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Chapter 28 : The Master of Death.

- Shin –

I woke up with a familiar warmth on my chest. Last night had been exhausting and the sleep was most welcome.

Crimson hair adorning the beautiful face of Rias as she snuggles around me when I move a little is a sight that makes my morning every day.

It was the other weight and soft feeling on the other side of my body that attracted my attention.

Instead of the usual silver hair, there was a curtain of black on my chest. Looking a little below, I realize that Akeno had slipped inside our bed sometime last night.

It was not really surprising knowing that Shuri had stayed with Suzaku for the night trying to check if she was alright.

All I wanted to say was 'Have a little faith."

Rias must have known this because unlike me, she was relatively less tired.

For once I slept like a log.

The sound of the door opening roused me from my thoughts as I looked towards the door.

Sakuya had entered with tea.

Perfect as she is.

The sound of her making tea and my movements woke up the other two residents of my bed as well.

"Is it morning already?" Rias spoke up groggily as she rubbed her eyes getting up.

"It is. You have a good sleep last night?" I asked as I took the tea from Sakuya.

It seems that I was not the only one tired from it. Rias went on a rampage too.

I hadn't been able to see any other fights except Jibrils as she was the only one nearby then.

We didn't talk about the fights either that said I know that Rias went on a rampage with the PoD Susano'o last night so I am not that surprised with her being tired.

"Are you alright now?" she asked me softly as she leaned on me a little.

"I am. I was too ….excited last night, had some deep thinking and stuff." I said while sipping my tea.

"Do you want to talk about it?" she asked snuggling a bit into me.

"It was about what I could have done to prevent whatever happened last night. I have been getting lax for the last month and a half." I said thinking about last night again.

After a decent nap, my head cleared out a lot.

"You did everything perfectly. It is because of you that none of us were hurt or something worse. Don't put yourself down Shin" Rias spoke in a stern tone.

The sheer conviction in her voice was enough to cheer me up.

In that time Akeno got up to. Unlike her usual face, she had a healthy blush on her cheeks as she got up.

Her breasts rubbed against me and without any clothes between us, I could feel the sheer size of her tits. Rias has the perkiness but Akeno's are definitely bigger and softer. I couldn't help but give it a squeeze earning a cute yelp from her.

"Did you have a good nap too?" I asked with a smile.

Her face was matching the colour of Rias' hair right now. She is all for the attack and nothing in terms of defense. With her Onee-sama façade rarely any boy can speak clearly in front of her as they are reduced to a stuttering mess before they can even speak so she has rarely if ever gotten on the defensive side.

"Okaa-sama was taking care of Suzaku Nee-sama last night so I came here." she spoke in a shy tone completely different from normal Akeno.

I sipped my tea while being amused at her new behavior.

Even Rias seems to be having fun with this side of Akeno.

"Ara Ara~~ does Shuri-san know that while she was painstakingly taking care of your cousin, you were sneaking into Shin's bed. Akeno you naughty girl." teased Rias from my other side making Akeno's blush almost nuclear.

It is honestly a good change of pace after all the shit that went down last night here.

"Master, Lady Serafall and Lord Sirzechs will be arriving in a short while. They did call a while before. They will be joined by other guests too." reported Sakuya.

Other Guests?

Maybe Azazel and someone else.

Who knows?

"Did Suzaku wake up?" I asked while I put my cup aside and got up to get ready. The girls followed me while Rias gave me a peck on the lips.

"Yes. She woke up last night and Shuri-sama has been talking to her. I was told that they will come out when they are ready."

"Hmm. Let it be. She went through a lot yesterday so it is better to let her have some time to readjust."

"I will talk to Sona about the reports that we have to submit about yesterday. I kinda dumped it all on her when we left together last night." Rias said as she changed into her dress.

Yes. We did leave abruptly last night.

"What about you Akeno?" I asked, looking at Akeno who was still snuggling into my side.

"I will go and talk to Suzaku nee-sama. She must be having a hard time right now." She said.

And so with our work decided for now, the three of us got ready soon enough.

While we were going towards the living room, I looked over the messages from the Game since last night.

Hidden Quest Completed

[Crow in the Night]

Kokabiel wants to restart The Great War and that is not all as he wants to use you as a stepping stone to do so. Show him that no one messes with a Gamer.

Defeat Kokabiel and his subordinates.

Objective 1 : Defeat Kokabiel. (Passed)

Objective 2 : Kill Kokabiel. (Failed)

Objective 3 : Defeat the Grim Reapers. (Passed)

Objective 4 : Defeat Pluto. (Passed)

Objective 5 : Kill Pluto. (Passed)

Objective 6 : Defeat the enemies without losing any allies. (Failed)

Objective 7: Defeat Kokabiel alone. (Passed)

Objective 8 : Prevent Gabriel from Falling. (Falied)

Bonus Objective 1 : Get a Peerage Member out of this incident. (Passed)

Bonus Objective 2 : Help Gabriel return back to Grace. (Passed)

Rewards : 2x 10 Level Up Scroll, 4x Premium Gacha Token, Summoning Gem : Shion.

So Suzaku dying was deemed a failure too?

Then again if Jibril's kills were counted as mine then it is fair Game I guess.

Still, if I had known, I wouldn't have allowed Merlin to play her games as a direct order from me was not something that she would have refused.

Well missed chances I guess.

What is the difference between the normal and Premium Gacha Tokens?

