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The God of Nature seemed to gaze into her soul. His serene expression was majestic. His eyes gave a noble aura yet stayed approachable and humble. His crown that seemed touched by the light had settled to be almost completely straight. Perhaps it became a wreath of yellow flames as part of his divine form. Did he do this to blend in with his subjects? She was tempted to ask. Even in his mortal state, everything about him was divine. She would never doubt that. Why was she so sure?

Not only had he come to her rescue, but the gentleman sorcerer had reappeared. With some form of magic called a 'pulley' system. By using circular pieces of wood and some rope he had lifted the smashed tree trunk. The God of Nature helped as well by using the strange contraption to pull it up with ease. When the shorter of the duo spoke the god only hummed in response. Only further proof of the story's validity. Was the sorcerer a follower of their god? Or was he the one known as the Stone God of 1000 Sky's? Could they be brothers as the 100 Tales implied? So many questions so little time.

Night had fallen for the trio. The blonde-haired man now resided in the tree canopy above. He had hunted down small rabbits while giving a small prayer before preparing them. Much like her own people did. This must have been another tradition passed down from the maker of the tales. The originator of their 100 Tales must have known of or been related to the two before her. The broom-haired wizard wrapped himself in a bundle of cloth while staring at the heavens. They had some small talk before setting up camp, but nothing group breaking. The sorcerer in hide clothing communicated with the Nature God, Naruto as he called him, with no words. Small clicks and hums had been his communication. The language of the deities she assumed.


She could feel the tears prodding at her eyes. He only whispered four words and she was blown away by them regardless. Words so soft she almost thought she imagined them. Her solace came in the form of rustling bushes. The gentleman sorcerer from before with a stick and cloth in the form of a flag. The Nature God looked at him with the same vulpine grin. It was very quickly returned with a cocky smile. The sorcerer looked from him to her prone form. As soon as he had laid eyes on the trunk, he affirmed that she was fine. She had trained for most of her life. Of course, she was fine. Someone had to protect her sister and her father didn't seem that intent on doing so.

A more personal reason, that she would die before sharing, was because of the blonde 'deity' watching everything unfold. God's preferred strong women. Strong women gave birth to strong kids. A male was more willing to stay if the offspring and woman were tough. God or not it was a universal rule, in her head at least, that in order to catch the attention of her people's deity she needed to prove herself. The best way to do that? Show that she would be an excellent mother to their children. That she could birth a proper heir for him.

She studied the sorcerer with great interest as he worked with extreme fervor. Binding this and that. Carving wood into semi-hollow circles. He called them wheels and gears. It was interesting to watch the magic happening. Chrome may have called himself a wizard or sorcerer, but she was a bit disappointed with the 'magic' he had shone. It was impressive at times but grew stale. Still, he made happy Ruri so she tolerated him. Until he called her a gorilla. Then all bets were off.

Her gaze traveled back to the 'deity' of nature. He would every so often hum or click with his mouth in varying patterns. At first, she thought it nothing more than him waiting for the broom-haired man. That quickly changed when the aforementioned man would respond with the same seemingly random sounds. After he would translate what was said to her seeing as he caught her inquisitive gaze. With that revelation, she was instantly intrigued. This had to be how gods talked. The fact he was a practitioner of 'magic' helped solidify this belief. She would ask him later if he would teach her.

It took some time before the contraption was ready. She watched in silent awe at what happened. The crimson-eye man took some of the rope, after weaving it through the hanging 'wheels', and jumped from a relatively high branch. Like magic, the massive fallen tree rose to the heavens. The blue-eyed male pulled her out as the tree returned to its previous position. Now being held by anyone else in a bridal-style setup would have led to them getting the stuffing beat out of them. Since this was one of the gods her tribe/clan revered, along with her massive infatuation/love for said deity, she relented to being carried.

It had nothing to do with his well-defined arms and torso. Nor his pleasant earthen scent. Certainly, nothing to do with the inhuman heat he seemed to generate that soothed you to the core. Not even the calming aura of serenity that engulfed you in a tender embrace. Above all other reasons, it had absolutely no correlation with her long-time wish for this to happen. If anyone called her out for any of those reasons, she would beat them up. She did not have a soft, feminine side that longed for this treatment. Ridiculous.

