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Chapter 15 : How to train your drago….err Slime?

- Shin –

The place where it all started for me.

4, Privet Drive or the residence of the Dursleys.

I was under the Invisibility Cloak along with Rias who completely ignored all my wishes to come here alone. In a way, I realise her reasons for this. I almost lost control at Luna's Home and at my power level it is pretty catastrophic.

I wanted to avoid showing her my manipulating side till a bit later but who cares now. She has 100 Affection and Obedience right now. If I can't trust her with this then I don't know when I'll start trusting her.

Maybe some exposure to my dark side will help her understand me better. I do want her to stand by my side after all.

Guess the wizarding world will be a good place to start.

Waiting under the cover of the Invisibility Cloak and watching the Dursleys is something I thought would have angered me but surprisingly the feelings are not as intense as I thought if not downright nonexistent.

I did notice a strange thing though. Petunia was unnaturally thin even by her horse faced standard. The dark circles under her eyes almost seem to be a natural part of her face.

A quick observe showed something that made me smile at the happy coincidence.

Turns out that the tracking charm and the blood wards that I had shifted to her were showing its effects. While the tracking charm in itself was useless, the Blood Wards required magic. Magic which she pretended to hate but was secretly jealous that she didn't have. Unfortunately for her, that was a no go for spells like those.

Like all those fancy words. The love and shit didn't do anything to power the wards. It only recognizes the target because of the shared blood, nothing more, nothing less. The magic for the spell was siphoned off from the one who was keyed to the blood wards. Another plan for Dumbles to keep Harry weak, both physically and magically.

So, how does this all fit in with Petunia's pathetic state. Well it turns out that if the blood wards are not powered by magic, then they suck out the life force of the one they are keyed to. I am pretty sure Dumbles did this on purpose. So, Petunia Dursley doesn't really have much longer to live like this. An untraceable murder, maybe I will shift the wards to Vernon right before she dies. To let them die bit by bit at a time.

As I was thinking of these things, a loud snap was heard as the lights on the streets dimmed a bit.

A notice-me-not charm. (Fuck these wizarding world people. Even their spells have hyphens in them. Use a proper space dammit.)

Dumbledore walked in front of the House belonging to the Dursley's and took out his wand and started to check the wards.

I quickly observed the wand in his hand to confirm my suspicion.

[Elder Wand]

One of the three Deathly Hallows crafted by Death herself.

Grants an increased power and efficiency to all magic spells cast when using this wand.

+1000 to Magical Attacks when using this wand.

+200% Effectiveness to magic and -75% cost to all spells when using this wand.

Current Master : Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Note : The wand will switch it's allegiance if the current master is bested in combat.

Holy Crap. That wand is broken as fuck.

No wonder Dumbles has that high and mighty image of his. I can't allow that to happen. Not to mention that I need that wand as well.

A plan quickly formed in my head. Improvisation was needed so I will improvise. All his problems were because Dumbledore couldn't be the dumb little git that he is and sit in his office eating lemon drops. Well too bad, I don't like it. And when I don't like something, someone feels the pain for it.

As he was concentrating on the wards to see if they were in place, I cast a quick shadow stitching on him. He realises the magic as he tries to move and dispel my magic but the power difference is too much.

A shadow spike pierces through his hand causing his grip on his wand to break. My shadow servant waiting inside the shadow takes the wand and brings it to my side with a simple shadow walk. To make sure that he is not dead but completely disabled, I pierce his knees and hands with shadow spikes as well as cast all the debuff spells from my dismancer. Mind Haze, Increase Pain Sensitivity, Enhance Senses, Weaken Bones, etc completely riddling him up with curses to the top.

But before I could do something more, a flash of fire appears above him and the blasted chicken tries to whisk away the idiot from under my nose. Not on my watch. The Phoenix Fire did weaken my shadow magic allowing him to break out of it but not before I pin the chicken with a shadow spike to its chest while I slip a shadow servant in Dumbledore's own shadow before they both flash away in a burst of flames.

It is fucking decided. That chicken has to die.

I didn't want Dumbles dead here so as to not throw all the Light Side into chaos making their moves unpredictable. It is easier to spy on an organized group of fools than a rowdy mess after all.

Knowing Dumbledore, he will try to heal as soon as he can. I hope the chicken dies or atleast has to be born from flames again.

It will prevent it from using it's tears to heal the fucking coot.

One thing I can be sure of is, he will not reveal this weakness to anyone, so he will keep this under wraps for as long as he can. Gives me some space to move in and do my work.

"Was that a real Phoenix?" Rias whispers to me.

"Yes. Apparently I have an innate thing against the fire chickens." I smile at her.

"So, what do we do now?" she asks while eyeing the Dursley's.

I have a few ideas on what is going on in her mind. But that has to wait for now. Getting back at someone like the Dursley's is not something that I want to waste my time on now.

"My best bet will be hurrying up with your recruitment. I suggest that you meet the first one before the school starts. This week if possible. Let's meet the other one in the morning. She works for Gringotts if I remember correctly. Do you have any idea how to convince her to join you?" I ask a bit curious as to what she will do. She has been tight lipped about it.

"We need to go to the school where he probably ran to. Since my chance of going to the school and getting what I need there inconspicuously is now gone, I would rather not take any chances. The sooner we are done with this, the better." I say while my shadow servant shows me what is going on at Hogwarts. Dumbledore rushed to his office where the fire chicken combusted and became a little chick, there after he quickly sent a Patronous to Poppy and Snape to get to the infirmary. His office is now empty and he is currently inside the infirmary, completely indisposed to any action.


