It was a lovely sunny day, the New Year bringing one last smattering of snow overnight. Dadda had been out with the Toninator vanquishing the snow with their mighty plough… vanquish. Imp taught him that one. Ya know… Impy is really smart, aye. Really. Can tell stories right out of his head like Taddy can. Really good ones.

Hawk … sorry … I mean The Captain was puttering along in his little car, enjoying the freshly ploughed sidewalk/road as Taddy followed just as sedately in the Taddy Truck. It wasn't really a truck, more like a golf cart crossed with an ATV but it meant two Ts. Hawk was into naming things today. Taddy Truck. Daddy's Destroyer was the plough. As he passed a goat standing the middle of the road he decided that must be Gumbi Goat. Don't' ask me where that name came from as his Taddy calmly rang someone on his little phone and told them a goat was loose in the road.

A vehicle roared towards them, then past with a few men in it, no doubt to wrangle the goat. Suddenly Hawk was interested in that and he turned to make a U-turn, the small bank of snow between the pathway and the main road about four inches high. The Captain Kitty Hawk Meow Machine ploughed through it sending a spray of snow into the air and Hawk squealed with glee as his hands left the wheel to wave about, enjoying the cold snow falling on him as it flew back.



CKH then had the unbelievable excitement of doing it again to regain the sidewalk/road behind Taddy, now laughing uncontrollably as the snow went everywhere and he then calmly puttered back to watch three grown men run around like a Benny Hill sketch trying to wrangle a goat.

Ianto had calmly turned his own vehicle in a turning bay… yes.. there were several as this was not the first time Ianto had to turn his larger vehicle as a moment's notice to go in the other direction. CKH really was like a magpie after shiny things, prone to simply stalling out and then taking off.

Ianto blamed the Harkness influences there.

"Citizens… open the gate. I will do it!" Hawk said in his deep superhero voice, his cape flung back over his shoulders to show he meant business. The men smiled as they compiled, all excited to see a little Hawk display. And the little boy opened the trunk of his car, rummaged around while struggling with the cape that immediately fell forward into everything and came up with a shiny apple. "Come on Gumbi … I got a apple!"

Haw started to theatrically walk backwards, sweeping low like some sort of bullfighter and one of the men started to snigger softly, watching the goat as it tried to decided if this was a trick or like a hidden camera show. It's ungodly eyeballs rolling to take in options.

Finally it wanted the apple. Hey, it's a goat. Of course that's what it wanted and it meandered through the gate to the apple the child had placed on the ground with a flourish.

"Thanks Boss" the men called out as the child swaggered back to his ride and the little boy waved a hand back over his shoulder.

"Any time citizens. I am available anytime.. as long as I am not in the bath. I will NOT cut those short. Important things… baths." He said as he got back in this car and with glee, slammed through the snow again, laughing merrily as he once again slammed back around his Taddy to start back towards the village once more.

Ianto shook his head and got out of his motor, letting the men lift and turn it with ease before going after his beast.


Just wanted some bloody milk and already it had taken twice as long as just going in the car.

Oh well.

It was a nice day.

An CKH needed the fresh air.