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Unknown Alleyway

He didn't know where he was. At first, he thought he was in an alley in one of Konoha's main streets. But the lights, sounds, and other indicators said otherwise. After a short walk to the exit and looking around he was shocked. It turns out he was somewhere else altogether. Retreating back to the alley he was now alone again shivering under a ragged blanket feeling cold and hungry, that is until.

"Hey kid, what're you doing out here alone!?"

A voice called out to him, slowly looking up he saw a middle-aged man, his hair stopping just above the nape of his neck with a buzz-cut beard and mustache. His hair was a duller blond than his with warm brown eyes.

The young child, with spiky blond hair and deep blue eyes and whisker-like birthmarks marring his cheeks, looked towards the middle-aged man. Said man was smiling kindly at the young lad.

"I-I don't k-know w-w-where I am!"

The child looking no older than 9 years old. The fact the boy was little more than skin and bone made that very difficult to tell.

Hearing the answer, the man replied, "Well, how about I look after you until we find your folks huh!?"

This caused the child to start crying. He never knew true kindness in his life. The glares and occasional beatings. The betrayals and double-crosses. They all took a toll on him. To hear kind words like this men were something nearing unthinkable. The middle-aged man held his hand out wanting the boy to take to help him.

"My name's Ishigami, by the way, Ishigami Byakuya!" He told the lad with a bright smile.

This in turn caused the child to smile as well, "I-I'm Uzumaki Naruto, nice to meet you old man!"

As soon as Byakuya heard the "old man" comment he stumbled slightly. Looking towards Naruto with a strained smile.

"I'm sure my son, Senku will get along with you just fine."

One Year Later

After the chance meeting with Naruto having nowhere to go, Byakuya had decided to adopt Naruto. The sunny blond expressed that wanted to keep his last name during the paper signing so Byakuya figured the best idea was to turn it into a middle name for Naruto. The result was making his name, Naruto Uzumaki Ishigami, which Naruto was alright with.

When the 15-year-old Senku met Naruto for the first time he could understand the logic of Naruto staying with them. Even if he never really planned for a little brother, let alone adopted, it was something he welcomed. Though he tried to deny it, saying how troublesome having a little brother would be, he never really meant it. Mostly because he knew as soon as he saw Naruto's teary eyes he would crumble. He would just look away and grumble that it might not be too troublesome. Almost always causing Naruto to brighten up and tackle his new big brother making Byakuya smile in turn.

During the year together, Naruto's body filled out and was no longer malnourished. Now it was the right height and weight for a kid his age. Granted it seemed to only fuel his hyperactive nature. The only time he calmed down for a long period was watching movies for 'family night'. Much to the chagrin of Senku, Naruto's favorite movies were The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit sagas. More than likely he was in awe of the fantasy style of writing of Tolkien. One of the lad's favorite characters was the elf-archer known as Legolas. Naruto just couldn't help but be amazed at the elf's agility, speed, and skills. He was never able to tell why he loved the elven archer but it stuck with him heavily. One particular scene he would replay over and over was the part where Legolas defeated one of those elephant-like animals [1] followed by the dwarf exclaiming "THAT STILL COUNTS AS ONE!"

During that scene, even Senku and Byakuya laughed with Naruto. How the youngest blond got his science-enthusiastic brother to watch a fantasy movie together was interesting. He used the ultimate technique that no-one could say no to. The Puppy Dog Eye Technique. His big blue innocent eyes with an unshed tear were so potent that his brother practically caved-in after mere seconds of exposure. The response was always him saying, "This is 10 billion percent too troublesome." Naruto would always smirk that he got his brother to watch such a thing, granted that never stopped Senku from poking holes in the fantasy. Usually leading to the 9-year-old golden blond
to pout yelling that it's not the point as long as it's fun to watch.

During that year, Naruto ended up meeting Senku's other friends. One who was called Oki Taiju, or as his big brother called him Big Oaf. Naruto knew there was no malice behind it after hearing it a few times. Though after hearing Taiju's loud yelling and other seemingly brainless actions Naruto could understand why Senku called Taiju that. It was obvious that the lovable oaf just didn't know how to control himself when he got excited.