"Okay." answers Rias as I take her hand and we teleport to the Forbidden Forest near the outskirts of Hogwarts. The wards would have announced our arrival if I had tried to forcibly intrude, not that I would try that stupidity with all the ley lines under it powering the wards.

I do have a solution for it though.

My Shadow Walk can phase through wards and as long as someone is not actively searching for us with the Marauder's map, we will be safe.

Passing by Hagrid's Hut with my Shadow Stealth in active mode. I can afford the MP cost now. Rias keeps looking around the school with a hint of curiosity.

I can't blame her though. It does look like a haunted castle and for all its weirdness; Hogwarts has its own unique beauty.

The closed gates are barely a problem for us as I take her hand and Shadow Walk through the shadows inside the castle. My first target is the seventh floor corridor.

I sent a few shadow servants all across the school to keep an eye on important parts of school and gather important information.

It didn't take long for us to reach the place. Doing the usual thing to make the door appear, I enter the room and quickly feel the magic around it.

I find a distinct foul magic at the corner of the room. The diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw.


[The Diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw](Epic)(Corrupted)

The famous Diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw known to increase the intelligence of the wearer at the cost of emotions.

+100 INT, +100 WIS, -75% Emotional Capacity.

Note : The item is corrupted. It is a Horcrux containing a soul fragment of Tom Marvolo Riddle.

Mental Attack averted by Gamer's Mind.

Holy Crap, it is quite good. If I can remove the Emotional Capacity flaw from it, it will be amazing to boost the power for anyone.

"It is so beautiful." Gasps Rias beside me. I can't deny that. It is quite beautiful. "The foul magic coming from it is something disturbing though."

"I can remake a new one from this. We can always find a way to remove the foul magic from it." I pat her shoulder. "Let's go. It's the first time that you are visiting my ex-school. I want to give you a tour of the school myself. I recommend that we start from the broom closets, they are quite comfortable from what I have heard." I give her a knowing smirk earning a soft punch on my shoulder.

Before going I did something crazy. But it was something that I had to try.

I made the door of the room of requirements appear. It was something that I HAD to try.

Scan Artifact.

[Blueprint of The Room of Requirement](Legendary)

Makes a room to conjure/bring anything the user requires while following the rules of Transfiguration, anything conjured by the room cannot be removed from it.

Jackpot. This gives me soooo many things to work on.

"Well, first stop the headmaster's office. Good students always inform the teachers and Headmaster when bringing anyone to the school."

"Then we have to pay a visit to the headmaster's office before anything."

I wrap the Invisibility Cloak around us as I shadow walk directly to the Headmaster's office. A quick attack to shred off all the portraits of the previous Headmasters followed by a quick look around the room. I did notice that none of the elves came inside the room. Maybe Dumbledore is not trusting of bound elves either. Smart if you ask me, knowing about Dobby, it is a wise decision.

I quickly take a look around the room. The first thing that catches my eye is the tray of ashes and a little chick glaring at the place I am present in with fire in its eyes.

Well what do you know.

I could keep killing it or simple, I could do something even better.

Observe shows it's stats as severely reduced due to its recent 'death'.

I smile creeps on my lips as a thought hits my head.

"Rias," I call her who is looking around the room in wonder. Though nothing compared to the Gremory Castle's rooms or any of the other Devil Nobility's rooms it is still very beautiful in its own way.

"Yes." She looks at me in inquiry.

"Didn't you have doubts about my cute Ciel being useless before?" I smile at her. "Let me show you why Ciel is the best familiar in the world."

I summon Ciel who appears as a glob of blue jelly on my head.

"It's been a while since I fed you hasn't it Ciel. Well here is a great meal for you. Eat up." I place it near the little chick who looks at the blue glob of wonder in trepidation, Perhaps it's instincts give it an idea about the being in front of it.

We watch in wonder as Ciel envelops the little chicken even as it struggles as it is completely inside its body.

After a few minutes, I get several messages about it leveling up.

+30 Levels.

Devoured Skill : Immortality(Rebirth).

Devoured Skill : Fire Teleportation.

Devoured Skill : Healing Tears.

Devoured Skill : Fire Resistance(Adept).

Devoured Skill : Fire Manipulation(Adept).

Devoured Skill : Entrancing Song.

Devoured Skill : Soothing Melody.

Devoured Skill : Enhanced Strength.

Devoured Skill : Darkness Resistance(Adept).

Devoured Skill : Light Resistance(Apprentice).

Devoured Skill : Death Resistance(Adept).

Devoured Skill : Flight.

Form Unlocked : Phoenix(Fire).

+30 Affection with Ciel(70/100) feeding it a delicious meal.

+30 Obedience with Ciel(90/100) for being the best master.

And it was at this moment that I truly realised how broken my familiar is.

Name : Ciel.

Title : Familiar of Shin Kageyami.

Race : Slime

Level : 30.

Rank- Regular

HP- 20 [1 per minute]

MP – 40 [2 per minute]

SP- 20 [1 per minute]

STR – 5

END –5

DEX – 5

INT – 5

WIS – 5

CHA – 5

LUK – 5

Stats Points : 150

Skill : Devour, Immortality(Rebirth), Fire Teleportation, Healing Tears, Fire Manipulation(Adept), Fire Resistance(Adept), Entrancing Song, Soothing Melody, Enhanced Strength, Darkness Resistance(Adept), Light Resistance(Apprentice), Death Resistance(Adept), Flight.

Forms Unlocked : Phoenix(Fire).

Affection : 70/100.

Obedience : 90/100.