Premium Gacha Tokens have Gacha of at least Rare rank.

Summoning Gem for Shion is something that I had been waiting for, for a while now.

How did I know that I would be getting it?

Well that is ….a secret.

Perk Obtained – [Shuri 50]

[Bound by a Rope]

Sadists are drawn towards you.

Easier Affection, Reputation and Obedience gains with Sadists.

Perk Upgraded

[True Harem King]

Unlike the wannabes, you are the true heir to the throne of the Harem King.

Girls above 40 Affection won't mind sharing you with others.

Girls with 50 Affection and above will have a faster drop in Relationship Status if they are in a relationship with others.

Girls in your Harem will not have jealousy among themselves.

Note – Get 16 girls in your Harem to Upgrade the Perk.

*Any Girl with 75 Affection or more will be considered a part of your Harem if they are not currently in a different relationship.

No jealousy among girls is something extremely OP.

For this alone, True Harem King Perk is extremely useful.

I don't want Yanderes after me here after all.

The living room was quieter than usual. The night after such a difficult battle must have been heavy on the minds of the younger members. If anything I am surprised the most by Hermione.

She was utterly ruthless from what Sakuya told me while we got ready. She apparently teamed up with Ingvild and destroyed her enemies with Transfiguration alone.

I kinda….okay I don't really pity the idiots in the wizarding world when she returns for her revenge. Those fuckers deserve everything that is coming for them.

Sakuya had already collected information from Merlin who was maintaining the barriers and watching all the battles to assist anyone in need.

It was then that it struck me.

Merlin fucking knew it.

She knew that Suzaku was going to die but she didn't care….no knowing her, she more likely predicted that I or Rias would use our Evil Pieces to reincarnate her.

I knew I had told her to maintain a lookout for any peerage members that I or Rias could recruit and she did just that.

Letting Suzaku die?

Then again we have to remember that she was the one who weakened Meliodas when the Seven Deadly Sins were framed for some reason.

It was not to harm Meliodas but still it goes to show that she is not beyond such manipulations.

Is it dangerous for me?


Should I stop her?

Not really. It just means that I have to become good enough to not get dragged into trouble due to these manipulations.

Troubles….like the one that just arrived.

If anything I will have to have a good talk with her.

As I was thinking of this.

In a flash of light, a magic circle appeared as few people arrived in the living room of our house.

Serafall followed by Sirzechs, Azazel, Michael and a woman with golden blonde long hair that flowed down her back and an ethereal appearance.


Amaterasu No Okami

Title : The Goddess of the Sun

Affiliation : Shinto Faction Leader.

Race: Deity

Rank : Divine Champion

Level : 79

Affection : -5

Thoughts about you : Anger, Caution and Intrigue.



She is the first goddess that I have seen.

Level 79 Divine Champion is Level 790 and her Racial Boosts must make her at the very least as strong as Sirzechs if not stronger.

I mean Deity Race must be higher than Devil race right?.

One of The Top Ten Strongest Beings of the world.

And she is angry with me. Definitely not good news right now. It was at this moment I was happy that my Queen was not present here right now.

"Are you alright now Shin-kun, Rias-chan?" Serafall greeted.

She tried to hide it a little but there was worry in her voice….more than normal worry.

"I am. Last night was a little too much on everyone. I was too tired and that made me a little cranky. I apologise for my behavior last night." I bowed a little, just enough to show my sincerity but not to the extent of being subservient.

"It was nothing Shin. I can understand your situation and you did admirably considering the preparations that you had for such a sudden attack. I had honestly thought that I would be having war meetings instead of peace talks right now if you hadn't been present. Not to mention everyone is alive and alright. It is a major thanks to you." Sirzechs said while waving it off.

"I wouldn't say anything about the alive part but the alright part is still in question." said Amaterasu joining in the conversation.

I get it now.

I had already expected it but this is the consequence of reincarnating Suzaku. I had known that there would be retaliation but this….for the Goddess of the Sun herself to come here is something that I did not expect. Just what exactly is she planning right now?

So I decided to play the fool for the time being. Let's see her angle and then try something.

I am completely sure that if she intended to kill me or was hell bent on revenge, her Affection wouldn't have been only -5. It would have been something like -50.

At best she is a little annoyed. At worst, she wants to get some deal out of it that will benefit her faction.

Bloody Politics.

I fucking hate it already.

"I am afraid that I do not understand what you are saying Lady?" I said pretending to be confused.

"I had heard that you were one of the brightest minds of the Devils. Seems like it was all talk? Or was it that you can only in matters of destruction and not for thinking?" she quipped cutting me right off. A bit of her power was released trying to pressure me.


She's not holding back at all.

That said, I am not good at taking threats.

I made a look of confusion while I looked at Serafall.

"What exactly is she talking about?" I asked.

"I am talking about Suzaku Himejima that you raised as a devil." she cut in once again.

"Ah. You should have said that from the beginning. Even I cannot give an answer if there is no proper question asked. So, what about her?"

-5 Affection with Amaterasu(-10/100)

Well. Fuck you too.

I was absolutely correct. It is very fortunate that my Queen is absent right now.

"Shin-kun, she is Lady Amaterasu, The Leader of the Shinto Faction. She wanted to know about the reincarnation of Suzaku Himejima. She was the Head of the Himejima Clan. Lady Amaterasu just wants to know about the circumstances of the reincarnation. Please do pay respect."

Serafall interrupted me as she explained everything.