Later he met Ogawa Yuzuriha who would often gush that Naruto was super cute. Still not being accustomed to positivity young Naruto would blush and poke his fingers in embarrassment. Only to cause Yuzuriha to uncontrollably hug Naruto nearly to death via suffocation. Taiju would respond by crying "manly" tears of jealousy whereas Senku would remind him that Naruto was only a kid. After all, there's no point in getting jealous over a child.

Unfortunately for Naruto, depending on who you asked, Yuzuriha ended up teaching Naruto everything she knew about arts and crafts. The excuse she used was that since he was just too cute she couldn't help but dress him in some of the outfits she made. In the end, after Naruto had an untold amount of embarrassments from the various outfits they made an agreement. The compromise they came up with was her explaining to him how to properly make clothes and shoes, among other accessories, along with the history of cloth-making. When everything was said and done he ended up having steam coming out of his ears from information-overload. Still, it stayed in his head since he didn't want to upset his "big sister" by forgetting her lessons.

Naruto was just happily enjoying his new life. Going to school, hanging out with his brother and his friends, even just being a normal boy. Though he'd miss Byakuya once he was in space that was just reality. For a while, he was quite depressed by this turn of events even though he was happy that his adopted father was living his dream of being an astronaut. The promise of souvenirs was enough for him to recover quickly.

Now today was an average day. His brother dropped him off at school, which was now having recess, before going to his high school. From what Senku had told him Taiju was planning to confess today. He said a small prayer wishing those him luck. He knew both Taiju and Yuzuriha loved each other even though he was young. Still, he hoped that the two of them got to be together and happy.


Standing next to a tree, Naruto witnessed a strange sight. A blindingly bright green light was engulfing everything. His young and developing mind couldn't understand what it was. The light had covered him before he could even think to try and run. His entire body was also engulfed in it as well. Even as he was turning to stone his last thought before darkness was "Senku nii-chan! Help!"

Then everything was at a standstill. The air went cold and silent. Crashes and explosions from unmanned vehicles rang out. Every single human being on the planet earth was turned to stone.

3710 years later (5 Years Before Senku frees himself)

The world had shifted. Turning back to its natural ecosystem the world was now as it was before humans had evolved. The only difference now was the nude stone statues of humans laying around. Some having moss covering them while others were unfortunately broken apart due to the growth and shifting lands.

By an overgrown tree stretching dozens of meters into the clear sky was the statue of a 10-year-old boy. Naruto had been safely nestled against the tree. Almost like mother nature had protected him from the shifting of the world.

That is until "Crack! Crack!"

His stone shell was slowly breaking. Not only that but red glowing lines were making the cracks. Within moments Naruto's stone skin was shed not unlike that of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. The young blond known as Naruto was finally free of his stone prison. Slowly and blurred similar to a man roused from sleep he blinking his eyes. After a few minutes of blinking and rubbing Naruto's vision also came back into focus.

"W-What. W-w-here am I?"

Looking out from where he was nestled Naruto noticed he was being held by a tree. Noting his position he could almost say it was like a mother embracing her frightened child.

"You protected me, didn't you?" Getting no answer he still looked at the towering tree with reverence. A gentle gust of wind brought him back to reality given the breeze he felt on his lower torso. If he wasn't alone like he was he might have freaked out. Naruto looked around wondering where he was and what on earth happened to everything.

The last thing he had remembered was grabbing the tree that saved his like a lifeline. Everything after that was muddled and blurred, just like the time at the hospital where they used general anesthetics after Byakuya adopted him. Even though they were nice there, unlike his time in Konoha, he still held slight distrust for doctors in general.

Shaking his head he knew he had to focus on other things. Thinking back he found himself being thankful that Byakuya allowed him to join the boy scouts for a few months. Even if it was mostly because of Naruto's hyperactivity. Still, the scouts were perfect to get Naruto to focus on how to survive in the wild.

It took a few hours before a realization came. When it came it hit with the full force of a semi-truck on a crosswalk. Naruto wanted to cry at the misfortune of the situation. He had lost his only family and friends. They could all be dead or still stuck in stone crushed or never to be found again. That was until a sound resounded through the clearing.


With all the power he had he slapped both his cheeks. With both, his cheeks now an angry red he looked up with determination.