Perk Gained

[Familiar Bond]

Your bond with your familiar is very close.

Can summon familiars anywhere despite any restrictions.

Telepathic Bond between the Master and the familiar is established.

I also realised that Ciel leveled up upon eating high leveled beings. I had tried to give it a free kill against the zombies. It didn't affect the leveling even a bit. So I guess, I need to feed it high level beings to level it up.

Then again, a Phoenix only gave it 30 levels and that too the first 30, I dread what it will eat to get into the realms of the heavenly dragons.

Will it need to eat the Satan-damned Trihexa and will that even be enough?

Fuck. Thoughts for later.

The abilities more than make up for its difficulty in leveling up.

I will think about that problem in my free time.

"Change into your new form Ciel." I order it, getting a shake of the blob of bluish jelly as a nod. It is really cute.

With a shift of jelly, it takes the form of a Phoenix identical to the one it had just eaten.

"Amazing…." breathes out Rias at the wonderful scene before us. I have to agree to it. It really is amazing.

"Good job Ciel. Let's go. I will take you to eat other good things." It wraps around my arm after turning into his Slime Form again. It feels like a water bed.

Before leaving the office, I did check all the hidden compartments and every place I could detect any magic from. A thorough search of every nook and cranny of the office was conducted. Needless to say, the results were amazing.

[Philosopher's Stone](Epic)

Philosopher's stone made by Nicholas Flammel.

Can be used to make the elixir of life and transmute metals.

+100% efficiency to transmutation and alchemy skills when used.

[Nicholas Flammel's Notes]

Contains the results of Nicholas Flammel's procedure of making a Philosopher's Stone and Alchemy Skills.

Use to increase Alchemy Proficiency to Master Grade.

Apart from that the books which his lover Grindelwald had stolen during his time were all stashed away with him.

Loads of Galleons and keys of different accounts of Gringotts. I guess I need to transfer some Stuff tomorrow.

But the best of all is.

[Time Tuner](Epic)

Manipulates time to send the user and anyone connected to it directly to the past.

Maximum Rewind Time : 24 Hours.

This is fucking amazing.

This reminds me that I have to go and steal all the time tuners in the department of mysteries and destroy their production details.

I have no fucking idea how these idiots made something like that but it is without a doubt the greatest achievement of the entire wizarding world.

This is not theft.

It is ….umm….compensation for the physical, mental and emotional damage that they have caused me or rather the previous owner of my body.

Yup, not theft at all.

"Since the Headmaster is not here and I am no longer a student of this school, forget getting his permission. Let's go. I have other things to show you as well." I hold Rias' hand as we slip into the shadows once again.

A few jumps later, we find ourselves in a dark and old cave.

Yes. The Chamber of Secrets.

"What is this place Shin?" asked Rias.

It feels like taking my girlfriend on the tour of the school I graduated from.

Just that, I haven't really graduated from here. I haven't even been to this school as a student.

"This place is a legend of this school. The Chamber of Secret. Here the so-called Boy-who-lived-don't-know-why defeated the monster of the Chamber of Secrets. Except that he never even entered this place." I say as I walk towards the depths of the place.

In a short while we encounter the corpse of the thousand year old basilisk. The giant body as fresh as the day I had left it. The potent venom and it's durable skin making it impossibly hard for it to decompose.

"Ciel, get to work. More food for you." I speak to the now sleeve of my shirt before it transforms into its gelatinous glory and jumps at the sixty foot corpse of the Basilisk in front of us.

"You killed this thing?" asked a slightly shaken Rias.

"With a sword made of Goblin steel at the age of 15. Even got a fang to the arm because of it."

"This thing could fight a High Class Devil easily. Basilisk Poison is lethal to even devils. How could they not know that something like this was roaming around in a school full of children." She speaks, her words increasing in volume and rage.

"I know right. I will never send our children here to study." I slip in casually.

"Obviously. Our children will never go to this sorry excuse of a sc….children?" and all of a sudden the rage and shouting dies down.

"Why don't you want my children?" I whisper huskily in her ear.

"I-I umm…." She stutters, her face red from embarrassment.

This is what I find really cute about her. She can get naked and do role-play sex with me everyday but a little curveball and she becomes a nervous, virgin schoolgirl all of a sudden.

I think I understand why Akeno and Serafall have so much fun teasing others.

"Don't worry about it. We will have as many children as you want, when you are ready." I say softly while hugging her close to my chest.

In the meanwhile Ciel continues to work on the Basilisk corpse.

In the meanwhile I searched the Chamber of Secrets for anything that was left here.

I had already expected this but Riddle took away everything that was of value from here in his time.

+16 Level Ups

Devoured Skill : Petrifying Gaze(Reduced From Death Gaze due to being an old corpse).

Devoured Skill : Magic Resistance(Apprentice)(Reduced from Magic Resistance(Adept) due to being an old corpse).

Devoured Skill : Basilisk Venom(Adept)(Reduced from Basilisk Venom(Expert) due to being an old corpse)

Devoured Skill : Physical Damage Resistance(Apprentice)(Reduced from Physical Damage Resistance(Adept) due to being an old corpse)

Form Unlocked : Basilisk.

Name : Ciel.

Title : Familiar of Shin Kageyami.

Race : Slime

Level : 46.