It is already clear that they have spoken to her and now Amaterasu wants to directly pressure me into getting something from me.

It is not a farfetched idea after all.

After the show of my artifacts back in the underworld, the other factions have tried a lot to get into contact with me. The Shun Shun Rikka attracted an incredible number of eyes already, both inside and outside the underworld.

Serafall had stopped them all for the time being until I was settled in so as to not cause me pressure and also as a power move to show that I was working for the devils. A not so subtle move but comfortable for me nonetheless. I don't want Gods and such to come after me and force me to work for them.

Gods are incredibly selfish.

It is a trait that you gain after being in a position of power for so long.

If a common two bit devil like Riser can have such a big ego, the less we say about Gods that have lived for millions of years, the better.

Amaterasu was not trying to make me into an enemy. It was just a pre-negotiation show of power and trying to put me at a disadvantage so that she can easily get whatever it is that she wants.

I am not angry at her for this very reason.

"Oh. Very well. Sakuya," I turned towards Sakuya and ordered, "Can you please call Shuri-san and Suzaku-san down. It is better if they are present in this matter here." I then turned towards Serafall. "What else. It seems as if I am being accused of something?"

"Yes. You are being accused." Amaterasu interrupted again.

But before she could continue, I saw both Shuri and Suzaku coming down from the stairs.

"Lady Amaterasu!" Suzaku exclaimed as she ran down the stairs and kneeled in front of the Goddess.

I saw a smile on her face. Not one of mockery or superiority but a genuine one of care.

At least she was being a bitch to me only because of whatever it is that she wanted.

She picked up Suzaku by her shoulders and checked her for any abnormality. All the while Shuri was standing back with her head slightly bowed.

Even after dying once, her manners are still instilled to her very bones.

"Are you alright my child? Were you perhaps forced or was it some kind of a conspiracy against you?" she asked in a very kind voice.

In a way yes but then again Merlin just did not intervene and save her. It was not like she created a situation for her to die so technically not really a conspiracy.

"N-no Lady Amaterasu. It was the rebel Fallen Angels. I was attacked and it was the self-destruction move of an Eight Winged Fallen Angel that caught me off guard and I was struck with a light spear through my neck. The place where we were fighting had no interference with anyone except the enemies and my own Team to assist me." She explained her situation back then.

"So you were not reincarnated against your will?" she asked again.

"I was already dead but yes it was only due to the urgings of my aunt Shuri Himejima that I was reincarnated here. It is not something that I fault Shin-san with. He has already done a lot for my Clan for me to blame him for anything." Suzaku said again.

I saw Serafall and Azazel breathe out a sigh of relief at her words right there.

This has apparently been a point of discussion if my guesses are not wrong.

Was she thinking that the Fallen Angels and Devils planned this together to get their hands on Suzaku?


Get their hands on Suzaku?


Before anyone could discuss anything further, there was another flash of light and a green magic circle appeared in the room.

Ajuka and another person….or rather a Skeleton in robes(B:N cough less intimidating Ainz Knockoff cough) came out of the circle.

So he decided to join the meeting right now or rather Ajuka brought him here?

It would have been better to deal with the matters separately though.

Well I can deal with that. In Fact I have been itching to lash out at someone for a few minutes now.

While I understand Amaterasu's attitude, it was annoying nonetheless.

Now I got the perfect target to vent at.

I just need to wait for the opportunity now.

Ajuka walked up to the rest of the leaders and nodded before speaking, "The meeting regarding the attack was held here so I brought Lord Hades as he too needed to be present for it due to the presence of the Grim Reapers in the attack."

"That is fine too. Welcome Lord Hades, we were just about to start our discussions. It is nice that you could join as well." Sirzechs spoke in a perfectly polite tone.

I have to hand it to the man. He knew how to control himself well enough. I knew for a fact that if he was given full reign to act as he wanted, Hades would have been destroyed by now but he can still be so polite. Then again, he knows that I am going to take care of this situation as it is so he probably wants to be polite now so he can rub the salt on Hades' ….ermm bones?.

We did take our seats. I have no idea why everyone thought my home was a good place to organize this meeting but it seems like the curse of Kuoh Academy is shifting towards my home. Well whatever. Even if they want to fight here, Merlin would probably lock them up before they could blink. My home has been fortified to the brim by almost every magic and ward that I and Merlin know of.

Sakuya, as if understanding the orders, went towards the kitchen to hold her fort.

I took my seat behind Serafall and Sirzechs so as to not attract the attention of Hades on me before the set time. They seemed to understand the situation and didn't show any outward expression of the sitting arrangements either.

Azazel started the talks.

"I have to apologise for this situation as it was one of my people that went rogue. I know that we had warned everyone about Kokabiel's actions but without evidence against a high ranking member of the Grigori like him, there was only so much I could do. We have been interrogating him and he has been….rather forthcoming in the answers as well. We will let the Angel and Devil Factions decide on his sentence in case they are not satisfied with our verdict." He sighed again as he finished talking.

"The crows have always been the nastiest of you Catholic bunch." commented Hades in a mocking tone earning a slight frown from Azazel and Michael as well. Sirzechs didn't show any outward expression of it but I was sitting just behind him and I saw his hands clench a little. Hades was however unaware of it as he continued, "but then again, The doves and the bats are also always causing problems for everyone. I say just kill the brat or send him to me. I will take good care of him hahahaha." He then laughed completely unconcerned.