Flashback End

Taken from her thoughts the doe-eyed woman faced the wizard. She should probably get some of her questions out of the way.

"What is your name, sir sorcerer." At her words, she heard a small snicker from the trees. The man she addressed looked at her rather funnily. Why? He was obviously a magic practitioner.

"Senku. Why do you call me a wizard or sorcerer?" He had to pointedly ignore his brother's barely restrained mirth. He would never hear the end of it. It didn't stop him from deciphering the starting parts.

"Who would you be? Sarumon? Maybe, you have the look down pat. Gandalf? Yeah, you would be a great Gandalf!" Was that a jab at his appearance and intelligence at the same time? Cheeky little brother.

"You used magic earlier to lift the tree. Was that not magic?" He made the mistake of looking at his still chuckling sibling. It was enough time for him to hear what was coded to him.

"Yeah, didn't you use magic Gandalf the Grey? Or are you Senku the Blonde?" Senku had to calm the raging tick marks on his temple. He had very nearly lost his cool. A little-known fact, only within the Ishigami family, was that Senku hated being teased. More specifically by family. Anyone else? He could brush it off with ease. His brother or father? He got flustered with very little effort. What was clicked at him next finished his already frayed nerves.

"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" He was going to get even with Naruto. It would happen. When and where Senku had very little clue but it was going to happen.

While their exchange happened, the blonde woman watched with interest. The expression on the whisker marked blonde was both teasing and mischievous. She assumed he was teasing the wizard with whatever it was he had said. The expression on the now named Senku was similar to hers when she got teased by her sister. So, to that extent, she could relate. The now named Senku looked to her.

"Who are you lioness?" He inquired. They needed to know who they were talking to. This woman was obviously not from their time. A descendant of those who escaped or were never petrified. Given the more western look, she had he would go for the former.

"Kohaku. I'm a warrior for my village." She replied in a curt manner. It took a minute before the name he gave her sunk in.

"Lioness? I have feelings too. You live like a gentleman, but your mouth is from a different realm…" Were all beings affiliated with the gods this crude? She had only met two so far. One tried to kill her and the god her people worshipped. This one had a foul mouth of unprecedented scale.

'I may end up hurting him someday or accidentally killing him…' The mirthful twinkling of the sunny blonde in the tree's abated her anger slightly. His eyes told her this was far more normal than she could ever comprehend.

"We should get rest." Before flipping over and looking at the lioness-like woman.

"Before I die twice in one day. That would be a pain." The lone female of the group could only gape in silent awe at this man. He had zero fear when provoking her. Plus, he had guessed what she was thinking. Easily at that.

"You'll end up fighting the long-haired man, right?" The uncomfortable next few seconds cemented her answer.

"I'll help you. I can't back down. Not after what I witnessed. If I don't help you, he will end up coming after my people, won't he." It was a rhetorical question. They all knew Tsukasa would move to subjugate them after amassing an army. With a few minutes of thought, Senku looked back at the woman.

"That's why I'm going to make a kingdom. A Kingdom of Science. First I'll need manpower." As he contemplated his next move he was torn by her following words.

"You need allies then? Then why don't you come with me." The brothers looked at each other. After a silent conversation, they gazed at her.

"You got more lion buddies, huh?" It was said in a sarcastically joking tone, but the message was clear. 'We are interested.'

"Of course. They are very dependable allies. Please, allow me to escort both of you." The night dragged on as the unlikely trio of teens fell into a comfortable lull. The ambient forest providing comfort for the athletic blonde duo. Kohaku stole glances at Naruto every few minutes. Like she was reaffirming that he was indeed still there. Being as socially stunted as he was, he took little notice of what was happening. Senku on the other hand noticed before dozing off. He had found his path to revenge.