"NO! That's not what they would've wanted! I can't keep crying! I need to stay alive! That's what they would've wanted!"

So naked as a newborn baby Naruto's journey of surviving in this new unknown world started. Even with the odd situation, he finds himself in. Not only will he survive but he will hopefully see his brother and friends again. Believe it!

6 Years Later (1 year after Senku freed himself)

On the ground a family of boars each one sniffing and trying to find truffles. High above in the verdant canopy, a figure was lurking in the shadows. Jumping from branch to branch their hair whipped in the wind as they moved with nary a sound. Naruto was now tall and lean showing that his body was meant for speed and power in equal spades. His hair having straightened out given the length and lack of more advanced care. He still cleaned and washed it when he could but chose to never really cut it. He was fine with how it looked given it reached now to his lower back. The years of living off of mother nature's plentiful bounty made him strong and fast. Granted he had much greater speed he could still hold his own with physical strength alone.

Over the years of training his body and eating healthy his senses had seemingly evolved. He could hear virtually anything within 30 meters of himself and smell anything within nearly 50. Given his preference for staying in high places and moving at high speed, his spatial awareness had increased accordingly. He could 'feel' anything that came within 3 meters of his body, with his reaction time had also grown dramatically as well. His sense of sight was skilled enough to pick up on subtle movements and see nearly 300 meters in any direction with crystal clarity. Narrowing his eyes at the sight of his prey he seemed to become a statue. His blue orbs darkened to glacial levels as he made the mental calculations even as his body had already gone into motion. While nowhere near as good as his Nii-chan, Naruto could still make these kinds of equations faster than average.

He had been staying around this part of what was Japan hoping someone would escape their stone prison. He made a silent bet that it would be Senku who did it first. Right now however he had to be focused on something far more important. In one of his hands was a smooth dark-colored bow fashioned with hand-carved leaf-like emblems and other wood-like vines. He had fashioned it like that of Legolas and was quite pleased with the detailing.

While he knew quite a bit on fletching before petrification it was mostly theoretical. Through sheer will power and nigh unlimited stamina he learned. He didn't just learn about the art of fletching and archery. No. He turned them into a masterpiece of unparalleled finesse. He had gained a near prodigal level skill with a bow. The 6 years of nonstop trial and error coupled with a boundless determination had given him that talent. As a bonus, his skills only increased with his practically superhuman senses.

Quietly he drew an arrow from his homemade quiver, showing an iron tip at the end of it. He sent a silent prayer to his friend for teaching him arts and crafts. He also had to thank his older brother for his lessons on all things science. Ever since he woke up the lessons taught where what made the clothes he was wearing.

He had fashioned clothing reminiscent of the elven archer from the animals he had killed and skinned. While the skinning and tanning process had been a pain in the ass to do it worked out well. He had made a thin undershirt, which promoted airflow to help prevent heatstroke. Using his knowledge of sewing and needlework in conjunction with dying and preservation he made a green-colored tunic. The tunic covered his upper torso as well as his upper arms but stopped just above his forearm. The clothing hung down to his knees where a split in the tunic near the lower half to allow his legs a full range of motion. His lower half was covered by somewhat baggy black pants that ended at his hand fashioned boots. While the boots were dark in color they were quite light and very durable. Having some skill in leatherworking, after the torture that was Yuzuriha's lessons, he crafted some arm guards along with a belt. After some light experimentation, he found a way to make an ankle-length moss-green cloak wth an added hood.

Slowly he drew back the bow. A few slow breaths followed. Now.


His aim was true as always. With undoubted skill, he had managed to hit his target with a killing blow. The split-second screech of pain caused the other boars to run away now scared for their own lives.

Jumpings from branch to branch with peerless speed and acrobatics he landed on the ground without a sound. Making his way to the recently killed animal he kneeled at the dead animal. Giving a wordless prayer for the creature that would feed him for weeks to come. After all, he needed the meat for food and the flesh for leather. With practiced ease, he tied the boar's front and back legs together. Lifting and wrapping a large bloodstained hide tarp around it so the blood wouldn't leave a trail. The teen quietly lifted the heavy boar without a problem. Having returned to his camp after climbing and leaping from tree to tree. His hideout was built high in the trees away from the large predators.