"On that matter, how did your Grim Reapers and Cerberus get involved in this attack, Lord Hades? From what I know they are extremely loyal towards you." questioned Serafall.

"The kids might have gotten a little excited. Took the pets from my torture chambers, it was without my permission though so you can say that they went rogue. A pity too because Pluto was a rather good servant. I am rather surprised that he was killed here. Who was it though? Was it Sirzechs or was it you brat?" he asked Serafall. The underlying hint of threat and hostility in that question was not missed by me let alone any of the others present here who had been the leaders of their races for such a long time.

"It was a friend of mine." Serafall interrupted before continuing the questions, "I however have to ask you something about this. She placed the dagger on the table drawing the attention of the leaders. Even Lady Amaterasu who had been quiet and expressionless all this time showed a hint of disgust at the dagger ….or rather the foul energies of the dagger.

"All the factions had decided that Samael was to remain completely sealed till the end of time and was to only be unsealed under the agreement of the other factions together in times of extreme crisis if ever. So why is it that this dagger contains the blood of the Dragon Eater?" asked Serafall in an icy tone.

"The Dragon Eater was unsealed!?" asked a startled Amaterasu.

"Yes. It would seem so." replied Michael in a clipped tone joining the conversation for the first time.

"That is completely against the agreement. Hades, you better have an answer for that?" said Amaterasu as she turned her attention to Hades as well.

Hades looked almost unconcerned….almost mocking even as he replied. "I have no idea what that dagger is. Pluto was one of my oldest servants and he had existed for a long time so it might have been blood from before he was sealed. I have too much work to care about every minor thing that goes on in my realm. Didn't your God have his servants going rouge too? It always happens with you all so why is it that only I am being targeted here?"

That sentence got even the usually calm and peaceful Michael worked up.

"It was found out that this dagger is made up of the very same arrow tip that was shot at you by Eros. Is that coincidence too?" asked Serafall not relenting.

"Yes. Now if I wouldn't be so busy taking care of the souls that your three factions send my way, then perhaps I would have had time to notice such a thing happening. Is it that you are accusing me of cooperating with Kokabiel to cause a Great War?" asked Hades in a cold tone trying to intimidate the others.

"You….." Michael was about to snap when he heard a laugh.

All the residents of the room turned towards the person who made the sound while the person in question was ….me just couldn't resist laughing at this.

This idiotic two bit bag of bones think he can muscle his way out of this? Well not if I have to say something about it.

"Now now Lord Michael, Lord Hades is not wrong you know. He is a busy man." I started speaking gaining an inquisitive look from Serafall while Sirzechs was still a blank mask, Azazel was watching me keenly as if anticipating something and Michael, Michael however looked….hurt. I however continued, "I am already sure that we know how much work it is to take care of the deceased and he is even taking care of the souls from the Three Factions, it is obvious that his workload wouldn't leave him time to deal with all the minor issues."

They were still looking at me with unchanged expressions while the subject of the discussion laughed loudly at this.

"It seems that at least one of you has some intelligence, too bad he is also a bat." he sneered….I think. It is hard to say when a skeleton does that.

"Hahahaha, so true so true. So," and here my voice took a complete one eighty degrees turn as a cold and deathly presence slammed on all the residents of the room. I let go of all the aura from the Mark that Death had left on me asserting my position as her champion for all to feel clearly. Amaterasu gasped audibly, her face paling quickly as she understood the meaning of this energy while Hades' eyes nearly popped out ….or rather the flames in his eyes nearly dimmed as they almost got out of their sockets. "I, Shin Kageyami, The Champion of Death, in her name relieve you of your authority over the souls of the Abrahamic religions as well as two-thirds of the Greek souls that you hold domain over. I claim this by the authority bestowed upon me by Death, as I say so mote it be." I am pretty sure that my eyes are showing the MEoDP right now because I could see all the lines and points of Death on Hades as clearly as possible. I guess it was Death assisting me from the back to confirm my claim. "With this I hope you will have enough time to control your underlings so as to spare me the annoyance of dealing with them myself."

As soon as the words were completed, I felt a major part of Hades' power fade away almost instantly. It was so obvious that even the other leaders noticed this clearly.

Hades was completely out of it. It seems that he still didn't understand what exactly happened to him.

I felt the MEoDP fade a little from my eyes until my vision finally returned to normal.

Azazel looked completely neutral though a little pale, if only I could pretend not to see the thumbs up that he was giving me from the side of the table.

Serafall was not even pretending. She looked like a cat that had just been caught eating the canary, only she was not the least bothered with this.

Ajuka was looking at my eyes and while I could see the beads of sweat on his forehead a little, he was not much perturbed by the display.

It was the ones left that had their minds literally blown off.

Amaterasu was looking at me while her face was showing unmitigated horror at the revelation while Michael.

+10 Reputation with Michael(75/100) for standing up for him.

Well, that's that.

I took a light breath and waited for the room to explode.

"Y-y-you are…." Hades caught up with what was happening after a few moments and stuttered.

"I am, believe me I am extremely pissed. Probably not what you are referring to but I personally think this is more important. Even if they were actually rebelling, it is your own damn fault for not keeping them in control and ….I know because I personally witnessed his soul being tortured that he was not rebelling. I was after all given this task by Lady Death herself. As for evidence, it is for people that actually care, people like them," I pointed to the other occupants of the room. "Your underlings attacked my home and your people attacked my family, that alone is a reason good enough for me to do whatever I can to make your life miserable. Don't try playing bloody politics with me. Now….begone."



