It happened again, why did it happen again? He turned on his friends again all because of Zed and his weakness. Thomas "Tommy" Oliver sighed as he sat alone in the park wishing that he could face his friends, but he could not. How could he? He just turned on them stole the Sword of Power. He knew that it wasn't really his fault, but he was too weak to fight. How could he be so weak? Tommy sighed and looked around him it was going to rain, but Tommy could not bring himself to leave, and if it rained then so be it. Tommy felt tears in his eyes it was the end. He will no longer be a ranger and then what will he do. He was just brought back to the good and this is how he redeemed himself: turning against his friends again. They must hate him because of this. "There go, my friends," Tommy said to himself before his communicator on his wrist beeped. However, Tommy did not answer it. Even though he knew that he should. Tommy took a deep breath before he looked around and answered after a few minutes of the thing beeped. "Hello?" Tommy said in a broken voice. The voice that he wished did not come out of his mouth.

"Tommy?" On the other side of it was his friend Jason. He sounded worried. Tommy did not know why though. He was freed again. Tommy did not say anything with the thought that this will make Jason even more worried. "Tommy. Were are you? we have not seen you since…. since you saved us from that monster," Jason asked Tommy who sighed and closed his eyes.

"In the park Jace. I want to be alone right now," Tommy told him. Jason sighed.

'Where in the park? I want to talk about something, and your parents called mine saying that they have not seen you all day. Tommy, they are worried about you," Tommy sighed at Jason's speech and said:

"by the lake. Don't worry I have not been 'kidnapped' again. Why does this keep happing?!" Tommy yelled but Jason said nothing before he sighed again.

"I'll be right there whether you want me or not." Tommy sighed and looked around to see a family walking down the path with a baby in the stroller. Tommy smiled at them as they wave to him. Tommy waved back and put his head in his hands to hide the tears that formed in his eyes.

Jason did not know what to expect when he walked into the park. He hoped that Tommy was ok. It was not his fault, but Jason wondered why this does keep happing to Tommy. Jason sighed and walked up to his best friend who was on a bench with his head in his hands. This broke Jason's heart because he knew that Tommy was thinking about what happened today. Jason sighed and walked over to Tommy. "Tommy?" Jason asked sitting down. Tommy did not look up and sniffed. "Tommy it was not your fault! You did…"

"I didn't know what I was doing right," Tommy snapped looking up at him. "That is how I redeemed myself, Jace. I guess I just too weak to fight them. This is what I get!" Tommy said a little louder. Jason shook his head.

"Tommy. No matter what happens you will always be good. No matter what hell you find yourself in because Zed wants to hurt you and us. We will be there. Now come on. I bet you're hungry," Jason said before Tommy pulled him into his arms and hugged him tight with tears pouring out of his eyes. Jason sat there in his friend's arms before he pulled away and looked away sheepishly.

"I'm sorry you had to see that," Tommy said standing and wiping the tears from his eyes. Jason stood as well and shook his head.

"It's ok man. Come on. It's going to rain and I don't think you would want to get wet," Jason said laughing a little. Tommy laughed as well as the two friends walked out of the park.

A/N: Well, how was that? this is the story that I wanted to do since I've seen the Green Dream but I hated writing and I did not tell people that I love Power rangers. So I hope you enjoyed this. I will be working on my CH Power Ranger story soon I just thought I would get another dream fic that I wished someone would have written out of the way. Tell me what you think. Did you like it? Thank you again and I will see you next time. -Captain Voxland