Morning came slowly for Senku and Kohaku. Naruto had already hunted their breakfast. A simple meal. Rabbit Stew. While it was no five-star dish it did its job. Filling their stomachs with the protein needed for a long day of travel. Veggies for the vitamins needed to survive in the climate of Japan. Some starch for long-term movement. It was an all-encompassing stew meant for simplicity and a well-rounded diet. With breakfast out of the way, they moved on, beginning their trek to Kohaku's village.

A brief stop at a hot spring was their last pit stop before getting to the 'last' human settlement in Japan.

"Hot water?" Senku was for the first time genuinely curious.

"Yeah. I take it home for making hot baths. For healing purposes." She elaborated on her reasoning.

"You look like you're in perfect health. Why would a lively lioness like you need any form of healing?" His inquiry was delivered with a deadpan while ignoring her indignant claim against being a lioness.

"It's not for me! It's for my sister! Honestly, she such a troublesome nuisance for an older sibling." From her energetic aura melancholy settled in its place.

"She's been increasingly ill as of late. If only I could give her my exceedingly healthy one…" As she trailed off there was an uncomfortable silence that surrounded the group of teens. After another display of just how useless Senku was in any form of physical activity, he was fed up with their slow pace. In about an hour he made a go-cart-like contraption to speed things up.

"Civilization births civilization. All one needs is a bit of science to start." While it was stated as passing dialog Kohaku couldn't help the surprise she felt. He sounded more like a sage when he wasn't poking fun at her. Or being poked fun at.

One crash later, a grumbling Senku, and chuckling Naruto they were overlooking a village situated on three plateaus connected by rope bridges.

"Aside from the young and elders, we have about 40 members." There was a distinctly proud connotation as she puffed out her chest causing it to jiggle. Senku took no notice as he was busy calculating how to work this to his advantage. Naruto on the other hand spent about half a second watching her bosom before looking to the village. Having gone through puberty completely alone without anyone there to help him had left him rather, underequipped in terms of understanding male and female relationships. Sexual or otherwise. Almost to the point where he grew up completely asexual. Six years on his own with adolescence starting within a few months of him 'waking up' coupled with his odd regenerative properties sped the process up immensely. It was either that or him remaining alive but stagnant for 3700 years, so now the body was catching up with the mind. Not that he would understand any of it. He did recall Byakuya talking about 'The Birds and the Bees' once vaguely.

As soon as they approached the first of the bridges two figures burst forward at the stepbrothers. Spears aimed at center-mass ready to skewer them. In a flash of movement, the two sunny blondes had intercepted each brother.

"Don't be violent, Kinro, Ginro. These me saved my life. 'They could be the ones the One Hundred Tale's spoke of.'" She stated harshly while leaving the latter portion out. No need to make them believe she had gone off the deep end.

"You can't do that, Kohaku-chan. That's no good. Outsiders aren't allowed entry. That's the rule. The chief's going to be livid if hears about this." The younger figure said. His dull shoulder-length blonde hair shifted slightly. Partially obscured emerald-green eyes stared with a devil-may-care look to them. His soft features and small body seemed out of place on a warrior. His lack of muscle definition certainly did not help. Dressed in what looked like a blue karate gi uniform with a white belt holding it together he lowered the spear slightly.

"It's a simple fact, that rules are rules." The older one continued. Far more muscled than his apparent brother, if their facial structure was to be believed, he cut an imposing figure. Above the average height of normal men, his pointed facial structure and scowling verdant eyes would be enough to intimidate a lesser man. Chopped brown hair with a single lock landing between his eyes helped his near unapproachable look. A singular scar ran under his right eye adding to his aura as a warrior. He wore a sleeveless gi with a rope belt like his younger brother. A spear and buckler were his weapons of choice.

"There are no people outside the village. The only ones who would be out there are criminals. People who were banished from the village." The blonde brother picked up.

"Therefore, we can't let them in. There is no room for consideration. Even if they saved your life." The brown-haired man finished. A tense silence ensued. Only the scary chuckle of Kohaku followed.

"Oh? You leave me no choice then. Shall we fight? Here and now? Oh dear, it's two on one…" She trailed off. The briefest of glances was shot at Naruto who noticed. Calmly he contracted his muscles. Ready to join into combat should she require aid. Watching the 'god' prepare for a battle she pushed on.