I started at Hades who collected himself or rather tried to but stumbled somehow back to the magic circle and off to where he came from.

A period of silence descended upon the room.

"Well that was something." Azazel suddenly said as he picked up his cup of tea.

"Shin was it really wise to go to that extent." Ajuka asked me.

I did note that Sirzechs didn't say a word. He can hold a grudge if someone attacks his loved ones.


"It was. I have the power to do much ….much worse things to him at that instant. He did go against his patron after all. None of the reapers were rebelling. They were here to find out about her energy that was around me. He caught word of Kokabiel's rebellion and then supported Kokabiel under that guise. He should be grateful that I didn't take away all the souls under him right now. I didn't want the Greek Pantheon to suffer because some idiot can't keep his nose to himself. It is not like I did anything against the pact or the laws of the world. I as the Champion of Death have every right to take souls from any God of Death's domain unless specifically forbidden by Lady Death herself somehow."

"It will cause some friction with the Greek Pantheon but nothing unmanageable. I will talk to Zeus and Poseidon." said Azazel as he sipped his tea again.

"Honestly knowing the personality of Hades, it was the best punishment he could have received. I think being weak is something that he hates even more than us." said Serafall.

"His power did fall quite a lot. He is around your power level now Serafall whereas he was as strong as Sirzechs when he had arrived here. I didn't know you could do that." asked Ajuka.

"Hmm. Normally I can't. At least not at this massive a scale without any reason. If I am provoked however, I do hold some rights of my own. This was a mission from my patron herself so there were no limits. Anyways now that that is over," I turned towards Amaterasu who had been quiet for the moment, "Let's continue with our previous discussion."

The tables have turned. Now instead of threatening me she was a bit terrified of me. It was not because of my strength in any way. I would be burned to cinders before I could open my mouth if she so wanted. It is just that she cannot do that without causing war and the authority that I possess as the Champion of Death.

Normally this would have made others try to assassinate me which will still happen but now that Hades has been rebuffed in such a severe manner, people will know that Death will protect me from such incidents or at least will support me. This will keep people at bay.

This was also one of the reasons that I went so hard on the punishment.

I have to give it to her though. She gathered herself soon enough and took a deep breath.

"I am here to talk about the disappearance of the Divine Beast Suzaku. If the previous user dies, the Divine Beast leaves them and returns to their Shrine. In this case even if Suzaku Himejima was reincarnated, the Divine Beast wouldn't have stayed with someone possessing demonic powers like a Devil. I am here to investigate this matter." she answered seriously.

Ah….that was also a case that I had forgotten.

The bird decided to stay because it was related to life and death is its complementary force. A perfect balance.

"Very well then I hope you can talk to Miss Himejima then."

"I already did that right before this. It was surprising to know that The Divine Beast decided to stay here on its own will, now however I understand that." she said while looking at me and finally letting out a sigh.

"I was quite surprised too. I was actually prepared to face an angry Divine Beast when I was reincarnating Suzaku or even find it completely gone but this result was not something I predicted." I replied.

"I am sorry Amaterasu-sama. It was due to my selfishness that this happened. I apologise for it and am willing to accept any punishment you see fit." Shuri who was on the side of the room kneeled in front of the Goddess.

"How about I suggest a compromise?" I said after a thought.


I looked towards Serafall and continued.

"If I am not wrong then the Three Factions are discussing a Peace Treaty, correct?"

She seemed to have understood my intention and nodded.

"Yes. We were planning to finalize it soon enough especially after the Kokabiel fiasco." Serafall replied.

"In that case if the Shinto Faction agrees to sign the Peace treaty too, I can assign the souls that I have taken authority of today to the Shinto Faction for management. This should provide to fill the gap in power that the loss of The Divine Beast Suzaku has caused and even a bit more."

I had no intention of taking care of all the souls. The amount of effort needed is enormous and it required Divinity to take care of that many souls.

This way, I can get allies too.

"Will that really be fine Shin-kun? Are you sure that no problems will be caused for you?" Serafall asked hurriedly.

"I am quite sure."

Amaterasu herself seemed to be in thought about this. The gears in her mind turning quickly and after some time she agreed.

One man's waste is another's treasure.

"In that case I agree." she agreed.

"I will leave the discussions of the terms to others here. They are much more experienced than me after all." I turned towards Sirzechs and he gave me a nod and a small smile.

This alliance will help him cover for the shit I made with Hades today.

Overall I would say that I scored decently.

Quest Completed

[All things must die]

Hades has crossed a line and tried to kill one associated with Death.

Find a suitable punishment for him and show him why Death rules over all the Gods connected to Death related domains.

Take your place as the Champion of Death and deliver the punishment.

Objective : Find a suitable punishment for Hades to please Death.

Reward : ?, Increased Affection with Death.

Resurrection Limit increased to two per week.

+5 Affection with Death(22/100) for completing the quest.

"Well done Young One. That was a wise decision. Teaching the reckless fellow his place and securing an alliance with another faction while at it was a wise decision. Keep entertaining me like this time."

Literally billions of souls were in the balance and it is all entertainment for her.

I really don't get the thought process of Abstract Entities after all.

I got up and left for my room and while on the way, heard Shuri and Suzaku catch up to me.