He started the arduous task of skinning, gutting, and cleaning the boar. It came without wasting a single stroke of his knife-work. He set the hide on a rack so he could later start the tanning process. Putting the guts in a clay pot for disposal at a different location he closed the lid. Even if he was used to the smell of blood and guts predators would certainly think of an all-you-can-eat buffet. With the prep-work out the way, he went about cooking to meat. He had to be sure to cook it all so it wouldn't get spoiled. Once that was done and the meat was preserved properly he stored the meat away. Seeing as he was a bit hungry eating some of it now might be a good idea. Turning to a container near him he poured some fresh-squeezed fruit in a cup for himself.




It appeared his meal would have to wait. The roar of a lion and a pair of screams would have to be dealt with first. Yet, those screams sounded familiar. Almost like he hadn't heard them for a long time. It took a minute to realize who it was. He hadn't heard those screams in nearly 6 full seasonal cycles. He didn't know the date outside of the changing of seasons. Quickly rushing outside while grabbing his bow, arrows, and daggers along with his hooded cloak. As he made his way to the edge of the tree fort he covering his weapons. No sense in being careless he mused. Swiftly he began jumping and swinging from branch to branch. His heart was racing a mile a minute. Not from the activities. Not at all. This was hope. Hope beyond hope that his mind wasn't playing tricks on him like so many times before.

He soon came upon a sight that nearly took his breath away. There were three people below him. Two of them being familiar faces and the tall muscular teen stroking the dead lion. The strange well-built man had Naruto on edge. For now, he would focus on the other two teens. Two teens, of who he knew very well.

Leaping from the branch in the canopy he was in he landed in front of the two teens he was focused on. The shock the two had almost made him laugh, but he would milk this for all its worth. That surprise had the two somewhat nervous. The man in front of them didn't make a sound when he landed. Then the figure began talking.

"I must say, it's been far too long Senku!" His voice was like crunching autumn leaves. Gravely and haggard almost like he hadn't talked for years.

Tsukasa had been ready to attack the mysterious person that appeared before them. He soon stopped when he heard what the stranger called Senku. Given that the ones who were truly shocked were Taiju and Senku he was still wary. As the science enthusiast took a closer look at the stranger, he noticed the outfit he was wearing. It seemed to ring a few bells for him.

"W-Wait, that outfit, I know I've seen it somewhere before!?"

Before any more words could be spoken the stranger quickly drew an arrow and fired. The projectile flew at blinding speeds past Senku's head and missing by only a hairsbreadth. The speed of the action was unbelievable. He had drawn an arrow in nanoseconds and fired before anyone could react. Turning to look at the arrow they were shocked. Behind Senku was a snake with an arrow piercing its skull through its open mouth. Showing that it was about to bite Senku while showing that the stranger had saved him. The stranger simply showed a Cheshire grin complete with slightly pointed canines.

"Do you think that Legolas's skills and abilities are still illogical now Onii-chan" The teasing tone with the aforementioned grin sealed the deal.

Hearing that name and hearing that all too familiar tone Senku's eyes widened. Mechanically he turned his head just in time to see the tall stranger pulling his hood down. Long golden blond hair fluttered in the breeze. Narrow almond-shaped blue eyes filled with mirth and happiness gazed back at him. The real eye-catcher that caught both teen's attention was the blond's cheeks. There right before them were dark whisker-like marks not unlike his own stone marks. The marks ran from his cheekbones to his jaws in a cracked style. It was more than enough for the duo to know who this was.


"N-N-Naruto-Kun!? Is that you!?" The scientist was shocked, to say the least.

The now older Naruto smiled with his eyes being a touch misty.

"Hello, Senku nii-chan. I see Taiju nii-chan is still as loud as ever. Welcome back."

Senku couldn't keep the smile off his face, "Yeah "little" brother, I'm back."

Tsukasa was smiling slightly at the strange reunion the apparent brothers were having. It prompted his own small flash to the past. The image of a little girl on a life support machine. Nevertheless, he was also pleased that they weren't the only humans around. From what he could gather this "Naruto" person had awakened long before the other two teens. He couldn't help but wonder how that happened without the formula that Senku gave to himself. He supposed there wasn't a point to such a question.

