Hawk loved exploring. Sometimes he wondered if he would go to the Congo place one day and hunt for things in the trees. With a camera of course… like Fen and Walt. A Jungle. It is called a jungle and Ton let him watch some really cool documentaries on weird animals living in the Amazon rain forests and such. Hawk thought he might be an explorer. Just needed a big knife thing like Indiana Jones has. See? Jones in his name too.

Hawk was currently in his big sister's house, exploring her closet with interest as the fluffy feathery extravaganza beckoned. It was maybe an half an hour later that he found what he was looking for. He didn't even know he was looking for it until the box was open and he was holding up the amazing thing.

Well … the suit was too big but one day he might fit it. For now he could keep it under his bed until he ws a grown up superhero right? The real find though… were the accessories. The head band and the mask … the tail. Oh gods! A tail!

Hawk stood in front of the massive mirror in nothing but his little undies because they were the only black things he had on … well … they did have a little kitty face on the left leg but they were cool. He stood otherwise naked as he looked at his lean black body and the Zorro style mask that had … whiskers! I kid you not my peeps … whiskers poking out and he looked like a black kitty cat. Add the head grear which was headband with black kitty ears and he looked sooooo dangerous.

The tail was black too … but it had a little white tip. Don't worry... he found scissors and cut that off so now he was allllll back. Dangerously black. Invisible in the darkness sort of black. Able to sneak in the shadows …. Yeah. Dangerous.

Hawk posed this way and that, looking at his little bum with the tail laying over it. The elastic belt in a huge knot that Jack would despair at trying to undo that night and the little black kitty cat meowed at himself and grinned with glee.

By the time Babs wondered here the little boy was he had found the nail polish and now had pearly white nails that he was sure looked like claws, standing there making clawing motions at himself in the mirror while hissing at himself.

Babs stood with open horror as her wife's cat suit lay on the floor and the extra bits were clearly claimed by a little one who had no idea about sexy dress up things.

He saw her reflection and spun to face her, the tail swishing around his knees as he cried out with genuine little boy delight.

"Look! I am Captain Kitty Hawk!"