The rest of the residents were waiting in Rias and my room because our Hall was hijacked for the meeting this time. I have to get a meeting room constructed soon enough.

On a second thought, I can always make another Room of Requirement for that.

That room is really comfortable.

The room was occupied by all the residents of my home when I entered.

"How did it go Shin?" Rias started the conversation as she came and sat by my side.

"Hades got what he deserved. I am quite sure that if Jibril goes all out against Hades right now, she can kill him in a fair fight." I smiled at the members.

"Hades was one of the Top Ten Strongest Beings of this world. To have been weakened to such a degree…." Sona who had joined the others sometimes during our meeting commented.

"Then he should have kept his non-existent nose where it belonged." Rias replied coldly.

Atta girl, you said it.

"Will it bring any danger to us?" asked Akeno from the side.

"Not really. I left him with barely any power but he should know that even that can be ripped from him easily if I so desired, so I don't think he will do anything directly at least. As for indirectly, we just have to become strong enough for it to not matter." I said and the others nodded in agreement. Sona looked quite thoughtful though. "Anyways, I am thinking about taking a break from this schedule for a bit and take care of some matters back in England. Anyone want to join me? I might stay in one of the properties of England until this matter is taken care of."

"I will join." Rias was the first to jump in.

"I will go." Hermione walked up as well.

"Me too." Sakuya was in for it too.

"I want to meet Daddy again as well." Luna's dreamy voice came in.

And soon enough the rest agreed as well.

It is time I completed the prophecy.

- Rias –

Shin is in the meeting right now. He had stated his decision of taking care of the Wizarding World finally but then again her Shin is too kind.

Leaving the people who made his childhood a nightmare alone just because he thinks that all this led him to her. On one hand it made her extremely happy that he was willing to let go of such a big part of his life just because of her. On the other hand this very fact made her madder if that was even possible at the people who caused pain to her beloved Shin.

Rias had not been in a good mood when she had heard it at all.

Oh, she was not angry at her Shin. That was simply impossible.

She was downright pissed at the idea that his tormentors could get away scot free.

That will not happen. Not on her watch.

It was because of this that she had taken punishing those people into her own hands. She had obviously talked to Shin about it and he had left all this in her hands.

The one who was the most enthusiastic beside her to do this was obviously Hermione. After all she had literally sold herself to her for this.

She collected her thoughts back and focused on the meeting.

"What is the current situation in Britain?" she asked her new pawn.

Fleur had been sent to Britain all this while to collect information and manipulate some events that would make the situation advantageous for her and Shin.

It is easy to say that armed with the Gaea Foundation, it was a simple joke how easily she could infiltrate any network. Monika, her alternate persona that she used in these infiltrations has gained a solid foothold on both sides.

"The Order of the Phoenix has been on the backfoot due to the sudden disappearance of Dumbledore. No one knows what has happened to him or rather the ones who know avoid saying what exactly. The Potters are trying to take the lead but between the pompous attitude of both father and son, there are few who blindly follow him. Alastor Moody is leading some members to interrupt any Death Eater attacks that they can find the clues about. Serverus Snape, their spy has been bringing back a lot less information for a while now. It is clear to say that they are a bunch of headless chickens right now. The Dark Side however has been thriving. I have passed some information about major light families that you wanted a bit trimmed down and they have suffered decent losses as well. In my opinion, the Dark Faction will be more of a challenge than the Light one. Dumbledore made sure that the Light Faction is filled with cannon fodder and sheep that follow him blindly. The Dark Faction however has been making their hold over the political centers and media outlets and gradually isolating their enemies and pushing them into a corner. I have information on them but it is only from sources as I haven't really joined them myself. The Dark Mark will not work on my Devil Physique and Voldemort will be suspicious of me. I have made more than one contact though."

"The Dark Faction doesn't matter. Last night Shin told me that he is going to take care of them. That means they are already dead they just don't realize it yet. The difference in power is too much for it to even matter. Honestly, Voldemort and his Dark Faction while they have harmed Shin and they will obviously die for that are still less of a culprit in my eyes than the Light Faction who has actively made my Shin's life miserable. The Dark Faction was acting against Shin because they thought him as an enemy. That is the natural reaction while the Light Faction did that because they thought that they could do nothing wrong. They made it a point to harass and make Shin's life as miserable as possible and for that, all of them are going to pay. They will beg for death and I won't grant them that mercy." Rias' Power of Destruction flared as she spoke those words, her eyes cold and promising untold pains upon all her enemies.

"What about Alex Potter and Ronald Weasley?" asked Hermione from the side.

"I made sure to manipulate information in a way that those two and their families stay as safe as possible. I even disguised myself in raids against their houses and made sure that while they get roughed up, none of them die." replied Fleur.

"What is the situation with that disgusting Headmaster?" asked Akeno from the side. She had joined in on this after she had read Shin's file. It was on the same day that she was reunited with her mother so safe to say she was feeling quite vindictive towards any who had harmed or hurt Shin.

"I had asked Merlin to set up some spells to watch over the situation. Shin already planted Shadow Servants inside their shadows but later on I had taken her to the castle through the underground chamber to help me set up some surveillance spells in the place. The bastard is still in the infirmary and while the curse has been suppressed a bit from all the potions, he will remain weakened and unable to move for at least a month more if Shin doesn't remove them personally." said Rias.

She then turned towards the other corner of the room and asked, "How is the work on your end going?"