"You clearly have the advantage." Both bridge guards stepped back at the prospect. Making it very clear to the destoned brothers where she, Kohaku, stood in the hierarchy of the village. They had made an immensely powerful ally it seemed.

"You're so short-tempered lioness. And you're making such a scary face." As he lathered his hands in soap Naruto watched on with humor spreading to his features." The shout of sorcery from the lone female made him inhale to keep up the serious façade. He would enjoy this.

Making a circle with his fingers Senku blew bubbles. The threatening floating soap orbs were a dangerous foe. Kinro, the elder brother, was instantly on offense. Thrusting his weapon at the orb of mass destruction he let a startled gasp out when it popped. The younger brother, Ginro, looked ready to cry as tears gathered in his eyes. The horror of the floating spheres was simply too much for him. The following evil monologue from Senku the Blonde only further their terror.

Kohaku while fascinated by the witchcraft looked to her fellow blonde. The whiskered male was hunched over as airy gasps left his mouth. He was obviously laughing heavily if the subsequent coughing fit was an indication.

As his hacking fit came to an end, he looked at the liquid in his palm. He grimaced at what he saw. Flecks of red ichor painted his hand. It would seem his vocal cords were more damaged than anticipated. As he discreetly whipped the fluid off, he failed to catch Senku and Kohaku's worried gaze.

"It seems I'll have to use my super-secret attack." As Ginro said this he got ready to run.

"Special Technique: Let Somebody Else Handle It! Chrome there's sorcery!" He shouted booking it as hard as he could from the Orbs of Absolute Annihilation.

"Quit freaking out Ginro. I'm already here and saw it from the coast. I'd be crazy not to come right away. I'm Chrome an insanely smart, genius sorcerer!" The words of the crazy man turned all their heads. Chrome was a young man standing at average height with a lightly toned build. His round brown eyes and matching spiked hair were kept apart by a rope tied around his head as a makeshift headband. He had a laid-back cheerful expression on his face as he watched the soapy orbs gingerly float. His outfit consisted of a short-sleeved dark blue shirt and matching pants held up by a rope belt. A large satchel sat on his side. The man donned a primitive, but no less interesting, cape that matched the color of his attire.

"Looks like we don't have to go track him down. This is the man I told you about on the way here yesterday." Kohaku said with a smile that soon turned to a deadpan. This guy was seriously embarrassing at times and for some reason, she felt embarrassed Why did he have to act weird now? In front of the god of Nature?! Both looked unimpressed.

"I'm Senku a scientist." The following talk of sorcery, magic, and science lost many of the onlookers. The 'magical duel' that came next, which both Naruto and Senku were less than impressed by, came to a decisive one-sided end. The scientist won. The only interesting part was the use of a ball of sulfur to charge static electricity. The arithmetic battle was just as lackluster.

As the 'nerds' geeked out about minerals Kohaku and Naruto watched with disinterested expressions. To Kohaku they were rocks. While Naruto could understand his brother's excitement and enthusiasm, he was a fighter, not a thinker. The female warrior looked to her fellow student in the art of combat. He looked happy at how the scientist was acting. Perhaps they had been apart for many years. Gods and their servants must live for hundred in not thousands of lifetimes. They must have gone their separate ways at some point.

When the blonde woman left to deliver the hot spring water so too did the blonde golden-haired male. The two scientists would be busy for a while in their own little world. It was time to hunt for some game anyway. The archer had found various tracks to possibly follow. Boar tracks leading further inland. Dear prints down the coastline. Rabbits traveling up the coastal waters. With a small chill running down his spine he felt like he was missing out on something. Something that would make his life very difficult in the future. Shrugging it off he moved down the coast. He needed the pelts and some deer jerky sounded heavenly. By the time he arrived back at the Science Hut, he was greeted by an interesting sight. Senku smirking, Chrome crying, and Kohaku smiling with an odd glint in her eye aimed at him. Like a huntress preparing to track down their prey. What the hell did he miss?

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