Rank- Regular

HP- 160 [8 per minute]

MP – 320 [16 per minute]

SP- 160 [8 per minute]

STR – 40

END –40

DEX – 35

INT – 40

WIS – 40

CHA – 35

LUK – 35

Stats Points : 0

Skill : Devour, Immortality(Rebirth), Fire Teleportation, Healing Tears, Fire Manipulation(Adept), Fire Resistance(Adept), Entrancing Song, Soothing Melody, Enhanced Strength, Darkness Resistance(Adept), Light Resistance(Apprentice), Death Resistance(Adept), Flight, Petrifying Gaze, Magic Resistance(Apprentice), Basilisk Venom(Adept), Physical Damage Resistance(Apprentice).

Forms Unlocked : Phoenix(Fire), Basilisk.

Affection : 70/100.

Obedience : 90/100.

"Looks like you finished your meal Ciel. Good job. Let's go back home. Everything we needed is already here."

With that done, we left the same way we had come in, towards the Forbidden Forest.

Tonight was going to be a long night.

- Kuoh, Japan, The Kageyami Residence –

We entered home quite late at night. Let's say The Forbidden Forest was more than we expected. Too many creatures, from pixies to acromantulas.

Ciel had a feast.

It did take him to level 122.

I noticed several facts during his feast.

First, similar creatures give lower experience gains when devoured.

Second, its skills are upgraded if it eats creatures having the lower version of the skill many times.

Like if it ate multiple creatures having the Enhanced Strength(Apprentice) skill, there is a chance that the skill will be upgraded. It does not happen if the creatures are of the same species though.

To be honest, I was a bit envious at the list of skills it had gained.

One thing that was good was that it gained 100 Obedience to me during this.

A +90 Affection and +100 Obedience.

Truly a productive day of work.

We directly went to our rooms, took a bath and went to sleep. As productive as it might have been, it was tiring too.

- Next Morning –

I woke up to the feeling of some movement beside me. It looks like Rias was very tired last night too.

After getting refreshed, we walked down to the living room.

Luna was sitting on the dinner table garnering various looks of curiosity from the other occupants of the table and a scared look(I guess it is that under the Dio Mask) from the resident trap vampire.

I take a seat beside her as Sakuya starts serving our breakfast.

"So, who is the new girl? A lover by the side? Shin-kun you sinful man." quips Akeno, gaining a deadpan look from Rias.

Before I could answer, Luna does that and for a second I am proud of her.

In a weird sort of way, but throwing Akeno off her game is something that really makes me proud of Luna.

"No, we are not lovers. Though he has promised me to show when he and Rias have sex." She answers in a bright and sunny voice unaffected by all the impurity of the world…or anything for that matter.

A pin drop silence.

Do you see this Ophis? Luna has claimed Silence.

The one to break that silence was a sound of spoons dropping and coughing from various parts of the table.

Koneko looks like she will become a Red Lion if she went even a bit redder.

Meredith is looking at me as if I am running around naked with pervert written on my head.

Morgiana is blushing bright as well.

Sakuya looks, wait, what the fuck. Why are you looking at me expectantly Sakuya?

Fuck, her affection score. I never realised it.

Akeno who was thrown off her game by the Honest to goodness reply from Luna was the one who broke me from the thought.

"Ara Ara, where do we get the tickets Shin-kun~?" the slight increase in the speed of her breathing and the noticeable red hue on her cheeks tell me that it is much more than a simple joke.

Well, if we are playing that game then why not.

I don't mind having her join me if I can.

"There are no tickets, though if you want to watch, I am sure we don't mind. Do we Rias?" I ask, giving her a knowing look.

"Not really, though if she wants to watch, she will have to join us. Are you sure you can handle that Akeno~?" Rias throws a challenging look at her. "I mean I can understand if you are getting cold feet. After all, talking and doing are two very different things, not something everyone can handle."

Rias, do you know how proud I am of you right now?

Even with the metaphoric lightning and the Power of Destruction clashes around the table, I couldn't help but marvel at her.

She is playing Akeno on the palm of her hand and Akeno doesn't even realize it. Akeno who is supposed to be her best friend.

Well, I know that she was having a slight guilt at not being able to keep up with me in terms of stamina. So, she told me that I should get other girls. It is not uncommon among devils to have harems, even more so for Devils like myself with the primary sin of lust. We need to keep our urges satiated or we tend to lose control of our emotions.

Generally, sins manifest during childhood and it is very rare for a child to have most of their interest in sex to make it a primary sin. That is why the primary Sin of Lust mostly appears in reincarnated devils.

Now, the problem is that these are the kinds who tend to go stray the most if they cannot keep their urges in control.

Generally low class devils don't get the booty so they keep themselves company with humans or other races.

This however is not possible for many of them and they lose their minds and become stray.

It was one of the reasons why Rias wants me to keep a harem even now.

As long as she is the first and by my side, she is fine with it. And now looking at the games that she is playing, I can say it with all my heart that I am proud of her.

"Ara Ara, are you sure that you want it Rias. After all I wouldn't want you pouting if Shin-kun focused more on Me." she returns with her hand cupping her cheek and her elbows shaking her breasts.

She makes a valid point. Those things are pretty distracting.

Anyways, it is time to break their confrontation now.

"Well, let me introduce you to our new resident. Her name is Luna Lovegood. She is a friend of mine. The closest friend if you want to be precise. I will be asking Sona to get her admitted to our school. She is a witch and knows about magic but not the general supernatural world so please help her adjust to it. She will be staying with us for quite a while." I finish my speech as I start eating my breakfast. Sakuya is an awesome cook. Ophis can attest to that fact. How many people have that in their resume?

"I think I will be going to Gringotts today Rias. Will you be coming along? You could meet your potential recruit." I ask her as we continue eating.

"Yes, I will call Sona and tell her that we will be taking a leave from school for today. I want to meet her before I recruit her. The other one too if we have the time."