"The people in that place are so stupid nyaa~. I didn't even have to use any high level magic to get them to agree to sell their properties to me. I think they will not even realize that they donated it for free until they find their vaults empty. The Light Faction has lost almost 76% and the Dark Faction has lost around 23% of their properties in the last two weeks and the funny thing is that, this time they were actually mind-controlled. I have already secured enough land for the herbs and material productions that Shin needed nyaa~." replied Kuroka.

It was only due to the presence of Merlin in this room that she was daring to stay in the same house as the Leaders of the Three Factions. While Kuroka was good, Merlin was just….that much better.

Kuroka had taken over the job of economically ruining the British wizarding world. Shin needed land to grow raw materials for his potions. The least the wizarding world could do was provide him land.

This method was not employed in a normal situation because the other factions would jump at it and blame the devils for trying to usurp power….but the wizarding world was abandoned by all the factions. The British wizarding world especially was looked down upon by other countries too. There was a reason why even though Voldemort or Riddle as Shin calls him rampaged throughout the country and yet nobody from outside of Britain tried to even stop him or aid Britain in their time of need. The stuck up attitude of the people in the country was a big reason for it too. No matter what, this was actually a boon for Rias when she asked Kuroka to take over the land. Using the Lordships of Shin to carry out the deals just added a cherry on the pie as even if any other faction finds out about this later on, they won't be able to do anything legally as the said Lordships are a part of the British wizarding world after all.

"Hermione, have you completed the procedure of your transfer yet?" Rias asked her pawn.

"I did. I am currently enrolled in Mahoutokoro School of Magic, Minami Iwo Jima, Japan in my sixth year. I have also acquired citizenship so they cannot claim to have any right over me." Hermione replied.

"Very well. Then we will begin our plans as soon as Shin is ready." said Rias earning nods from all those present in the room.

The British wizarding world will pay for hurting her Shin.

- Sona –

Sona felt extremely frustrated.

Her rival was leaving her in the dust. Oh screw that Rias had already left her in dust.

She had seen the battle and while she herself was asked to stay inside the barrier, an insult as she had presumed it at first, Rias, Shin and their peerages were allowed to fight. The only reason she had even agreed to that farce was because Shin was put in-charge by her sister as a Satan.

Sona might feel indignant but she will not disobey orders just because it hurts her pride.

And she had soon understood that the orders Shin gave were completely correct.

While she had confidence in her new strength with her artifact, the way Rias and Akeno razed their enemies to the ground was completely out of her imagination. Was it all due to the potions Shin made? Can they really have such improvements?

Sona did not know but she will find out for sure.

The Sea Serpent of the End that Shin's new pawn used was beyond anything she knew or could imagine herself doing. Sure she had heard stories of The Sea Serpent of the End being used to take down cities by the Old Satans but seeing it herself was something else. The most terrifying part was that the said girl was obviously inexperienced in her control and could improve a lot in time but even then she didn't seem to be trying.

It made her realize the utter gap between the strengths of hers and Rias' peerage.

The look on her peerage's faces was extremely disheartening when they saw their classmates leaving them behind so much.

She will have to do something about it. Asking for a favour was not bad but she could hardly think of anything she could repay Shin with.

Her sister was quite close to Shin but Sona had never been one to rely on her sister for help with her peerage.

The thoughts of her mother teasing her with marrying Shin crossed her mind. She couldn't help but suppress her blush at that.

That idea itself had seemed utterly insane. Her sister could be happy and then she could ask Shin for help as her brother-in-law. Sona was not blind and she did notice that Serafall was always a bit happier even in her usually bubbly attitude when talking about Shin. After all these years if she has found someone who she can be with then why not.

All her planning and strategies will mean nothing if Rias uses that monstrous Power of Destruction Avatar on her and she is not sure if she can block Akeno's cursed coins.

Hell even her new friend Hermione can be devastating with her magic. Who knew wizard magic can be used in such a way.

Sona knows that there must be a special way that Shin is using to train his peerage and Rias and she has to get in on it too.

With that in mind she called her mother.

- Sirzechs –

"In that case let's talk about the final terms in a formal Peace Conference. It is always nice to have allies. You have my thanks Lady Amaterasu." Serafall greeted the Sun Goddess as she left the meeting room.

"That was something else. So who knew about the exact identity of your brother-in-law Sirzechs?" asked Azazel as he leaned back.

"We knew only as much as he told us. The exact powers were not something we had any idea about. I didn't know that he had so much authority over the souls of the dead or Death Gods." replied Sirzechs finally breaking his silence after a long while. He had been barely controlling himself at the face of Hades and he had to say that it was quite cathartic to see the arrogant God knocked down a few pegs.

"I think that Shin-dono should have handled the matter in a more subdued way. This will cause friction between the Greek Pantheon and us. At the very least he should have kept his tone polite." Michael spoke although it was easy to note that there was no resentment in his voice. It was merely a suggestion.

"I say that the bastard got what he deserved. The fact that Shin left one third of the Greek Souls with him gave Shin a way out with the Greek Pantheon and made Hades a complete villain. It was a move well played." spoke Azazel.

