job at it,kid", the man now known as Noctis annoyed by the nickname and tried to comment on it until Qrow interrupted him,

"By the way, how did you end up here in the first place? Everyone in this place knows this forest is off limits",

Noctis stunned for a moment after being asked by Qrow. He should have expected that. When Qrow mentioned Grimm and Beacon, he definitely knew that this wasn't the same landscape in Lucis or any part of Eos he once went to. Not to mention about the shattered moon up in the sky though. The only way he can answer this hunter before him is a lie which he hopes he believes.

"I'm actually a traveler. I was actually looking for a place to restock my supplies but ended up here."

A lie. A terrible liar too. Qrow easily sees through his lies and decides to play along. Qrow doesn't know what he tried to hide but this is why Ozpin sent him. To see whether this guy could be valuable allies for them. He needs to see which side this guy is on. Qrow tried to ask him further, that is before he was interrupted by loud noises coming from Noctis's stomach.

There was a brief silence between them before Noctis broke the silence first.

"Umm, do you happen to know a place where I can grab a food?".

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