"Okay. Do you have any idea how you will approach the other one? I for one can't see the first part being easy."

"Leave it to me Shin. I have a plan for it."

"Don't worry Hermione will love it. She just has too many nargles which were forced into her head. Once they clear out, she will join you willingly. And Fleur wanted to talk to you since you saved her sister but she was not allowed to come near you. I think she will be happy to meet you." Luna suddenly speaks up.


"H-how did you know?" Rias stutters in disbelief.

"Give it up Rias. One of the most important things to know about Luna is just accepting what she says. Don't ask why or how. It is what it is." I explain sagely.

"Are you sure about Fleur, Luna?" I ask being serious for once.

"Sure about what?"

"That they will join us?" this is going to take some time getting used to.

"If they want then they will join you."


"Do you think Hermione will want to join us if we remove the nargles that were forced in her head?" I ask changing the question.

"Yes. They will join you if you do that."

"Okay. Thank you Luna."

The others were looking at us incredulously. I can't blame them. If they knew what she could do, they wouldn't be this surprised.

"Please help Luna get used to the place. She doesn't know Japanese and will need someone's help to get adjusted. We will be back by tonight….hopefully." I say as both I and Rias leave for our work in the wizarding world.

Dumbles is out of commission for the time being.

I need to take out some of the other support base they have and let them suffer under the hands of Baldymort for a while.

I can get better opportunities that way.

What was it called again?

Ah, yes. Fishing in muddy waters. Quite apt for this situation indeed.

And with a flash of our Magic Circle we left for the wizarding Britain.

- London –

We teleported to an alleyway near Leaky Cauldron.

A quick use of magic helped us to change into robes. Why the fuck do they still wear them? I have to keep up with others so as to not attract any attention.

It was when we entered the Leaky Cauldron that I realised that I had forgotten about a very important thing even with our normal wizarding world's dresses.

The girl with me would attract attention even if she wore oversized robes to hide her figure.

I myself was garnering some looks. The Tri-Wizard Championship thing attracting a lot of attention to me, just enough for some of the people to know who I was. The fact that my CHA stats are way above what it was previously, I would give any male model an inferiority complex.

The trip to Gringotts was relatively peaceful if you ignore the stares of the various people around us. I have to remember to change my appearance next time using the Gaea Foundation.

The change however was when we reached the gates of the bank.

The guards looked at us extremely uneasily and that was when I realised that they knew what we actually were. To avoid unnecessary trouble, I showed them my key and even though still hesitant they still let us in. I have to admire something about these little money grubbers, they had some courage if they tried to face me even when they knew what we were.

Then again, our power levels were suppressed and I doubt they would have been standing straight if they could feel it.

I walked up to the teller who felt my presence as well.

"I would like to meet President Ragnok." No need to make excuses here, just speaking to the point will be enough.

He spoke to another goblin in Gobbledegook who promptly led us to the Head Accountant's Office.

A few moments later, we were called inside.

Ragnok who saw us and especially me paled, it was clearly visible even with all his scars and battle marks.

I think I have an idea why. He did give my information to Serafall.

Now, he didn't expect me to come here all of a sudden and especially with my race changed as well.

This caught him off guard I guess.

Time to milk it up for all it's worth.

"President Ragnok, I would say it is good to see you again but considering the information I have received about some of Gringotts' dealings regarding me, I find it very hard to lie with a straight face. Would you like to shed some light on this matter." I say in a tone of voice that doesn't give away any emotions from my side at all.

"What might you be talking about Lord Black." asked a slightly edged Ragnok trying to put on a brave and offended front.

"Serafall Leviathan."

And the things quieted down.

After a moment of silence, he sinks down on his seat and heaves a sigh. "You must understand that against someone of their level, there is hardly anything we could do. If I didn't do as she said, she would have gotten the information in a different way. My whole race could have been implicated. There was only one option left for me."

"While I understand what you did, you cannot deny receiving the generous amount of gold in return. That said, what about my compensation regarding the violation of my contract by Gringotts against me." I ask, not giving him any edge. I plan to clear out everything in the vaults whose keys I …borrowed from the Headmaster's office in Hogwarts yesterday.

Such a major transfer will be reported and my identity could be implicated. Normally I wouldn't care about such transfers but the goblins would send a letter to the owners of the vaults, which in this case I have no idea about. I need them to look away this time and let what happened happen.

"And what do you expect Gringotts to do young man." He replied in a wary and …was that a hint of threat that I just detected.

I switched off my bracelets jamming powers for a moment and let loose my demonic power making him shiver in fear.

"You will address me as you address any other Lord using this bank. During my previous visit, I was courteous and polite with you and your people. The result was that my information was given away for a bit of gold. And now you dare try to use that tone with me after you cheated me of my right. There is only so much that I am willing to bear Head Accountant Ragnok. Please don't test my patience." I speak with a frosty tone after which I reign in my demonic power and switch on my bracelets to hide my presence.

-30 Reputation with Ragnok(-20/100) for showing him his place.

+50 Obedience with Ragnok(50/100) for showing him his place.

"I apologise for my faux pass Lord Peverell-Slytherin-Black. It was a slip of tongue, I did not intend to insult you in any way." He says bowing quickly.

"That better be the case. Now, I would like to transfer some funds from some of the vaults to my Peverell House's vaults. If you would be so kind to send someone to show me the way." I ask (read: order) him to assign someone to me.

"Very well. Please show me the keys." He says quickly.

I pass him the keys, which raises eyebrows from him.

He nonetheless passes over the keys to another goblin he calls in a few moments later and tells him to lead us. I can understand what he is saying due to my devil races' language perk.