"I agree." It was then that Ajuka joined the conversation too. "I did note that some of it was bluffing. I doubt that he had that extent of power. If I have to hypothesize then I will say that he did it to cause fear of his title among all the Pantheons. It is obvious that his identity would eventally be revealed. This incident saw to it already. We can no longer hide Shin from others. He made a very calculated move of ….what was that saying again? Ah, yes….'Killing the chicken to scare the monkeys.' Now any Pantheon will think twice before trying to step on his toes. Hades was one of The Top Ten Strongest Beings and being knocked down from that list with mere words is beyond terrifying. Shin did it exactly that way to get the reputation that this action will bring him. If you can't avoid then make others avoid."

"I personally thought that it was hot. Did you look at Hades' face when Shin's voice changed. Those rainbow coloured eyes gave me the chills when I tried to look directly at them. Not to mention I sensed her presence once again." Serafall spoke.

"Are those some special kind of power? And her presence means Death's presence? Have you felt it before? I have only seen those eyes once when he had stared Vali down into a sweating mess last time." Azazel spoke.

"I have no idea. He rarely speaks about his powers. As far as I know, he is capable of speaking to the souls of the dead at will and can hide himself. I didn't even know of the resurrection power till he spoke of it. I had gotten information about Shin bringing back Shuri Himejima but how he had achieved such a thing was completely unknown. On that issue, did you find out what happened to Gabriel's name in the Book of Names? '' inquired Sirzechs to Michael.

"Hah. That is something else completely. I didn't think I would see it but Gabriel's name was rewritten at the end of the Book of Names. Normally her name stayed at the top along with mine, Raphel's and Uriel's names. This all changed though. It was also noted that the energy signature on the name was not of Father's but ….that of Shin's." said Michael.

"That is completely absurd. Father made sure that no one except him could write the names in that book. Believe me I tried." said Azazel earning weird looks from the other occupants of the room. "What? I was curious? Don't tell me you people have never tried to do something that your parents warned you about?"

"I never did that." replied Michael in a deadpan.

"I am not talking about you Mr. Goodytowshoes. Anyone else? Anyways, even if Shun Shun Rikka could alter….reality. Damn it still feels unbelievable to think of it, it would still have added Gabriel's name where it was previously written, not in a new place. This doesn't make any sense."

"Whatever it was, it was for the best. Having the Shinto Faction join us for the Peace Conference was an even bigger boon. I didn't think it would have been so easy after the Nekoshou case with the Youkai being strictly against us. That was one blunder that I would have liked to avoid in any case. Now we finally have a chance, I will not mess it up again." chimed in Serafall.

"It is. Don't worry about Hades. If he tries anything again, I will take care of it personally." Sirzechs said in a cold tone.

"I will talk to Odin and invite him into the alliance as well. With the Norse backing us up, other Pantheons will think twice before trying to go against the alliance." Azazel also added in a solemn tone.

It was clear to everyone that Shin's reveal will bring a huge amount of attention, both good and bad on them. Whatever happens Sirzechs will back his brother-in-law because Rias has never been happier before.

- Gabriel –

Gabriel hadn't been able to sleep since last night. Each time she closed her eyes, the scenes of the previous night flashed in front of her eyes.

Her black wings were still the subject of her nightmares for her.

The feeling of falling was as if she kept falling into the endless abyss without anyone to catch her. The darkness kept surrounding her and light kept fading until there was nothing left at all. But in that darkness, she saw a speck of light.

"Please have some faith."

The words echoed in her ears even now.

And then there was light again. The darkness faded away and she got her light back.

It was still kept a secret except for the Great Seraphs that she had even fallen. She hated lying to them, hiding this from her siblings but she understood the need for it. If this was revealed then, she didn't know the consequences it would have.

And then she saw the Book of Names.

Her name was there but not in the same place Father had left. It was in a completely different place and Shin-sama's magic was used to write it.

She was remade into an angel by Shin-sama's power. She had seen it before. Jibril was an example of it. She had herself proclaimed him as her master and lord and now even Gabriel herself was a witness to this power.

Shin-sama can indeed make angels.

She was Shin-sama's Angel.

She couldn't wait to meet her lord again.

She had felt it odd before but now she understood the reasons for many strange things around Shin-sama.

No one ever got hurt by saying God's name in his presence. Even Devils.

Asia Argento had a look and presence of a pure nun even though she had become a devil. Her faith was still unwavering when she had seen her.

It was only when she was redeemed that she could finally understand….no finally accept something that had always been at the back of her mind.

Shin-sama was her Lord.

She finally had a Lord again.

In the peace conference, there will be ambassadors assigned to Kuoh. She will ask Michael to assign her there.

So she can stay by her Lord's side and serve him once again.

She had waited for this day for a long time now.

- Omake(Dreamy Nights) –

- Gabriel –

Gabriel looked around her. The place before the Gates of Heaven was filled with Angels. Everyone had heard the news.

Shin Kageyami was the reincarnation of their father. The entirety of Heaven had exploded with happiness at that.

Every Angel had a smile on their faces as they waited for their Father to return.

Even now she could sense the palpable excitement of the Angels around her.

Michael had gone to escort their Father back to Heaven.

It was then that it happened.

The doors to Heavens opened and Michael came and following him was the person that they had all been waiting for.

He had twelve white wings on his back and a golden Halo adorning his head.

He looked towards them all with a smile that made Gabriel go weak in the knees.

The green eyes that had become the regular subject of her dreams gazed upon the Angels as he looked over all of them.

His eyes finally resting on her own he smiled and then he said two words.

The Angels cheered.

With those two words, everyone gained hope again.

The light returned to Heaven and Gabriel felt her heart will burst with happiness.

Just two words





"Daddy's Home."


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