Out of all the forms of greatness and change in recorded history, war is the most terrible and impact form. In any amount of time, a war will not only cause untold death and destruction, but it will forever change the future of the galaxy from its intended path, opening so many bright and horrific possibilities. No matter the reasons for war, whether it is a just form of liberation or a brutal conquest the end result is the same, a galaxy that is forever changed with the legacies of good and evil forged in conflict.

Throughout history there have been many wars that mark as a turning point in the galaxy. Before the past thousand years these were the Force Wars, the Rakata Revolution, the Xim Wars, the Alsakan Wars, the Pius Dea Crusades, the Hundred Year Darkness, the Great Hyperspace War, and the Jedi Civil War. These eight wars would shape 20,000 years of history and create the foundation for the modern galaxy with an irreparable footprint on countless worlds and species. A pessimist could say that our galaxy is defined and controlled by war, and while there are several arguments to be made against, it cannot be denied that it is through war that all regions of space are made into who they are today. The most recent and relevant example of a galactic conflict which decided the course of history would be the Great Galactic War, where the Sith Empire rose from its exile to return to the galaxy, ending with a division of the galaxy into two which while heavily fluctuated over the course of multiple wars, revolutions, and social movements, has remained to this day.

With the Great Galactic War being relatively recent in the grand scheme of galactic history and the conflict being heavily documented by both sides (though much of the internal affairs of the Sith Empire have been admittedly lost throughout the centuries in thanks to the Sith Schism and Imperial Revolution along with the difficulty of the incredibly biased attitudes of the time), one would think that a telling of the war would be simple as an historical narrative. Such a notion couldn't be farther from the truth.

When a historical narrative is crafted, it has a tendency of being set in stone of the narrative's culture for the rest of time barring an incredible reconstruction of said culture that opens the path to either historical debunking or rewrites. Even when mainstream historical research disproves a narrative, the public will still hold on tightly to their narratives in the face of overwhelming evidence against their beliefs. No greater example is this then the telling of the Great Galactic War since the Treaty of Coruscant by both the Republic and Empire. In spite of numerous events that would change the cultures of both nations and the attitudes of their greatest players at the time with the Fall of Vitiate, the Sith Schism, and the Great Jedi Reformation; both sides have held to their narratives. For the Republic, the Great Galactic War is a tragedy where civilization nearly fell to the evil march of the Sith with light and hope barely being saved at the end, with the future offering renewal despite its setbacks. For the Empire, the Great Galactic War was a righteous vengeance against the Republic and Jedi for the Sith Holocaust, one that made the Empire truly enter into the galaxy and the Sith to remain instead of being destroyed and reborn every passing age as they had previously. Despite the changes of the Republic and Empire, of Jedi and Sith that make all four organizations seemingly alien to their pre-war states, the narrative still remains.

With the coming of the 1,000 year anniversary, both sides and the many nations caught between the two superpowers are now taking the chance to look back on this era of history, to see how far they've come and what they can use from history to justify their paths since then. With this renewal into historical research in the period, new evidence is brought to light and stories have either been rewritten or expanded upon, despite this, the narrative remains.

With the seemingly lack of change in attitude towards the war, I have taken it upon myself to craft a comprehensive yet simplified overview of the conflict that can be consumed by the average sentient. A detailed history so that one may understand the complexity of the time while still having the ability to comprehend and digest such knowledge, with them then receiving a drive to study more advanced texts on their own. As a human born in the Expansion Region of the Republic, I must admit to having my biases and that if any readers feel that my analysis is flawed or incorrect, they are free to seek other sources of knowledge. Despite my biases, I will do my best to present the best and worst of both sides in a fair and equal manner to drive an understanding of just how our modern galaxy came to be.

With my peace having been written, thank you for purchasing this work of history and join me as we delve into the history of the Great Galactic War.

-The Great Galactic War: Genesis of the Modern Galaxy. By Kristof Lors. 22,400 AGC/960 NO

A/N: Hello everyone, Kaiser Chris here with another timeline, this one not being Gundam! (Shocking I know). Recently with Star Wars: The Old Republic having gone out on Steam, I have begun playing the game extensively with several hours logged in for multiple characters. While the game hasn't aged perfectly and there are some glaring flaws such as the poor dialogue system, lack of progression difficulty, and unequal story writing for the different characters, it is still a game that I love and has reinvigorated my passion for Star Wars. For several years I could only watch SWTOR playthroughs on Youtube as various issues prevented me from playing the game. Now that I have played it, The Old Republic has become one of my favorite games, mainly for telling a story in a fascinating part of the Saga's history and having so much potential for its future in contrast to the awful canon sequel era.

As I play the game and consume all story-related materials, one thing that I am disappointed about is the lack of exploration or heavy detail in the lore of the Great Galactic War. Outside of the lore videos created before the game's release and a variety of comics detailing a few major events, the conflict is left heavily underdeveloped, especially in comparison to events like the Jedi Civil War, the Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War, Yuuzhan Vong War, Sith-Imperial war, etc. As such I want to make a TL dedicated to exploring the Great Galactic War in depth, providing my insight into how it went occurred and developed, leading to the game.

Now due to some dissatisfaction with the plot of some of the latter expansions alongside an idea of my personal version of the game's overarching story, the TL will not only be an exploration of the Great Galactic War, but a foundation for the Cold War era if in the future I ever decide to write my fantasy stories, small butterflies laid out that will create a different galaxy. You might have noticed this already with the mention of a still existing and incredibly changed Sith Empire. For now don't worry too much about details like this as the Great Galactic War will largely follow the most important events of canon. Mentions like this are merely Easter eggs to intrigue the readers and lay the groundwork for future stories if I ever get to them. For now they can be ignored as the war from start to end can be treated as canon compliant, with merely the greater aftermath and legacy being AU. Then again SWTOR is still going strong despite the era being non-cannon for Disney, so it's not like I'm doing this with no precedent or support.

Since I am writing this in historical textbook form, updates should be far more frequent than my Gundam stories as I can write history narratives in a couple of hours while character based dramas take me days or weeks. It also helps that I have a defined beginning, middle, and end so I'm not lost on where I need to go. Work will still be done on my other stories, and hopefully this shall be completed by the end of the year.