Before leaving, I leave him with a warning. "I never came to this place. I hope that is understood Head Accountant Ragnok. You don't know who I am anymore." With that said, I left the office led by the goblin whose name is Boneclaw from what Observe says.

- An Hour Later –

It was a mentally tiring hour. It's not that I was unhappy about it or anything. If anything, I was very happy with today's visit. 23 Vaults worth of wealth is now mine and mine alone. It all went to my inventory.

I have no fucking idea how Dumbles got his mitts on the Lestrange Family vaults and I am not even bothering to think about it but it made me a very happy and rich man. Gold did lose its importance after I gained the Philosopher's Stone but it is just as good having more of it. My Sin of Greed thrives on it.

Well, one of the works that I came here for is now complete. I also got the address of the properties that I have under the fidelus. The Black Family has its own island. A good place that I can set up a base away from people's eyes. Now, how do I get the second part of my work done?

"We will wait in the waiting Rooms. Would you be kind enough to arrange a meeting with Miss Delacour, when she is free?" Rias asks the goblin who had been following us all this while.

His reply was a rapid shaking of his head and running off to get the job done.

"Are you sure that you are ready for this?" I couldn't help but ask her. I have only recruited Meredith the standard way and that was still quite ….well not really easy for me with the follow up that came but not exactly hard either.

Recruiting Fleur is going to be harder but that glint in Rias' eyes is something that I have grown to recognize now. It is the glint that she has when she has a plan or when she knows something that I don't know.

Well, at least this will be an interesting watch. Fleur will make for an interesting pawn. If she does accept her Veela heritage, she will be able to do magic normally impossible for witches.

She can be a good pawn if trained properly.

As we were discussing normal stuff, the door to the waiting room was opened and in came a beautiful girl with straight platinum blonde hair and looks that would cause heads to turn even if the slight aura around her caused by her allure is absent.

Fleur Delacour looks even more beautiful than she did in my memories.

I could appreciate this view without being affected by her allure and that was something I was really thankful for.

"`arry, Is that really you?" she asks as she comes in closer before her eyes widen a bit. I guess she sensed my change of race.

"It is still me Miss Delacour. Some things have changed but the person is still the same. Your English has improved remarkably though."

I lie with a smile, at least a part of it. The English part is true though.

She eyes Rias surreptitiously, suspicion in her eyes before giving me a hug and whispering in my ears.

"You were not forced were you? I don't know if I can do something to them but if they are treating you badly, I can contact my family's connections to call for help." It is honestly surprising to see her being this helpful.

"No, it is nothing. I am quite happy actually. Thank you for asking though." I reply with a smile. A genuine one for a change.

"Please don't be mindful. You saved Gabrielle. I couldn't thank you enough." She returned the smile.

"I was not aware that normal wizards and witches were also aware of the existence of the other supernatural races. I don't mean the ones we know though."

"Normally the ministries and The ICW hides anything. The Statue of Secrecy is as much for the non-magicals as it is for the other supernatural races. I know of this because my father is a high ranking official in the French Ministry and Veelas have had contracts with the Devil race for a very long time. My grandma's coven had a contract with the Phenex House too." That raised my heartbeat a bit, before I noticed the past tense in it.

"Had a contract with?" I asked probing the topic a bit more.

"Veelas had contracts with different devil houses to help us control our powers." Her voice dies down a little here. "Our true forms are not something people appreciate so we made contracts with the devils, who used their powers to bind that form and give us a semblance of control over it. My grandma's coven had the contract with the Phenex House but they started demanding some things that we did not want to give." Her voice taking a cold tone for a moment before she calms down. "So we broke our contract with them. Right now, my contract is with Latia Astaroth. She has been a kind contractor to our coven."

"Oh, who was this person that your coven had a contract?" I couldn't help but ask. The world couldn't be this small right.

"Riser Phenex. He wanted me to become a maid for his peerage. Pardon my words but is it a glorified word for a prostitute. My grandma did not stand for it and broke all contracts with them. He did throw a hissy fit and attacked some of the coven members but it was taken care off soon enough and we were approached by Miss Latia who helped us from there."

I couldn't help but choke a little at this information. Riser is hated everywhere. Not that he doesn't deserve it but still, to think his bad reputation extends even here.

"You don't need to worry about it anymore. Riser Phenex or Riser …pftt hehe Cockroach as he is now called in the underworld will not be troubling you or your coven anytime soon, if ever again." My partner speaks for the first time since the start of the conversation.

"My apologies. She is Rias Gremory, my fiancé." I introduce to a now stunned Fleur.

Yeah, that look on her face is soooo worth it.

A few moments pass before the dam breaks and torrents of questions threaten to drown us.

"Rias Gremory….but she is the heiress of Gremory House. Wasn't she engaged to Riser Phenex. How did she become your fiancé? `arry, what has been going on since we last saw each other. Do you even know her?" Turning towards Rias she speaks once more "Please don't make such jokes Miss Gremory, it is not funny. You are a High Class Devil and `arry was Human a few months ago. He couldn't possibly be engaged to you. Sorry, `arry it is not an insult to you but this absolutely doesn't make any sense."

Wow, I don't remember her looking like this even after the second task.

I guess that information was too much for her.

To put a stop to this, I take out my Queen Piece and put it in front of us.

The effect is quite instantaneous.

She becomes quiet in an instant.

"A lot of things happened in the last few months Fleur." I fail to bite back a sigh.

Not really lying here. A lot of things did happen.