Senku and Taiju on the other hand were happily patting and slapping Naruto on his shoulder and back. Much to Senku's shock Taiju's strength didn't seem to affect Naruto much. It just showed how strong he became on his own.

"So Naruto-Kun, how old are you now!?" Taiju couldn't help but ask. Senku slapping his forehead in disbelief.

"That's completely beside the point you Oaf!"

The scene was far too recognizable causing Naruto to laugh. He couldn't help it. He always enjoyed hanging out with Senku and his two friends. Taiju doing something as funny or stupid as this. Senku always berating him lightly and Yuzuriha giggling cutely. Finally managing to get his breath back Naruto spoke.

"Well from what I understand, the seasons have run their course six times since I managed to escape my stone prison." Placing a finger on his lip in a pondering way.

"You're 16 years old Naruto-Kun. My god, you've been on your own for over 6 years." Senku couldn't believe that Naruto managed to survive for so long by himself. Hearing this Naruto was only slightly surprised.

"Has it been that long? I couldn't tell as all I did was mark down each time the weather became so cold that it snowed and when the sakura trees bloomed. I was just happy that Yuzuriha nee-chan's lessons helped me stay warm and safe. In addition, those few months in the scouts helping a lot. Not to mention my experience by myself allowed me to pass the time by making my bow, arrow tips, and daggers."

Putting his bow in the holster he took his daggers out to show them to adopted brother and pseudo brother.

"My God, you have been by yourself for some time? By the looks of things, it must have taken you years to make both the bow and daggers!" There was a minute pause. "Wait! D-Did you model your stuff after Legolas's equipment!?" Senku exclaiming in utter incredulity. Naruto simply stowed his weapons before rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

"Well, I am a big fan of his Senku nii-chan. I figured he was the perfect role model to mold myself after given the situation. Also, just I wanted to prove you wrong in saying how illogical it was for someone to have such skills! I was 10 billion percent right!" He chirped with a smirk and teasing tone.

With the three teens sweatdropping. The general collective thought bing 'He did it JUST to prove Senku was wrong!'

Senku began laughing after having time to think about it.

"You're right Naruto-Kun. You were 10 billion percent right. You have now for the first time proven me wrong!" With the two brothers and their friends laughing together for the first time in over 3700 years even Tsukasa smiled at such an odd thing. He couldn't deny the bright atmosphere he could feel from the three. A bittersweet reminder of simpler times thousands of years ago.

With the laughing fit over Naruto noticed a familiar figure leaning against the tree.

"Is that Yuzuriha nee-chan!?" Making both his adopted and pseudo brother's look towards the girl with happy smiles.

They soon took notice of the frowning face the 'youngest' had.

"Relax Naruto-Kun. Senku here figured out how to get people out of their stones!" Taiju exclaimed while wrapping an arm over Naruto's shoulder. Or at least he tried to. It was slightly difficult given Naruto had to bend down slightly. They all noticed for the first time that he was taller than Taiju, which the "big oaf" took notice of.

"WWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAA! YOUNG NARUTO IS SOO~ MUCH TALLER THAN ME NOW!" He couldn't help but cry jealous "manly" tears. Being in close proximity caused Naruto to flinch back a bit. Since his senses developed to such a massive degree they were now sensitive after spending so long by himself. Hearing Taiju's yell while nostalgic gave him a killer headache. As he straightens up Tsukasa had moved now standing next to him. This allowed Taiju to compare both of the taller teens.


"WHACK!" It was only a matter of time.

"Would you calm down you big oaf! We need to get back to camp and free Yuzuriha-san right! So, let's go!" It turned out all Senku had to do was smackeTaiju upside the head. The teen stopped yelling and quickly rushed to the stone girl. As they were about to head off Naruto called from behind them.

"You guys go ahead, I need to pick up a few things from my camp."

Before any of them could say anything Naruto shooting up a tree in a blur of movement. Vanishing and not making a sound as he moved through the flora. All of them had trouble following his movement. Senku cracking his neck slightly drawing the other's attention.

"Now that is both cool and gonna be super annoying. I can 10 billion percent guarantee it." The mute agreement between them was unanimous.

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