I explain to her about my disownment, my meeting with Zekram which led to my engagement to Rias. Everything that came after that.

Rias then explained about some of the things we found in the file that Serafall had given us, keeping most of the information to ourselves.

Not surprising to say that she was equal parts mad and disgusted.

"Fleur, Can I call you that?" Rias asks in a soft tone of voice.

"Yes, please do so."

"In that case you can call me Rias. I don't like formality between friends, especially any friend of my Shin. I have a proposal for you."

Getting a nod from her, she continues her offer.

"I would like to offer a position in my peerage if you don't mind." and with this she took out a file and gave it to Fleur. "These are the terms for the contract. It is not a demand, just an offer. I have heard good things about you from Shin and I hope to have someone of your talents in my peerage. I will personally talk to Latia to make sure that it does not violate any of your existing contracts. She and I are good friends. Please take your time to consider this proposal." with that she left the file on the table.

Fleur for her part was quite surprised.

People in the underworld don't generally take wizards or witches as peerage members.

They do however take magical species. Veelas however have a similar image to what they have here, no it is actually worse, as a glorified prostitute. She must be taken off by surprise with the offer. The Heiress of a Pillar House and the little sister of Lucifer herself offering her a chance to have a place in her peerage. This was almost unprecedented.

With the offer already made, we had a few more talks. Fleur was too distracted by the offer to say anything else. We avoided overwhelming her anymore and left to complete our other jobs.

"First, I want to go to a few places. We can do something about your second candidate after that. You have a plan for her don't you?"

"I do, but first we need to get some of the potions here. Do you know somewhere we can go to get them?" She asks while looking around us.

To avoid drawing attention to us, we use a devil magic's version of the notice-me-not charm.

"A little distance away from here." We left towards Knockturn Alley.

It was not hard to find someone who knew what we wanted and few observes and a few entrancement spells and we got ourselves the whole stock of flushing and cleansing potions the shopkeeper had to offer.

Then with a teleportation spell, we appeared outside a rundown shack hidden by muggle repelling charms. The door of the shack had a snake pinned on to it by Morfin.

The Gaunt Shack.

Since I already have the Elder Wand, I should not delay getting the last piece of the set anymore.

I send a few shadow servants to bypass any spell that may have been present in the house. They can get past wards via Shadow Walk, they don't have minds so compulsion and disillusionment spells don't work on them. In simple words, the perfect ward breakers and spies.

The results are just as I expected. My shadow servants came out with a ring with a black stone on it. The Resurrection Stone.

As I touched it, a message popped in my head.

Mental Attack averted by Gamer's Mind.

A little use of the power of destruction erases the ring while the stone itself remains unharmed as a black gaseous mass is released from the ring and disappears in a wail. It was honestly foul. I mean I am a devil right now but that magic was like someone forcibly shoved a rotten fish in my mouth.

Quest Completed

[Hallowed be thy name]

Death played a little game with the Peverell brothers and now 3 artifacts which go against the very laws of nature exist among the living. This cannot be tolerated. It's about time that someone took the matter into their hands and corrected this anomaly.

Objective : Collect the three Deathly Hallows

Elder Wand (1/1)

Invisibility Cloak (1/1)

Resurrection Stone (1/1)

Rewards : Increased Affection with Death, ?, ?, ?.

As soon as the message appeared in front of my eyes, the air around me grew cold and the surroundings quieted down.

"Well done young one. You completed one of my tasks. Those artifacts have been a thorn by my side for a while now. While not really dangerous, it was very annoying to have them constantly pricking my sides. I look forward to you completing my other task as well, then we can have a talk in peace. Here, enjoy your rewards for now. You have earned the right to do so."

+10 Affection with Death(17/100) for completing her task.

Title Received : The Master Of Death

Permanently binds the Deathly Hallows to you.

Allows their powers to become one with you and increases their potency.

Skill Gained : Soul Recall

Recalls any soul that has passed on to the realm of the dead.

Skill Gained : Invisibility

Completely Hides your presence from those within 1000 levels of you or lacking Mythical observation type skills.

Skill Gained : The Wand of Death.

Increases potency of Death and Destruction magic by 100%.

Increase the power of all other magic by 50% and reduces cost by 50%.

Skill Gained : Resurrection.

Once every week you can respawn on death or resurrect any dead being back to life.

Note : The Skill goes on a cooldown after either of these are achieved.

Class Gained : Necromancer.

Perk Gained

[The Blessing of Death]

You have the Mark of Death itself on you.

Death Gods will acknowledge you as the chosen one of their governing being.

+20 Affection and Reputation with all Goddesses and Gods of Death respectively.

You can take any soul of the dead from any divinity of death at will.

All instant death magic and attacks are nullified.

You can trap a soul of any deceased being around you for your own use.

Beings associated with Death will find you likable.

+5 Affection and Reputation with beings associated with Death.

Living beings associated with life will be wary of you.

-10 Affection and Reputation with living beings associated with life.

Living beings of low magical power in general will be wary of you.

-10 Affection and Reputation with those not of super natural origin.

Skill Gained : Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

The ability to see the points and lines of death of a being.



That was a LOT.

Wait, what do you mean Mark of Death on me?

I have a big enough target mark on me already with my artifact business. I don't need extra marks on me anywhere.

The fuck, what was it about keeping me uninvolved.

"Shin, are you alright. You seem a little different somehow." Rias spoke softly beside me.

I must have been spacing out a lot.

"That presence just now, what was it? It felt so cold but still familiar. Now your presence feels similar to it. What exactly happened? You are not hurt are you?" She fires question after question.

"I am fine Rias. It is just that a lot of things happened all of a sudden." I bite back a sigh as I sit down on the ground, too tired to stand at the moment.

Taking a few breaths to calm myself, I start again.

"That presence was the presence of Death, the one who gives power to all The Divinities of Death, the one who is the source of the Power of Death and….Destruction." I explain as her breath hitches. I think the situation struck her right now.

Her breathing quickens as she grabs me in a hug. "Please tell me that nothing bad happened to you. Why is it's aura around your body? Is it dangerous? You are not in any danger are you? Please tell me that you are not in any danger, please." The fear, urgency and desperation in her voice completely catches me off guard.

The hell has she been thinking all this time.

Then again Death's presence can be unsettling for someone not used to it. If I didn't have my Gamer's Mind, I too would have been having a panic attack like her. The thing which warms my heart however is the fact that she is not worried about herself even after this kind of life changing encounter but is instead worried about me.

I pull her into a hug, placing her head against my chest, her ears directly above my heart and caress her back slowly drawing circles around it to calm her down. This must have been too much for her and it doesn't help the situation that I have Death's presence around me.

We stay like that for a while till her breathing calms down and her grip on my shirt relaxes a little.

"I just completed a task for her. The presence of Death around me is The Blessing of Death. It is similar to a God's blessing. It might make people a bit wary of me but overall it protects me. You don't need to worry about anything, I am not in any kind of danger."



"Okay. Sorry for getting over excited all of a sudden. I was really afraid."

"Don't worry about it."

This was rather unexpected, but I guess on the bright side of things, she now has an idea about the type of beings out there in the world.

This will motivate her to be stronger.

"Are you alright now?"

"I was extremely afraid." She takes a deep breath before continuing, "when I was engaged to Riser, it is true that I was disgusted and even afraid to a certain extent. I don't know what I would have done if that marriage had gone through. It was nauseating and it made my whole being shiver with sheer disgust. But, just now when I thought that something happened to you, when I heard Death's name and felt it's presence on you, thinking that something had happened to you, that feeling was a lot worse than anything I had ever felt. I don't ever want to feel like that again. Please Shin, make me stronger. I will do anything….absolutely anything to never feel like this again."


"Please never leave me, Shin."


We sat there like that for a while longer. Various thoughts going through my head. I apparently didn't realise the true meaning of +100 Affection yet.

It was a lot more than just a number.

Do I feel responsible for her frantic state? Maybe, a little bit.

I thought that Remorseless trait was a thing.

Remorseless is for when you are dealing with those you consider as enemies. Also, Gamers have the ability to resist their traits. If they do so for a long time, then they can get a Quest to lose that trait.

We don't force Gamers to become something they are now. We only provide a path, maybe put restrictions on them and give them a push.

Making them something of our own design is like making a robot and not a True Gamer. That is just counterproductive and bad game design.

You not feeling anything about those you care about will not be due to your Remorseless trait. That can only happen if you are a sadistic asshole.


Thanks Game. For once, hearing your sarcastic comments actually eases my mind a lot.

The thought of losing my identity and becoming a sick and twisted parody of my own self is a nightmare that I did not want to live.

Looking at the woman in my arms, I couldn't help but entertain the thought that I am not the only one who is helping her, she is also helping me in more than one way.

To repay her, I can only try to make her as happy as I can.

- Omake, Search for the strongest (set sometime in the future) –

In the middle of a dimly lit hallway of a mansion hidden within layers of concealment and defensive wards, a group of people stood around a person. They donned green and black robes with silver masks with the person in the middle being a bald man with red tinged eyes and deformed face. They cheered as the deformed man tortured another in front of their eyes.

The screams of their victim echoing the hallways only to be drowned by the cheers of those surrounding the victim.

As the victim lay taking the last breath, the bald man stood and shouted.

"See with your own eyes the results of what happens to those who oppose Lord Voldemort. This is the only end they can receive."

A loud round of cheers erupts around the one now identified Lord Voldemort.

"No one can stand against me, I am the strongest man alive."

Again a loud round of cheers and voices of agreement greeted his proclamations.

"Strongest man. Yes, you have no hair."

And with those words, all the cheering and agreements died.

Suddenly without anyone noticing, there stood a little girl with purple dress and long black hair. Her eyes had a blank look in them and she held a bottle of…was that muggle chocolate milk? in her hands.

"Who are you little girl? How did you come here?" growled the bald person known as Lord Voldemort.

"You, no hair, strongest man, help defeat Baka-Red." The girl replied in a monotonous voice.

"And why should I do that? I AM LORD VOLDEMORT. I LISTEN TO NO ONE."


The crowd once again erupted in cheers.

"You will not help defeat Baka-Red?." asked Ophis while tilting her head in a questioning manner


"Then die." and with that deadly looking purplish energy snakes rose from the girl's body and before anyone could say anything, enveloped the one called Lord Voldemort erasing him from the world.

The crowd was stunned into silence and right before their very eyes, the girl opened a portal in the air and left through it.

- Kuoh, Japan, The Kageyami Residence –

Shin Kageyami was lying on the bed after a long and enjoyable night, when a message popped up in front of him.

Hidden Quest Completed

Defeat Tom Marvolo Riddle

The prophecy cannot be false.

Objective : Complete the prophecy. Defeat the Dark Lord using the power that he knows not.

Rewards : 5x Gacha Tokens, 2x +10 Level Up Scrolls.







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As for Dumbles being alive. I belive that death is a mercy for the likes of him. I want him to suffer and watch as everything that he has built up over the years crumbles apart and have a mental breakdown before meeting his end.

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